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Fullum & Holt Brown Weave and Beige Pattern Suspenders.

Top 40 Best High-End Luxury Braces | Suspenders

Braces | Suspenders News, Reviews & Resources (8) Top 40 Best High-End Braces | Suspenders

SUSPENDERS (American English) or BRACES (British English) are fabric or leather straps worn over the shoulders to hold up trousers. Straps may be elasticated, either entirely or only at attachment ends and most straps are of woven cloth forming an X or Y shape at the back. Braces are typically attached to trousers with buttons using leather tabs at the ends or, incorrectly according to traditional protocol, clips.

There have been several precursors to suspenders throughout the past 300 years, but the modern type were first invented in 1822 by Albert Thurston and were once almost universally worn due to the high cut of mid-nineteenth and early twentieth century trousers, a cut that made a belt impractical. After losing popularity in the first World War, as men became accustomed to uniform belts, suspenders were still standard throughout the 1920s. Because of their image as underwear, men switched to belts during the 1930s as the waistcoats which had hidden braces became worn less. This also signaled the switch of position of the buttons from the outside of the waistband to the inside. Though the return of fuller-cut trousers in the 1940s revived braces, they did not dominate over belts again to the same extent.

High quality suspenders usually considered white collar (US), or upper or upper-middle class (UK) wear and are made to be attached to trousers by buttons only. Noted manufacturers include Albert Thurston (sold re-branded by most outfitters), who supply high-profile actors, such as Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond in Casino Royale and Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko in Wall Street and John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood.

In traditional or formal settings, it is considered a faux pas to wear both suspenders and a belt at the same time, though this has not always been the case among all classes in the past. Further, it was considered that as underwear, suspenders should never be seen at all. As was usual before the War, the waistcoat, or for coolness in summer a jumper or cardigan, covered up parts of clothing then considered improper to be seen, such as suspenders, and similarly jumpers and jackets kept the shirtsleeves hidden. Even before the War, however, men began removing jackets in public, and so this sensibility was eroded. It is perhaps only in Britain that some still consider it "gauche" to wear (for example) brightly coloured suspenders, or suspenders with no jacket. In general however, it is now considered acceptable on both sides of the Atlantic for suspenders to be visible, and in 2008 it was even fashionable for colourful or designer suspenders to be prominently on show.

The trousers for suspenders have buttons for attaching the tabs, either on the outside (traditionally) or on the inside of the waistband, which does not have belt loops. The trousers also have a high back in the fishtail shape, though this is not so common now; this shape has an additional adjuster strap at the back as well as the two side adjusters placed on most belt-less trousers.

