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Yamaha WaveRunner (PWC).

Top 7 Personal Watercraft Brands and Manufacturers

Jet Ski (PWC) News, Reviews & Resources (17) Top 7 Jet Ski & Personal Watercraft Manufacturers

JET SKI is the brand name of a personal watercraft (PWC) manufactured by Kawasaki, a Japanese company. The term is often used generically to refer to any type of personal watercraft used mainly for recreation, and it is also used as a verb to describe the use of any type of PWC.

A PERSONAL WATER CRAFT (PWC), also called water scooter or jet ski, is a recreational watercraft that are designed to hold only a small number of occupants, who sit/ride or stand on top of the craft, not within the craft as in a boat.

PWCs have two style categories, first and the most popular being a compact runabout typically holding no more than two or three people, who mainly "sit down" on top of the watercraft like riding a motorcycle or quadbike; the second style being a "stand-up" type, typically built for only one occupant who operates the watercraft standing up like riding a motorized scooter, and are used more for doing tricks, racing, and use in competitions. Both styles have an inboard engine driving a pump-jet that has a screw-shaped impeller to create thrust for propulsion and steering. Most are designed for two or three people, though four-passenger models exist. Many of today's models are built for more extended use and have the fuel capacity to make long cruises, in some cases even beyond 100 miles (160 km).

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    Jet Ski (PWC) News, Reviews & Resources
  • 8 Best Jet Skis & Other Amazing PWCs 2023 - "The personal watercraft (PWC) field keeps getting more specialized, with models designed for exploring, fishing, family fun, and going really fast on the water. These leading manufacturers are packing your 2023 with action. Here are 8 amazing PWCs for 2023."
  • 17 Best Jet Skis in 2023 - "A jet ski is one of the most popular and fun recreational vehicles you can find. Jet skis allow you to rip through the water, almost like flying. Great for practicing your balance and coordination, jet skis can help develop your leg muscles. Jet skiing is a relatively accessible watersport and is easy to get into. Many things make jet skiing so awesome, but itís probably the fact that itís one of the fastest and most adrenaline-fuelled watersports that makes it so attractive."
  • 2022 3-4 PASSENGER PERSONAL WATERCRAFT - "If you are looking for fun for the whole family, check out the latest three and four-passenger models from various companies here."
  • 2022 Personal Watercraft Reviews, Prices & Specs - "Check out the top personal watercrafts of the year according to users. You can look at ratings and read reviews from other enthusiasts or let everybody know what you think about personal watercrafts from 4 manufacturers. We've also got full specs and side-by-side comparisons."
  • Aqua scooter - Wikipedia.
  • BRP - since 1942. "World leader in the design, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of motorized recreational vehicles and powersports engines." Its portfolio includes Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft, Can-Am on- and off-road vehicles, Evinrude and Rotax marine propulsion systems as well as Rotax engines for karts, motorcycles and recreational aircraft.
  • History of WaveRunners (PWC) - "Developing the WaveRunner: Staking everything on the future." The WaveRunner 500 (Marine Jet 500T) launched by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. in 1986 has come to represent the personal water craft (PWC)class, appreciated by marine fans for the easy control from a sitting position and excellent maneuverability.
  • JET SKI - Wikipedia.
  • Jet ski tourists shot dead off coast of Algeria - "The Algerian coastguard has shot dead two tourists holidaying in Morocco who reportedly strayed into Algerian waters on their jet skis."
  • Meet the Maverick GT, the Wild New Electric Jet Ski That Can Surf Giant Waves - "The $500,000 Maverick GT Jet RIB and Energy Platform is a 70-mph beast that converts to a RIB. Oh, it can power your home if the electricity goes out."
  • Personal water craft - Wikipedia.
  • Personal Watercraft Manufacturers Directory - Nada Guides.
  • - "Personal Water Craft Reviews, Videos, Pictures & PWC Prices."
  • Reviews on Personal Watercraft & Jet Skis - Boating Magazine.
  • WaveRunner - Wikipedia.
  • Yamaha SuperJet - Wikipedia.
  • Yamaha WaveBlaster - Wikipedia.
  • Top 7 Jet Ski & Personal Watercraft Manufacturers
  • Belassi - since 2004. "Explore a new Category of Personal Watercrafts." Race your heartbeat with Belassi's luxury personal watercraft. Get to know the Burrasca here.
  • Gibbs Quadski - Gibbs Sports Amphibians - since 2012. "High Speed Amphibians." The Quadski is the world's first sports amphibian. The Quadski reaches speeds of 45mph on both water and land and transitions between them in seconds.
  • KAWASAKI - since 1968. "Let the good times roll." Jet ski watercraft. All models.
  • MasterCraft Boats UK - since 2007. "MasterCraft Boats UK is the sole importer of MasterCraft inboard wakeboarding, waterskiing, wake surfing and performance ski boats in the UK. As the main MasterCraft distributor since 2007, we pride ourselves in providing our customers the highest level of customer service, matched with the quality and performance that goes into every MasterCraft boat. Whether you are a first time boat owner, or an experienced watersports enthusiast, look no further than the extensive range of models available from MasterCraft."
  • PowerSki JetBoard - "PowerSki Jetboard is an innovative motorized surfboard that combines the sports of wakeboarding and surfing. Each surfboard features a low profile 45 HP engine that propels the rider at an insane speed of up to 40 mph."
  • SEA-DOO - since 1942. "Personal Watercraft and Pontoon Boats." Discover the 2023 Sea-Doo personal watercraft & Pontoon line up and learn more about the latest updates to your favorite water rides.
  • YAMAHA WAVERUNNERS - since 1986. "The #1 Brand on the Water ..." Our expertly crafted marine engines, high-compression molded hulls, and industry-best innovations create the most exhilarating personal watercraft in the world.
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