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September 2013 fashion magazine covers with record breaking issues.

Top 100 High-End Fashion Blogs, Magazines & Media

Fashion Media News & Resources (43) Top 100 High-End Fashion Blogs & Magazines: A-Z

FASHION JOURNALISM involves all aspects of published fashion media, including fashion writers, fashion critics, and fashion reporters. This can be fashion features in magazines and newspapers, and may also include books about fashion, fashion related reports on television and online fashion magazines, websites, and blogs.

The work of a fashion journalist can be quite varied. Typical work includes writing or editing articles, or helping to formulate and style a fashion shoot. A fashion journalist typically spends a lot of time researching and conducting interviews and it is essential that he or she has good contacts with people in the fashion industry, including photographers, designers, and public relations specialists. Fashion journalists are either employed full-time by a publication or are employed on a freelance basis.

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    Fashion Media News & Resources

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    - A -
  • A CURIOUS MIND - voted twice as one of the top 100 menswear blogs on Tumblr worldwide and offers a really cool, opinionated twist on higher end mens clothing and lifestyles.
  • A MAGAZINE - biannual publication, exploring the creative sphere of a selected designer in each issue.
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    - B -
  • BOF | BUSINESS OF FASHION - "Essential daily resource for fashion creatives, executives and entrepreneurs in over 150 countries. It is frequently described as "indispensable," "required reading" and "an addiction."
  • BRIGITTE - Germany's leading fashion magazine.
  • Broke and Bespoke - "A site meant to inspire penurious sartorialists everywhere..."
  • BRYAN BOY BLOG - "A fashion blog featuring pics, photos, images, videos and commentary on trends and pop culture."
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    - C -
  • CANDY - " The first fashion magazine ever completely dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transexuality, cross dressing and androgyny, in all its manifestations."
  • CELEBRITY CLOTHING LINE - focused on the tightly knit world of celebrities and fashion – you can’t have one without the other. We feature breaking news, latest celebrity trends, "as seen on" critiques and brand launches.
  • CELEBRITY STYLE GUIDE - "The Original Guide to Celebrity Style and Fashion."
  • CITIZEN K - fashion & lifestyle magazine.
  • Close Up and Private - since 2009. Fashion-forward photography project dedicated to the visual language of style and celebrating classic details and contemporary looks through unique photographic documentary.
  • CR Fashion Book - founded in 2012 by Carine Roitfeld, former editor-in-chief of French Vogue.
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    - D -
  • DANDYISM.NET - aims to be effortlessly elegant, caustically witty, coldly superior and dryly amusing. Its editorial policy is caprice.
  • DAZED DIGITAL - Dazed & Confused Magazine.
  • DIE, WORKWEAR! - "A menswear blog devoted to the good life."
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    - E -
  • ELLE - since 1945. "Elle (stylized in all caps) is a worldwide women's magazine of French origin that offers a mix of fashion and beauty content, and society and lifestyle. Elle editions have since multiplied, creating a global network of publications and readers. Elle's international expansion began with ELLE UK and ELLE USA launches in 1985. Along with the magazine, the Elle brand includes 46 websites that stretch globally and receive 100 million unique visitors monthly. The Lagardčre Group of France owns the brand. The official Elle headquarters is located in Paris, with licensed publishers located in 42 other countries."
  • ES MAGAZINE - dedicated to London glamour, fashion and beauty.
  • Europeana Fshion Portal - "Discover hundreds of thousands of fashion items from Europe's richest collections."
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    - F -
  • FABSUGAR - celebrity fashion, shopping & style.
  • FASHION LOVER - brings you daily updates from the fashion world, style and trends.
  • FASHION NET - "The insider's guide to all things chic." Launched in January 1995, Fashion Net was Internet's first fashion site.
  • FASHION SPOT - runway/news, style/trends, celeb fashion, beauty, community, shop.
  • FASHION TV - since 1997. "Inspires its audience by providing an insider's view of the fashion industry in a highly desired clip-based content. The only TV equivalent to fashion print media appealing to everyone interested in fashion, style, beauty and trends, fashiontv understands and caters to its audience by providing original, unbiased and informative programming not available on other networks."
