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Sean Connery stars in Louis Vuitton advertisement, photographed by Annie Leibovitz on a beach near his home in the Bahamas (2008).
  • Sean Connery stars in Louis Vuitton advertisement, photographed by Annie Leibovitz on a beach near his home in the Bahamas (2008).
  • Louis Vuitton Président Classeur briefcase.
  • Gucci woman's clutch evenning handbag.
  • Roland Iten: the Calibre R8 MkII mechanical belt buckle series.
  • Fullum & Holt Brown Weave and Beige Pattern Suspenders.
  • Apple iPhone 5 smartphone.
  • Tiffany & Co. Jean Schlumberger Olive cuff links: US$3,650.
  • Chanel cuff bracelet.
  • Pineider photo frame.
  • Gucci women's gloves with interlocking G: US$395.
  • Lehner classical handwoven and handrolled handkerchiefs.
  • Lagomarsino Brown Hamburgo Hat.
  • Pickett 4oz hip flasks.
  • Purdey Angus Hide Key Fob.
  • Vedato Leather Goods.
  • S.T. Dupont 18-carat solid gold lighter.
  • Paris Hilton with her Louis Vuitton luggage.
  • Net-A-Porter online store.
  • Pants presses & valet trays.
  • Vintage Filofax.
  • Polo & T-shirts.
  • E.Marinella Women's Scarves.
  • Shirts & bespoke shirtmakers.
  • Christian Louboutin Women Shoes.
  • Louis Vuitton sneakers.
  • Bresciani socks.
  • Cardissimo Carbon Fibre Business Card.
  • Gucci Women's Red Gold Rectangle Sunglasses: US$325.
  • Ties.
  • Umbrellas.
  • Il Marchesato Bastoni: walking sticks made in Italy.
  • Crocodile men's wallet.
  • A. Lange & Söhne: Richard Lange collection 'Pour Le Mérite' watch.
  • Caran d’Ache '1010' Fountain Pen.

8000+ Best High-End Accessories and Luxury Brands

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"The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive." - Coco Chanel.

"Fashion is never made by designers. Fashion is made by fashionable people." - Halston.

"Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory." - Coco Chanel.

"If you buy the best of things, normally they're free at the end of the day." - Laurence Leamer.

"Accessories are like vitamins to fashion - as such, you should use them liberally." - Author unknown.

"A gentleman distinguishes himself with his sophisticated taste and style. Accessories offer an extra touch that sets you apart from the rest." - Sean Johnson, Specialist.

FASHION ACCESSORIES are decorative items that supplement one's garment, such as jewelry, gloves, handbags, hats, belts, scarves, watches, sunglasses, pins, stockings, bow tie, leg warmer, leggings, necktie, suspenders, and tights.

Accessories add color, style and class to an outfit, and create a certain look, but they may also have practical functions. Handbags are for carrying, hats protect the face from weather elements, and gloves keep the hands warm.

It wasn’t until the 1950’s with both world wars behind the western world did fashion accessories come into the limelight again. With accessories such as fruit corsages to adorn one’s sweater or hat women began to accessorize again. The 1950’s also saw the beginning of eyewear being used as fashion accessories with the exaggerated wing tip glasses coming to mind. The 1950’s also saw the rise of the stiletto.

Many accessories are produced by clothing design companies. However, there has been an increase in individuals creating their own brand name by designing and making their own label of accessories.

DESIGNER LABELS on accessories are perceived as an indicator of social status.

In economics, a LUXURY GOOD is a good for which demand increases more than proportionally as income rises, and is a contrast to a "necessity good", for which demand is not related to income.

Luxury goods are said to have high income elasticity of demand: as people become wealthier, they will buy more and more of the luxury good. This also means, however, that should there be a decline in income its demand will drop. Income elasticity of demand is not constant with respect to income, and may change sign at different levels of income. That is to say, a luxury good may become a normal good or even an inferior good at different income levels, e.g. a wealthy person stops buying increasing numbers of luxury cars for his automobile collection to start collecting airplanes (at such an income level, the luxury car would become an inferior good).

