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All Gold Empire Flame Clive Christian Cutlery from Arthur Price. 125 piece dinner service: £17,650

Top 50 Best High-End Luxury Flatware/Cutlery Brands

Flatware & Cutlery Boxes, News & Resources (10+) Top 50 Best Flatware & Cutlery Brands: A-Z

CUTLERY refers to any hand implement used in preparing, serving, and especially eating food in the Western world. It is more usually known as silverware or FLATWARE in the United States, where cutlery usually means knives and related cutting instruments. This is probably the original meaning of the word. Although the term silverware is used irrespective of the material composition of the utensils, the term tableware has come into use to avoid the implication that they are made of silver. The major items of cutlery in the Western world are the knife, fork and spoon. In recent times, hybrid versions of cutlery have been made combining the functionality of different eating implements, including the spork (spoon / fork), spife (spoon / knife), and knork (knife / fork) or the sporf which is all three.

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  • 15 best Flatware for 2022 - houzz.
  • Agresti elm briar and striped mahogany flatware chest.
  • Agresti - Firenze since 1949. Elm briar and striped mahogany flatware chest. Service for 12. Three drawers and two removable trays. All lined in ultrasuede.
  • Armani / Casa Arca flatware box.
  • ARMANI / CASA - since 2000. Arca flatware box.
  • Arthur Price of England Monarch cutlery cabinet: £375.
  • Arthur Price of England - since 1902. "The art of cutlery and silverware since 1902." Luxury Cutlery Cabinets.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond Reed & Barton 1-Drawer Mahogany Flatware Chest: US$117.99.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond - since 1971. Flatware Chests & Storage.
  • Brunello Cucinelli Grained calfskin cutlery roll: US$745.
  • Brunello Cucinelli - since 1978. Grained calfskin cutlery roll.
  • Crumbs & all: Prince Harry, Hillary Clinton & Julia Gillard have cutlery swiped for exhibition - The Guardian.
  • CUTLERY - Wikipedia.
  • eBay - Flatware Chests.
  • flatware chests at - as of March 10, 2022: 326 results.
  • Oneida Mahogany Finish Traditional Chest: US$139.
  • Oneida - "This beautiful North American hardwoods 1-drawer flatware chest is finished in a medium walnut. Features bronze hardware on front and sides. The inside is lined with a green velour and a satin pad in the lid. Built to hold up to 210 pieces, including 12 knives. Hand-crafted using solid American hardwoods. American-made."
  • Puiforcat Flatware boxes.
  • Puiforcat - since 1820. "Flatware boxes." The lean shapes and stacking design of these cases call to mind the modularity of Japanese bento boxes. Layered or arranged side by side, they are designed to house a full cutlery set. The Large box has a capacity for up to 30 pieces of table, fish or dessert cutlery. The Medium box offers room for up to 42 tea, coffee, salad or cake utensils. Finally, the Small case holds up to four spoons, forks, ladles or other serving utensils.
  • Reed & Barton Bristol Grande Mahogany Flatware Chest.
  • Reed & Barton Bristol Grande Mahogany Flatware Chest - holds 250 pieces.
  • Top 50 Best Flatware & Cutlery Brands: A-Z

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    - A -
  • Alain Saint Joanis Berlin Gold collection.
  • Alain Saint Joanis - since 1876. "Designing and creating exceptional cutlery since 1876." Made in France. All Collections.
  • Alessi Cutlery set. 24 pieces. Rundes Modell: US$780.
  • Alessi - since 1921. All cutlery sets.
  • Amara flatware.
  • Amara - since 2005. "Find the perfect flatware for your dining table with this selection of luxury flatware. From practical stainless steel and decadent gold flatware to luxury chopsticks and serving pieces, there is something to match any tableware."
  • Armani / Casa Venere Cutlery.
  • ARMANI / CASA - founded in 2000. "Flatware set, with handles featuring a shagreen texture on metal. Available in silverplated. Hand wash only with neutral detergents. Armani/Casa logo on all knives blades."
  • Arne Jacobsen Steel Matte Cutlery.
