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2013 BMW S 1000 RR.
  • 2013 BMW S 1000 RR.
  • The Mission RS motorcycle - The world's most advanced limited production electric motorcycle.
  • 2013 Yamaha VMAX motorcycle - All Muscle. All Brains.
  • 2013 Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King.
  • Ducati Monster 1100evo 2013.
  • 2013 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager.
  • 2013 Moto Guzzi California 1400 Touring.
  • 2013 Triumph Bonneville T100.

Top 40 Best Motorcycle Brands in the World 2022

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A MOTORCYCLE (also called a motorbike, bike, moto or cycle) is a two or three wheeled motor vehicle. Motorcycles vary considerably depending on the task they are designed for, such as long distance travel, navigating congested urban traffic, cruising, sport and racing, or off-road conditions.

Motorcycles are one of the most affordable forms of motorised transport in many parts of the world and, for most of the world's population, they are also the most common type of motor vehicle. There are around 200 million motorcycles (including mopeds, motor scooters, motorised bicycles, and other powered two and three-wheelers) in use worldwide, or about 33 motorcycles per 1000 people. This compares to around 590 million cars, or about 91 per 1000 people. In the 21st century, the motorcycle industry is mainly dominated by Japanese companies.

TYPES OF MOTORCYCLES: There are many systems for classifying types of motorcycles, describing how the motorcycles are put to use, or the designer's intent, or some combination of the two. Six main categories are widely recognized: cruiser, sport, touring, standard, dual-purpose, and dirt bike. Sometimes sport touring motorcycles are recognized as a seventh category. Strong lines are sometimes drawn between motorcycles and their smaller cousins, mopeds, scooters, and underbones, but other classification schemes include these as types of motorcycles. There is no universal system for classifying all types of motorcycles. There are strict classification systems enforced by competitive motorcycle sport sanctioning bodies, or by certain legal jurisdictions for motorcycle registration, emissions, road traffic safety rules or motorcyclist licensing. There are also informal classifications or nicknames used by manufacturers, riders, and the motorcycling media.

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  • Husqvarna Motorcycles - founded in 1903. "Offroad and street motorcycles."
  • Husqvarna Motorcycles - Wikipedia.
    • Husqvarna 701 Supermoto.
    • HUSQVARNA 701 Supermoto - "With 74 hp, advanced electronics and a state-of-the-art chassis, the 148 kg 701 Supermoto captures the thrill of the race track and brings the pure riding essence of Supermoto to the street."
    • HUSQVARNA fe 350s - "The FE 350s is known for its versatility in all types of terrain. With a lightweight chassis and enhanced all-round performance, it possesses 450-rivalling power-to-weight ratio, while keeping the light and agile feel of a 250. Already a preferred choice for those wanting a perfect balance of weight and power, the motorcycle combines premium WP suspension, innovative electronics and comfortable ergonomics, along with a host of other innovative refinements that make the FE 350s second to none when the going gets tough."
    • HUSQVARNA TC 125 off road - "With 40 hp and unrivalled agility, the TC 125 may be small in capacity but makes up for it by being big on capability. Using the latest in 2-stroke technology put through countless hours of testing results in more power and torque than anything else in its class. The TC 125 features premium build quality and components, making it a true contender for both seasoned racers and beginners."
    • HUSQVARNA tx 300i - "The TX 300i signifies the constant development and secure future of the historic 300cc 2-stroke in the Husqvarna off-road line-up. Featuring the latest technology, the TX 300i is a purpose-built closed course racing 2-stroke with off-road specific features. A larger fuel tank, an 18-inch rear wheel and a side-stand increase the usability of the TX for its intended purpose. Additionally, the lightweight 2-stroke engine is efficienct using modern electronic fuel injection, centralizes mass and features very little vibration thanks to a counter balancer shaft. As a result the TX 300i offers a refined and manageable closed course racing package."
  • Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle.
  • Johammer e-mobility - since 2014. "Futuristic electric cruiser with innovative energy technology. First series motorcycle with a range of 200 km, developed and manufactured in Austria."
  • KTM - founded in 1953. "KTM offers 'Ready to Race' off-road and street motorcycles with a high innovation rate / design. KTM also has a high-quality line of KTM PowerParts and PowerWear items."
  • List of KTM motorcycles - CycleChaos.
    • KTM Supermoto 450 SMR motorcycle.
    • KTM 450 SMR - "Thoroughbred Race Machine." Making a welcomed return to the KTM range is the highly anticipated KTM 450 SMR. It is based on the championship winning KTM 450 SX-F that is a proven formula and is the industry benchmark. It combines what we have in a winning formula in the KTM 450 SX-F and our READY TO RACE genes and for 2021, this machine delivers superior performance and easy handling.
  • Damon Motorcycles HyperFighter.
  • Damon Motorcycles - "This ss the future. Take the lead." Damon is an award-winning electric motorcycle manufacturer founded in 2017 by serial entrepreneurs & avid motorcyclists, Jay Giraud and Dom Kwong. While headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, the team has grown to include riders from around the planet.
