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WALLPAPER is a kind of material used to cover and decorate the interior walls of homes, offices, and other buildings; it is one aspect of interior decoration. It is usually sold in rolls and is put onto a wall using wallpaper paste. Wallpapers can come plain as "lining paper" (so that it can be painted or used to help cover uneven surfaces and minor wall defects thus giving a better surface), textured (such as Anaglypta), with a regular repeating pattern design, or, much less commonly today, with a single non-repeating large design carried over a set of sheets.

Wallpaper printing techniques include surface printing, gravure printing, silk screen-printing, rotary printing, and digital printing. Wallpaper is made in long rolls, which are hung vertically on a wall. Patterned wallpapers are designed so that the pattern "repeats", and thus pieces cut from the same roll can be hung next to each other so as to continue the pattern without it being easy to see where the join between two pieces occurs. In the case of large complex patterns of images this is normally achieved by starting the second piece halfway into the length of the repeat, so that if the pattern going down the roll repeats after 24 inches the next piece sideways is cut from the roll to begin 12 inches down the pattern from the first. The number of times the pattern repeats horizontally across a roll does not matter for this purpose. A single pattern can be issued in several different colorways.

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  • 7372 Amara Gunmetal Damask Wallpaper By Belgravia: £21.75.
  • Amara Wallpaper by Belgravia - "Amara wallpaper by Zambaiti Parati for Belgravia Decor is a luxurious collection of designs including a striking wood panel effect presented in a range of on-trend colourways including Navy Blue, Silver/Grey, Black, Pink and Cream/Pearl. Amara Floral Rose adds a feminine touch to the interior with its full blooms enhanced with subtle metallic detailing for an opulent feel."
  • Ananbô La Collection Andaman.
  • AnanbÔ - "Papier Peint Panoramique | Panoramic wallpapers." In 2008, the founder of Ananbô, passionate about travelling, draws the first sets of a collection that will go on to become, ten years later, one of the most inspiring selections of panoramic wallpapers in the world. This success, Ananbô owes it to its precursory imagery, to the quality of its original drawings, always handpainted, timeless and surprising, and also to the visual quality of its matte paper, which is printed in Bordeaux. The pose is simple, the aesthetics elegant and so decorative. Today, the Ananbô Spirit dresses apartments, hotels and houses in more than fifty countries in the world.
  • Andrew Martin Wallpaper Showroom - since 1978. "Explore our wide range of innovative designer wallpapers, all printed and made in the UK. From clever Trompe L’oeil effects and super wide mural designs to bold animal prints and stripes, our collections are perfect for feature walls or to revamp a whole room. Add a gallery of Renaissance portraiture, a library of first editions or transform your child’s bedroom into an African savannah, whichever you choose, our wallpapers will breathe new life and personality into your home."
  • Andy Warhol wallpaper.
  • Andy Warhol - since 2013. "Flavor Paper proudly presents the Andy Warhol × Flavor Paper Collection in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts!!!"
  • ANNA DOVE - since 2006. "Anna Dove produces strikingly beautiful printed and hand-painted wallpapers uniquely designed to alter the mood of your interior."
  • ANNA FRENCH - "Anna French offers an array of bright and bold wallpapers that span over thirty years of artistic creation. The wallpaper designs of Anna French are a perfect mix of traditional with modern that create unique and eye-catching designs for interiors."
  • Anthology - since 2014. "Described as ‘creative thinking for walls, the Anthology wallpaper collections are a unique offering of innovative and eclectic wallcoverings showcasing creative finishes, subtle textures and complex backgrounds. Designed to have an international appeal, these stunning papers combine the feeling of extreme luxury with the edginess of industrial chic."
  • ARMANI / CASA - since 2000. "Exclusive Wallcoverings Collection." Precious fibers. Refined structures.
  • Arne Jacobsen Kejsarkrona.
  • Arne Jacobsen - "A celebration of the outdoors, our Kejsarkrona wallpaper is taken from the archives of popular Danish designer, Arne Jacobsen. Bringing to life the loveliness of the crown imperial plant in bloom with its bold red flowers set against a palette of green foliage and soft white and pink flowers, this paper creates a magnificent feature wall. Ideal for adding a tactile character to the walls of your living room or dining area."
