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VODKA is a distilled beverage. It is composed primarily of water and ethanol with traces of impurities and flavorings. Vodka is made by the distillation of fermented substances such as grains, potatoes, or sometimes fruits and/or sugar.

Traditionally prepared vodkas had an alcoholic content of 38% by volume. Today, the standard Ukraininan, Belarusian, Polish, Russian and Lithuanian vodkas are 40% ABV (80 proof). The European Union has established a minimum of 37.5% alcohol by volume content for any European vodka to be named as such. Products sold as vodka in the United States must have an alcoholic content of 40% or more.

Vodka is traditionally drunk neat in the vodka belt countries of Eastern Europe and around the Baltic Sea. It is also commonly used in cocktails and mixed drinks, such as the Bloody Mary, screwdriver, Sex on the Beach, White Russian, Black Russian, vodka tonic, and in a vodka martini.

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  • 42 Below Vodka.
  • 42 BELOW VODKA - GE-free wheat based, spring water, 4 times distilled, filtered through 35 separate filters. From New Zealand.
  • Absolut Vodka.
  • ABSOLUT VODKA - since 1879. Absolut is the third largest brand of alcoholic spirits in the world after Bacardi and Smirnoff, and is sold in 126 countries. The vodka is made from winter wheat. Over one kilogram of grain is used in every one-liter bottle.
  • Absolwent VODKA - since 1995. Polish luxury vodka manufactured since 1995 by Polmos Białystok. Produced as a 4-fold rectified grain high-end spirit. It occurs in several varieties: pure, flavor (such as lemon, apricot, cranberry and banana).
  • Anestasia Vodka - grain based vodka distilled in the United States.
  • Atomik Vodka.
  • ATOMIK VODKA - "The Chernobyl Spirit Company is a Social Enterprise aiming to produce high quality artisan vodka ("moonshine") from land in the areas of Ukraine abandoned after the Chernobyl accident. More than thirty years after the accident, we believe that what these areas need most is economic development and management of the unique wildlife resource the abandoned areas represent. At least 75% of profits from sales of ATOMIK will go to supporting communities in the affected areas and wildlife conservation."
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  • BABICKA VODKA - "The world's first wormwood vodka."
  • Beluga Vodka Gold: CHF195.
  • Balik - Beluga Vodka: "Noble Russian Vodka."
  • BELUGA VODKA - Official site (Russian).
  • Belvedere vodka.
  • BELVEDERE VODKA - since 1993. The brand of Polish rye vodka is produced and distributed by LVMH and was launched in the United States in 1996 as a "luxury" liquor and is widely regarded to be the worlds first ‘super premium vodka.'
  • Billionaire Vodka.
  • Billionaire Vodka - "The world's most expensive vodka."
  • Bimber Vodka.
  • Bimber Vodka - winter wheat, distilled 6 times. From Poland.
  • BISHKEK VODKA - produced in The Kyrgyz Republic, a Central Asian country and former Soviet Republic renowned for its incredible natural beauty.
  • BORU VODKA - "Irish Vodka? You bet your shamrocks."
  • BOWMAN'S VODKA - grain based vodka.
  • Bully Vodka.
  • Bully Vodka - "Overdone to perfection." Wheat based French vodka. Clear. Neutral nose with a slight hint of toasted brioche and fruit danish. Silky textured and dry with a nicely buoyant medium body and a very clean, chiseled finish with hints of dried fruits, powdered sugar, wet granite and pepper spices. Very classy and lively.
  • BURNETT'S VODKA - "Where the party starts. Read about our superior smoothness, learn about our flavors amp;& recipes, and check out our social posts!"
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  • CAMITZ SPARKLING VODKA - A product of Sweden. Camitz Sparkling Vodka matches perfectly with delicate flavors like fresh seafood, particularly sushi or raw bar favorites such as oysters and shellfish, where the elegant bubbles enhance salinity while the natural sweetness of the vodka balances acidity, creating a truly sensational taste experience.
  • Cape North Vodka - Swedish premium single grain vodka made from the Swedish spring water and distilled in Bourgogne, France with French musty grains. It is a clear vodka characterised by its hints of vanilla and citrus on the nose and also for its clear finish.
  • Chase Vodka.