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    Braces | Suspenders News, Reviews & Resources
  • Alan Flusser Braces Video.
  • Gordon Gekko's power look.
  • Albert Thurston Duck Blue Linen Braces: US$149.95.
  • ALBERT THURSTON - "Fine Accessories for Gentlemen since 1820." Worn by: Kings, Presidents, Princes, Prime Ministers, Business Stars, Film Stars: Michael Douglas (as Gordon Gekko) in the movie Wall Street.
  • Anderson & Sheppard Felt Handmade Braces - Wine: £85.
  • Anderson & Sheppard - "Savile Row Bespoke Tailors since 1906." Elegant, opulent and comfortable to boot, a smart set of braces can complete a punchy workplace ensemble or bring a black tie outfit together in inimitable style.
  • Andrew's Milano Pink Suspenders With Navy Ends: $85 CAD.
  • Andrew's Milano
  • Barathea Braces - Red / Yellow / Green: €95.
  • Barathea Braces - at Shibumi.
  • Ben Sherman Braces: £30.
  • BEN SHERMAN - since 1963.
  • Brioni ‘Essential' black tuxedo suspenders.
  • BRIONI - since 1945. Black adjustable braces in satin silk. This elegant accessory is perfect in combination with formal suits and tuxedos.
  • Bromleys Prince of Wales Super 100s Wool Braces: £99.
  • BROMLEYS - since 1999. "Timeless Classic Dressing." Men's trouser braces with leather ends for buttons and metal clip length adjustment.
  • Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Suspenders: US$128.
  • BROOKS BROTHERS - since 1818.
  • Budd Red Moiré Silk Dress Braces.
  • Budd London - established 1910. "Whether you call them suspenders or braces, these sartorial scaffolds have always been a feature at Budd, even when the fallout from the stereotypical, megalomaniacal banker of the late 80's threatened to do away with them for good! They play a starring role amongst Budd staff too, with members of the team favouring the support and burst of colour that they lend to their outfits. Budd offers one of the broadest ranges of braces you could hope to find. Sumptuous moire silks complete an evening wear ensemble, whilst classic box cloth and barathea in almost every colour imaginable work atop almost any trouser."
  • CHARLES TYRWHITT - since 1986. "Strap in with a stylish pair of braces." Jermyn Street, London, U.K.
  • Charvet Stretch-Webbing Braces: €:170.
  • CHARVET - founded in 1838. French high-end men's shirt maker & tailor located at 28, place Vendôme in Paris, France.
  • Crombie Red Pin Dot Braces: £75.
  • CROMBIE - since 1805.
  • Drake's London Navy Classic Width Braces with Silver Stripe.
  • DRAKE'S LONDON - since 1977. "An elegant finishing touch for smart or evening attire, our braces are made in London and finished with silk braid fastenings."
  • E. Marinella Braces: €85.
  • E. MARINELLA - Italian luxury since 1914. "A functional accessory that also brings a touch of distinctive personality to the most elegant looks." Elastic braces with adjustable shoulder straps and double closure. They can be worn with clips or with buttons.
  • Edward Armah The Solid White formal brace with black leather trim and black leather straps, Braces: US$225.
  • EDWARD ARMAH - since 2010. "View a collection of braces, that will compliment any shirt."
  • Filson Tab Suspenders: US$75.
  • Filson - "Building on a heritage of guaranteed quality since 1897." Men's Bridle Leather tab suspenders for everyday use.
  • Gieves & Hawkes Black Braces: £65.
  • GIEVES & HAWKES - "British Tailor founded in 1771 - Flagship Store at No.1 Savile Row London."
  • Gresham Blake Rainbow & Black Dual Braces: £45.
  • GRESHAM BLAKE - since 2000.
  • Hackett Solid Braces: £95.
  • HACKETT London - since 1979. "Hackett is the home of Essential British Kit."
  • Harvie & Hudson Blue Box Cloth Braces: £95.
  • HARVIE & HUDSON - "The Family Owned Jermyn Street Shirtmakers Since 1949." Find your next statement accessory with our collection of colourful braces, in boxcloth and barathea fabrics.
  • Henry Poole & Co Red With White Spot Silk Braces: £79.17.
  • HENRY POOLE & CO - "Founders of Savile Row. Pure bespoke since 1806." Henry Poole & Co has curated a fine selection of gentlemen’s braces designed for any occasion, ranging from dress silk braces for banquets and formal occasions to fun, bright felt or boxcloth braces. All our braces are made in Leicestershire by our supplier who has been making fine accessories and braces for gentlemen since 1820.
  • Hilditch & Key - "Providing luxury menswear since 1899." 73 Jermyn Street, St. James's, London SW1Y 6NP, United Kingdom.
  • Huntsman Adjustable with White Goat Skin Leather Ends: £95.
  • HUNTSMAN - established 1849. "Functionally beautiful braces." Utility combines with style in braces that bring a twist to even the most conservative outfit. We carry braces in a variety of jolly (and more sober) colours, made for us in the UK by the eponymous manufacturer, Albert Thurston. All of our braces are 38mm wide and are produced in pure wool boxcloth woven in the Yorkshire Dales. 11 Savile Row, London, U.K.
  • J.Press Stretch - Navy/Burgundy/Tan Braces: US$125.
  • J.PRESS - "Since 1902, J.Press is a storied American clothing label, having dressed men of the Ivy League for the past century."
  • Magnanni Hugo Navy & Pink suspenders: US$98.
  • MAGNANNI - since 1954.
  • Mark Powell Albert Thurston white moiré braces with white braid ends: £80.
  • Mark Powell London - since 1985.
  • Mrs Bow Tie Broxton in French Navy Braces: US$31.69.
  • Mrs Bow Tie - "Handmade in England." Braces (or Suspenders to our American and Canadian customers) are perfect for completing an outfit. Available in a range of colours and styles, we have braces for formal and casual occasions. Matching bow ties are available. Matching bow ties are available.
  • New & Lingwood Boxcloth White Leather End Pink Braces: US$175.
  • NEW & LINGWOOD - since 1865. 53 Jermyn Street, London, U.K.
  • OwnOnly black top-grain leather suspenders: US$11.
  • OwnOnly - "For that timeless look, try these 100% top-grain leather suspenders. With a three-piece black suit or even a no jacket look, these suspenders will give you that classic look and comfort no matter the occasion."
  • Paul Stuart Mozart & Figaro Sheet Music Braces: US$325.
  • Paul Stuart - since 1938. Upscale retailer known for its unique take on Anglo-American classics.
  • Ralph Lauren Warren Striped Braces: US$225.
  • Ralph Lauren - since 1967.
  • Roderick Charles Red/Blue Spot Barathea Braces: £69.
  • Roderick Charles - since 1992. 90 Jermyn Street, London, U.K.
  • Serà Fine Silk Silk Striped Navy Blue & Brown suspenders: €95.
  • SerÀ Fine Silk - "Made in Italy for you."
  • Hardy Minnis Bamboo Braces - Blue: €125.
  • Shibumi - Barathea, Boxcloth, Dugdale Linen & Hardy Minnis Bamboo Braces.
  • Suitsupply Non Elastic White Suspenders.
  • Suitsupply
  • Thomas Pink Boston Stripe Braces: £95.
  • THOMAS PINK - since 1984. Now part of the LVMH gorup. Jermyn Street, London, U.K.
  • T.M.Lewin Burgundy Braces: £52.
  • T.M.LEWIN - established 1898. Jermyn Street, London. "Real leather traditional adjustable men's braces from T.M.Lewin allow your trousers to hang better."
  • Tom Brown Tailors braces.
  • TOM BROWN TAILORS - since 1784. Eton & London. Traditional braces.
  • Trafalgar Formal Concord Silk Brace: US$88.
  • TRAFALGAR - "Made in the USA."
  • Turnbull & Asser Navy & White Spot Adjustable Silk Braces: €115.
  • TURNBULL & ASSER - Royal Warrant shirtmaker and dresser of the world's most eminent gentlemen since 1885. "Our handmade felt braces are made from Yorkshire-woven wool boxcloth, which is shrunk to half its size. The leather ends are stitched by hand, while the chrome-effect fittings have Turnbull & Asser branding discreetly engraved." 71-72 Jermyn Street, London, U.K.
  • Udeshi Moiré Pure Silk Braces: £75.
  • UDESHI London - "Founded in 1999 in London by Oscar Udeshi, the house crafts bespoke, made to measure and ready to wear clothing for the discerning gentleman, from the beach to the boardroom and beyond."
  • Zana Bayne Horseshoe Suspenders: US$250.
  • Zana Bayne - since 2010. "Post-Fetish Leather Brand."
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