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Top 20 Best and Most Popular Book Clubs in the World

To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all the miseries of life. - W. Somerset Maugham.

Book Club News, Reviews & Resources (7) Top 20 Popular Book Clubs

A BOOK SALES CLUB is a subscription-based method of selling and purchasing books. It is more often called simply a BOOK CLUB, a term that is also used to describe a book discussion club, which can cause confusion.

A book discussion club is a group of people who meet to discuss a book or books that they have read and express their opinions, likes, dislikes, etc. It is more often called simply a book club, a term that is also used to describe a book sales club, which can cause confusion. Other frequently used terms to describe a book discussion club include reading group, book group, and book discussion group. Book discussion clubs may meet in private homes, libraries, bookstores, online forums, pubs, and in cafes or restaurants over meals or drinks.

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    Book Club News, Reviews & Resources
  • BARNES & NOBLE BOOK CLUBS - "Virtual Book Clubs & Popular Book Club Picks." Explore our extensive list of book club books provided by your favorite celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Oprah.
  • Belletrist - "Belletrist celebrates great books and the people who read them." Founded in 2017 by Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss. A community for the curious that celebrates great books, the authors with whom write them, and the people who so lovingly read them. Discover, read, and celebrate a new book every month! Curated by Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss.
  • BETWEEN TWO BOOKS - "Between Two Books was started in 2012, when an Irish teen tweeted Florence with the idea that she should have her own book club. She was quickly joined by a small group of Florence and the Machine fans from all over the world. It has grown into a vibrant online community, still led by original members, Kate and Leah, along with Florence, Maria and Terri-Jane. The club regularly features guest recommendations from artists, writers, musicians and directors such as Greta Gerwig, Nick Cave, Fiona Apple, Adwoa Aboah, Jeremy O. Harris, Grayson Perry and Sally Rooney."
  • Blinkist - since 2012. "Fit Reading Into Your Life." Get explainers of insights from 5000+ bestselling nonfiction titles. Free 7-day trial. It takes just 15 mins to read or listen to the key insights from bestselling nonfiction. 5000+ Nonfiction Books. Award-Winning App. Audio Available. Audio and Text. Top podcast episodes.
  • BOOK of the MONTH CLUB - founded 1926. "Books are cool again." Choose from a curated selection of the best new reads every month and get them delivered. United States subscription-based e-commerce service that offers a selection of five to seven new hardcover books each month to its members. Books are selected and endorsed by a panel of judges, and members choose which book they would like to receive.
  • DOUBLE DAY BOOK CLUB - since 1930. "Doubleday Book Club is a seller of fiction books at low price. Add any book for $9.99 each to get started."
  • DOUBLE DAY Large Print Book Club - "Add any book for $9.99 each to get started." Hardcovers at up to 25% off Publishers' Edition prices. Curated selection of today's best large print titles. Always free shipping on orders of 2 or more books. No obligation, and you can cancel anytime.
  • Good Reads - "Meet your next favorite book." Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Our mission is to help people find and share books they love. Goodreads launched in January 2007. See what books your friends are reading. Track the books you're reading, have read, and want to read. Check out your personalized book recommendations. Our recommendation engine analyzes 20 billion data points to give suggestions tailored to your literary tastes. Find out if a book is a good fit for you from our community’s reviews.
  • Guardian BOOK CLUB - "Hosted by John Mullan, professor of English at University College London, the Guardian's Book Club examines a book a month, via a weekly column in the Guardian Review. The first three weeks discuss the book in question; the final column consists of a selection of your comments from the Book Club blog."
  • HARLEQUIN - THE BOOK CLUB - since 1949. "Visit the official Harlequin book site. See the newest novels, discuss with other book lovers, buy romance books online."
  • HARVARD BOOK STORE BOOK CLUB - since 1932. "Our Frequent Buyer Program is our way of saying 'Thank You' to all the customers who choose to shop at Harvard Book Store, a locally owned independent bookstore."
  • MYSTERY GUILD BOOK CLUB - since 1994. "Get Clued in to Today's Most Wanted Mysteries." Add any book for $9.99 each to get started.
  • New York Public Library & WNYC’s Virtual Book Club - since 2020. The WNYC Virtual Book Club is on pause for December, returning in January 2023.
  • Oprah's Book Club - since 1996. Book Reviews - Reading Lists.
  • Read With Jenna - since 2019. "Welcome to the TODAY book club, #ReadWithJenna. Each month we'll pick a new book to read together and discuss. We hope you'll join the conversation!"
  • REBEL BOOK CLUB - since 2015. "Where Curious Minds Meet." Whether you want to rekindle your love of nonfiction, form a lifelong habit, or turn book insights into action, we exist to help you or your team up your reading game. Learn from authors & experts on a huge variety of topics and regularly connect in-person and virtually with a fun crowd who will keep you accountable. Join a global community of lifelong learners.
  • Reese's Book Club - since 2017. "Reading is simply the best, especially when there's parties and presents involved. As an Reese's Book Club member, you'll enjoy access to surprises like ..." Each month, Reese Witherspoon picks books she loves with a woman at the center of the story.
  • Rhapsody BOOK CLUB - since 1999. "Rhapsody Book Club offers all types of romance books from hot, steamy novels to classic love stories, historical romance, and romantic comedies."
  • SCIENCE FICTION BOOK CLUB - since 1953. "Add any book for $9.99 each to get started."
  • Soundview Executive Book Summaries - founded in 1978. "Read Less. Learn More." Unlimited access to key insights from bestselling business books.
  • The Literary Guild Book Club - since 1927. "Your new destination for today's most interesting and acclaimed paperbacks, hardcovers and eBooks!"
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