  • CHASE VODKA - since 2008. "English Handmade Vodka." Single estate potato vodka made in Herefordshire, England, UK. Chase Vodka was voted Best in the world in April 2010 at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
  • CHOPIN VODKA - the original luxury potato vodka. Pioneered the concept of luxury vodka. It is one of the few vodka producers to distill its own spirits.
  • Cîroc vodka.
  • CÎROC VODKA - since 2003. Eau-de-vie vodka, made in France from French grapes, produced and distributed by the British-based multinational alcoholic beverage maker Diageo. Since 2007, marketing and promotion for Cîroc in the United States has been handled by Sean "Diddy" Combs in an "equal-share venture".
  • CK VODKA - since 1886. Produced by Polmos Łańcut from grain spirits and demineralized spring water. It contains 40% alcohol by volume.
  • Countess Walewska Premium VODKA - since 2006. "Proofed with pristine Napa Valley Spring water." The Countess graces our vodka, which represents loyalty to the traditions of the finest potato vodkas from Poland, and its purity comes from spring water sourced from our estate in Napa. The combination of these two elements creates a purely intriguing vodka to savor on its own or create influential cocktails.
  • CRATER LAKE VODKA - since 1996.
  • Crystal Head Vodka.
  • CRYSTAL HEAD VODKA - additive-free vodka manufactured by Globefill Inc. in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. It was conceived of and founded by actor Dan Aykroyd and artist John Alexander in 2007. The vodka is quadruple-distilled and seven times filtered, the final 3 filtrations through Herkimer diamond crystals. It is additive-free, gluten-free, and kosher certified. "Peaches and Cream" corn grown in the Chatham-Kent region of Ontario is processed and distilled four times to produce a neutral grain spirit at 95% alcohol by volume. The raw spirit is then reduced with Newfoundland glacial water to 40% alcohol by volume.
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  • DANZKA VODKA - "A delicate well balanced vodka, mild and pure with an incomparable rich taste. It serves as the perfect base in a cocktail or straight for pure enjoyment."
  • DIVA PREMIUM VODKA - "Diva is made from premium English Grain Vodka and seven times filtered to give a smooth and pure taste. Each bottle holds a hand filled wand containing a unique collection of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS which can be easily removed as a keepsake of a special occasion."
  • DOUBLE CROSS VODKA - "Each batch of Double Cross is seven times distilled and seven times filtered, artfully handcrafted by a master distiller using the finest estate-grown winter wheat and Tatra Mountain spring water sourced from 200 foot deep aquifers in the heart of Slovakia."
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  • EFFEN VODKA - an ultra-premium luxury vodka that is distilled 5 times from Dutch wheat.
  • elit by Stolichnaya vodka - "Created in 2003, with single-source grain harvested at our Kerschinskoye Estate and using cutting-edge technology inspired by ancient vodka-making traditions, elit™ pushes the limits of what it means to be vodka."
  • EMPEROR VODKA Premium - "Emperor vodka is distinctively clean. It is made with selected grain “Lux”. The 100% pure wheat is grown in the North of France."
  • EXQUISITE WYBOROWA POLISH VODKA - "Wyborowa Exquisite is a premium vodka from Polish distiller Polmos, made using high quality grain grown near the village of Turew. It's a crisp and clean vodka showing off the best of Polish distilling."
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  • Finlandia Vodka.
  • FINLANDIA VODKA - since 1970. Finnish-grown six-row barley and pure glacier water.
  • Fleischmann's vodka - 80 proof vodka distilled from grain.
  • FRïS Vodka.
  • FRÏS VODKA - since 1989. 100% whole wheat grain, pure natural water, patented "Freeze distillation" process. Danish vodka brand owned by The Absolut Company. FRïS vodka is made of whole wheat grain from Denmark. FRïS Vodka’s taste was awarded a Gold Medal at the San Francisco Spirits Competition in 2000, 2001 and 2003.
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  • Grey Goose Vodka.
  • GREY GOOSE VODKA - since 1996. Premium priced vodka produced in France.
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  • HANGAR ONE VODKA - hand-distilled vodkas from rare and expensive ingredients, vodka flavors infused with genuine fruit.
  • Himalayan Edition vodka - launched by 'elit by Stolichnaya'. The limited Himalayan Edition vodka will be manufactured in 300 units, each of them being packaged in an individually numbered and hand carved walnut chest, at $3,000 per package.
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  • I Spirit Vodka.
