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Smoked salmon.

Top 30 (Smoked) Salmon Online Stores and Suppliers

Salmon News, Reviews & Resources (33) Top 30 (Smoked) Salmon Online Stores & Suppliers

"Grilled salmon and brown pasta works for me every time." - Steven Gerrard.

"If I had the choice between smoked salmon and tinned salmon, I'd have it tinned. With vinegar." - Harold Wilson.

"I am not a fine chef, but I can certainly get dinner on the table for 14 people. With that many, I try to keep it simple: salmon, mashed potatoes, sauteed spinach, and salad." - Cindy Crawford.

"Thinking about lunch. Smoked salmon with pedigreed lettuce and razor-sharp slices of onion that have been soaked in ice water, brushed with horseradish and mustard, served on French butter rolls baked in the hot ovens of Kinokuniya. A sandwich made in heaven." - Haruki Murakami.

SALMON is the common name for several species of fish in the family Salmonidae. Other fish in the same family are called trout. The difference between salmon and trout is sometimes said to be that salmon migrate and trout are resident, and that salmon spawn once and trout spawn many times, though these distinctions are not always strictly true. Salmon live along the coasts of both the North Atlantic (the migratory species Salmo salar) and Pacific Oceans (half a dozen species of the genus Oncorhynchus), and have also been introduced into the Great Lakes of North America. Salmon are intensively produced in aquaculture in many parts of the world.

Typically, salmon are anadromous: they are born in fresh water, migrate to the ocean, then return to fresh water to reproduce. However, populations of several species are restricted to fresh water through their lives. Folklore has it that the fish return to the exact spot where they were born to spawn; tracking studies have shown this to be true, and this homing behavior has been shown to depend on olfactory memory.

Salmon is one of the world’s healthiest foods. A serving of salmon, which is source of Omega-3 fatty acids, can reduce high blood sugar levels, aid weight loss, and improve your mood and sense of well-being. Salmon can also increase overall brain efficiency, enhancing your memory and keeping you alert for longer.

Eating salmon helps to reduce the risk of heart attack, enhances the digestive system and reduces the chances of certain cancers. Having a much lower mercury content than white tuna, salmon is also an excellent source of protein for older people and essential component of any healthy diet.

SMOKED SALMON is a preparation of salmon, typically a fillet that has been cured and hot or cold smoked. Due to its moderately high price, smoked salmon is considered a delicacy. Although the term lox is sometimes applied to smoked salmon, they are different products.

GRAVLAX is a Nordic dish consisting of raw salmon, cured in salt, sugar, and dill. Gravlax is usually served as an appetizer, sliced thinly and accompanied by hovmästarsås (literally steward sauce, also known as gravlaxsås), a dill and mustard sauce, either on bread of some kind, or with boiled potatoes.