  • Art Geist Wallpaper natural Flizeline 'Jungle': £79.99.
  • Art Geist - since 2004. "artgeist offers over a dozen thousand of unique patterns. Our decorations were sent to over fourty countries and the number of clients exceeded 550 thousand.In our offer, one can find pictures, wallpapers, wall murals, stickers and other elements of interior decoration. We keep on designing news products which broaden our portfolio. We have a modern machinery which guarantee the highest quality of our products."
  • ARTE - since 1981. "Wallcoverings for the ultimate in refinement." Distributor of high quality and original wallpaper worldwide.
  • Artemest Larghevedute Italian Chinoiserie wallpaper: €5,500.
  • Artemest - since 2015. "Italian Luxury Handmade Home Décor." Shop one-of-a-kind pieces.
  • Ashley Hicks wallpaper prints.
  • ASHLEY HICKS - since 2003. "Global lifestyle brand renowned for iconic, boundary pushing design. Following in his father David Hicks's footsteps."
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  • Baker Lifestyle Wallpapers - "Baker Lifestyle is a diffusion brand bringing a fresh, light touch to the classic GP & J Baker style. Their wallpaper designs are bold and original which produces collections of wallpapers that are unusual yet easily adaptable to suit any interior."
  • Benjamin Moore Paint & Stain - since 1883. "Explore 3,500 colors & premium products online."
  • Bennison Fabrics.
  • BENNISON FABRICS - "Bennison is an English Company specializing in hand-printed fabrics based on 18th and 19th Century English and French textiles, originally discovered and reproduced by the late, renowned antique dealer and decorator, Geoffrey Bennison. Our designs are printed in small batches in England on linens and silks woven and dyed exclusively for us with characteristic slight variation between dye lots. And all of our patterns can also be printed as wallpaper."
  • BILL AMBERG - since 1986. "We offer a bespoke service for interior design using leather, whether it be a private residence, commercial property, aeroplane or yacht. Creating leather walls, furniture and features for an interior or exterior space."
  • Borderline - since 1995. "Incorporating Sally Baring Designs."
  • boussac - since 1935. "Opening up new horizons."
  • Braquenié wallpapers.
  • braqueniÉ - "Secular nobility, French decoration, classicism and charm."
  • Brunschwig & Fils - since 1900. "From grand rooms in the White House and the Palace of Versailles to romantic country retreats in cottages and seaside homes, Brunschwig & Fils fabrics, wallcoverings and furnishings have appeared for more than a century in the world’s most beautiful and iconic interiors."
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  • Calico - bespoke wallpaper. "Founded in New York in 2013, Calico Wallpaper represents the harmonization of a traditional decorative medium fused with technical innovation."
  • Callidus Guild - since 1998. "Callidus Guild conceives, designs and installs surfaces and wallpapers for some of the world’s most illustrious clients (such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Tiffany & Co). Known for an elevated, one-of-a-kind aesthetic - which incorporates plasters, precious metals and handmade paints - each project is imagined from scratch and tailored to clients’ exacting directions."
  • Carolle Thibaut-Pomerantz Les Chasses de Compiègne - Picnic wallpaper.
  • Carolle Thibaut-Pomerantz - "A Passion for Vintage Wallpapers." Over the years, she has become 'the' specialist in vintage wallpaper decors, dating from the XVIIIc to the 1950’s. She has pioneered the rediscovery of this unique mural art form, reintroducing it in non-traditional and contemporary settings. Bi-cultural, she is based both in Paris and New York.
  • Catherine Martin - Academy Award winning production & costume designer Catherine Martin has applied her theatrical style to the her wallpaper collection.
  • Chelsea Lane & Company Martinique Green wallcovering: US$656.
  • Chelsea Lane & Company - since 2010. "Custom Wallpaper Design." Latest wallpaper trends. The Largest wallpaper selection in Palm Beach County.
  • Christian Fischbacher Kotori Wallpaper.
  • Christian Fischbacher - since 1819. "The result is a range of modern, hardwearing and colourfast non-woven wallpaper. Christian Fischbacher's KOTORI and HAIKU wall coverings are teeming with ..."
  • Christian Lacroix wallpapers.