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World's Most Expensive Bags (10) World's Most Expensive Shoes (11) Writing Instruments: A-Z (Top 125+)
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  • 6 Designer Bags Everyone Is Buying Second-Hand - VOGUE.
  • 7 Luxury Items You’ll Regret Buying - "What’s the most you’d spend on one particular thing? We’re not talking houses or cars, but rather luxury items that can cost a fortune. Chances are there’s something you feel is worth an extravagant amount of money. But what specific products genuinely justify the splurge?"
  • 8 Most Popular Louis Vuitton Purses - "Shop a selection of the most desirable limited edition and sold out Louis Vuitton Purses available for immediate purchase." Sotheby's.
  • 9 EASY WAYS TO LIVE UNDER THE RADAR - "Stealth wealth is the opposite of conspicuous consumption, and it’s about financial freedom and a successful personal life."
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  • 11 Quiet-Luxury Bags That Are Low-Key, Anti-Trend & Peak Cool - "Conversations about designer handbags typically revolve around one specific phrase: 'It bags.' That saying has been less prominent recently, though, replaced by 'quiet-luxury bags' that combine ease, subtlety, and quality craftsmanship without prominent logos."
  • 12 best luggage brands 2023, From BÉis to Rimowa, These Are the Best Luggage Brands For Your Next Adventure - "Travel in style with today’s top suitcases, as carried by Gigi Hadid, Olivia Wilde, Lily James and more jet-setting stars."
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  • 15 Most Essential Accessories For Men - He Spoke Style | YouTube 9:51.
  • 15 Things Every Man Should Do According to Tom Ford -
  • 17 Best Luggage Brands On the Market - "Investing in quality luggage only makes getting there all the better. A lightweight steel case might mean you can pack a bit extra and avoid an overweight baggage fee. While an eye-catching rollaboard from Calpak in a cheerful color will ensure no one else mistakes their luggage for yours. The nostalgic set, meanwhile, will delight in leather-trimmed cases from Steamer, Globe-Trotter, and T Anthony; you may be boarding a plane, but your case will transport you right to the Orient Express. If you’re traveling in some fashion that doesn’t require a TSA Agent to handle your luggage, why not opt for an extra-luxe option? Louis Vuitton makes some lovely sets worthy of the private jet on which you may or may not be flying."
  • 70 years on, Gucci’s horsebit loafer is still a coveted status symbol - "What do late former US president George H. W. Bush, ’60s muse Jane Birkin and rapper Wiz Khalifa all have in common? Despite their vastly differing personal styles and occupations, they have all been spotted in a pair of Gucci horsebit loafers. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the distinctive shoe, recognizable by its metal snaffle flourish, which has become a piece of fashion history - one so renowned that a pair entered the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s permanent collection in 1984. In mid-June, coinciding with the menswear shows at Milan Fashion Week, Gucci will stage an exhibition celebrating the legacy of its signature loafer."
  • 100 Louis Vuitton Trunks Are Heading to Auction - "One intense collector has amassed the largest private collection of Louis Vuitton trunks, now they're headed to auction. Christie's is auctioning off more than 100 Louis Vuitton trunks, with a high estimate of $2.3 million for the entire collection."
  • $100 Shirt vs $1000 Shirt Comparison | Kirby Allison - "Whats the difference between a $100 Carolina Herrera shirt off the rack, and a $1000 bespoke Charvet shirt made in Paris? Kirby Allison goes through all the details that separate shirts at these different price points, and gives you tips on how to look out for quality and craftsmanship, no." YouTube 30:58.
  • 175 Very TOWN&COUNTRY People, Places & Things - "In honor of our 175th anniversary."
  • A GUIDE TO LOUIS VUITTON DATE CODES - "Since the early 1980s, up until March 2021, Louis Vuitton has included date codes with their bags, small leather goods, and most accessories. These are not considered serial numbers and are not used for the purpose of verifying authenticity."
  • A history of Gucci in 10 bags - "As Gucci celebrates the opening of Vault, an experimental online space for vintage pieces from their first century, Christie’s specialist Rachel Koffsky chronicles the designs and craftsmanship that built the brand."
  • ACCESSORIES COUNCIL - the mission of the Accessories Council is to stimulate consumer awareness and demand for fashion accessory products, and to serve as the advocate of the $30 billion accessory business in the United States.
  • ACE AWARDS - the ACE Awards was created in 1996 to pay homage to those individuals and groups that have made great strides in raising the awareness of the accessories industry.