  • CFMOTO - founded in 1989. "CFMoto develops, manufactures, markets and delivers the world's most reliable and cost-effective motorcycles." All models.
    • CFMoto 650GT.
    • CFMOTO 150NK - "Experience more on the upgraded 150NK featuring Continental anti-lock braking systems (ABS) designed to help drivers retain steering control by preventing wheels from locking up during an episode of heavy braking."
    • CFMOTO 250SR - "Play to Win." The 250SR (SR short for Sport Racing) is a 250cc sport racing bike. It is a high-value product CFMOTO offers to consumers with unique and sophisticated design, combined with excellent handling and agility. It is without doubt another highly competitive player in the entry-level sport racing bike market. It can be your loyal companion for both track racing and daily riding. Make it your first choice to pursue your racing dream and play to win with 250SR!
    • CFMOTO 300NK - "Chase the Rhythm." Inheriting the NK family genes, it’s sporty, maneuverable and easy to handle. What you get is a bike that’s easy to put your feet down at a stoplight and a blast to ride the moment it turns green, all at a price that you will approve.
    • CFMOTO 400GT - "Ride Inspired." Challenge your limits and pursue the excitement that lies between you and your destination. Carve through canyons, soak up cityscapes, and relish the freedom of the open road in unique style. Your journey begins here. Where will it take you?
    • CFMOTO 650GT "When a sporting performance meets modern practicality. When elegant design aesthetics are injected into a touring bike. Rules go out the window, average is left behind. A 650GT is born. Twist the throttle. Feel the steady rush of power. Shift into gear and ignite your senses. Leave the world behind. Lose yourself in the acceleration and find yourself in the journey."
    • CFMOTO 650NK - "Neatly packaged motor, 649cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected parallel-twin built in-house by CFMOTO with a 6-speed gearbox to extract the best out of that motor. The 650NK is enjoyable in both the city and out on the highway and it will give you a great first taste of big-bike thrills."
    • CFMOTO ST PAPIO - "The stylish Papio is a mini bike that specially designed for youngsters who enjoy freedom and fun. The bike proves its superb handling and fun of riding. What is more, it could always come with a quick response under your demand. If you want a bike with pleasant riding experience and stylish look, Papio is definitely the best choice."
  • Fenris Motorcycles - founded in 2011. "Making every ride electric. Electric superbikes. More Power. More control." Fenris Motorcycles is bringing motorcycles to market with unique performance ability, enhancing power, control and safety.
  • Lauge Jensen custommade motorcycle.
  • LAUGE JENSEN - Danish custommade motorcycles. "Every part is a part of you."
  • Nimbus Type C 1950 motorcycle. Photo: Lothar Spurzem.
  • Nimbus - Danish motorcycle produced from 1919 to 1960 by Fisker and Nielsen of Copenhagen, Denmark. Two basic models were produced, both with a 750 cc four-cylinder engine.
  • RENARD MOTORCYCLES - founded in 1938. "Renard believes a motorcycle should be more than just transportation. Our intention is to create something more than a bike. Our goal is to create the ultimate motorcycle."
    • Renard Grand Tourer GT.
    • Renard Grand Tourer GT - "The DNA of the Renard Grand Tourer is engineering intelligence - an ultra-light composite unibody, longitudinally mounted V2 engine and components that represent the cutting edge of the motorcycle industry."
  • Peugeot - founded in 1898. "Peugeot Motocycles is the oldest manufacturer of motorised two-wheelers in the world still in activity. Dedicated to facilitating urban travel, the Peugeot Motocycles brand has seized the opportunity to innovate several times over the course of its history."
  • Peugeot Motorcycles - Wikipedia.
    • Peugeot Pulsion.
    • Peugeot Pulsion - "From the neo-retro style with Peugeot Django to high-wheels with Peugeot Tweet, not forgetting Peugeot Pulsion, the compact and connected urban GT, symbol of the brand’s high-level expertise, you will find a choice of scooters that meet the growing need for urban and suburban mobility."
  • BMW - since 1923. "The Ultimate Riding Machine." All models.
  • A SLICK K1100 RS FROM POWERBRICK - "This spectacular café racer is one of the sharpest K1100 builds we’ve seen, and suggests that the platform is coming of age in the custom scene."
  • BMW reveals the motorcycle that can't fall over - The Telegraph.
  • CLOUD 9: A BMW R9T FROM A DUTCH DREAM TEAM - "You don't often see custom shops collaborating. But as they say, a rising tide lifts all ship - and a joint venture between two leading builders from the Netherlands has resulted in this wild café racer concept based on the BMW R9T."
  • History of BMW motorcycles - Wikipedia.
  • List of BMW motorcycles - CycleChaos.