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    Salmon News, Recipes, Reviews & Resources
  • Aegir Seafood - since 1917. "Organic Norwegian Salmon." Aegir Seafood delivers high quality organic salmon directly from the cold waters of the Norwegian fjords. We provide only the finest quality of fresh, frozen and smoked salmon from very selected suppliers.
  • BALIK SALMON - since 1978. "Balik salmon, considered by most salmon connoisseurs to be the finest smoked salmon in the world, has its roots in Imperial Russia – in an era when the art of "fine dining" and the quality of the products which are used, celebrated by the Russian aristocracy, reach an unprecedented level."
  • BIEN MANGER - since 2018. "French gourmet food and gifts." Salmon & smoked salmon.
  • Browne Trading Company - since 1991. "Smoked Salmon and More." All of our smoked fish is smoked here in the heart of Portland’s Old Port fishing community. For our renowned Smoked Atlantic Salmon line, we use only the finest Atlantic salmon fillets raised off the pristine waters of Scotland. No preservatives, chemicals or dyes are used in our curing process. To suit all tastes, we over a wide variety of smoked salmons, made subtly distinct by the use of all natural ingredients. For those seeking other smoked fish, we proudly offer both a traditional smoke Finnan Haddie (haddock) and our extremely popular hot-smoked rainbow trout. All products ship frozen; thaw in refrigeration 1-2 days prior to use.
  • calvisius - since 1980. Norwegian and Scottish smoked salmon.
  • CASPIAN CAVIAR - since 2000. "Suppliers of the finest range of caviars & gourmet foods to the great and the good." Smoked salmon.
  • CAVIAR HOUSE & PRUNIER - since 1872 & 1950. "The home of quality." It is well known that love begins in the stomach. Our love belongs to our fine caviar as well as our excellent Balik salmon.
  • Caviar Russe Store - since 2000. "Our smoked salmon are cured according to artisanal procedures in small batch smokehouses."
  • Citarella - "Fresh from the source since 1912." Pristine seafood direct from the world's most trusted fishermen.
  • Cold point Seafoods - since 2000. "The Best Salmon Online - Direct From Alaska - Delivered Fresh to You!" Cold Point Seafoods is a family owned and operated marketer of their own fresh wild Alaskan salmon - harvested and processed directly from the beautiful waters of Bristol Bay Alaska. Coldpoint Seafoods specializes in Sockeye salmon (reds), Chinook salmon (kings), Coho salmon (silvers) and Keta salmon (dogs). Our fish is caught fresh and frozen at sea to insure the very best possible quality.
  • D'Artagnan - since 1985. "With abundant Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, salmon is perhaps the healthiest and most popular seafood. We offer wild sockeye salmon and farmed Atlantic salmon that meets the highest standards for sustainable aquaculture. Both types are adaptable to versatile spices and many cooking techniques and will become family favorites for easy meals."
  • Fine Food Specialist - since 2012. "Buy Fine Foods & Specialty Items." Flavoursome salmon has to be one of the most versatile gourmet foods available. Serve it up before lunch or dinner, or enjoy it as a melt in the mouth main. What's your particular preference, though? If only whole salmon sourced from one of the finest producers in the UK will do, Fine Food Specialist can meet your specific requirements, with ease.
  • Gourmet Food Store - since 2002. "Norwegian & Scottish Smoked Salmon. Regular Cut Smoked Salmon. Gravlax Smoked Salmon. Specialty Cuts of Smoked Salmon. Whole Sides of Smoked Salmon. Sliced Smoked Salmon. Kosher Smoked Salmon."
  • Gourmet House - since 1965. "Before the smoking starts, each fish is filleted and deboned by hand. The fresh salmon fillets are then sprinkled with a thin layer of salt (the dry salting technique) and are traditionally cured for up to 18 hours. The fillets are rinsed clean, removing any excess salt, and left to dry naturally before the smoking may commence."
  • Great-Alaska-Seafood - since 2001. "Fresh 100% Wild Alaska Salmon." Salmon caught in our wild Alaska bays and rivers are hand-filleted, and delivered to your door! Wild is even better tasting and healthier than organic. This is NOT your super market salmon.
  • Hansen & Lydersen - since 1923. "We smoke salmon the true Norwegian way." We source our salmon from a sustainable farm in the extreme wilderness between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic, and ensure we prepare it less than 48 hours after it has been fished.
  • IGOURMET.COM - since 1997. "Buy Smoked Salmon Online." The healthy benefits and nutrients in Smoked Salmon are notable. Smoked Salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are healthy fats, known to reduce blood pressure, blood clots and support heart health. Omega-3 fatty acids found in Smoked Salmon have also been found to reduce cholesterol, inflammation, joint pain and may stabilize mood. In fact, in 1995 the Journal of the American Medical Association recommended that at least one serving of fatty fish a week should be added to a healthy diet. Full of protein, healthy fat, and no carbohydrates, Smoked Salmon is the perfect snack or meal for anytime of the day.
  • Island Seafoods - since 1999. "Buy Salmon from Alaska: Fresh & Wild Caught." Looking for Fresh Alaskan wild salmon? Kodiak Island is famous for strong runs of all five salmon species. Island Seafoods has our own fleet of fishermen who deliver their catch directly and the salmon are filleted, vacuum sealed and flash frozen to capture the flavor.
  • John Ross Jr. - since 1857. "Experts in Scottish Kiln Smoked Salmon." Proud holders of the Royal Warrant. Scotland’s largest exporter of truly traditional Scottish smoked, Scottish salmon- A respect for centuries-old methods, a craft passed down from one generation to the next and a commitment to taking our time lies at the very heart of our smokehouse, which proudly sits on the East Cost of Scotland. And, as masters of our craft and one of the last ever remaining smokehouses to hand prepare Scottish smoked salmon using traditional brick kilns, we promise to continue taking our time. We are proud to supply Wholesale, Retail, Hotels, Restaurants and Caterers in the UK and to over 30 countries around the world.
  • KASILOF FISH COMPANY - "Wild Alaskan Seafood Since 1970." Alaskan Seafood - Shipped to Your Door Overnight! All of our seafood is 100% wild-caught in Alaska and almost all of our products qualify for FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING if you live in the continental U.S., and you reach minimum quantities. Get ready to experience the very best of the best in fresh fish and other seafood ...