  • I SPIRIT VODKA - since 2009. Distilled 4 times from white wine from Friuli & Veneto and cereal grains, with water from the Dolomites. Active carbon filtered. From Italy.
  • Iceberg Vodka.
  • Iceberg Vodka - since 1994. Vodka is produced using water from icebergs harvested off the coast of Newfoundland blended with neutral grain alcohol from peaches and cream corn from Ontario, Canada.
  • Imperia Vodka.
  • IMPERIA VODKA - since 1894. "Russian Standard Vodka today announced the launch of its luxury brand Imperia in a limited-edition Swarovski Crystal Crown version. 20,000 bottles will be available worldwide from August 2011 in selected international airports as well as high-end hotels, restaurants and clubs."
  • IVAN THE TERRIBLE VODKA - quintessentially Russian luxury vodka, crafted to a 16th century recipe in the unique OSOBAYA style. An Osobaya vodka - tiny infusions of buckwheat honey and cedar nuts.
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  • JEAN MARC XO VODKA - a premium vodka distilled in the Cognac region of France.
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  • Karlsson's Gold Vodka.
  • Karlsson's Gold Vodka - since 2007. "Handcrafted Swedish Potato Vodka." Different varieties of virgin new potatoes, distilled once and unfiltered.
  • KAUFFMAN VINTAGE VODKAS - introduced in 2000 by Dr. Mark Kauffman, Kauffman Vodka is produced in limited quantities and is the only vodka to have a specific vintage. Several varieties are produced.
  • Keglevich VODKA - one of the oldest brands in the world, has given its contribution to the history of vodka as we know it today: it was 1882 when Count Stephan Keglevich began the production following a recipe he had invented himself. After more than a century the original recipe is still used, making Keglevich the number 1 vodka in Italy, with an eagle, the lineage’s emblem, still the symbol of Keglevich. Keglevich production starts with natural, highly selected ingredients: a mix of 100% whole grain pure wheat composed by 60% wheat and 40% triticale, an innovative cereal derivated from rye and durum wheat. Thanks to the exceptional qualities of the ground near the shores of Baltic Sea our wheat has unique properties.
  • Ketel One vodka brands.
  • KETEL ONE VODKA - since 1691. "The world's best-selling premium vodka. Enjoy the taste that inspired 300 years of distilling expertise."
  • Kors Vodka.
  • Kors Vodka - "Pure Handmade Perfection Reserved For The Lucky Few." The prices of the bottles range from US$12,500 to US$24,500, Kors is considered to be one of the most expensive vodkas on the market.
  • KRÖL VODKA - Polish vodka.
  • Krupnik VODKA - traditional sweet alcoholic drink similar to a liqueur, based on grain spirit (usually vodka) and honey, popular in Poland and Lithuania.
  • KUTSKOVA VODKA - unflavored Latvian vodka. "Clear color. Aromas of rubber cement, leather conditioner, labnah, and hazelnut with a supple, shrill, dry light body and a hot, medium-length bitter lemon, raw walnut, lavender, and rosemary finish. A workhorse vodka for mixed drinks."
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  • LEVEL VODKA - "Super-premium product that goes beyond smooth." Brand of vodka from the makers of Absolut was launched in 2004.
  • Luksusowa Vodka.
  • Luksusowa Vodka - one of the oldest Polish vodkas in continuous production, being first sold in 1928. Potato based, artesian well water, distilled 3 times.
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  • Magic Spirits Vodka - since 1991. German producer of various vodka brands. Grain based vodkas.
  • MILANO GREEN VODKA - "Ultra Premium Italian Vodka." Milano Green is created with the world's finest ingredients and by Italian distillers with over 175 years of heritage to provide a vodka experience like no other.
  • Monopolowa VODKA - since 1782. Originally a Polish brand, is a vodka made in Austria by Gessler. It is distilled from potatoes and is marketed under the brand name of J. A. Baczewski.
  • Moskovskaya vodka - early Russian brand of vodka introduced in 1894 by the Russian state vodka monopoly. Its production was stopped (along with other strong spirits) with the introduction of the World War I prohibition in Russia. The brand was restored in 1925 in the Soviet Union.
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  • NUVO SPARKLING VODKA - since 2007. "The World's First Sparkling Liqueur." Crafted with ultra-premium French vodka a touch of delicate sparkling white wine and infused with our proprietary blend of fruit nectars, NUVO is as delicious at it is luxurious.
