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What Is EDC?: The Beginner's Guide to Everyday Carry.

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    EVERYDAY CARRY (EDC) or Every Day Carry refers to items that are carried on a consistent basis to assist in dealing with normal everyday needs of modern western society, including possible emergency situations.

    Some of the most common EDC items are knives, flashlights, multitools, wallets, smartphones, notebooks, and pens. The type and quantity of such items may vary widely.

    While often distributed among pockets in everyday clothing, carry options are frequently expanded by the addition of clothing accessories like a fanny pack, purse, small day pack, bracelets, or even footwear like long boots or a vest with pockets. The multiple large pockets of cargo pants make them a popular choice among people who carry EDC items.

    Specific items utilized for EDC will vary based on the activity and environment:

    Occupational: Those who work in a warehouse or outdoors may carry a pocket knife or box cutter and work gloves. For those who are in the medical field, having emergency latex or nitrile gloves can be important.

    Disaster-related: For those who live in a disaster prone area, having a flashlight and a communication tool may be essential.

    Team support: Those whose partner(s) or team members carry a weapon of some kind, may carry a first aid kit or extra ammunition as support in case of incident or accident.

    Health-related: Those who (might) require medical attention or are prone to sudden ailments (or are often with someone else who does) may carry prescribed medicine.

    Time-related: Having a time piece is sometimes necessary for timing critical everyday actions or to be on schedule.

    Safety: A weapon such as a firearm, knife, tactical flashlight, tactical pen, pepper spray, stun gun, or a small impact weapon.

    Wilderness: A compass, fire starting and water purification items might be suitable, and an air horn may be useful to scare off aggressive wild life.