  • Adidas could take €1.2bn revenue hit if it writes off Kanye West’s Yeezy stock - "German sportswear company cut ties with rapper in 2022 over his antisemitic comments."
  • Ahead of the Olympics, Louis Vuitton CEO says sports embody ‘the DNA’ of the brand - "The luxury house’s distinctive Damier checkerboard trunks will house the Olympic torch as it travels across France, and Vuitton has created medal cases for the Olympic and Paralympic Games."
  • Authentic Louis Vuitton Vintage Travel Items Guide - ebay.
  • Beat-up bags are luxury’s new gateway drug - "Resale companies put a lot of work into making sure the items they sell are authentic and in good condition. But a new trend is emerging in the resale market that’s making the second part less of a necessity: selling items that are dented, worn and beaten up. In other words, clothes and accessories that look like they have a history."
  • Bernard Arnault Becomes World’s Richest Person As LVMH Stock Rises - "French fashion tycoon Bernard Arnault is the world’s richest person this Monday morning, with an estimated net worth of $186.3 billion - putting him $300 million above Jeff Bezos, who is worth $186 billion, and Elon Musk, worth $147.3 billion."
  • Biggest Brands of 2022 - "We calculated the average percentage of value retained compared to retail pricing for handbags, accessories, fine jewelry, and watches with proprietary data pulled from our very own tool, Clair." Rebag.
  • BILLIONAIRE CHIC - 'Free from garish logos and colours, they are a careful display of stealth wealth and soft power.'
  • Can Bags Be Powerful? - "Especially in pop-movie culture, the concept of a 'Power Bag' belonging to the 'Boss Lady' seems particularly relevant, with the trusty carryalls of glamorous CEOs serving as perfect outfit inspirations to masses of devoted onlookers."
  • Class-Action Lawsuit Against HermÈs Threatens To Expose Luxury Trade Secrets - "Luxury leader Hermès has been hit with a class-action lawsuit claiming the company is engaged in the 'unlawful practice of tying,' requiring customers to purchase ancillary Hermès products, such as shoes, scarves, and jewelry, before being given the opportunity to purchase a Birkin or Kelly bag."
  • Complete Guide to Buying & Selling a Birkin - "Sotheby's has a curated selection of Birkins available for immediate purchase. The available Birkins changes weekly since bags sell quickly."
  • Cover your hide: how to care for leather clothing - "How to clean, what products to use, and when to take it to the professionals: experts share their tips for making leather last longer."
  • Cultural Capital Is The Key To Louis Vuitton’s Luxury Lead - "Louis Vuitton’s recent bombshell appointment of Pharrell Williams as its new menswear creative director may have surprised some observers, but the move makes perfect sense as luxury brands are moving from merely selling products to becoming cultural influencers."
  • Europe’s new success stories are built on high luxury, not high tech - "This raises hard questions for the continent in an age of vast wealth inequality and slow growth."
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LOUIS VUITTON'S DATE CODES - "Unlike brands like Chanel, a Louis Vuitton purse does not come with an authenticity card, nor a serial number. From the early 1980s, up until March 2021, Louis Vuitton used date codes that are embossed or printed on a leather tab that’s sewn into the interior linings of some of their bags, small leather goods, and most accessories. Not meant for verifying authenticity, these date codes simply help you identify the date and location in which the bag was made. With the exception of older models made before the 1980s, date codes can be found on all Louis Vuitton handbags and other accessories like sunglasses. Though even some authentic Louis Vuitton handbags may not have date codes, this is the case for older bags whose date codes have faded, or for bags that have had their linings cleaned or changed."
  • Fashionphile - since 1999. "Buy, Sell & Consign Authentic Used Designer Handbags." BUY, SELL and CONSIGN used designer handbags and other accessories online with FASHIONPHILE Buy Online. On the surface, FASHIONPHILE is about making pre-owned, ultra-luxury goods accessible. Rare pieces? We have them. Your favorite wishlist item for a steal? We’ve got that, too. We’re about guaranteed-authentic Holy Grail products in great condition, and quick buy-outs on pieces you’re ready to sell. But then, FASHIONPHILE is also so much more.
  • From HermÈs Bags to Rolex Watches, Here Are the Luxury Goods With the Best Resale Values - "It’s every collector’s dream to acquire pieces guaranteed to appreciate over time - and Rebag wants to help make it a reality."
