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Château Restaurant Joël Robuchon.

The Best and Finest Gourmet Restaurants in Japan

Michelin Guide starred restaurants have been marked with ***  **  *  Bib according to their rating.

THE MICHELIN GUIDE STAR & RATING SYSTEM - three stars (***) mean: "Exceptional cuisine and worth the journey"; two stars (**): "Excellent cooking and worth a detour"; one star (*): "A very good restaurant in its category"; the Bib label: "A Bib Gourmand rating means the restaurant is an inspector's favorite for good value. For $40 or less, you can enjoy two courses and a glass of wine or dessert (not including tax and gratuity)." Restaurants awarded the Rising Star means that they may be in line for a MICHELIN star, or an upgrade from one to two, or from two to three stars.

The S.Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants have been marked with SP; the restaurants marked with 'sp' have been voted among world's 51-100 best restaurants by San Pellegrino's list organised by Restaurant Magazine.

5-star International Star Diamond Award Recipients selected by The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences have been marked with SDA.

The members of Les Grandes Tables du Monde association's 149 members in 22 countries on 4 continents representing the last word in gastronomy worldwide have been marked with GTM.

Established in France in 1954, Relais & Châteaux's mission is "to spread its unique art de vivre across the globe by selecting outstanding properties with a truly unique character." Prospective and current members are evaluated by the group's traditional "five C" motto: Character, Courtesy, Calm, Charm and Cuisine. The members of Relais & Châteaux exclusive collection of 500 of the finest hotels and gourmet restaurants in 60 countries on 5 continents have been marked with R&C.

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Karuizawa City Kobe Kyoto Restaurants: A-Z Matsumoto City
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Tokyo Restaurants: A-Z Yokohama
  • Bonzo *. Japanese soba cuisine.
  • En **. Traditional Japanese cuisine
  • Gentoan *. Traditional Japanese cuisine.
  • Hachinoki Kitakamakura *. Japanese shojin cuisine. Since 1979.
  • Hamura * (Chef: Kunio Sekizawa). Japanese tempura cuisine.
  • Herlequin Bis *. French cuisine.
  • Hikagechaya.
  • Hikagechaya *. Traditional Japanese cuisine.
  • Izumi *. Japanese sushi cuisine.
  • Kamakurayama.
  • Kamakurayama *. Japanese beef specialities. Since 1970.
  • Kisei *. Traditional Japanese cuisine.
  • Koan.
  • Koan ***. Traditional Japanese cuisine.
  • Kuikiri Hirayama *. Traditional Japanese cuisine.
  • Kuniyoshi *. Japanese unagi cuisine. Founded in 1803.
  • Pleins d'Herbes *. French cuisine.
  • Ren *. Traditional Japanese cuisine.
  • Shirako.
  • Shirako *. Traditional Japanese cuisine.
  • Shunsai Sekine *. Traditional Japanese cuisine.
  • Soba Hirai *. Japanese soba cuisine.
  • Taku-tei *. Traditional Japanese cuisine.
  • Tamoto *. Traditional Japanese cuisine.
  • Ten ichibo *. Japanese tempura cuisine.
  • Teuchisoba Okamura *. Japanese soba cuisine.
  • Tomoei.
  • Tomoei *. Japanese unagi cuisine.
  • Tsuruya *. Japanese unagi cuisine. Opened in 1929.
  • Ukyo *. Traditional Japanese cuisine.
  • Unahei *. Japanese unagi cuisine. Since 1959
  • Yonekura *. Traditional Japanese cuisine.
  • Yunoki *. Traditional Japanese cuisine. Opened in 1980.