  • Christian Lacroix - since 1987. "The wallpaper designs by Christian Lacroix are inspired by gypsy and Provençal traditions and by the flamboyant Haute Couture scene in Paris and London during the swinging 60s. Get the fashion house in house with the Christian Lacroix Wallpaper, with this beautiful collection of wallpaper. And a new world will then open! Enjoy exceptional exotic, rural, modern and many other designs, just like Lacroix can."
  • Clarence House - since 1961. "Considered the foremost style-setter in the decorative fabric industry and is the first choice of many of the world's top interior designers."
  • Cole & Son Forest Wallpaper.
  • COLE & SON - "Manufacturers of fine printed wallpapers since 1875." A range of 1500 hand block printed wallpapers with designs dating back over 300 years. By appointment to the Queen.
  • Colefax and Fowler wallpaper brands.
  • Colefax and Fowler - since 1933. "Renowned for its classic English appeal, Colefax and Fowler fabrics and wallpapers have an elegance and subtlety that is admired the world over." All wallpaper collections.
  • Colonia Leather Dragon leather wallpaper.
  • Colonia Leather - "Original leather wallpaper." Wallpapers made of leather (Peaux d'Espagne, Guadamiciles) were a popular wall ornament in the Baroque period, mostly made of thin calfskin, goat or sheepskin with painting, as well as silvered and gilded elements. They were found mainly in the dwellings of the nobility and patriciate. Leather wallpaper probably originated in Andalusia and North Africa as a Moorish invention, before they became common in Spain and France in today's Germany.
  • Custhom Ingrain Wallpaper: £325.
  • CUSTHOM - since 2009. "Custhom is a design practice whose focus is on experimenting and exploiting conventional methods of making and manufacture in order to find niche ways of producing our work. We design screen printed, block printed and embroidered papers, fabrics and ceramics, allowing technique to dictate aspects of our design and our material choices which influence how our collections evolve."
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  • David Hicks' Hexagon 66/8056 wallpaper.
  • DAVID HICKS - all collections.
  • DESIGNERS GUILD - since 1970. "View our extensive range of Wallpaper." Designers Guild offers a huge array of printed, plain, almost plain and wonderfully textured wallpapers and wallcoverings.
  • Diptyque Paris Pretorien Wallpaper: US$650.
  • Diptyque Paris - since 1961. "Wall decor." Friezes, wallpapers, panoramic decors... Welcome to the collection of wall decor made in diptyque.
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  • Eijffinger Masterpiece wallpaper.
  • Eijffinger - since 1875. "Decorating the World." Find your perfect wallpaper! Eijffinger has continuously developed exclusive and surprising collections which provide a distinct and characteristic interior decoration for each individual.
  • Emily Todhunter Collection - since 1988. "Todhunter Earle sell their wallpapers directly to the trade and to the public. To purchase or request samples, please email and quote the wallpaper name and colour, which can be found by clicking on the images below."
  • ERICA WAKERLY - "Metallic, geometric, and modern wallpapers." Launched in 2006, Erica Wakerly is an award winning British wallpaper designer. Erica Wakerly's collections of wallpapers include bold, modern geometric prints.
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  • Farrow & Ball wallpapers.
  • Farrow & Ball - since 1946. "Craftsmen in Paint and Paper." Wallpapers are generally made using ink. Not ours. Determined to follow in our founder’s footsteps, we use traditional block and trough printing methods as well as our own richly pigmented paint, to give each design a sumptuous and tactile texture, unique to Farrow & Ball.
  • Fabricut - since 1954. Wallcoverings.
  • Ferm Living - since 2006. "Decorate with beautiful wallpaper by ferm LIVING. Shop all the different graphic Wallpaper designs and prints online at our webshop."
  • Flavor Paper - since 2009. "We want to put an end to the expression 'If walls could talk' and finally give them the voice they’ve been wanting. Bring flavor into your digs with screen-printed or digitally-printed patterns or even a statement-making mural for a realistic feel. With hundreds of designs, an endless list of material options, and even the choice of scratch n’ sniff, we are confident we have something to make your home truly yours. And, if your home is an apartment, look no further than EZ Papes which are easy to put up and take down."
  • Fornasetti Arance wallpaper.
  • Fornasetti - since 1913. "These wallpapers incorporate elements from the Fornasetti archives used to make stunning large scale designs in a palette of useable colours ranging from reds and golds, to neutrals and blacks."
