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ARTnews | The most widely read art magazine in the world.

Top 25 Best High-End Important Major Art Magazines

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  • List of art magazines - Wikipedia.
  • Top 25 High-End Major Art Magazines
  • APHELIS - "An iconographic and text archive related to communication, technology and art."
  • Art in America - since 1913. Illustrated monthly, international magazine concentrating on the contemporary art world in the United States, including profiles of artists and genres, updates about art movements, show reviews and event schedules. It is designed for collectors, artists, art dealers, art professionals and other readers are interested in the art world.
  • ART NEWS - "The leading source of art coverage since 1902." It covers art from ancient to contemporary times. It includes news dispatches from correspondents, investigative reports, reviews of exhibitions, and profiles of artists and collectors.
  • ART REVIEW - since 1949. Contemporary artists & photography.
  • - "The First Art Newspaper on the Net."
  • ARTFINDING.COM - "Visit the best galleries in the world." Brokerage, information, advising, analysis.
  • ARTINFO - "The premier site for news about art and culture around the world."
  • Artforum - since 1962. International monthly magazine specializing in contemporary art.
  • ARTSLANT - "Contemporary Art Network." Artists, exhibits, galleries and sales room.
  • DESIGNBOOM - "Your first source for architecture, design & art news."
  • FLAVORWIRE - "Cultural News and Critique." Network of culturally connected people, covering events, art, books, music, and pop culture the world over. Highbrow, lowbrow, and everything in between: if it's compelling, we're sharing it.
  • FMR - since 1964. "The most beautiful magazine in the world." Published six times yearly in Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.
  • Garage Magazine - biannual print publication that brings to life the most original and ambitious collaborative projects across contemporary art and fashion. The magazine was launched in 2011 by Editor-in-Chief Dasha Zhukova, taking its name and spirit from Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow - the groundbreaking international art institution founded in 2008.
  • Gazette des Beaux-Arts - (1859-2002). French art review. The Gazette was a world reference work on art history for nearly 100 years.
  • Horizon - "A Review of Literature and Art." Was an influential literary magazine published in London, UK, between 1940 and 1949. It was edited by Cyril Connolly, who made it into a platform for a wide range of distinguished and emerging writers.
  • HOW TO SPEND IT - ART & COLLECTING - weekly magazine published with the Financial Times Weekend Edition.
  • Hyperallergic - since 2009. "Sensitive to Art & its Discontents." Brooklyn-based arts blogazine. Describes itself as a "forum for serious, playful, and radical thinking."
  • Juxtapoz - since 1994. "Monthly magazine that covers contemporary artists who deserve crucial attention. These are the artists who push the envelope to redefine originality. They are independent thinkers, they are infinitely creative, and their artwork engages the viewer with complex levels of meaning and aesthetic interest. This art is unpretentious and it is raw."
  • L'Esprit nouveau - (1920-1925). Revue consacrée à l'esthétisme contemporain dans toutes ses manifestations architecture, peinture, littérature, fondée par Le Corbusier et Amédée Ozenfant en 1920.
  • La Revue Blanche - was a French art and literary magazine run between 1889 and 1903. Some of the greatest writers and artists of the time were its collaborators.
  • LA TRIBUNE DE L'ART - "L'actualité de l'Histoire de l'Art Occidental du Moyen-Âge aux Années 30."
  • PURPLE MAGAZINE - French fashion, art and culture magazine founded in 1992.
  • TERMINARTORS - "The world's largest artist, artwork and museum database!" The first community-based interactive painting gallery in the world. From the medieval era to the most recent trends, you will find tens of thousands of carefully categorized paintings, artists, and museums.
  • THE ART NEWSPAPER - since 1983. Reports on old art, new art, decorative art, the commercial and the non-commercial world.
  • THE ART TRIBUNE - "The latest news in the History of Western Art from the Middle Ages to the 1930's."
  • THE BAER FAXT - "The art industry newsletter." Get information on: appointments, auctions, news, scandals, openings, lawsuits, acquisitions, grant award, censorship, collections, artisits, agents, benefits, events, curators, exhibitions.
  • The Burlington Magazine - "The world's leading monthly publication devoted to the fine and decorative arts." Monthly academic journal that covers the fine and decorative arts. Established in 1903, it is the longest running art journal in the English language.
  • THE Rebel Magazine - independent British art magazine established by artist Harry Pye in 1985. It features interviews, reviews with artists, and parodies of features from other publications.
  • TODAY IN ART - since 2007. Art blog.
  • WELTHUNST - since 1930. "Die Zeitschrift für Kunst und Antiquitäten."
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