  • From Rockford, Illinois To Paris, Discover ‘Louis Vuitton: Virgil Abloh - "Louis Vuitton: Virgil Abloh is the testament of a relationship that changed the course of fashion history. Virgil Abloh started as Men’s Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton in June 2018. It marked the starting point of the beginning of a luxury new era including inclusivity, diversity and empowerment. The book written by his close collaborator Anders Christian Madsen offers an intimate incursion in the life of a great man born to break boundaries, not only in fashion but also in art, design, architecture and music. 'Virgil was not only a designer of genius, a visionary, he was also a man with a beautiful, sound and great wisdom.' Bernard Arnault."
  • Giffen good - in economics and consumer theory, a Giffen Good is a product that people consume more of as the price rises and vice versa - violating the basic law of demand in micro economics.
  • Gucci Adds Luxury to a Body Monitoring Ring - "A second iteration of the collaboration between the Italian brand and a Finnish health technology company is expected this fall."
  • Gucci announces major shake up - "Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele steps down. Alessandro Michele has stepped down as Gucci's creative director after almost eight years, a period that saw him help revive and transform the Italian label's fortunes. Announcing the decision Wednesday, the luxury house's parent company, Kering, said the 49-year-old designer had 'played a fundamental part in making the brand what it is today.'"
  • Gucci Handbags Disappoint At Auction as Luxury Fervour Cools - "Two Gucci Bamboo bags failed to meet the low pre-sale estimate at an online auction held by Christie’s that ended Tuesday, while a third just reached the low estimate, according to preliminary results."
  • Gucci Opens First Luggage-Only Store in Paris - "Gucci has officially announced the opening of its first stand-alone luggage store in Paris. The Italian luxury brand makes its way to the coveted Rue Saint-Honoré with a 2,900-square-foot shop that offers the full Gucci Valigeria range. Take a look inside the new shop on Saint-Honoré."
  • Gucci Salon Melrose, 8409 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90069, United States. Photo: Courtesy of Pablo Enriquez for Gucci.
  • GUCCI'S LATEST RETAIL CONCEPT IS FOR VIPS ONLY - "8409 Melrose Avenue: Los Angeles has a prominent new luxury storefront - but you'll probably never get inside. Sure to be frequented by celebrities, Gucci Salon harkens back to the house's 1970s heyday. 8409 Melrose Avenue has reached its final form: Gucci Salon, a new brick-and-mortar concept that takes luxury retail to a new level. Its doors will only be opened for VIP clients with appointments. Gucci Salon is located at the intersection of Melrose Place and Melrose Avenue - a highly trafficked shopping area of West Hollywood. Melrose Avenue, in particular, is one of L.A.'s toniest stretches of retail. Neighbors include Balmain, The Row, Oscar de la Renta and Chloé (most of whom followed Marc Jacobs to the quaint area)."
  • He Spoke Style - since 2013. "Honest, approachable, and relatable men's style inspiration and advice. That's what He Spoke Style is, but this is why we do it: When you dress well, you feel good. It's empowering. And when you feel good about yourself, you can accomplish anything." YouTube.
  • HermÈs billionaire wants to bequeath fortune to his former gardener - "A descendant of Europe’s richest family has reportedly begun a process to adopt his middle-aged former gardener, planning to leave him at least half of his roughly €12 billion ($13 billion) fortune."
  • HermÈs: Class-Action Lawsuit Against HermÈs Threatens To Expose Luxury Trade Secrets - "Luxury leader Hermès has been hit with a class-action lawsuit claiming the company is engaged in the 'unlawful practice of tying,' requiring customers to purchase ancillary Hermès products, such as shoes, scarves, and jewelry, before being given the opportunity to purchase a Birkin or Kelly bag."
  • HermÈs drives the luxury boom to €200 billion market value - "Hermès International, maker of the iconic Birkin handbag, soared to €200 billion ($218 billion) in market value for the first time this week, overtaking Swiss drugmaker Novartis AG."
  • ‘HermÈs smells soft & smoky, Gucci more like wood’: how fake hunters tell designer knock-offs from the real deal - "With fashion lovers increasingly turning to secondhand luxury, bogus goods are rife. But at what cost?"
  • History Behind the Iconic HermÈs Kelly Bag - "Origins of the Kelly Bag; Grace Kelly's Influence; Breaking Down the Bag; Variations of the Kelly Bag; The Takeaway."
  • History of the bag: HermÈs Birkin - "The ultimate fashion symbol, the bag every woman dreams about; the Birkin Bag. This insanely popular Hermès bag is on many wishlists all over the world!"
  • How HermÈs became the ultimate status symbol - "Its core products haven't changed much in decades, it does not have TikTok, and doesn't give celebrities free handbags. That scarcity-of-product approach helped Hermès hit an annual revenue of $14.5 billion last year and gain a market cap of over $250 billion."