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  • OLIFANT VODKA - since 1841. Olifant Vodka is neutral 100% grain vodka. The Oliphant Vodka was distilled in very small batches so as proper attention could be paid at every stage of production of every batch and this is charcoal filtered and then aged for a long period to give it its original smooth and sublime taste.
  • Fictitious Osobaya Sayanskaya vodka.
  • osobaya sayanskaya VODKA - fictitious brand of vodka created by the writers of American television crime drama series House of cards (2013-), and which appears in season 3, chapter 29 referred to as a US$750,000 Russian vodka in a bottle of gold.
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  • Platinka Vodka.
  • Platinka Vodka - manufactured in Brest, Belarus. The original version of the spirit is 80 proof (40% alcohol). The base for Platinka Original vodka is the alcohol of "Lux" grade produced from 100% Rye mash in a continuous still column undergoing distillation five times. The final alcohol/water mix is put through traditional filtration with coal as well as an additional step of filtration through platinum enriched elements.
  • POPOV VODKA - grain based vodka. A 40% ABV vodka from the United States. It is filtered with Charcoal. The vodka is produced by Popov Distilling Co. The quality is considered to be ok. The average price is around $6.44 per 750mL.
  • POTOCKI WÓDKA - luxury Polish vodka distilled from rye. Authentic, it draws on a family tradition dating back to 1816.
  • PRAVDA VODKA - "The Truth in Vodka." Pravda is a handmade premium vodka from southern Poland, where it is distilled using late harvest 'sweet' rye and very pure springwater from the nearby Carpathian mountains. Perhaps uniquely, after a five-stage column distillation, Pravda is then redistilled in a copper still to impart a smoother quality to the spirit.
  • Primo Vodka.
  • Primo Vodka - 100% grape based, distilled 3 times. It has clear appearance. Toasted marshmallow plantain and berry cheese pastry aromas follow through on a soft entry to a dryish light body with hints of naugahyde dried banana and a peppery licorice lozenge accented fade. From Argentina.
  • Prunier Vodka - Beluga Vodka.
  • Punzoné Vodka.
  • PunzonÉ Vodka - since 2007. Ultra Premium Punzoné Vodka is uniquely crafted in a five-column distillation system from organic Italian wheat grown in Piemonte, Italy.
  • Puriste Premium Vodka.
  • Puriste Premium Vodka - "Purest water from the Austrian Alps, finest wheat, sixfold distilled and a lower sugar level - that's the secret of PURISTE!"
  • Purity Vodka.
  • PURITY VODKA - "The world's most awarded ultra premium vodka." An organic vodka from Sweden, made from wheat and barley. It is made in a pot still, in very small batches and, unusually for a vodka, comes unfiltered! It is very fruity and thick, with hints of sweetness and even a tinge of salinity. Other vodkas may utilize similar ingredients, but Purity Vodka’s distinction can be found in the multiple distillation process by which the chosen ingredients are blended and refined. Each bottle produced is individually numbered, recognizing its small batch heritage and reflecting the award-winning spirit inside.
  • Purus Vodka.
  • Purus Vodka - "Organic Wheat Vodka." The highest rated vodka in the U.S. Purus Vodka is certified organic, gmo-free, and truly clean. 100% certified organic Italian wheat based, water from the Italian Alps, distilled 5 times, charcoal filterd.
  • Putinka VODKA - brand of Russian vodka made by the state-owned Moscow Distillery Crystal company, and created in 2003 by Vinexem Brand Manager Stanislav Kaufman. The brand plays upon President Putin's name and popularity among Russians. Vodka Putinka has received many different awards. In 2004, the advisory council of "Superbrand" chaired by Alexander Shokhin awarded it the title of vodka "Superbrand of 2004".[2] In 2006 "Putinka" received a national award as "Product of the year" in the vodka category.
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  • Quay Vodka.
  • Quay Vodka - "Ultra smoothness, complexity, that round-the-mouth feel and a flawless finish." The 80 proof spirit also serves as a culinary vodka. The blend of rye and wheat is unusual and part of the artisanal approach that makes this spirit so distinctive.
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  • REYKA VODKA - since 2005. The first vodka distilled in Iceland. The word "Reyka" derives from the ancient Icelandic word for steam. It is geothermic steam drawn from the center of the earth that powers Iceland's first and only vodka distillery (making it the only eco-friendly vodka on the planet). Grain based vodka.