  • Fox Linton - since 2004. Fox Linton is a quintessentially British luxury home furnishing brand with a long, exceptional heritage.
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  • GIARDINI Wallcoverings - founded in 1872. "Production range starts from viscose or silk Jaquards till special fine textile wallcoverings and innovative decorated non-vinyl products."
  • La Belle Époque Penthouse, 15-17 Avenue d'Ostende, MC-98000 Monte-Carlo,  Monaco: Gorman Silk Wallcoverings in Master Bedroom.
  • Gorman Studios - since 1983. "Gorman Studios can create one-of-a-kind wall covering for any space."
  • Gracie Studio Summer Harvest wallpaper.
  • Gracie Studio - "The most elegant handpainted wallpapers. Since 1898." Drawing on a 300 year tradition these handpainted scenics are created with exquisite detail. Each room is a unique work of art. Our studio paints each order by hand, and each room is a unique work of art. Our artists are capable of any level of customization.
  • Graham & Brown wallpapers.
  • GRAHAM & BROWN - since 1946. Designer wallpaper, contemporary wallpaper, bathroom wallpaper.
  • GRAHAM SANDERSON INTERIORS - since 1968. "We have 1000's of wonderful wallpaper designs to help you get the look you want."
  • Gucci Geometric G wallpaper: US$510.
  • Gucci DÉcor - since 1921. "Luxury Wallpapers | Tiger & Decor Wallpapers." Unconventional designs and patterns of the House in silk, vinyl and paper.
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  • Hannah Nunn - "Wallpapers with dreamy meadows and leafy canopies. Perfect to complement your lamps."
  • Hannah's Treasures Vintage Wallpaper 1960s Geometric Vintage Wallpaper: US$160.
  • Hannah's Treasures Vintage Wallpaper - since 1990. "We have been collecting and selling vintage wallpaper for over 25 years. All of the patterns in our collection are authentic, old stock vintage wallpaper rolls from the 1930s to the 1970s. Because our papers are truly vintage (printed somewhere between 35 to 85 years ago), they are rare and in limited quantity. We hope you enjoy browsing through our large selection of vintage wallpaper. If you have questions, please refer to our helpful guides at the bottom of this page, or feel free to contact us by phone or email."
  • Harlequin wallpapers.
  • Harlequin - "Designer Wallpapers." Originally founded as a wallpaper company, Harlequin has embraced its heritage by producing breathtaking designer wallpapers in an all-encompassing selection of designs and textures. A master of the flamboyant statement wallpaper, Harlequin also specialises in imaginative finishes, visionary techniques and mouthwatering colours – guaranteed to make your walls a work of art in their own right!
  • HERMAN VAN PEER - "Elevated simplicity and purity of line."
  • Hermès Rayure Hippique wallpaper: US$334.
  • HermÈs - since 1837. 104 models.
  • Hinson - since 1972. "The original Hinson & Company opened with 30 wallpaper designs and coordinating fabrics and soon expanded with the collaboration of Pierre Cardin for a collection of fabrics and wallpapers bearing his imprimatur."
  • Hirshfield's Design Resources - since 1894. "Designer Wallpapers and Wallcoverings."
  • HOLLAND & SHERRY - since 1836. Wallcoverings: Textured, Printed & Painted.
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  • ILIAS - since 2003. "Experimental textiles & wallpapers designed by Ilias Fotopoulos."
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  • Jannelli & Volpi Gioconda wallpaper.
  • Jannelli & Volpi - since 1961. "Design and fashion for walls." Italian market leader in wallpaper, we maintain our position through our ability to create products 100% Made in Italy, of the highest standards in style and quality.
  • Jocelyn Warner Letter Times wallpaper.
  • JOCELYN WARNER - since 1999. Produces big, bold graphic wallpaper. Jocelyn has influenced the resurgence of bold pattern and colour in interiors.
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  • Kit Miles wallpapers.
  • Kit Miles - since 2011. Luxury wallpaper.
  • Knoll Sway Wallcoverings.
  • Knoll Wallcovering - since 1947. "Inspiration comes from keeping your eyes open." KnollTextiles offers a range of modern high performance, woven, vinyl, and specialty wallcoverings, in both patterns and solids, that add nuance or expression to any interior.