  • RETRORIDES’ IMMACULATE BMW K100 - "When a workshop focuses very tightly on one model of bike, it’s usually a good thing. They get to know what to modify, and what to leave alone. And where to get the biggest bang for the buck. That’s the philosophy of the Brazilian shop Retrorides by Lourenço. Founded by brothers Gustavo and Rodrigo Lourenço and their father José, they’ve carved out a niche building very sharp BMW K series café racers - like this dark and handsome K100 RS."
  • Münch Mammut 2000.
  • MÜnch Mammut 2000 - founded in 2000. Limited to only 250 units.
  • BAJAJ AUTO - founded by Jamnalal Bajaj at Rajasthan in the 1930s. "Present in over 70 nations, Bajaj Auto is the world’s 3rd largest manufacturer of motorcycles and the largest manufacturer of three-wheelers."
  • Bajaj Pulsar - Wikipedia.
    • Bajaj Pulsar 200F.
    • BAJAJ Discover 150 - "India's No. 1 Sports Bike." Reloaded to thrill. The all-new Pulsar 150, now more powerful than ever before.
    • BAJAJ Pulsar 200F - "Performance Redefined." The Pulsar 220F is designed to generate power that beats the rest. Gear up, twist the throttle and prepare to leave everyone behind.
  • APRILIA - founded in 1945. Parent: Piaggio. All models.
  • Aprilia - Wikipedia.
  • List of Aprilia motorcycles - Wikipedia.
    • Aprilia Tuono 660.
    • APRILIA Tuono 660 - "As powerful as thunder, as light as a cloud." Two universes collide... The legendary Tuona V4 1100 meets the advanced technology of the RS 660 to create the TUONO 660, a motorbike destined to shake up the way you look at the world.
  • BENELLI - "Pure passion since 1911. Benelli is about passion and lots more… Heritage, emotion, innovation and more than 100 years of groundbreaking models, advanced technology, racing victories and world-renowned riders have made Benelli legendary! Elegant as well as sporting, Benelli motorcycles are created to meet the requirements of even of the most demanding rider, ensuring the ultimate riding experience." All models.
  • Benelli - Wikipedia.
    • Benelli Leoncino: US$6,199.
    • Benelli Leoncino - "The Legend Is Back!" With over a centenary of heritage and inspiration to draw from, the new CentroStile Benelli has managed to re-imagine one of the Pesaro firms most beloved motorcycles, the Leoncino.
      This all new design from CentroStile Benelli perfectly matches the motorcycles sharp forms with harmonious lines all while excluding the pure emotion that Benelli is famous for. The all new Leoncino represents an authentic and pure hearted design concept that rediscovers the style and accessibility of the original, all while delivering a contemporary motorcycle that provides a sporty and exciting experience.
    • 2020 Benelli TNT 135: US$2,749.
    • Benelli TNT 135 - "The Next Big Small Thing." Make your commute something to savor with the all new TNT 135. This motorcycle combines all the styling, features, and technology that one would expect from an Italian exotic, distilled down to just 266 lbs and $2,699 of pure fun. It’s the perfect machine for younger and/or newer riders looking for easy-to-ride (and easy-to-afford) excitement.
    • Benelli TRK 502X: US$6,399.
    • Benelli TRK 502X - "(Ad)Venture Out." Benelli’s TRK 502 X is always in the mood no matter what two-wheeled adventures you have in mind. Designed to conquer riding conditions known to man or motorcycle, the TRK 502 X charges into dirt, sand, and tarmac with equal abandon.
  • CR&S Duu motorcycle.
  • CR&S MOTORCYCLES - an acronym for "Café Racers & Superbikes." Milan-based bike company, popularly known for its luxury and uniqueness. Builds a small number of motorcycles by hand.
  • DUCATI - founded in 1926. Parent: Audi through its Italian subsidiary Lamborghini, with Audi itself owned by the Volkswagen Group. All models.
  • Ducati - Wikipedia.
  • DUCATI MUSEUM - "Our works of art." Past and future, challenges and successes, vision and determination: the Ducati Museum is a journey through the legendary 90-year history of the Company, renowned across the world for its style, performance and the search for perfection.
  • Ducati’s Bespoke ‘Unica’ Program Crafts One-Off Bikes For Serious Enthusiasts - "The company is now offering a customization program called Unica that will allow owners to spice up their new machine direct from the factory."
  • List of Ducati motorcycles - CycleChaos.
    • Ducati Diavel Strada.
    • DUCATI DIAVEL 1260 - "So Good To Be Bad." Rob the scene. Powerful. Muscular. But also agile and effective between the curves for maximum riding enjoyment. The Diavel 1260 combines the performance of a maxi-naked with the ergonomics of a muscle cruiser. Its design reinterprets the Diavel style with a contemporary look and integrates perfectly the 162 HP Testastretta DVT 1262 engine, beating heart of this new Diavel 1260. The standard version is available in total black: the Dark Stealth coloring includes matt black for the superstructures, which is combined with rims, frame and mechanical parts also in black with different finishes.
    • DUCATI HYPERMOTARD 950 - "Pure fun, endless adrenaline." The new version recaptures that very livery in fact, conceived and developed by the Ducati Style Center, and emphasises the lightness and aggression of the bike with a high-impact graphics layout, inspired by urban graffiti and created with the same care as the concept from which it derives.