  • ROBERTO CAVALLI VODKA - "The First Italian Super Premium Vodka." The cosmopolitan spirit and joie de vivre of the father came together with the son’s meticulous nature and devotion to create the most celebrated and best-loved Italian answer to the world of vodka.
  • ROSTOV VODKA - "A Favourite With Bartenders." A high quality grain vodka, using only pure Scottish water and selected grain cereals, Rostov Vodka is favoured by leading bartenders as the base for many cocktails.
  • RUSSIAN ICE VODKA - "A real strong vodka taste of Russian Ice is achieved thanks to use of high quality luxe-class alcohol and a special technology of multiple filtration that includes charcoal, gold and silver filtration."
  • RUSSIAN STANDARD VODKA - since 1998. "The incredible convergence of science and nature." Production of the Russian Standard Original is based on a four-tier protocol: mashing and fermenting, distillation and rectification, filtration and relaxation & bottling and packaging.
  • Russo-Baltique Vodka.
  • RUSSO-BALTIQUE VODKA - the world's most expensive vodka - priced at US$1.3 million per bottle.
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  • Savvy VODKA - since 2007. "Super premium" vodka. The vodka is distilled from grain grown in Texas, and quantity produced is limited to only 400 gallons at a time.
  • Scorpion vodka.
  • scorpion VODKA - "Scrumptious boozy scorpion without any of the death/paralysis. Endows the vodka with a soft, woody taste. Specifically bred Chinese scorpion - totally safe to eat, tail n' all."
  • Signature Vodka.
  • Signature Vodka - "Hangover free vodka." Enhance your drinking experience and enjoy the best of both worlds. 'Herbal Infused' vodka which is at its heart, a Canadian grain vodka, that has been infused with a rhizome herb called curcumin (a component of turmeric). This herb has a distinctly earthy flavour. It is somewhat bitter, somewhat peppery, and perhaps a little like ginger or mustard. From Canada.
  • SIPSMITH Sipping VODKA - "A pure unadulterated vodka, for sipping." Our spirits at Sipsmith are distilled from the finest 100% wheat spirit, which is perfectly showcased in our Sipping Vodka. Distilled on copper for added purity, we have no need to filter, add glycerine, fructose, or any aromatisers. This is a pure and unadulterated vodka, designed to be sipped.
  • Siwucha vodka - "An 'incompletely rectified' polish Vodka. Siwucha translates literally as 'Hooch' or 'Rot-gut' (enticed yet?). An alternate (althogh perhaps less accurate) translation is 'Old Grey Lady', referring to the slightly opaque Grey Colour of the Vodka. Developed to faithfully replicate the vodkas of old through the addition of a portion of unrectified barley spirit, this is perhaps as close as it's possible to (legally) get to real, genuine Vodka from the old country. A must for any true Vodka fan."
  • skorppio VODKA - "Harness the power, passion, and intensity of Skorppio, the adventurous vodka." Eating your first scorpion is something worth sharing. Feel free to tell us about your experience or tell us how much you enjoyed the Skorppio adventure.
  • SKYY vodka.
  • SKYY VODKA - since 1992. 40% ABV or 80 proof; SKYY 90 Vodka is a 90 proof high-priced brand aimed at martini drinkers, as well as flavored SKYY being 70 proof. Grain based vodka. Its creator, Maurice Kanbar, claims the vodka is nearly congener-free due to its distillation process. That is why the popular company slogan is "Vodka so filtered - we even took the Russia out of it". In 2008, SKYY expanded the SKYY Vodka line with seventeen new flavors, referred to as SKYY Infusions. These SKYY Infusions are made with fruit.
  • Slovenia Vodka.
  • Slovenia Vodka - since 2010. Buckwheat & winter wheat based, water from the foot of the Julian Alps. Bill Murray - who shilled Suntory whiskey as a washed-up actor in 2003’s "Lost in Translation" - became an investor in Slovenia Vodka this year along with legendary dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov.
  • Smirnoff Vodka.
  • SMIRNOFF VODKA - since ca. 1860s. "The world's #1 vodka invites you to be restless, to be inventive, to be extraordinary, to be able to say 'I was There'." Grain based vodka.
