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Nicolas G. Hayek of Breguet unveils its Marie-Antoinette Grande Complication pocket watch number 1160 in april 2008.

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"I'm very proud of my gold pocket watch. My grandfather, on his deathbed, sold me this watch." - Woody Allen.

"Like a genial hotelier, Rolex has introduced me to some of the nicest people. I ask about their Rolex and they ask about mine. It's as marvelous a conversation piece as it is a timepiece." - Maurice Chevalier.

A CLOCK is an instrument used to indicate, keep, and co-ordinate time. A silent instrument missing such a mechanism has traditionally been known as a TIMEPIECE. In general usage today a "clock" refers to any device for measuring and displaying the time. Watches and other timepieces that can be carried on one's person are often distinguished from clocks. The clock is one of the oldest human inventions, meeting the need to consistently measure intervals of time shorter than the natural units: the day; the lunar month; and the year. Devices operating on several different physical processes have been used over the millennia, culminating in the clocks of today.

A WATCH is a timepiece that is made to be worn on a person. It is usually a wristwatch, worn on the wrist with a strap or bracelet. In addition to the time, modern watches often display the day, date, month and year, and electronic watches may have many other functions.

Most inexpensive and medium-priced watches used mainly for timekeeping are electronic watches with quartz movements. Expensive, collectible watches valued more for their workmanship and aesthetic appeal than for simple timekeeping, often have purely mechanical movements and are powered by springs, even though mechanical movements are less accurate than more affordable quartz movements.

Before the inexpensive miniaturization that became possible in the 20th century, most watches were pocket watches, which often had covers and were carried in a pocket and attached to a watch chain or watch fob. Watches evolved in the 1600s from spring powered clocks, which appeared in the 1400s.

A CHRONOGRAPH is a specific type of watch that is used as a stopwatch combined with a display watch. A basic chronograph has an independent sweep second hand; it can be started, stopped, and returned to zero by successive pressure on the stem.

The modern day chronograph works by pushing a start button, normally located at the two o clock position, to begin recording time, and by pushing the same button to stop the recording. When the button is pushed to start the recording, a series of three (in more complicated and more precise chronographs there are more wheels) train wheels start turning. The smallest has a revolution time of one second, the next sixty seconds, and the final one has a revolution time of sixty minutes. The three train wheels interact with one another and record how long it has been since the start button has been activated.

In horology (study of clocks), COMPLICATION refers to any feature in a timepiece beyond the simple display of hours, minutes, and seconds. A timepiece indicating only hours, minutes, and seconds is otherwise known as a simple movement. Common additions such as day/date displays, chronographs, and automatic winding mechanisms are usually not sufficient to permit a movement to be called complicated. The more complications in a watch, the more difficult it is to design, create, assemble, and repair. A typical date-display chronograph may have up to 250 parts, while a particularly complex watch may have a thousand or more parts. Watches with several complications are referred to as grandes complications.

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  • CLASS WATCH - "The World's Premier Watch Brands Personalized By You." These name brand watches can be personalized with officially licensed university or college logos. Additionally, initials, year and degree can be added.
  • D.FREMONT - limited production. Mechanical timepieces.
  • ENDURA WATCH FACTORY - founded in 1966. Private label and licensing division of the Swatch Group.
  • GOLAY SPIERER - "Le Temps à votre mesure."
  • ITS TIME - "Committed to the development of Swiss Made Corporate Watches for ambitious companies, giving utmost priority to quality and efficiency."
  • JEAN-MAIRET & GILLMAN - "At JMG we offer our clients an opportunity to own a timepiece that is limited in numbers, adding to its exclusivity."
  • MONDAINE - private label: trade brand watches and outsourcing services & promotional watches.
  • PET COLLECTION - personalized photo & logo watches.
  • PIERRE KUNZ TAYLOR MADE - "Engravings personalise the watch complications, making them unique in the eyes of their owner. A former member of the Cabinotiers de Genève, the engraver follows the lead of the designer and can display all kinds of scenes, landscapes or monuments."
  • ROVENTA-HENEX - since 1959. "A Master of Time." Swiss private label watches.
  • SWISS TREK WATCH - Horoswiss watches for a corporate logo program, gifts, awards, or incentives.
  • WALCA SWITZERLAND - founded in 1976. "The leading specialist for private-label timepieces in Switzerland."
  • XANTIA - since 1962. Private label watches.
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