    • Ducati Monster 1100 Evo.
    • DUCATI MONSTER - "Just Fun." All the essence of Ducati in a modern and contemporary motorcycle. Here is the new Monster in the most compact, essential and lightest possible form. Narrow sides and a design characterized by simple, clean lines make the bike compact and essential: an engine, a seat, the tank, the handlebars. Everything you need to have fun, nothing more.
    • DUCATI MULTISTRADA 950 - "Fun and versatile." The Multistrada 950 is the ideal motorcycle for experiencing and enjoying the beauty of traveling every day thanks to the mix of Ducati riding pleasure and versatility that make it perfect for every use. The low weight, reduced seat height (840 mm) and 19” front wheel ensure agility and ease of riding, while advanced technology ensures maximum safety and comfort in all conditions.
    • DUCATI STREETFIGHTER V4 - "The Fight Formula. In Black." The Streetfighter is the result of the “Fight Formula”: the Panigale V4 stripped of the fairings, with a high and wide handlebar, 392 lbs on the scale, powered by 1100 cc Desmosedici Stradale delivering 208 hp kept in hand by biplane wings and a complete electronic package. For 2021 Ducati presents the Streetfighter V4 S in a new Dark Stealth color scheme, which joins the sporty Ducati Red.
    • Ducati Superleggera V4.
    • DUCATI Superleggera V4 - "Dreams matter." Produced in a limited edition of only 500 numbered units and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, the new Superleggera V4 is the most exclusive Ducati ever produced. The epitome of engineering excellence, cutting-edge technology and aerodynamic design. The new Superleggera V4 represents the dream of designing the only motorcycle in the world approved for road use with carbon fibre frame, swinging arm and rims with an unbeatable power/weight ratio of 1.54 hp/kg.
  • Energica Ego superbike.
  • Energica Ego - since 2013. "The first electric motorcycle made in Italy." The highest performing electric motorcycle in the world: for road, race, or in between. Energica can reach a top speed of 240 km/h and relies on many relevant technical partners along with being built with Formula 1 technologies such as 3D Printing process.
  • Ferrari V4 superbike.
  • Ferrari V4 superbike.
  • FERRARI V4 MOTORCYCLE - superbike by Israeli industrial designer Amir Glinik (2008).
  • Moto Guzzi - founded in 1921. The oldest European manufacturer in continuous motorcycle production. One of seven brands owned by Piaggio & C. SpA, Europe's largest motorcycle manufacturer and the world's fourth largest motorcycle manufacturer by unit sales.
  • Moto Guzzi - Wikipedia.
    • Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel 850.
    • Moto Guzzi V85 TT - "A Dream On Two Wheels." There’s simply no other way to describe the V85 TT and the V8 TT TRAVEL. The Euro 5-compliant engine with greater torque in low and medium speeds delivers a performance that is more powerful and thrilling than ever. Five riding modes mean even the most accomplished riders will find something to set their pulse racing. On the aesthetics front, there are stunning tubeless wheels and striking new graphics that show off every curve of the bike, to say nothing of the effect they’ll have on passers-by as you swoop round the curves of the road. Admit it, you’re already itching to don your helmet!
    • Moto Guzzi V7 - "Truly New, Always V7." More than half a century after the launch of its very first model, Moto Guzzi proudly presents an important new evolution in the story of the V7 with greater performance and comfort than ever, for the perfect mix of classic style and modern technology. Rest assured that two things haven't changed, however, and they are the indomitable character and authenticity that are entrenched in the DNA of every Moto Guzzi bike.
    • Moto Guzzi V9 - "Riding Is A Joy, But Dismounting Is Anything But." Packed with new technology and engineering excellence, this is not a bike for anyone trying to keep a low profile. With the completely overhauled twin-cylinder 850cc, 65 horsepower, 73 Nm engine and advanced frame, riding thrills are taken to a whole new level, while on the looks side, new finishes, foot pegs and saddle deliver all the style you’d expect from a bike sporting the Mandello eagle.
  • MV AGUSTA - founded in 1945. "We craft the most beautiful bikes in the world. We craft Motorcycle Art."
  • MV Agusta | Meccanica Verghera Agusta - Wikipedia.
    • MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RR motorcycle.
    • MV AGUSTA Brutale - "Power. More is better." An evolution of the original Brutale, the iconic sports naked that rocked the motorcycling world. MV Agusta’s Brutale is probably the most acclaimed modern-age naked sports bike.The Brutale concept was born in 2000 from the inspired imagination of MV Agusta star designer Massimo Tamburini.
    • MV Agusta Dragster motorcycle.
    • MV AGUSTA Dragster - "Born to impress. Beauty in the Beast." Awe-inspiring, compact and a lifestyle statement in its own right, Dragster is the perfect blend of technology, raw power and design.