  • SNOW LEOPARD VODKA - since 2014. "The Original Spelt Grain Vodka." When Stephen Sparrow set out to create Snow Leopard Vodka, he knew it had to be a vodka of rare character, just like its name sake. That's why he chose to use luxury spelt grain, an ancient super grain five times more expensive than wheat and rye, commonly used to make vodka. Spelt is what gives Snow Leopard its distinctive nutty taste and creamy texture and makes it perfect for a classic martini. Better still, each bottle sold helps to support snow leopard conservation.
  • SOBIESKI VODKA - distilled since 1864. Named after Jan III Sobieski, a 17th century Polish king and military leader. Ranked as the #1 vodka in 2007 by the Beverage Tasting Institute, based on a blind tasting of 108 different vodkas.
  • Soplica VODKA - since 1891. One of the older brands of Polish pure and flavoured vodka. Although the origins of vodka in Poland can be traced back to as early as the 8th century, Soplica is one of the older industrially produced brands of vodka in the country. Soplica is a clear, grain-based vodka made by the distillation of fermented rye.
  • SQUARE ONE ORGANIC VODKA - "The world’s first certified organic rye vodka." Our unique organic fermentation technique combines with a classic four-column distillation and filtration method to create Square One: incredibly silky, ultra-premium vodka with the rich and subtle nutty taste and texture of American rye. Square One Organic Rye Vodka is a premium spirit, with a rich, nutty taste and full silky texture. Slightly oily on the tongue, medium body. Crisp, mild bite to it on the edges of your tongue. Dry, grain-like aftertaste, with an attractively oily body/mouthfeel. Eminently drinkable.
  • Stolichnaya Vodka.
  • STOLICHNAYA VODKA - established 1938. Vodka made of wheat and rye grain. A well-known Soviet brand, Stolichnaya for international distribution is bottled in Latvia using Latvian water but alcohol from a distillery in Tambov by a company chartered in Luxembourg but founded by a Russian which distributes a wide variety of Russian spirits, having purchased a number of former Soviet brands and operations. Stolichnaya for Russian distribution is manufactured in Kaliningrad by a separate Russian company. Fermentation of Stolichnaya starts with wheat and rye grains and artesian water from the Russian city of Samara and the Kaliningrad region. The fermentation takes about 60 hours. Once fermentation is complete the resulting liquid is distilled four times to a strength of 96.4% ABV. This spirit is then diluted to bottling strength with more artesian well water. It is then filtered through quartz, sand, activated charcoal, and finally through woven cloth.
  • STÖN VODKA - wheat based Estonian vodka. It's four times distilled and four times filtered yet remains a viscous, full flavored vodka. It is slightly sweet with notes of lemon and grain. It's all too suitable for serving straight, on the rocks, or in a cocktail.
  • Svedka vodka.
  • SVEDKA VODKA - Swedish brand of vodka. Svedka has received several awards from spirit ratings organizations, including a rating of 93 points from Wine Enthusiast in 1999 and 2004, and a Silver Medal in the International Wine and Spirit Competition.
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  • Tanqueray Sterling Vodka.
  • Tanqueray Sterling Vodka - since 1989. Available in both neutral and citrus flavours. Made from pure grain spirit, distilled at high proof and carefully distilled a second time in a 220-year-old copper pot still. After the final distillation, the spirit is "cut" with water to give it the final desired 80 or 100 proof (40% or 50% alcohol).
  • The Himalayan Edition vodka.
  • The Himalayan Edition vodka - launched by 'elit by Stolichnaya'. The limited Himalayan Edition vodka will be manufactured in 300 units, each of them being packaged in an individually numbered and hand carved walnut chest, at $3,000 per package.
  • THE JEWEL OF RUSSIA ULTRA VODKA - "The Drink of the Czars." The Ultimate Premium Russian Vodka.
  • Three Olives Vodka - "Delicious & extremely mixable vodkas meant to be part of the fun, mix things up, and add some flavor to the party. Because, life is just more exciting that way." Vodka produced and distilled in the United Kingdom. Grain based vodka.
  • Trump Vodka.
  • TRUMP VODKA - since 2005. Quintuple-distilled in Holland by renowned Dutch master distiller Jacques de Lat. as an American brand of vodka produced at first in the Netherlands, then later in Germany by Drinks Americas under license from The Trump Organization. The brand was launched in the United States in 2005, but ceased production under the Trump name in 2011 when it failed to meet the required threshold for distribution. However, it is still sold in Israel, especially around the Jewish holiday of Passover.[
  • TÜRI VODKA - made from fresh spring water and rye grain. Quadruple distilled and charcoal filtered, the finished spirit has a unique, smooth character.