    50 Best Everyday Carry | EDC News, Reviews & Resources:
  • 5 of the best survival watches - "An increasing desire to escape the normalities of life, the art of survival is more popular than ever. Whether you crave the personal challenge of subjecting yourself to nature’s toughest conditions, or you just want to live a more sustainable, closed-loop life, owning the right watch could be a significant tool. Let’s take a look at some of the best survival watches across the cost spectrum."
  • 10 tiny 'everyday carry' tools & gadgets I keep on my keychain - "If you're someone who always has their keychain with them, here's how to make it a lot more useful."
  • 10 tiny tools & gadgets I keep on my keychain & why - "What I do have with me most of the time is my keychain - and, as it turns out, it's the perfect way to EDC (Every Day Carry) useful bits and bobs. Here's a tour of what I carry on my keychain. Don't feel you need everything. Remember, the beauty of this approach is that you can customize your EDC to suit your needs."
  • 11 Everyday Carry Shops Every Guy Should Know - Cool Material.
  • 12 Survival Gear Items I Always Carry In My Day Pack, Even In The City - "When you are walking in the city’s botanical gardens, survival gear is not needed, right? How about that 3-mile trail to the waterfall? Or the guided tuck-tuck tour? None of these situations require a machete and dehydrated food in a backpack the size of a Volkswagen. But I think a few small things are essential, whether I’m in an urban park for a couple of hours or spending a few hours trekking through the forest."
  • 20 Best High-Tech Everyday Carry Gear & Essentials - "Everyday carry gear has traditionally been comprised of modern takes on existing items such as knives, wallets, and keychains, however, as technology continues to play an ever-more-crucial role in our day-to-day lives, quite a few gadgets and devices have increasingly started falling under the EDC umbrella. Like regular pieces of EDC gear, these high-tech items lend themselves to daily use and provide convenience and/or utility to help streamline one’s daily grind."
  • 20 Everyday Carry Brands You Should Know - "Even if you’ve never heard of the concept before, there’s a pretty solid chance you’ve got an everyday carry loadout you rely on to get you through your days. This could be as simple as just a wallet, keychain, and smartphone. Or it could be far more comprehensive - comprised of a bevy of tools, devices, a blade or two, etc. The greater point is this: EDC is pretty damn ubiquitous, even for those not in the know. And that probably explains why there are so many options out there for good everyday carry gear."
  • 23 Best EDC Backpacks: Top Everyday Carry Bags For Men - "The best everyday backpacks serve as a compact home away from home. Inside are all your everyday essentials - everything you need to stay on the move from morning ‘til evening."
  • 25 Best Everyday Carry Backpacks - "When it comes to gear of any type, everyday carry or otherwise, the bag category is one of the most ubiquitous. After all, most humans need a means of transporting items from one place to another - be that your mobile technology, school books, food, supplies, or whatever else. And there’s no denying the usefulness of a traditional backpack therein. In fact, backpacks are probably one of the most commonly available pieces of EDC gear, second perhaps only to wallets."
  • 30 Best Accessories For Everyday Carry - "Even if you’re completely unaware of the concept of everyday carry, it’s damn near certain that you participate in some way. After all, EDC is all about the gear you keep on your person every single day, and it includes things as seemingly innocuous and practically ubiquitous as wallets, watches, bags, pocket tools, and so much more. Whether you’re a complete newbie to the concept or a seasoned veteran, there are always more things to learn and more gear to behold - opening up the possibility of the lifelong pursuit of that perfect loadout."
  • 80-in-1 titanium multitool stack splits into magnetic utility cards - "With a 'more is more' approach to its latest offering on Kickstarter, London-based Gadget On has packed everything from a sundial clock to a SIM card ejector into its new TitanSpin multitool. And, oh yeah, the whole thing is also a fidget spinner."
  • 1000+ images about Every Day Carry - Pinterest.
  • A NEW & IMPROVED TSA-APPROVED TITANIUM EVERDAY CARRY TOOL - "The Phantom 2.0 is an upgraded folding utility knife made from Gr5 titanium and carbon fiber sheets. It features replaceable blades and multiple ways to open it. This everyday carry (EDC) has an improved grip, double-side tritium slots for durability, convenience, versatility, and, most importantly, a safer lock mechanism. It also comes with a deep pocket clip, a lanyard hole, and smooth one-hand operation. And, it’s TSA-approved and allows for easy blade replacement. Let’s explore all these features in detail to help you determine if this EDC fits your needs for everyday tasks, traveling, or outdoor activities."
  • BEST EDC DESIGNS YOU NEED IN YOUR TOOLBOX - "EDCs are the living embodiment of 'big things come in small packages'. EDCs are the kind of smart little tools that are always great to have in your backpack or tool kit. You never know when one of them could come to your rescue, helping you out of the trickiest situation, or to even pop open a bottle of beer, when you need to unwind after work. These little superheroes can make a world of difference while completing tasks - whether big or small. And, we’ve curated the best EDC designs we’ve seen in a while! From a fully-functioning balisong-style pocket knife to a unique bottle opener inspired by Chinese architecture - these are the EDC designs you definitely need by your side."
  • Best of everyday carry - Yanko Design awards 2023 - "New Year New Gear, they say... but before we explore what 2024 has in store for us, here’s a look at our top EDC gear from the year gone by."
  • best pocket knife brands for everyday carry - Victorinox - Buck Knives - The James Brand - Benchmade - CRKT Knife - 5.11 - Boker - Microtech.
  • Best Self Defense Keychains for Everyday Carry - "From keychain knives to Kubatons to knucks, keychain-style self-defense weapons not only come in an enormous variety of forms but can also massively differ in terms of quality and construction - an area that’s particularly important considering these weapons are typically deployed in life-threatening situations. Knowing just how abundant this space is, we’ve scoured the segment for the most effective and trustworthy items currently on the market in order to deliver this guide to the best self-defense keychain tools."
  • Best TSA-Approved Pocket Knives & EDC - "The most useful tool for travel is the one that doesn't get confiscated at security."
  • Best Water Bottle Brands for Every Type of Water Bottle 2023 - "No everyday carry is complete without a reusable, durable, leak-proof water bottle."
  • Bug Out Bag Academy - "Bug Out Bag Resources, Reviews & More."
  • Complete Guide to Common EDC Knife Locks - "Your pocket knife’s primary safety feature is its lock - learn how the most common types function (and much more) here."
  • EDC Forums - "Have you seen some of the newest items made by EDCF members and available in the Craftsman's Corner? Check out the forum's talent!"