  • Arne Jacobsen Steel Matte Cutlery - "In 1957 Danish designer icon Arne Jacobsen created a minimalist cutlery for Georg Jensen." Truly an iconic piece of design history, Arne Jacobsen’s revolutionary cutlery set looks as striking now as it did back in 1957 when it was first created.
  • Artemest Aladdin Gold Cutlery Set of 24 Pieces in Transparent Gold with Box: US$910.
  • Artemest - since 2015. "Tradional cutlery, expertly crafted using ancient techniques: beautiful kitchen objects made in Italy."
  • Arthur Price of England Titanic Luxury Cutlery.
  • Arthur Price of England - "The art of cutlery and silverware since 1902." Our stunning cutlery offers something for every taste, from classic ‘parish’ patterns to exclusive contemporary styles. All Arthur Price cutlery ranges come in a selection of gift boxes, canteens or as individual pieces, giving you the option to build your collection over time.
  • Tiffany Audubon Five-piece Flatware Set: US$785.
  • Audubon - since 1905. "Audubon was designed in 1871 during a most innovative period in the history of Tiffany silver, and is still one of the most popular of all Tiffany patterns."
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    - B -
  • Berti Compendio tableknife.
  • BERTI CUTLERY - since 1895. "Handmade in Italy." Coltellerie Berti has built up through the 600+ models that we have developed over the course of the past century.
  • Brunello Cucinelli 2-piece steel & buffalo horn cheese cutlery set: US$645.
  • Brunello Cucinelli - since 1978. 2-piece steel and buffalo horn cheese cutlery set.
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    - C -
  • Capdeco Altaïr cutlery.
  • Capdeco - since 2002. "The cutlery art." Made in France. All collections.
  • Casa Bugatti Amalfi stainless steel table cutlery.
  • CASA BUGATTI - since 1923. Stainless steel table cutlery.
  • Christofle Rubans 48-Piece Silver Plated Flatware Set with Chest: US$5,890.
  • Christofle Paris - since 1830. "Our flatware collections in sterling silver, silver-plated, and stainless steel are emblematic of the Maison Christofle, testifying to its historical know-how in silver craftsmanship."
  • Clive Christian Empire Flame cutlery.
  • CLIVE CHRISTIAN - "Clive Christian is a British designer with a passion for luxury. His collaboration with Arthur Price of England is unashamedly flamboyant, richly embellished, and driven by an uncompromising commitment to design excellence and absolute quality." All Gold Empire Flame Clive Christian Cutlery from Arthur Price.
  • Couzon 'Fusain/Avignon' Silverplate Flatware.
  • Couzon - since 1934. Stainless & silverplate flatware.
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    - D -
  • David Mellor Embassy sterling silver cutlery.
  • David Mellor - since 1954. Stainless steel, silver plate & sterling silver cutlery sets. Our famous cutlery is synonymous with quality. Great attention to detail and many specialist craft processes are employed to achieve its perfectionist finish. Each design has its own distinct individuality and there is a range to suit every style of interior, from traditional to the most modern.
  • Empress by De Lamerie
  • De Lamerie - since 1989. "De Lamerie are manufacturers of the very finest coordinating china, crystal and silver tableware that can be found anywhere in the world today."
  • Driade miamiam philippe starck flatware.
  • Driade - since 1968. "Modern cutlery and flatware: designer knives, spoons, forks." Two original set of stainless steel cutlery integrate Driade tableware: Miamiam by Philippe Starck and Victoria by Oscar Tusquets. Elegant and delicate the two patterns stand out for the details: small engravings and harmonious proportions.
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    - E -
  • Ercuis Empire Sterling Silver Flatware.
  • Ercuis - founded in Paris 1867. One of the leading silversmiths in France. Creates beautiful flatware in stainless, silver plate as well as sterling.
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    - F -
  • Forge de Laguiole Table knives designed by Starck with a full handle, shiny finish.
  • Forge de Laguiole - since 1987. "Knives & Tableware."
  • Fratelli Guzzini 24-piece Feeling cutlery set: €115.
  • Fratelli GUZZINI - "Made in Italy Since 1912." Coloured cutlery brings good cheer to the table. Tasteful with elegance, stylish and convenient to use, forks, spoons and knives are part of the family's daily life.