    • MV AGUSTA F3 - "The ultimate machine for track days. Street Legal Racetrack Legend." The return of MV Agusta’s racing-legacy 3-cylinder engine in a production bike. The first mid-size Supersport featuring a counter-rotating crankshaft.
    • MV AGUSTA Rush - "Beast Mode. Hyper-Naked Traffic Lights Buster." Designed for heart-stopping, tarmac-burning take-offs. Its untamed beastly power and its arrogant, irreverent appeal, make it totally irresistible.
    • MV Agusta Superveloce motorcycle.
    • MV AGUSTA Superveloce - "The modern interpretation of MV Agusta's iconic style. Neo-Classic High-Tech Racer." Inspired in its breathtaking looks by MV Agusta’s glorious racing legacy, powered by a latest-generation 3-cylinder engine and packed with futuristic technology, it takes no prisoners when it comes to performance.
    • MV AGUSTA turismo-veloce - "The uncompromising tourer. Racing DNA on Tour." The flexible sports concept bike, maximising riding pleasure in a variety of situations. Eclectic, easy, at home on any road. Touring, or commuting, has never been so exciting.
  • HONDA - world's largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959. All Models.
  • HONDA motorcycles - Wikipedia.
  • List of Honda motorcycles - Wikipedia.
    • Honda 2021 NC750X Street.
    • HONDA 2021 NC750X Street - "Do It All, and Better than Ever." This is a bike is for motorcyclists who appreciate both versatility and virtuosity in their adventure machines. NC750X is going to be the perfect one-bike choice for the rider who wants to do it all.
    • HONDA 2022 CRF450X Offroad.
    • HONDA 2022 CRF450X Offroad - "Rule The Roost." From tight trails to soft sands, nothing delivers off-road excellence like the 2022 Honda CRF450X. The compact Unicam engine offers power without compromise. And the wide-ratio transmission has the perfect gear for nearly every situation, from slow-speed rock crawling to open-desert racing. So, no matter how unpredictable the terrain may be, you can be sure the CRF450X has the performance to take you to the top.
    • Honda 2021 Gold Wing Tour Airbag Automatic DCT: US$32,600.
    • HONDA 2021 Gold Wing - "Own the Road. Gold Standard Memory Making." The Honda Gold Wing has always been a spectacular touring bike, ever since the first GL1000 back in 1975. And over the years, our engineers have always stayed true to that vision, but they’ve strived to make the bike better and better. Our 2021 model is a perfect example of that. Refinements abound, but the best parts remain the same. You’ll still have your choice of both manual-transmission models and Gold Wings featuring our exclusive automatic DCT transmission, but this year the trunk is bigger for more road-trip storage, the speakers have a higher 55-watt rating, and the passenger seat on our Tour models is improved.
  • KAWASAKI - "Let the good times roll." All models.
  • Kawasaki motorcycles - Wikipedia.
  • List of Kawasaki motorcycles - Wikipedia.
  • SUZUKI - since 1952. All models.
  • SUZUKI motorcycles - Wikipedia.
  • List of SUZUKI motorcycles - Wikipedia.
    • 2020 Suzuki V-STROM 1050XT.
    • SUZUKI ADVENTURE - "The New Twist On Adventure." Today calls for a sunny ride on the highway while tomorrow might be a bold departure from the beaten path, but that’s a bridge you’ll cross when you come to it. Experience life on a Suzuki adventure motorcycle, and you’ll soon live for the pull of that torquey V-twin engine as the road rushes past. Every V-Strom delivers the right balance of versatile performance, agile handling, comfortable ergonomics, and rider-assist features crafted for the needs of today’s travelers. That way, the toughest choice you’ll have to make is when to turn back.
    • SUZUKI CRUISERS - "The moment you turn the corner on your Suzuki Boulevard, conversations stop and people take notice. From the C50 heritage cruiser to the muscular M109R B.O.S.S., these modern classics deliver tremendous V-twin torque, crisp handling, distinctive styling, and a thunderous exhaust note. Enjoy cruising the country highways or rumbling down through city streets—there are many roads you can take, but only one Boulevard."
    • Suzuki DR-Z400SM Dualsport motorcycle.
    • SUZUKI DUALSPORT - "Suzuki DualSport motorcycles are consistently hailed as some of the best all-around, do-anything, go-anywhere bikes you can ride. They deliver a proven balance of torque-rich power, lightweight handling, and astonishing durability that continues to thrill. It’s a versatile package decked with features that lets you tackle single-track trails, multi-lane roads, and everywhere in between."
    • SUZUKI MOTOCROSS - "The Suzuki RM-Z has become one of the most celebrated motorcycles in AMA Motocross history. Many of the most renowned riders over the years have proudly piloted these machines, earning the RM-Z its place as the champion’s choice for racing. That’s because these bikes deliver legendary cornering, nimble handling, high peak power, and proven durability for whatever style you like to ride. Combine that with the robust amateur racing support of the RM Army program, and the choice is clear."