  • FASHIONISING.COM - fashion inspiration, latest fashion trends and fashion social community.
  • FASHIONISTA - fashion designers, models, shopping & style.
  • FASHIONOLOGIE - fashion news, fashion shows, designers, models and more...
  • First View - "firstVIEW is the world's oldest online fashion database and photo archive, offering coverage of fashion shows from around the world. firstVIEW has been an industry leader since its inception in 1995."
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    - G -
  • Garage Magazine - biannual print publication that brings to life the most original and ambitious collaborative projects across contemporary art and fashion. The magazine was launched in 2011 by Editor-in-Chief Dasha Zhukova, taking its name and spirit from Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow - the groundbreaking international art institution founded in 2008.
  • Gentleman's Gazette.
  • GENTLEMAN'S GAZETTE - "The Gentleman's Gazette is an award winning online magazine for men who are interested in elegant classic clothing, culture, accessories, style & savoir vivre in general and all the finer things in life, with a strategic focus on high quality, rare and unique goods or services."
  • GQ | GENTLEMEN'S QUATERLY MAGAZINE - "Look Sharp - Live Smart."
  • GRAZIA DAILY - daily digest of fashion, beauty and A-list news.
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    - H -
  • HANDBAG.COM - fashion section.
  • Harpers & Queen - "The Harper's Bazaar UK edition was first published in London in 1929. In November 1970, New York City-based Hearst Communications amalgamated it with Queen magazine (which dated from 1862) to form Harpers & Queen. The magazine was widely perceived to be focused on British "high society" and the lives of socialites and the British aristocracy. In March 2006, it was renamed Harper's Bazaar, bringing it in line with its international sister titles, and repositioned as a more celebrity-oriented fashion magazine."
  • HARPER'S BAZAAR - American monthly women's fashion magazine. It was first published in New York City on November 2, 1867, as the weekly Harper's Bazar.[ The style resource for "the well-dressed woman and the well-dressed mind".
  • HIGHSNOBETTE - daily online magazine for womens streetwear, fashion and accessories.
  • HIGHSNOBIETY - daily online magazine for sneakers, streetwear, fashion, art, and toys.
  • HOW TO SPEND IT - FASHION - weekly magazine published with the Financial Times Weekend Edition.
  • HYPEBEAST - "A premiere online magazine for lifestyle encompassing fashion, arts, design, culture and lifestyle."
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    - I -
  • i-D MAGAZINE - the original fashion and style bible.
  • I *HEART* THAT - fashion, celebrities, styles and trends. "We here at strive to bring you only the latest in fashion and comment on the current trends that the celebrities and models are wearing."
  • INDUSTRIE MAGAZINE - a magazine dedicated to the culture of fashion. Snapshots of the personalities and moments which shape our industry.
  • INSTYLE - fashion, beauty, hair and celebrity style.
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    - L -
  • L'Officiel - French fashion magazine, the complete name of the magazine is "L'Officiel de la couture et de la mode de Paris". It has been published in Paris since 1921 and targets upper-income, educated women aged 25 to 49.
  • Le Jardin des Modes - (1922-1997). French language women's fashion magazine published monthly in France.
  • LOULOU MAGAZINE - "Style / Shopping / Stars."
  • LOVE MAGAZINE - "Fashion & Fame." Celeb gossip, recipes, fashion, beauty and real life stories!
  • LUCKY - the magazine about shopping & style.
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    - M -
  • MARIE CLAIRE - hair styles, women's fashion, beauty products, and realtionship advice.
  • MAXMINIMUS - "Style anthropology can explicate a lot of otherwise tricky issues, in some cultures probably more than others. Sort of like water for chocolate, only weejuns..."
  • MEN'S FLAIR - "Style aficionados' chronicles." Online men's fashion and style magazine.
  • MUSE THE FASHIONART MAGAZINE - "Fashion goes deeper than a look!"
  • MY FASHION LIFE - fashion blog with a global approach to style and culture.
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    - N -
  • NEW YORK MAGAZINE - fashion & style on New York Magazine: designers, runway shows, trends, news.
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    - O -
  • OHLALAMag - "Hollywood infusion." Internationally acclaimed online fashion and photography magazine about fabulous people, style, culture, entertainment, art and travel.