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    - G -
  • Georg Jensen Bernadotte 16 pcs set: US$370.
  • Georg Jensen - established 1904. Distinctively Georg Jensen. Unique collections in polished or matt steel, bringing timeless design and understated luxury to your table décor." Whatever the cuisine, make your dinner an occasion to remember with Georg Jensen cutlery. Exquisite knives, forks, spoons and chopsticks add the finishing touch to every meal.
  • Melon Bud Frosted 5-piece Flatware Place Setting by Gorham: US$49.95.
  • Gorham - since 1831. One of the oldest names in fine luxury flatware & also one of the world's largest producers of premium quality stainless steel flatware.
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    - H -
  • Harrods Arthur Price Kings Sterling Silver 124 Piece Canteen: US$31,726.18.
  • Harrods - since 1834. "Luxury Cutlery."
  • Havens Christofle Albi - Silver Plate 48 Piece Boxed Set: £3,035.
  • Havens - established 1901. Silverware & Cutlery.
  • Hermès Attelage cutlery.
  • HermÈs - since 1837. Attelage & HTS cutlery.
  • Horchow 46-Piece Pantheon Sterling Silver Flatware Service: US$12,500.
  • Horchow - since 1971. All collections.
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    - I -
  • Iittala Scandia Cutlery set 24 pcs: €249.
  • IITTALA - since 1881."Timeless Scandinavian design." From everyday meals to special occasions, cutlery is an essential part of any table setting. High-quality knives, forks and spoons will stand the test of time, being passed from generation to generation because of their stylish, timeless design. Iittala’s traditional stainless steel cutlery with a silver finish is now complemented with a fashionable rose gold colour.
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    - J -
  • Jaune de Chrome Impala Smooth Stainless Steel Collection.
  • JAUNE DE CHROME - since 1984. Impala Smooth Stainless Steel Collection.
  • John Lewis & Partners John Lewis & Partners Plane Cutlery Set, 18 Piece/6 Place Settings, Gold: £60.
  • John Lewis & Partners - since 1864. "Whether you're setting the table for your family or for a special occasion, we've got the cutlery to make these moments happen."
  • Juliska Bistro Flatware.
  • Juliska - since 2001. "Our timeless flatware patterns frame your tablesetting. Refined and yet casual, each pattern is deisgned to effortlessly compliment your everyday and grand occasions. Unless otherwise noted, all flatware patterns are 18/10 Stainless Steel and dishwasher safe. Avoid cleansers that contain citrus or abrasives." All collections.
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    - K -
  • Kähler Design Hammershøi Cutlery sets 16 pcs.: €214.95.
  • KÄHLER DESIGN - since 1839. "Kähler represents Nordic design and gastronomy, coupled with the great respect for its more than 175-year-old heritage and tradition - a brand universe in which all are welcome, where the emphasis is on authentic experience."
  • Kim Seybert faceted 5-piece place setting: US$105.
  • KIM SEYBERT - since 1998. "Our stainless steel flatware sets are perfect for wedding decorations, christmas decorations, and more." All collections.
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    - L -
  • L'Objet Venise Spreaders (Set of 4): €150.
  • L'Objet - since 2004. All collections.
  • Laguiole Canteen of cutlery Laguiole 24 pieces.
  • LAGUIOLE TABLE CUTLERY - since 1829. "Coutellerie Française Artisanale Haut de Gamme."
  • Legacy Silverware Old English Sterling Silver Set: £399.95.
  • Legacy Silverware - "Traditionally crafted in Sheffield since 1898." Our factory is proud of its impressive portfolio of esteemed customers accrued over the years, including: The Titanic, The British Royal Family, Sultan of Brunei, Concorde, British Airways First Class, United Arab Emirates First Class, Fairline Yachts.
  • Lorenzi Milano tableware.