  • Koket - since 2010. "Love Happens." KOKET brings empowering style to a highly edited collection of furniture & soft goods while exuding a feeling of entitlement, exclusivity and prestige.
  • Kravet - since 1918. "Kravet is the leading distributor of decorative fabrics and furnishings to the interior design community."
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  • LAURA ASHLEY - since 1953. "From simple stripes to sophisticated prints and soft palettes to rich colors, the Laura Ashley wallpaper collection features over 100 striking designs including our iconic floral patterns. Can't choose? Order up to eight FREE Samples to help you decide."
  • Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Wallpapers - Wallpaper Direct.
  • Meystyle Lattice Systems LED wallpaper.
  • LED Wallpaper - "LED wallpaper was pioneered by Meystyle in 2004. The LEDs are completely integrated into the wallpaper without adding any thickness to the material."
  • Lewis & Wood wallpapers.
  • Lewis & Wood - since 1995. "Lewis & Wood is a British supplier of beautiful and unusual fabrics and wallpapers."
  • Lorca wallpapers.
  • Lorca - renowned for its elegant and luxurious aesthetic, and ravishing colour palette.
  • Lucinda Oakes - "Hand Painted Wallpapers."
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  • Martyn Lawrence Bullard Kabba Kabba wallcovering.
  • Martyn Lawrence Bullard - English interior designer, author and television personality based in Los Angeles. Martyn has been consistently named as one of the world’s top 100 interior designers by Architectural Digest, featured permanently in Elle Decor’s A-List, and named one of the top 25 designers by "The Hollywood Reporter".
  • Matthew Williamson wallpapers.
  • Matthew Williamson - since 1997. "Internationally renowned for his signature aesthetic; a master of print, embellishment, attention to detail and kaleidoscopic colour. His collections reflect a refined yet spirited sense of glamour inspired by global and artistic influences."
  • Meystyle LED wallpaper & Fabric - since 2004. London-based company who specialise in designing and manufacturing bespoke wallpaper with the added feature of integrated light-emitting diodes.
  • William Morris wallpapers.
  • Morris & Co. - William Morris began designing wallpapers in the 1860s and is regarded as the greatest designer and one of the most outstanding figures of the Arts and Crafts Movement. In 1887 Queen Victoria commissioned Morris & Co. to design wallpaper for Balmoral Castle with the VRI cipher incorporated into the design. During his career, Morris designed 46 wallpapers and five ceiling papers, amassing to half the total patterns released by the company. These same designs are produced today by machine, using surface or ‘flexographic’ rollers and modern inks. Other designs, previously only found on textiles, have been translated into wallpaper, sometimes printed on Gravure machines to replicate the fine tonal textures and ‘watercolour’ effects found in Morris’s fabrics.
  • Mulberry Home Wallpapers - since 1991. "Renowned worldwide for its craftsmanship and quality."
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  • Neisha Crosland wallpapers.
  • Neisha Crosland - since 1999. Awarded numerous design awards including the honorary title of RDI, and her work has been collected by the V&A.
  • Nicholas Haslam Ltd - "Paolo Moschino has been creating fabrics & wallpaper since 2000 and since then the collection has grown to include over 60 designs across a range of colours synonymous with the brand. A mixture of linens, silks, cottons and velvets, we are proud to source from Europe’s oldest and finest manufacturers and artisans that we have handpicked to create the finest fabrics possible."
  • Nina Campbell wallpapers.
  • NINA CAMPBELL - since 1974. "Nina Campbell Luxury Wallpapers combine inspiration from Italy, France and England with a design palette which enables you to marry designs from different collections."
  • Nobilis Paris wallpapers.
  • Nobilis Paris - "Manufacturer of Premium Wall Coverings." Nobilis has been creating exceptional fabrics, wallcoverings, furniture and rugs since 1928.
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  • Omexco Bijou wallpaper collection.
  • OMEXCO WALLCOVERINGS - since 1976. "Exclusive wallcoverings."
  • ORLA KIELY - since 1997. Renowned designer whose approach to simplify and stylise everyday motifs achieves a very modern style with a warm nostalgic quality.
  • Osborne & Little wallpapers.