    • SUZUKI OFF ROAD - "Suzuki’s off-road lineup features bikes ranging in size and power so that your whole family can ride together. TheDR-Z50 offers kid-friendly performance and parental safety controls, while the DR-Z125L ups the power for small-profile riders of intermediate experience and outsized determination. Finally, there’s the RMX450Z: a serious enduro beast designed for attacking trails and racing in off-road competitions. When the wilderness calls for fun, Suzuki off-road bikes are the answer."
    • 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa.
    • SUZUKI SPORTBIKES - "When the original Suzuki GSX-R750 arrived, the modern sportbike was born. It brought to the streets a bold, new riding experience that reshaped motorcycling into the pursuit of performance that it is today. Rightfully known as the King of Sportbikes, the GSX-R has won more AMA Superbike championships than any other model in the world. It redefined what it meant to ride and paved the way for future achievements like the Hayabusa. It’s no wonder why it attracts riders of all stripes, from track days and street nights to amateur and pro racing circuits."
    • 2020 Suzuki Katana.
    • SUZUKI Street - "Suzuki street bikes set an impressive standard for all-around rideability and fun. Here, you’ll find motorcycles bred for maximum enjoyment by a maximum variety of riders. From the high-performance GSX-S1000 models and the café racer-inspired SV650X to the funky, retro-styled VanVan, each member of this diverse family strikes the right balance of power, style, efficiency, handling, and comfort. So if you’re a seasoned veteran, a weekend enthusiast, or just getting into the sport, Suzuki has a street bike that’s right for you."
    • SUZUKI SUPERMOTO - "Suzuki DR-Z400SM SuperMoto bikes deliver specialized thrills by infusing off-road soul into a narrow, lightweight package. Experience the engine performance, supreme maneuverability, and rugged poise of an off-road bike paired with the wide, grippy tires, precision braking, and track-tuned suspension of a sportbike. The result is a hybrid street machine built for hardcore fun."
    • 2019 Suzuki Boulevard C90T
    • SUZUKI TOURING - "Abundant V-twin power. Shining chrome. Old-school swagger with the chops for putting distance between you and the rest of the world. Suzuki touring motorcycles deliver the freedom and timeless visual statement of our Boulevard line, aided by an array of tour-ready upgrades that make them ideal for long distances. With features like a low-slung saddle, comfortable seating for two, protective windshield, and spacious saddlebags, these motorcycles provide non-stop enjoyment whether you’re rolling down the boulevard or cruising up the highway."
  • YAMAHA - since 1955. "Endless Memories." All models.
  • YAMAHA motorcycles - Wikipedia.
  • List of YAMAHA motorcycles - Wikipedia.
  • Voxan Wattman (2013).
  • Voxan - founded in 1995. "Venturi acquired the iconic French motorcycle maker Voxan in 2010, refocusing the brand on a new core business: electric motors. Two models were built: the on-road Wattman, and the high-performance Wattman specially created to set new world speed records. Both machines were designed by Venturi’s long-serving lead designer, Sacha Lakic."
  • Voxan - Wikipedia.
  • Husqvarna Motorcycles - founded in 1903. Swedish-origin Austrian company which designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes motocross, enduro, supermoto and street motorcycles.
  • Husqvarna Motorcycles - Wikipedia.
    • Husqvarna 701 Supermoto.
    • HUSQVARNA 701 Supermoto - "With 74 hp, advanced electronics and a state-of-the-art chassis, the 148 kg 701 Supermoto captures the thrill of the race track and brings the pure riding essence of Supermoto to the street."
    • HUSQVARNA fe 350s - "The FE 350s is known for its versatility in all types of terrain. With a lightweight chassis and enhanced all-round performance, it possesses 450-rivalling power-to-weight ratio, while keeping the light and agile feel of a 250. Already a preferred choice for those wanting a perfect balance of weight and power, the motorcycle combines premium WP suspension, innovative electronics and comfortable ergonomics, along with a host of other innovative refinements that make the FE 350s second to none when the going gets tough."
    • HUSQVARNA TC 125 off road - "With 40 hp and unrivalled agility, the TC 125 may be small in capacity but makes up for it by being big on capability. Using the latest in 2-stroke technology put through countless hours of testing results in more power and torque than anything else in its class. The TC 125 features premium build quality and components, making it a true contender for both seasoned racers and beginners."
    • HUSQVARNA tx 300i - "The TX 300i signifies the constant development and secure future of the historic 300cc 2-stroke in the Husqvarna off-road line-up. Featuring the latest technology, the TX 300i is a purpose-built closed course racing 2-stroke with off-road specific features. A larger fuel tank, an 18-inch rear wheel and a side-stand increase the usability of the TX for its intended purpose. Additionally, the lightweight 2-stroke engine is efficienct using modern electronic fuel injection, centralizes mass and features very little vibration thanks to a counter balancer shaft. As a result the TX 300i offers a refined and manageable closed course racing package."
    United Kingdom
  • Aston Martin AMB 001.