  • Lorenzi Milano - since 1929. "The oldest matrix of Lorenzi Milano, superb knives for every use and specific cutlery such as poultry shears and nutcrackers, serving forks and utensils with handles in faceted oryx. Caviar reserves mother of pearl for itself, which neither affects, alters nor in any way spoils the integrity of the flavour. Knives are the historic legacy from which the whole creative cosmos originated. Knives in which natural materials complement the coldness of the steel blade. Hospitality and sharing transformed into pure aesthetics."
  • Louise Campbell 5-Piece Cutlery Set for Georg Jensen: US$95.
  • Louise Campbell - for Georg Jensen. "Louise Campbell Cutlery aims to be beautiful without being pretentious. It refers to the history of Georg Jensen by paying great attention to every tiny detail and respecting basic given proportions, but it is not afraid to emphasise its main purpose - being a useful, flexible, modern toolkit."
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    - M -
  • Marchesa Gold Imperial Caviar™ 5-piece Flatware Place Setting: US$100.
  • Marchesa - since 2004. "Runway elegance comes to the dinner table with the Marchesa Imperial Caviar Gold 5-piece Flatware Place Setting."
  • Match Pewter Gabriella Placesetting: US$42–US$315.
  • MATCH - since 1995. "Inviting to the touch, and weighty in the hand, match flatware and serving pieces marry the functionality of 18/10 stainless steel with the warmth of pewter. Our handsome designs - including place settings, cheese sets and condiment and serving spoons - are elegant chameleons, transitioning effortlessly between every day use and more formal affairs." Flatware & Services Pieces.
  • Michael Aram Wheat Gold 5-Piece Flatware Set: US$110.
  • MICHAEL ARAM - since 1989. Renowned for his outstanding artistry & innovative design. His work elevates life’s everyday moments so their natural beauty shines through.
  • Michael Wainwright USA Manhattan gold 5 piece place setting: US$90.
  • MICHAEL WAINWRIGHT USA - since 1991.
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    - O -
  • Odiot Paris Napoléon Cutlery Set.
  • Odiot Paris - "Founded in 1690, Odiot won his notoriety during the reign of Louis XV with Jean Baptiste Gaspard Odiot, recognized as one of the best silversmith & goldsmiths of his time." All cutlery collections.
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    - P -
  • Puiforcat Elysée cutlery, silver sterling.
  • Puiforcat - since 1820. "Puiforcat silverware collections feature powerful designs in three distinctive styles: Classic, Art Deco by Jean Puiforcat and Contemporary by today's leading designers. Available in sterling silver, silver-plated metal or stainless steel." 22 collections.
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    - R -
  • Ralph Lauren Maddox flatware: US$295.
  • RALPH LAUREN HOME - since 1983. All collections.
  • Ricci Argentieri Francesca stainless steel flatware.
  • RICCI ARGENTIERI - since 1840. "Italian by Design." .925 Sterling & 18/10 Stainless Steel Flatware.
  • Richard Ginori Lorena cutlery.
  • Rchard Ginori 1735 - "Made in Italy." Classic and contemporary, refined and romantic. So many flavours, one unmistakable taste. All collections.
  • Riviéra Maison Sylt cutlery: €54.95.
  • RIVIÈRA MAISON - since 1948. "Let yourself be inspired!" All collections.
  • Rosenthal 5 Pcs Place Setting (solid handle knife) | Imagine Gold: US$170.
  • ROSENTHAL - since 1879. Studio Line Flatware.
  • Royal Doulton Bunnykins Silver Fork Spoon & Knife, 3-Piece Set: US$59.
  • ROYAL DOULTON - since 1815. "Designed with world-renowned chef Gordan Ramsay, Royal Doulton's professional range of knife sets have been designed for everyday use. Made from high quality stainless steel, our knives give complete precision and strength with every chop, slice, mince and dice. The range of options available makes them a great gift for an engagement, wedding, birthday or anniversary. Explore the range to find the perfect knifes to complement any kitchen." Flatware & cutlery.
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    - S -
  • Sabatier Le Thiers Table Sanded Inox Table Knives: €339.
  • SABATIER - since 1834. "For more than 200 years this prestigious brand has been part of the heritage of the Town of Thiers, the capital of the French cutlery industry." Table knives.
  • Saladini fork.
  • Saladini - since 1306. Hand made Italian cutlery made of forged stainless 18/10 steel.