  • Osborne & Little - since 1968. "Exquisite designer wallpapers and wallcoverings." British manufacturer and retailer of upmarket wallpaper and fabrics. It was among the brands included in the Victoria and Albert Museum's British Design 1948–2012: Innovation in the Modern Age exhibition in 2012.
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  • Papiers de Paris View from Rome with San Pietro basilica, garden and umbrella pine wallpaper mural: €759.
  • PAPIERS DE PARIS - since 2011. "Wallpaper Murals & Decorative Panels."
  • Phillip Jeffries Grasscloth wallpapers.
  • phillip jeffries - since 1976. "The World's Leader In Natural, Textured & Specialty Wallcoverings."
  • Pierre Frey wallpapers.
  • PIERRE FREY - founded in 1935 in Paris, France, is a French maison de luxe. "The audacity of the style and creations of the Maison Pierre Frey is expressed on many wall supports. Large designs, geometric shapes or material effects, the colour palettes are available on different supports and using different techniques: matt paint, lacquer, paper backed fabric, wide-width non-woven paper, digital or traditional printing..." The brand designs, creates and manufactures fabrics and wallpapers in the purest French tradition. The company’s rich collection of no less than 7,000 items includes not only the Pierre Frey designs, but collections from the company’s three other prestigious brands: Braquenié, Fadini Borghi and Boussac.
  • Prime Walls - since 2007. International leader in the commercial wallcovering industry throughout North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
  • Princes & Crows - since 2008. "High end Wallpapers." Custom design by Alix Soubiran.
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  • Ralph Lauren Home wallpapers.
  • Ralph Lauren Home - since 1967. "Wallcovering with luxurious texture and exquisite detail capture Ralph Lauren's most celebrated lifestyles."
  • Rasch Wallpaper 934809 Traditional Bookcase.
  • Rasch - since 1861. "Since the 18th century, people have used wallpapers to make their homes the most beautiful places in the world. Tapetenfabrik Gebr. Rasch is one of the pioneers from this period, and our stylish heritage has been creating beautiful art for your walls for over 150 years. Now the company is being run by the fifth generation of the Rasch family."
  • Roberto Cavalli Home - since 1970. Wallpaper collections.
  • Rubelli - founded in 1858. "The over hundred-year-old family textile company, presents 'The Walls of Venice'. The new wallcovering collection is the result of the inextricable combination of tradition and innovation, Rubelli’s own design philosophy." Palazzo Corner Spinelli, 3877 San Marco, 30124 Venice, Italy.
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  • Sanderson green wallpapers.
  • SANDERSON - since 1860. "Arthur Sanderson started his business in 1860 importing and selling wallpaper. Throughout its long history, Sanderson has continued to produce wallpaper to suit the style of the times. The range today includes bold stylised florals, classic English chintzes, plain textures, smart stripes, trellises and small scale motifs which are printed in the UK." In a range of prints and patterns, choose from our impressively diverse range of colours, textures and patterns from Sanderson. A feature wall, a sophisticated backdrop or a work of art - no stress…make yourself at home, order a few samples and we'll guide you through the rest.
  • SAINT HONORÉ WALLCOVERINGS - founded in 1885. Since the beginning its mission was very clear: offer the market a wide assortment of high quality, design and innovative wallpaper.
  • ScalamandrÉ Fine Wallcoverings - founded in 1929. "Scalamandre continues to create fine fabrics, wallpaper, trimmings and upholstered furniture for over 80 years."
  • Scion - since 2012. "Scion is not just a publisher of wallpapers, it is the brand of modernity and revolution. His name means 'descendant of a remarkable family', Scion is the successor of the famous British house Harlequin. Created in 2012 in Great Britain, Scion is inspired first by Scandi graphics for their modern design and full of freshness. Scion then began to create design wallpapers and soft and silky fabrics."
  • S. Harris - since 1906. Wallcoverings.
  • Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler 'Leopard Stripe' wallpaper: £216.
  • Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler - "Founded in the 1930s, Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler is the longest established interior decorating firm in Great Britain, synonymous with the English country house aesthetic for nearly a century. Relaxed, inviting, deeply comfortable and entirely personal, Sibyl’s pioneering approach - effortlessly mixing old with new, luxurious with humble - is today interpreted by the seven decorators, supported by an architectural interior designer."
  • Soane Britain Espalier Square Wallpaper - Emerald.
