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Renaissance Revival rosewood Victorian center table.

Top 15 High-End Dealers of Antiques and Collectibles

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An ANTIQUE (Latin: antiquus; "old", "ancient") is an old collectable item. It is collected or desirable because of its age, beauty, rarity, condition, utility, personal emotional connection, and/or other unique features. It is an object that represents a previous era or time period in human society. It is common practice to define "antique" as applying to objects at least 100 years old.

Antiques are usually objects that show some degree of craftsmanship - or a certain attention to design, such as a desk or an early automobile. They are bought at antique shops, estate sales, auction houses, online auctions, and other venues, or estate inherited. Antique dealers often belong to national trade associations, many of which belong to CINOA, a confederation of art and antique associations across 21 countries that represents 5,000 dealers.

  • ANTIQUES - Wikipedia.
  • BIENNALE DES ANTIQUAIRES - since 1962. Biannual antiques fair held at the Grand Palais in Paris, France.
  • hatfields restoration - since 1834. "Preserving life's precious artifacts one at a time..."
  • Masterpiece Fair London - since 2010. "The leading international cross-collecting Fair for art, antiques and design, has become a must-attend event at the heart of the capitalís busy summer art and auction season."
  • Olympia Art & Antiques Fairs - since 1973. Biannual events held at Olympia Exhibition Centre in London, England, U.K.
  • Top 15 High-End Dealers of Antiques & Collectibles
  • Adrian Alan Ltd., 66/67 South Audley Street, London W1K 2QX, England, U.K.
  • adrian alan - since 1964. "London's leading fine art and antiques galleries."
  • Andrew Nebbett Antiques - "We are passionate about what we do. We specialise in classic 20c designed furniture and unique industrial design - with over 25 years of experience in antique sourcing, bespoke furniture consultancy and restoration." Tetbury, Gloucestershire, U.K.
  • ANTIQUAIRES DROUOT - Paris, France.
  • ANTIQUE CLOCKS - "Absolutely timeless beauty."
  • Antique Diamond Wedding Bands - "Incredidable finds available. Vintage and antique wedding bands and rings."
  • AUTOGRAPH COLLECTION - collectable autographs & signed memorabilia.
  • Bentleys - 91, Lower Sloane Street, London SW1, England, U.K. "Bentleys is a true destination shop; a treasure-trove of the unexpected. Since Tim Bent founded the company in 1989, we have specialised in finding antique English leather accessories and travel goods, beautifully made silver from the Edwardian era and the finest vintage trunks from the great French houses of Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Hermès."
  • Carter Marsh & Co - dealer in English and European antique clocks, watches & barometers, including longcase, bracket, carriage, wall, lantern and precision instruments.
  • FRENCH ANTIQUE DEALERS - "The guide to French antiques." Discover the on-line dealers and their catalogues, follow the French antique market, use the antique fair calendar.
  • Galleria alessandra di castro - Piazza di Spagna 4, Rome, Italy. Roman family of antique dealers who have been doing business in the Italian capital since 1878.
  • GOTTA HAVE IT! Collectibles, Inc. - founded in 1994. "The premier resource for the highest quality collectibles and fully authenticated Sports, Entertainment, Rock & Roll and Historical memorabilia." 153 East 57th Street, New York, NY 10022, U.S.A.
  • Mallett Antiques - since 1865. Antique dealers with galleries in London & New York and regularly exhibit at the International Fine Art & Antique fairs.
  • THE BRITISH ANTIQUE DEALERS' ASSOCIATION - "The finest antiques. The best British dealers."
  • The National Antique and Art Dealers Association of America
  • THE SHOPS AT MALLERIES - online mall designed for professionals who are in the antiques, art, fine furnishings, jewelry & luxury goods industry.
  • Wildschut - "Antique dealer and interior studio. We sell French antiques and rare finds." Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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