  • Sambonet 24-Piece Cutlery Set Linear Gold: €299.
  • Sambonet - Sambonet has been making high-quality products for the kitchen and set table in Italy since 1856. With the Sambonet cutlery you dress your table in a striking way.
  • Sheffield Cutlery collection.
  • Sheffield Made Cutlery - since 1983. "The Famous Sheffield Shop." Sheffield made silver plated sterling silver and stainless steel cutlery.
  • Svenskt Tenn Pewter Cutlery: US$30.
  • Svenskt Tenn - since 1924. "Elegant cutlery in durable, classic materials." Set the table in Estrid Ericson’s spirit with cutlery from Svenskt Tenn.
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    - T -
  • Table Noir Stone-washed cutlery designed for BARR by Snøhetta.
  • Table Noir - "The international architecture and design firm Snøhetta has in close collaboration with Table Noir and executive chef Thorsten Schmidt designed a tailor-made set of cutlery for the top-restaurant Barr, in Copenhagen, Denmark."
  • The White Company Symons Cutlery - Set of 42: £280.
  • The White Company London - since 1993. "We’re extremely proud to join together with Robert Welch Designs for their first ever exclusive collaboration. We’ve worked hard with the award-winning tableware experts, based in the heart of rural England, to create this exclusive cutlery set that encapsulates the timeless style and supreme quality that’s synonymous with both entities. Symons showcases a classic design with a contemporary twist that will look ever-elegant on your dinner table."
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    - V -
  • Versace Medusa Gilded Dinner Knife: US$455.
  • VERSACE - since 1978. "Discover cutlery sets from the Versace Home Collection. Explore an exclusive selection of Greca and Medusa embellished dinner knives and forks and dessert spoons."
  • Victorinox Grand Maître Forged Steak Knife: US$72.99.
  • VICTORINOX Steak Knives & Pizza Knives - since 1884. "The Victorinox Steak and Pizza Knives are designed to look great on the table and feel great in the hand. Their ultra-sharp blades can handle anything on your plate, the high quality steel ensures the blades will hold their edge longer, and the excellent balance means they'll disappear in your hand. So every time you sit down to the table, you can focus on what matters most - enjoying a meal together."
  • Viking Red Pakka Wood 6 pc Steak Knife Set w/ Rubberwood Box: US$79.95.
  • VIKING - Culinary High Carbon German Steel Pakka Wood Handle Steak Knife 6-Piece Set
  • Villeroy & Boch Coupole 40-Piece Flatware Set: US$299.99.
  • VILLEROY & BOCH - founded in 1748. "Flatware Place Settings." Flatware sets, steak knives & specialty cutlery.
  • Vista Alegre Velvet 130 Piece Set with Canteen: €918.
  • Vista Alegre - since 1824. "The bold design, the simplicity of the lines and the high level of finishing complete harmoniously the pieces which we proudly take to your table. Vista Alegre cutlery is made in pure steel stainless 18/10 (AISI 304), 1st quality."
  • A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    - W -
  • Waterford Monique Lhuillier Waterford Pointe d'esprit Stainless 5-Piece Place Setting.
  • WATERFORD - originally founded in 1783. "Add a touch of elegance to your meals at home with our wide range of flatware and cutlery. Dine in style and be sure to impress your guests with these special sets."
  • Wedgwood Arden Stainless Steel 45-Piece Flatware Set: US$200.
  • WEDGWOOD - England 1759. "Finalize your beautiful table setting with Wedgwood's range of luxury stainless steel cutlery. The innovative range is designed with a contemporary touch, suitable to a range of tableware collections. Complement every meal with the stainless steel cutlery range by Wedgwood."
  • A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    - Z -
  • Zwilling 30-piece Cutlery Set, For 6 People, 18/10 Stainless Steel/High Quality Blade Steel, Polished, Roseland.
  • Zwilling - "Since 1731 we`ve been crafting ZWILLING cutlery in Solingen, Germany." Zwilling 30-piece Cutlery Set, For 6 People, 18/10 Stainless Steel/High Quality Blade Steel, Polished, Roseland.
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