  • Soane Britain - since 1997. "Soane Britain wallpaper designs complement the Fabrics collection, drawing inspiration from Lulu Lytle’s collected antique textiles, particularly the rich motifs and colours found in Eastern Mediterranean and North African fabrics. Rich botanicals or simpler patterns are expertly screen or block printed onto heavy weight papers to match or co-ordinate with fabrics, in colours within the harmonious Soane palette."
  • STARK - since 1938. "Wallcovering & hand painted scenic mural."
  • Sterling Studios - since 2003. "Specialist decorative arts company which offers clients an extensive collection of exquisite bespoke finishes all hand crafted in our workshop in London."
  • Stroheim - since 1865. Wallcoverings.
  • Style Library - "A feature wall, a sophisticated backdrop or a work of art... We’re here to help you bring your walls to life with beautiful wallpaper. Thousands of colours, textures and patterns from six of the finest British brands are just a click away. Make yourself at home, order a few samples and we’ll guide you through the rest..." Style Library is now the official home for six of the best British brands: Zoffany, Harlequin, Sanderson, Morris & Co., Scion and Anthology.
  • Svenskt Tenn wallpapers.
  • Svenskt Tenn - since 1924. "Sustainability, Quality and Commitment." Wallpaper designed by Josef Frank et al.
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    - T -
  • THE ART OF WALLPAPER - since 2005. "A quality British wallpaper manufacturer." Bespoke wallpaper.
  • The Future Perfect - since 2003. Calico, Callidus Guild, Merci, Piet Boon & Piet Hein Eek wallpapers.
  • Thibault Palazzo collection gold Ravello wallpaper.
  • Thibault - "Established in 1886, Thibaut is the nation’s oldest continuously operating wallpaper firm. Over the years our product offering has broadened to include a variety of wallcoverings, coordinating print fabrics, embroideries and woven upholstery fabrics."
  • Threads - "Wallcoverings which epitomise glamour, style and cool sophistication; created to add an understated level of luxury and classic design to your home."
  • timorous beasties - since 1990. Wallcoverings.
  • Todhunter Earle Interiors - since 1988. Emily Todhunter Collection.
  • TRACY KENDALL WALLPAPER - since 1996. "Modern award winning wallpaper designer whose versatile portfolio of wallpapers sell around the world."
  • Trend - since 2006. Wallcoverings.
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  • Vervain wallcoverings.
  • Vervain - since 1865. Wallcoverings.
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  • WALL & DECÒ - since 2005. "Contemporary Wallpaper."
  • Wallpaper Direct - since 1999. "The world’s widest choice." We’re delighted to bring you the widest choice of wallpapers direct from the studios of the world’s favourite wallpaper design houses. 16,133 products.
  • Wallpaper from the 70s - since 2003. "Glamorous Wallpaper for irresistible luxury."
  • Wallpapers Plus - since 1975. "High-end wallpaper and fabric by designer brands." Wallpapers Plus carries all of the designer and major manufacturers. Search our extensive online collection to find wallpaper, coordinating borders and fabrics, murals and much more. If there is a brand you are looking for, but do not see it listed, please contact us for a quote.
  • Watts of Westminster wallpapers.
  • Watts of Westminster - since 1874. "Bringing together traditional methods, an archive of historical designs, and a range of contemporary colours, our hand-blocked wallpapers are a sumptuous statement for any room. We use the original handmade pear wood blocks and rollers, rare and beautiful items in their own right, to produce our papers the traditional way. A range of designs with a variety of scales and styles, and the ability to produce rolls in any colour, give the potential to transform the distinctive into the truly unique."
  • WELTER - since 1985. "At our manufacture in Berlin-Schöneberg we produce hand-made wallpaper and wall-panels, using a wide selection of materials. We offer own collections as well as custom-made products for each individual requirement."
  • WILLIAM YEOWARD - since 1985. "William Yeoward is branded one of London’s leading creative forces, with a reputation as a style maker, retailer and designer of beautiful products for the home."
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  • Zoffany Phaedra collection.
  • Zoffany - since 1983. "Luxury Wallpaper | High quality wallpapers based on historical references and using innovative techniques." The Zoffany wallpaper range comprises non woven (also known as ‘paste the wall’), traditional paper, embossed vinyl, holographic and foil substrates.
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