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    - P -
  • POR HOMME - men's lifestyle, fashion, footwear and culture magazine.
  • PURPLE FASHION MAGAZINE - French fashion, art and culture magazine founded in 1992.
  • PUT THIS ON - "A web series about dressing like a grownup."
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    - R -
  • RACKED - Shopping and Style Intelligence." Racked obsesses about retail and shopping - from sidewalks to catwalks - in the country's most influential fashion centers."
  • RETRO VINTAGE MOD STYLE - "A place where Retro, Vintage, & Mod Style meet."
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    - S -
  • SELECTISM - online fashion magazine. "Here at Selectism we concentrate on bringing you the latest news on innovative street fashion."
  • SLAMXHYPE - "Launched in 2003 with a mission statement around filtering the best news around the web and within media into one place, bringing street culture to one place, a creditable and reliable source for anyone around the world. Slamxhype has a strong focus on not just fashion but its surrounding culture; film, design, music and especially art."
  • SOCIAL LIFE MAGAZINE - luxury, lifestyle and fashion.
  • STYLE.COM - the online home of Vogue. Contains fashion news reporting, trend reports, and extensive galleries of fashion-show photos.
  • STYLE PANTRY - "Daily style, outfits, fashion finds, and lookbooks."
  • STYLE ROOKIE - Tavi Gevinson's blog. 13-year old American fashion blogger.
  • STYLECaster - since 2009. "Style News and Trends."
  • STYLEITE - dedicated to giving you the latest and greatest in fashion and beauty news, insight, and commentary.
  • Stylehive - "Get updates from your favorite brands, style experts and stylish people from around the world...instantly! Ever seen someone on the street who's style is so cool, you just want to follow them from store to store and find out their style secrets? Well at, you can! is an online style club for people who live for fashion, design and shopping. It's where you meet your style muses and follow them as they discover and share their latest finds.
  • STYLEPEDIA - Mr Porter's glossary of men's fashion.
  • SUBSTANTIVE STYLE - a storyboard for the men's style magazine Men of Habit.
  • SWAGGER 360 - for everyone who understands that there is a big difference between style and fashion. Fashion is what you buy, style is self expression and how you live.
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    - T -
  • T (NEW YORK TIMES) - a perfect-bound magazine dedicated to fashion, living, beauty, holiday, travel and design coverage.
  • T MAGAZINE BLOG (NEW YORK TIMES) - blog dedicated to fashion, living, beauty, holiday, travel and design coverage.
  • The Fashion Law - a leading source of breaking news, fashion law and the business of fashion.
  • TEEN VOGUE - "Fashion starts here".
  • The 12ish Style - "Style for size 12ish-18ish girls living in a size 2 world."
  • The Business of Fashion - since 2007. "Has gained a global following as an essential daily resource for fashion creatives, executives and entrepreneurs in over 200 countries. It is frequently described as 'indispensable,' 'required reading' and 'an addiction.'"
  • THE CHAP - "A Journal for the Modern Gentleman."
  • THE CHIC GEEK - independent online men’s style magazine for any man interested in his personal appearance.
  • The Cut - since 2008. "Fashion, Beauty, Politics, Sex and Celebrity." The Cut is a site for women who want to view the latest fashion trends; read provocative takes on issues that matter, from politics to relationships. Launched on the New York website in 2008 to replace previous fashion week blog Show & Talk. The Cut was relaunched in 2012 as a standalone website, shifting in focus from fashion to women's issues more generally.
  • THE FASHION SPOT - "Where Fashion & Community Meet." Fashion tips, styles, accessories, runway shows, celebrities and more.
  • THE GENTLEWOMAN - biannual style magazine for a new decade. Featuring inspirational, international women.
  • The Journal of Style - "A blog dedicated to bespoke tailoring, handmade shoes and more ..."
  • The Monsieur - "Stylish men's guide to living: men's style, luxury watches, global issues."
  • THE RAKE - "The Modern Voice of Classic Elegance."
  • THE RUBINACCI CLUB "IL CLUB" - "The Club will be a meeting point where people can share and comment photos, and, together with me, compare notes…to let the new generation know how to find in the classic a new way to live fashion."