  • Every Day Carry Blog - "Everyday carry (EDC) refers to various items, usually small, that are worn or carried by a person on a daily basis for use in everyday tasks from the mundane to the unexpected."
  • Everyday carry - Wikipedia.
  • Everyday Carry: Mission Ready - "Black and gunmetal colorways have long been used by makers of military and everyday carry gear, chosen for their ability to bestow an item with a decidedly tactical and aggressive aesthetic."
  • Everyday Carry: Olive Drab - "To celebrate this tried and true military hue, we've hand-selected a collection of OD green offerings for this week's Everyday Carry spread."
  • Everyday Carry. What essentials do you carry on a daily basis? - Reddit.
  • - since 2009. "Online magazine showcasing pocket drops, or systems of items carried everyday, submitted by its readers and contributors within the EDC community."
  • Fire-starting titanium multitool with device stand smashes goals - "The new AceStand multi-tool has an impressive range of onboard functions including a screwdriver and pry bar. But its dual use as a sturdy tablet or phone stand is likely what has it currently blasting through its fundraising goals on Kickstarter."
  • How to give your hike a high-tech upgrade - "How to enjoy the convenience of modern tech without the distraction from nature."
  • How to Survive the Apocalypse - The New York Times.
  • Huckberry - Everyday Carry Online Shop.
  • In case of emergency: The tech that might save you - "There's no replacement for being physically and mentally prepared, but this gear can help."
  • LEICA EDC MULTITOOL WAS DESIGNED FOR CAMERA TINKERERS AS WELL AS SEASONED OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS - Over the years with its unrelenting simplicity and compactness, the Leica cameras have paved the way for all types of modern photography. Now the Leica M forms the basis for the design of a multitool that draws more than its looks from the SL2 camera. The Leica Multi has a similar machined aluminum body and is manually assembled for precision and quality.
  • Meet the designers creating every day objects & art from human hair - "There is a natural product we grow ourselves which can be used to make clothing, ropes and even building materials - and much of it goes to waste on a daily basis. But perhaps not for long. An emerging wave of designers is harnessing the power of human hair to tap into issues of the circular economy, identity and beauty through provocative objects and installations."
  • Mission Workshop - Everyday Carry Accessories.
  • Outlery - Collapsible Cutlery: US$45.
  • Outlery - Collapsible Cutlery - since 2018. "The world's smallest cutlery set!" Plastic-free | reusable | forking awesome. It all started with a thought to replace single-use plastic cutlery...for Mother needs us to step up and take a stand! Outlery is portable and designed to be your pocket-sized partner for life.
  • Peter McKinnon’s Swiss Army Camera Tool - "Peter McKinnon’s Nifty Camera Tool." The multi-purpose tool is equipped with everything you would need to efficiently manage your camera out in the field in a compact, lightweight and stealthy Swiss army knife designed package.
  • Survive Anything by Always Carrying These 13 Pieces of Gear - Wired.
  • Swiss Army knife - pocketknife or multi-tool manufactured by Victorinox AG (and up to 2005 also by Wenger SA). The term "Swiss Army knife" was coined by American soldiers after World War II due to the difficulty they had in pronouncing "Offiziersmesser", the German name.
  • Swiss army knife maker to produce version without a blade - "Victorinox, producer of the celebrated pocket tool, responds to ‘plague of knife crime’ with new variant."
  • That Little Hole in Your Swiss Army Knife Could Be Essential in Survival Situations - "There’s a reason why awls were included on the earliest versions of the original Swiss Army Knife."
  • The Everyday Carry Guide - "Everyday Carry – EDC Essentials for the Discerning Gentleman."
  • The KeyMaster: US$65.
  • The KeyMaster - since 2023. "An EDC Tool that supports all your needs." Made from titanium for handling everything, your daily companion easy up your life, also a must-have outdoor tool with a folding blade.
  • The Must-Have EDC Gear for Under $25 - "The quality gear you carry and use every single day doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg - and we can prove it."
  • The Stylish Man’s Everyday Carry: 10 Items You Need - "There’s a satisfying feeling when you’re prepared for anything. It’s nice to know, confidently, that you’ve got everything you need for the day ahead, and even if a problem occurs, you’ve got the essentials to sort it. Whether carrying on your person or stashing in your bag, these are the items no man should leave the house without."
  • TINY 14-IN-1 TITANIUM KEY MULTITOOL IS MORE VERSATILE THAN A SWISS ARMY KNIFE - "The KeyMaster: An EDC Tool that supports all your needs." Made from titanium for handling everything, your daily companion easy up your life, also a must-have outdoor tool with a folding blade.
  • TOP 10 EDC GEAR GIFT GUIDE YOUR TOOLKIT NEEDS TO BE PREPARED FOR LIFE’S ADVENTURES - "Often referred to by its acronym EDC, EveryDay Carry as a category of products has absolutely taken off in the past couple of years. With objects like phones becoming absolute essentials and wallets becoming objects of art and desire, the idea of having a set of EDC is almost a part of one’s personal style guide. While your phone, wallet, and keys are undeniably some of the things you’d carry with you everywhere, EDC today has a much broader appeal, even including things like pocket knives, multitools, tech accessories, and even desirable stationery."
  • Custom Vampire Straw: US$85.
  • Vampire Straw - "Machined one at the time in the USA out of grade 9 titanium, the Vampire straw is truly a custom made item. The Vampire straw’s dimensions make it the most comfortable straw to use; it’s length and wide gauge allows the user to drink effortlessly any thick shake or smoothie. The Vampire straw is also long enough to drink from any long beverage can. Designed for self defense, the Vampire straw is super tough and long enough to be used like a dagger; it’s chiseled tip is sharp enough to puncture most synthetic materials. The Vampire straw is also a very effective tire deflator, and can be carried in a cup, in public without attracting attention. From a cup, the Vampire straw is very easy to deploy in reverse grip, and put into action almost instantly."
  • vampire straw? A closer look at the weapon confiscated from a Boston traveler’s luggage - "A man was arrested earlier this month at Boston Logan International Airport for allegedly carrying a 'vampire straw' in his carry-on luggage. While the name of the device summons thoughts of Dracula and blood-sucking bats, the straws actually have nothing to do with vampires. Here’s what you need to know about the multi-use, self-defense tool."
  • What are your EDC essentials? - "A peek into the pockets of people worldwide, showcasing our every day essentials."
  • What Is EDC? - "The Beginner's Guide to Everyday Carry."
  • What is Everyday Carry (EDC)? - "The Art of Everyday Carry: A Beginner’s Guide to EDC." The Art of Manliness.
  • What You’ll Need to Escape New York - The New York Times.
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