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Bayreuth Festival is a music festival held annually in Bayreuth, Germany since 1876.

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  • Aldeburgh Festival of Music & the Arts - founded in 1948 by the composer Benjamin Britten, the singer Peter Pears and the librettist/producer Eric Crozier. English arts festival devoted mainly to classical music. It takes place each June in the Aldeburgh area of Suffolk, centred on Snape Maltings Concert Hall.
  • ARENA DI VERONA - since 1913. Summer festival of opera, located in the city of Verona, Italy.
  • Bach Festival - since 1904. Music festival which takes place annually in the city of Leipzig, where J. S. Bach worked as the Thomaskantor from 1723 until his death in 1750.
  • BAYREUTHER FESTSPIELE | BAYREUTH FESTIVAL - since 1876. Music festival held annually in Bayreuth, Germany, at which performances of operas by the 19th century German composer Richard Wagner are presented.
  • Chopin Piano Fest Pristina - festival established for the first time on the occasion of the 200th birth anniversary of Chopin in 2010,in Prishtina, Kosova by the Kosova Chopin Association.
  • Dresden Music Festival - since 1978. Annual music festival which takes place in Dresden, Germany in May and June.
  • Edinburgh Festival - since 1947. Collective term for many arts and cultural festivals that take place in Edinburgh, Scotland each summer, mostly in August. Though the festivals are put on by various organizations unrelated to each other, and so are officially separate events, they are regarded by many visitors as part of the same event; and together they form the largest annual cultural festival in the world.
  • Festival dei Due Mondi - since 1958. Annual summer music and opera festival held each June to early July in Spoleto, Italy,
  • GLYDEBOURNE FESTIVAL OPERA - since 1934. Opera festival held at Glyndebourne Opera House, an English country house near Lewes, in East Sussex, England.
  • MALKO COMPETITION - since 1965. International competition for young conductors.
  • SALZBURG FESTIVAL - since 1920. Prominent festival of music and drama. It is held each summer (for five weeks starting in late July) within the Austrian town of Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  • Spoleto Festival USA - since 1977. Charleston, South Carolina. One of the world's major performing arts festivals. It was founded in 1977 by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Gian Carlo Menotti, who sought to establish a counterpart to the Festival dei Due Mondi (the Festival of Two Worlds) in Spoleto, Italy. The annual 17-day late-spring event showcases both established and emerging artists in more than 150 performances of opera, dance, theater, classical music, and jazz.
  • VERBIER FESTIVAL - since 1994. International music festival that takes place annually for 2 weeks in late July and early August in the mountain resort of Verbier, Switzerland.
  • Vienna New Year's Concert - Vienna Philharmonic (German: Das Neujahrskonzert der Wiener Philharmoniker) is a concert of classical music that takes place each year in the morning of New Year's Day in Vienna, Austria. It is broadcast live around the world to an estimated audience of 50 million in 73 countries in 2012 and 90 countries in 2015.
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