  • KING'S FINE FOOD - since 2004. "Purveyors of fine foods." King’s source their Smoked Salmon from a family-run smokery, located on the estuaries of the Rivers Severn and Wye. Severn and Wye offer us a unique, rich flavour common in only the finest Scottish Smoked Salmon. What’s more, Severn and Wye chip all their own oak wood for their traditional smoking production techniques and the grading; filleting, curing and cutting are still mostly performed by hand. This gives their smoked products a distinctive taste. Severn and Wye also deal directly with fishermen, ensuring the essential traceability of each catch.
  • Lobster Place - since 1974. Lobster Place is a seafood experience like no other. Inside our Chelsea Market space you’ll find a top-notch fresh seafood counter, raw bar, sushi bar and fresh steamed lobsters to stay or to go - not to mention our Michelin-acclaimed. Cull and Pistol Oyster Bar and the city’s best lobster roll at C&P Galley. New York City.
  • Maison Glass - New York since 1902. "Distinctive Imported & Domestic Delicacies. For the person who loves the best the world has to offer." Smoked salmon.
  • Marky's - International Food Emporium since 1983. If you want to add something both exquisite and classic to your family dinner, or you need an impressive addition to your party menu, we have products in this category that will exceed your highest expectations and satisfy all of your gourmet needs. The delectable smoked salmon is especially prized by many professional chefs for its flavor and versatility and Marky's is the place where to buy smoked salmon is easy because of the wide range. Smoked salmon. Norwegian & Scottish. Gravadlax.
  • PETROSSIAN - "Exquisite Food and Gifts Since 1920." Our first love may be caviar, but we’ve been smoking salmon, sturgeon, halibut and anything else we can think of since 1930. Your platters will never be the same.
  • Pike Place Fish Market - since 1930. "Fresh Salmon, 100% Sustainable!" At Pike Place Fish Market we are committed to sourcing our seafood in ways to minimize damage to the ocean and freshwater environments. We look carefully at every species we sell, the method of catch, and the way it’s been raised. it is not a commitment we take lightly. Our mission is to provide world famous customer service, sell only the finest, freshest seafood available, and adhere to the highest standards of marine stewardship and sustainability.
  • ROSSINI - since 1999. "Fillet Rossini. Norwegian Salmon." For fillet Rossini only the fine piece of fillet from the back of the salmon is used. The fillet is salted by hand and smoked in the old-fashioned manner for 20-28 hours in smoke ovens with beech sawdust, as was the custom 50 years ago.
  • SALMON AT AMAZON.COM'S GROCERY & GOURMET FOOD - as of January 8, 2022: 988 results.
  • Salmon Sisters - since 2012. Wild fish from Alaska.
  • Seattle Fish Company - since 2002. "Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillet." Wild Alaska sockeye salmon is available year-round and is flown in directly to us on a daily basis from Southeast Alaska. The wild sockeye salmon, like the king and coho, is one of the healthiest fish in the world. Its high oil content (Omega-3) and migratory behavior make it very clean and heart-friendly. A 3.5 oz portion of wild sockeye salmon has 195 calories, 25 grams of protein, 10 grams of fat, 0 carbohydrates, 55 mg of sodium, 450 mg potassium and 75 mg of cholesterol.
  • Tanner's Alaskan Seafood - since 2005. "Buy Alaskan Salmon Online." We hope that you find Tanner’s Fresh Fish Processing to have everything you’re looking for in premier seafood. Please feel free to browse our selections for either Alaskan salmon, king crab and smoked salmon. Our prices are competitive and our services can’t be beat. We guarantee your satisfaction after one bite into one of our seafood selections. Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions about our catches or our processing services. Our Family looks forward to hearing from you. Shipped fresh & free.
  • The Wild Salmon Co - since 2009. "Wild Salmon - Delicious Sustainable Wild Caught Seafood." Don’t get fooled - an estimated 33% of farmed salmon is labeled as wild, and much of it is GMO. We catch a limited suply of wild alaskan salmon each fall and sell it until it’s out. It’s sushi-grade and some of the highest-quality seafood on the planet.
  • Vital Choice - since 2001. "Wild Seafood & Organics." Wild Salmon: Praised by health experts and sought after by gourmet chefs, our signature wild salmon is our perennial best seller.
  • Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood - since 2000. "Buy Wild Salmon Direct From The Fisherman." At the Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood Company, we handle everything ourselves, from fishing to processing the catch. Our proprietary methods ensure the highest quality possible. Our fish are processed and frozen faster. The result? A better product on your table!
  • WILD ALASKA SMOKED SALMON - since 1998. "A tasty treat! Smoked fish from Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon are always wild caught and prepared fresh that day. Be prepared for the best quality chinook, sockeye, pink and coho salmon available outside of Alaska."
  • Wild Alaskan Company - since 2017. "We are a membership service that keeps premium wild and sustainable seafood flowing from the seas to your home!" Get Wild Alaskan Caught Salmon & Seafood Favorites Delivered To Your Door. Healthy, Affordable, Convenient Fish Right to your door! Join Now. Ready-To-Cook. Sustainable Seafood. Wild Coho Salmon. Wild Cod Fish. Shipped All Over The USA.
  • Wild for SALMON - "Since 2004 we have been fishing the pristine waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska. Wild For Salmon provides you with premium quality, flash-frozen sockeye salmon."
  • ZWYER - since 2007. "When a story of a unique product is born from friendship and passion." The King’s back fillet from Salmonik sets new standards. With the finest aromas of Swiss stone pine, this cold smoked salmon fillet is an experience for the palate. The great and passionate support of 19 points CHEF André Jaeger and Jacky Donatz have made this product unique. Two stars who couldn’t be more different with a common love and infinite passion for cooking and gastronomy.
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