  • THE SARTORIALIST - selected as one of Time Magazine's Top 100 Design Influencers.
  • TREND HUNTER MAGAZINE - "#1 in Trends. The largest community for Trends, Trend Spotting, Cool Hunting, Innovation, Fashion Trends, Style, Luxury Trends, Gadgets, Celebs, Technology, Pop Culture, Art and Design."
  • TREND HUNTER LISTS - clusters and slideshows.
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    - V -
  • V MAGAZINE - since 1999. A magazine about fashion with a capital F and all the things that go with it: art, music, film, architecture.
  • VOGUE - Founded on December 17, 1892. American monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine that covers various topics, including haute couture fashion, beauty, culture, living, and runway. Based at One World Trade Center in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, Vogue began in 1892 as a weekly newspaper before becoming a monthly magazine years later. Since its founding, Vogue has featured numerous actors, musicians, models, athletes, and other prominent celebrities. The largest issue published by Vogue magazine was the September 2012 edition, containing 900 pages.
  • What is the September Issue & why is it so important? - "The importance of the September Issue is that each year it helps decipher key insights into consumer habits, influences, and relevant topics. Thanks to the growth of digital media and rumors of the demise of print media, Vogue has bet everything on its September issues and decided to increase the number of printed pages as a strategy for fashion lovers who appreciate what it means to have a printed magazine."
  • VOGUE BRITISH - since 1916. Currently edited by Edward Enninful, British Vogue is said to link fashion to high society and class, teaching its readers how to 'assume a distinctively chic and modern appearance'.
  • VOGUE FRANCE - The French edition of Vogue magazine, formerly called Vogue Paris, is a fashion magazine that has been published since 1920.
  • VOGUE GERMANY - since 1979.
  • VOGUE HOMMES INTERNATIONAL - (2005-2008). The magazine featured a profile of George Clooney in its inaugural issue. The magazine featured celebrities, athletes, powerbrokers, and lesser known men of style. Areas covered included art and architecture, travel and food, politics and finance, books and sports, custom tailoring and fine watches, and other topics. The magazine added a tag line below its logo in November 2008 (its final issue), "Style is how you live."
  • VOGUE ITALIA - since 1964. Italian edition of Vogue magazine owned by Condé Nast International. In publication since 1964, it has been called the top fashion magazine in the world.
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    - W -
  • W MAGAZINE - since 1972. Monthly American fashion magazine, also known for its coverage of American and European society. Many of these society luminaries, as well as the elite of the entertainment and fashion industries, have allowed W into their homes for the magazine's W House Tours feature.
  • WOMEN'S WEAR DAILY MAGAZINE | WWD - since 1910. (Also known as WWD) is a fashion-industry trade journal often referred to as the "Bible of fashion". It provides information and intelligence on changing trends and breaking news in the men and women's fashion, beauty and retail industries. Its readership is made up largely of retailers, designers, manufacturers, marketers, financiers, media executives, advertising agencies, socialites and trend makers.
  • A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    - X -
  • XOJANE.COM - "Where women go when they are being selfish, and where their selfishness is applauded." See an archive of all xo jane stories published on the New York Media network, which includes NYMag, The Cut, Vulture, and Grub Street.
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    - Y -
  • YVES SAINT LAURENT: L'ŒUVRE INTÉGRAL, 1962-2002 - limited Edition of 500, each numbered, an exceptional opus revealing showing 1283 of the couturier’s creations. Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent and Editions La Martinière have teamed up to gather Yves Saint Laurent haute couture designs achieved during 40 years and unveil this exceptional heritage to the public. The result is impressive: 26 kg, 4 large format boxes, 1 per each decade, 1283 boards, 80 collections, more than 1500 pieces of wardrobe revealed, the collections which created an event or the ones which made fuss… Information is impeccable, detailed and therefore complete. Each drawing and sketch board is precisely reproduced on a nice mat paper, has a fabric sample of each piece of cloth, quote the workshop that made it, the name of the model who wore it in the show, the order of appearance. The wardrobe is comprehensive from day wear to night sets, showing jackets as well as tuxedos or the wedding gowns.
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