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Detective Bullitt creating significant smoke during the climactic chase scene.

Top 13 Most Famous Movie Car Chases Of All Time

Car Chases News, Reviews & Resources (7) Top 13 Greatest Movie Car Chases

A CAR CHASE is the vehicular hot pursuit of suspects by law enforcers. The rise of the automotive industry in the 20th century increased car ownership, leading to a growing number of criminals attempting to evade police in their own vehicle or a stolen car. Car chases are often captured on news broadcast due to the video footage recorded by police cars and police and media helicopters participating in the chase. Car chases are also a popular subject with media and audiences due to their intensity, drama and the innate danger of high-speed driving.

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    Car Chases News, Reviews & Resources
  • 28 best car chases in movie history - Ranked - "There's something about a good car chase in a movie that's a joy for the senses. Maybe it's the incredible talent of stunt drivers (and added visual effects in the last 30 years) that makes you feel you're in danger even though you're comfortably in your seat, or the high stakes of the moment in which the characters we're rooting for will either get out of the situation or have a gruesome finale, but an impressive car-chase scene can make even a mediocre movie a beloved classic."
  • 50 Greatest Car Chases in Film History 2018 - "As Bullitt turns 50, we dig through the racing and smashing of film's great pursuits."
  • CAR CHASE - Wikipedia.
  • The 15 Greatest Movie Car Chases of All Time - "TIME, feeling the need for speed, decided to choose the best car chase scenes of all time."
  • THE BEST CAR CHASES IN MOVIE HISTORY - "Itís not a guarantee that the best action movies also feature the best car chases, but the better the car chase, the better the film."
  • Wheelspin - occurs when the force delivered to the tyre tread exceeds that of available tread-to-surface friction and one or more tyres lose traction.
  • Top 13 Greatest Movie Car Chases
  • AGAINST ALL ODDS (YOU TUBE) - Against All Odds is a neo-noir 1984 film, a remake of Out of the Past. Famous for the duel staged along L.A.'s always-crowded Sunset Boulevard between a Porsche 911 Cabriolet and Ferrari 308 GTSi.
  • BULLITT (YOU TUBE) - Steve McQueen's famous car chase in the streets of San Francisco in the 1968 movie BULLITT. Lt. Frank Bullitt, played by actor Steve McQueen, drives a modified Highland Green 1968 Mustang GT fastback (390ci, Toploader, 3.73 gears), chasing two hitmen in a black 1968 Dodge Charger in the film's car chase through the streets of San Francisco.
  • Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry (YOU TUBE) - helicopter vs car. The 1974 Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry cult car chase film is yet another '70s chase movie where the actors were allowed to do most of their own stunts.
  • DUEL (YOU TUBE) - DUEL is a 1971 television movie about a motorist (played by Dennis Weaver) on a remote and lonely road being stalked by a large tanker truck and its mostly unseen driver. It was the first feature film directed by Steven Spielberg.
  • GONE IN 60 SECONDS (YOU TUBE) - the film is famous for having wrecked and destroyed 93 cars in a 34-minute car chase scene (the longest car chase in movie history) and takes the films principal character Maindrian Pace through five cities as he attempts to lose police. The original Gone in 60 seconds is made in 1974 and written and directed by H.B. Haliki. All of the stunts in this movie were completely real, and 90% of the people in this were real people and not actors. Most of this chase scene was also unwritten and just plotted out with the sense of police failing to catch Toby Haliki as he attempts to steal Eleanor, a 1973 Mustang.
  • JADE CAR CHASE (YOU TUBE) - Car chase from the 1996 film JADE set in San Francisco. Prepare yourself for some of the most ludicrous car jumps in movie history. Jade is a 1995 American erotic thriller film directed by William Friedkin and starring David Caruso. In the movie Patrice Jacinton arranges to meet David Corelli (played by David Caruso) at a restaurant to discuss Jade's identity, but she is murdered in a hit-and-run attack by an unknown assailant driving a black 1993 Ford Thunderbird. Corelli, witnessing the murder first-hand, chases the assailants' vehicle in vain.
  • RONIN (YOU TUBE) - BMW vs Peugeot. The 1998 action-thriller RONIN is noted for its sensational high-speed chases through the streets and tunnels of Paris.
  • SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT (YOU TUBE) - American 1977 film starring Burt Reynolds inspired several other trucking films. A large part of Smokey and the Bandit is essentially one big high-speed chase
  • THE BLUES BROTHERS (YOU TUBE) - in the 1980 film THE BLUES BROTHERS, "Joliet" Jake Blues (John Belushi) and his brother Elwood (Dan Aykroyd), race to Chicago at high speed with scores of state and local police, the Illinois Neo-Nazis, and the Good Ol' Boys in pursuit. Jake and Elwood eventually elude them all, leaving chaos and wrecked police cars en masse in their wake.
  • THE DEAD POOL (YOU TUBE) - Inspector Dirty Harry Callahan played by Clint Eastwood in the 1988 fifth Dirty Harry film The Dead Pool is pursued through San Francisco's hilly streets in his unmarked Oldsmobile 98 squad car by a remote controlled bomb assembled by Rook, disguised as a radio controlled car. The "bomb" was in fact a highly modified Associated RC10 competition buggy topped with an off-the-shelf 1963 Chevrolet Corvette body from hobby accessory manufacturer Parma International.
  • THE FRENCH CONNECTION (YOU TUBE) - the 1971 film THE FRENCH CONNECTION is often cited as containing one of the greatest car chase sequences in movie history. The chase involves Popeye commandeering a civilian's car (a 1971 Pontiac LeMans) and then frantically chasing an elevated train, on which a hitman is trying to escape. The scene was filmed in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn roughly running under the BMT West End Line (currently; D M trains) which runs on an elevated track above 86th Street and New Utrecht Avenue in Brooklyn.
  • TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. (YOU TUBE) - the 1985 film To Live and Die in L.A. features CSI-actor William L. Petersen as Secret Service agent Richard Chance leading a wild chase through the streets and freeways of Los Angeles.
  • VANISHING POINT (YOU TUBE) - a 1971 action-road movie VANISHING POINT is beloved by Mopar auto enthusiasts because it prominently features a classic 1970 Dodge Challenger muscle car. As the movie opens, Kowalski is near the end of his chase by the California Highway Patrol, where two bulldozers and a CBS News truck are setting up.
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