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  • U´Luvką Vodka.
  • U´LUVKĄ VODKA - "U’luvka is most awarded vodka in the world." We received over 72 international awards to date including best super premium vodka in the world 6 times since launch. Rye, barley and wheat based, 3 times distilled. From Poland.
  • Ultimat Vodka.
  • ULTIMAT VODKA - since 2002. A luxury brand of vodka produced in Poland. Ultimat is the only vodka with wheat, rye and potato, giving it a subtle taste, smooth texture and rich complexity. 4 times distilled.
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  • Van Gogh Blue Vodka.
  • VAN GOGH VODKA - since 2000. "The Art of Vodka." Our Van Gogh vodka and flavored vodkas are made with natural ingredients and handcrafted using a unique distillery process. Triple wheat premium vodka. Hand-crafted in small batches through a unique triple distillation. From the Netherlands.
  • Vektor Vodka.
  • Vektor Vodka - since 1896. "Thanks to our authentic recipe and outstanding 7 times distillation process, Vektor Vodka is a Lux class spirit with exquisite smoothness, unparalleled clarity, texture and luminescence." Russian winter wheat based, distilled 7 times, birchwood filtered, using 15th century recipe.
  • VERSAILLES King's VODKA - made in France from pure wheat grain and blended down with Cognac region spring water.
  • Viru Valge Vodka - Viru Valge is made from spirits distilled from pure Estonian grains and crystal-clear water from deep beneath the surface. Filtration with active charcoal is what produces its soft, clean taste and makes it a truly authentic product. Estonia’s best known and most trusted high-quality vodka has a soft, neutral flavour and aroma. It is made from Estonian grain using a modern and innovative system of charcoal filtration. In 2010 it was named Estonia’s best alcoholic beverage. It is produced in different flavors ranging from lemon to blackcurrant. Grain based vodka.
  • VLADIVAR VODKA - a Pure Grain, triple distilled, charcoal filtered vodka of the same quality as Smirnoff red.
  • VODKA TARANTAS - "Vodka Tarantas is a traditional product which we produce for almost 35 years. A pure grain vodka prepared with the exclusive van Wees quality demands. Nowadays in a new outfit and with a new name DoubleWWodka." Used types of grain: Wheat, rye, corn and barley.
  • VOX VODKA - 80 proof wheat vodka made in the Netherlands by Beam Suntory. Liquor ratings aggregator,, places Vox in the Top 10th percentile of the best vodkas in the world.
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  • White Diamond Vodka.
  • White Diamond Vodka - premium grains, artesian water, triple distilled vodka from Latvia.
  • WINTER PALACE VODKA - Winter Palace vodka is owned and managed by the Emperor's Brand of France, though it can perhaps be mistaken for a Russian vodka. It is made with French winter wheat and blended with water from the Cognac region of France.
  • WYBOROWA EXQUISITE VODKA - Wyborowa Exquisite is a premium vodka from Polish distiller Polmos, made using high quality grain grown near the village of Turew. It's a crisp and clean vodka showing off the best of Polish distilling.
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  • Xellent Swiss Vodka.
  • XELLENT VODKA - since 2004. Xellent Swiss vodka is made with bread quality rye and Titlis Glacier Water. This rye is a blend of matador and picasso ryes created to grow in the alps of Switzerland. It is triple distilled in pot stills to over 96% purity. The brand has won numerous awards including a Double Gold from the San Francisco Spirits Competition and a 96-100 rating from F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal. It was also rated as the only vodka in the top 10 of the top 110 spirits for 2005 by Pacult's Spirit Journal.
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  • Żubrówka Vodka.
  • ŻUBRÓWKA VODKA - also known in English as Bison Grass Vodka, is a dry, herb-flavored vodka that is distilled from rye and bottled at 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof). Its flavor is unique and is described as having woodruff, vanilla, coconut, and almond notes.
  • Zyr Vodka.
  • ZYR VODKA - "Dangerously Smooth." An American dream crafted in Russia since 2002. Grain-based vodka. It is based on a 9-5-3 formula. Nine filtrations, five distillations and three tastings ensure consistent, pure quality in every bottle. ZYR Vodka is the highest rated vodka.
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