  • Aston Martin AMB 001 - since 2019. "Strictly limited to just 100 examples, the track-only AMB 001 represents the union of iconic Aston Martin design and state-of-the-art Brough Superior engineering to create a piece of automotive art for the motorbike connoisseur." Price: about $119,559, not including a 20% VAT.
  • Brough Superior SS 100.
  • Brough Superior - (1919-1940).
  • BSA Gold Star (1938-1963).
  • BSA - founded in 1861. At its peak, BSA was the largest motorcycle producer in the world.
  • List of BSA motorcycles - Wikipedia.
  • Crighton Motorcycle CR700W.
  • Crighton Motorcycles - "The CR700W combines honed traditional design wisdom with a new powertrain genius. There is nothing showroom-superficial about it, nor is it a mere weekend track day toy. It is Brian Crighton’s hand-built ultimate that realises all new heights of track bike engineering achievement."
  • Hesketh 24.
  • Hesketh MOTORCYCLES - founded in 1982. "The home of hand built luxury motorcycles..."
  • NORTON MOTORCYCLES - founded in 1898.
  • List of Norton motorcycles - Wikipedia.
  • Norton Motorcycle Company - Wikipedia.
    • Norton Commando 961 Sport.
    • Norton 961 Commando
    • Norton Atlas - "If you want your bike to take you anywhere, the Norton Atlas will be the one for you. Designed for road as well as for off road adventures, the versatile Atlas range will include the Norton Atlas Nomad and the Norton Atlas Ranger. Both hand-built bikes will be a statement of cutting-edge design with famous Norton handling and capability."
    • Norton V4RR - "Coming in 2021. Lots of motorcycles claim to be bred on the racetrack, but the Norton V4RR is THE TT racer reborn, developed at the world’s toughest racetrack. The exquisite design, pristine hand-built finish and second to none handling Norton is famous for."
    • Norton V4SS.
    • Norton V4SS - "Limited to just 200 exclusive motorcycles, the Norton V4 SS redefines the British Superbike as you know it. This hand built state of the art bike has been developed at the Isle of Man TT, the world’s toughest racetrack, and redefined for the road. Elegantly styled carbon fibre body work, all new 1200cc, 72 degree V4 engine, race developed front and rear shocks ready for you to experience the exquisite ride."
    • Norton V4SV Superbike.
    • Norton V4SV Superbike - "The new re-engineered V4SV is the most luxurious British superbike ever created. The only British built and designed superbike in production. The speed, the handling, the feeling... Nothing comes close to it. The Isle of Man TT is where the V4SV was imagined, the road is where it was born."
  • TRIUMPH - founded in 1984. "Go your own way." The largest UK motorcycle manufacturer.
  • List of Triumph motorcycles - CycleChaos.
  • Norton Villiers Triumph - (1972-1978).
  • Triumph Engineering - (1885-1983).
  • Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. - Wikipeadia
  • Triumph (TWN) - (1896-1956).
    • Triumph Tiger 1200 XRx motorcycle.
    • TRIUMPH Adventure Family - "State-of-the-art adventure motorcycles with thrilling signature triple engines, innovative progressive technology and equipment, commanding rider ergonomics, and agile neutral handling, all built to take you everywhere with style, comfort and control."
    • Triumph Classics Thruxton RS motorcycle.
    • TRIUMPH Classics Family - "With a direct bloodline to the very first 1959 landmark Triumph Bonneville, the updated Bonneville family encompasses the legendary spectrum of modern classic motorcycle icons from the original timeless T100 and T120 to the custom inspired Street Twin, to the authentic cafe racer Thruxton RS and laid-back custom cruiser Bonneville Speedmaster and Bobber. Each one is enhanced for this greatest ever generation. Which will you choose?"
    • TRIUMPH Factory Custom Motorcycles - "Hand-Crafted British Design." Limited Edition. Exclusive. Ultra-Premium.
    • TRIUMPH Roadsters & Supersports - "Performance naked bikes at their game-changing best. Triumph's incredible signature Triple engines, are built for power, torque and instant responsiveness. With precision agile handling, and aggressive purposeful poise, whether you choose the Speed Triple - the original hooligan and the greatest ever generation - or the definitive naked sports Street Triple, with its 765cc engine set to exclusively power the Moto2 racing championship from 2019."
    • Triumph Rocket 3 GT Triple Black motorcycle.
    • TRIUMPH Rocket 3 - "The ultimate high performance muscle roadster is here." The new Rocket 3 motorcycle range is in a class of its own, with truly imposing muscular presence and magnificent style. Combining the highest level of specification and technology with all of Triumph’s incredible handling, the Rocket 3 brings a sublime feel and comfort for all-day easy riding.
    U. S. A.
  • BUELL MOTORCYCLES - (1983-2009). Parent: Harley Davidson.
  • Buell Motorcycle Company - Wikipedia.
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON - founded in 1903. "The pursuit of adventure begins with a ride on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Make any weekend epic. Turn your commute into a daily thrill-seeker. A Harley-Davidson blows things wide open. Pure freedom. As big and real as it gets." Harley-Davidson motorcycles (popularly known as "Harleys") have a distinctive design and exhaust note. All models.
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON - Wikipedia.
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON Apparel - "It's not just a look. It's a lifestyle."
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON Museum - "Open 363 days a year." Discover culture and history through stories and interactive exhibits that celebrate expression, camaraderie and love for the sport. With an unrivaled collection of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and memorabilia, a 20-acre, park-like campus, and a calendar full of activities, the H-D Museum is one of Milwaukee’s top tourist destinations for visitors from around the globe. A visit to the H-D Museum is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.
  • Harley-Davidson Unveils High-Powered Sportster S Model With New Engine, Modern Styling -"An era ended at iconic American motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson on Tuesday, but as happens so often, a new and hopefully better chapter also began. The Motor Company took the wraps off a long-awaited new motorcycle, but rather than give it a new name ('Bronx' had been hinted at in the the past), it has assumed the classic Sportster moniker, albeit with an 'S' for emphasis. And likely, for Speed."
  • Harley-Davidson's latest LiveWire electric motorcycle is more affordable - "The first electric motorcycle from the company's LiveWire brand is here."
  • List of Harley motorcycles - Wikipedia.
  • 2021 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse: US$27,999.
  • Indian Motorcycle - since 1901. "We are America’s first motorcycle company. We build bikes for those who want to be legends." All models.
  • Indian Motorcycle - Wikipedia.
  • Mission Motors - was an American company founded in 2007 in San Francisco, California. The company was founded with the aim of creating high-performance, electric motorcycles. Defunct in 2015.
    • The Mission R motorcycle.
    • Mission R - "The world’s most advanced production electric motorcycle."
    • The Mission RS motorcycle.
    • Mission RS - "The world's most advanced limited production electric motorcycle."
  • NMoto Zillers 801: US$49,900.
  • Nmoto - since 2018. "The Art of Craftsmanship | Exclusive custom BMW bikes and kits." NMoto is an exclusive motorcycle manufacturer based in Miami, FL. We have been creating unique Art Deco bikes and kits for BMW bikes since 2018. Incredible quality, style and attention to detail have earned our products worldwide fame and rave press reviews. NMoto motorcycles are comissioned by many celebrities, collectors and museums around the world. They not only look stunning, but also drive like a real modern BMW with all state-of-the-art technologies and functions retained. You can order a ready-made exclusive motorcycle or DIY kit.
  • ORANGE COUNTY CHOPPERS - since 1999. Custom and production motorcycle manufacturer. Known as "American Chopper" on TV. Founded in 1999.
  • Orange County Choppers - Wikipedia.
    • Orange County Choppers' Fire Bike.
    • The Bikes - "Custom Handcrafted Motorcycles."
  • Ultima Show Bikes.
  • ULTIMA - since 1971. "Show Bikes." American V-Twin Engine, Drivetrain Products and Hard Parts Engineered from Race Proven Technology.
  • 2022 Volcon Grunt: US$7995.
  • VOLCON GRUNT 2022 - "The Grunt is an innovative, easy-to-operate electric motorcycle that allows people to experience outdoor adventure or get work done in an efficient and fun way. With no gears, no clutch, no gas and no noise the Grunt is easy to ride and enjoy by off-road-enthusiast families, or those completely new to two wheels. Its torquey motor and innovative chassis lets it tackle the toughest terrain and conditions with ease. Work or play in a whole new way with the Volcon Grunt."
  • Zero Motorcycles - since 2006. "Fast Forward." American manufacturer of electric motorcycles. All models.
  • Zero's FXE offers electric motorcycle fun in a slightly new package - "Based on the FXS, the FXE gets a new look and an updated display."
    • Zero FXE.
    • Zero FXE - "Powerful Design." When we partnered with award-winning design firm, Huge Design, they intended to craft the motorcycle of the future. The future has officially arrived. The FXE is both breathtaking in its profile as it is record-breaking in its performance. Such a combination of style and technology creates an experience that has never been seen in motorcycling, and only could have come from the worldwide leader in electric motorcycles and powertrains. The future has arrived.
    • Zero S.
    • Zero S - "Naked Street." What street riding is meant to be. Stunning acceleration at any RPM, sharp lines and sporty ergonomics transform your daily ride into a thrill. With an aerodynamic riding posture that helps deliver up to 134 miles in the city and 67 miles on the highway.
    • Zero SR.
    • Zero SR - (2022-). "Effortless Power." The all-new Zero SR is the world's most adaptable motorcycle. Built on the award-winning steel trellis frame and coaxial power pivot chassis that made the SR/F and SR/S the pinnacle of electric motorcycling performance, the SR is powered by the ZF 75-10 motor and is the first model equipped with a ZFORCE 14.4+ kWh power pack. The Cypher III+ Operating System enables the SR to add upgrades that improve torque, speed, Bosch Advanced Motorcycle Stability Control, add turn-by-turn on-dash navigation, and so much more.
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