  • How HermÈs conquered the luxury industry - "Hermès eschews trends and embraces old-fashioned craftsmanship - and has seen its revenue climb."
  • How HermÈs Turned a Dog Collar Into a Bag - "This cabochon-accented accessory nods to the brand’s animal-focused roots. In 1821, a 20-year-old innkeeper’s son named Thierry Hermès, who grew up in the German textile town of Krefeld, moved to France’s Normandy region and apprenticed as a saddler. Eleven years later, he opened his own workshop in Paris, where he sold harnesses, bridles and saddles crafted with a stitch that can only be done by hand."
  • How HermÈs’ Oran Sandal Retains Its Status As One Of The Most Desirable Accessories - "While handbags are often our most exalted accessories (spurred on by the fact that we literally hold them like trophies) footwear is less likely to reach certified style icon status. Generic types of shoes and sandals are regularly cited as must-wears, however it’s far rarer for one individual shoe, or sandal, to ascend the upper echelons of fashion’s most fabled. Yet one shoe has risen to take the mantle: Hermès’ Oran sandal. A simple slider-style mule, decorated modestly with a cutout leather H initial. Since its inception 25 years ago, the Oran has become one of the most desirable shoes - indeed accessories - in the world."
  • How Jane Birkin Helped Design HermÈs’ Most Popular Handbag - "Her Inspiration, Royalties and What She Really Thinks About Its Namesake. Jane Birkin, who died on Sunday at age 76, made her mark on French cinema and music, but she had just as much influence in the fashion world, serving as the inspiration behind Hermès’ best-selling handbag: the Birkin. Released in 1984, the iconic tote has become a universal status symbol, with Birkins boasting record-high resale prices and countless celebrity collectors."
  • How luxury giant LVMH built a recession-proof empire - "Luxury giant LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, more commonly known as LVMH, has grown into a $500 billion powerhouse conglomerate of 75 distinguished brands, or 'maisons,' rooted in six different sectors - with no plans to slow down."
  • How to Authenticate Louis Vuitton - "Authenticating Louis Vuitton bags. All authentic Louis Vuitton bags will have the words 'LOUIS VUITTON PARIS' along with the circle R trademark logo (and sometimes the country it was made in: 'made in ____')."
  • How to maintain the value of your HermÈs Birkin Bag - "When it comes to Birkin bags on the secondary market, condition plays a huge role in determining value. While store-fresh bags in the most popular colors and sizes tend to command top-dollar, there are vintage Birkins so rare that condition issues have little bearing on value. The most desirable regular leather Birkin bags currently top-out around $35,000 on the secondary market, and the most worn, least popular examples bottom out around $5,000."
  • how to prevent mildew on clothes & accessories in high humidity - "From mould-resistant fabrics to proper storage, there are plenty of ways to prevent mildew, but all is not lost if the rot has already set in."
  • How to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag, according to Dublin designer expert - "Sustainable fashion is the way forward - so investing in a luxury handbag is beneficial for both consumers and the planet. Paddy also counts the stiches and measures the zips to check for authenticity. The Louis Vuitton branding stamp is also one to look out for. Paddy makes sure that the distance between letters are all equal. 'There will be a date code inside these bags as well which will tell us what month or year the bag was made.'"
  • How Veuve Clicquot, Louboutin & the Luxury World Fight to Protect Their Colors - "From Tiffany, to Veuve, to Louboutin, luxury brands have used signature colors be quickly identified. They have to fight to keep it their own."
  • Hypebeast - "A person who is devoted to acquiring fashionable items."
  • Inside Louis Vuitton’s ‘200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries’ Exhibition In New York - "The traveling exhibition arrives at its final stop in New York and celebrates outside-the-box creativity as artists and other luminaries reimagine the brand’s iconic trunk."
  • Inside the Delirious Rise of ‘Superfake’ Handbags - "Can you tell the difference between a $10,000 Chanel bag and a $200 knockoff? Almost nobody can, and it’s turning luxury fashion upside down."
  • Inside the secretive world of luxury authentication - "Luxury resale platforms and brands are improving their authentication processes in response to more sophisticated counterfeits."
  • King Louis - "How the world's best-known luxury label went from humble birth to brand royalty."
  • 'Less a bag, more a main character' - "Why the 'pigeon clutch' is a must have accessory for celebrities. From JW Anderson’s pigeon clutch to Balenciaga’s rubbish sack-like design, bags aren’t about carrying stuff any more. We’re in the era of the main character accessory."
  • Louis Vuitton Immortalises Virgil Abloh’s Legacy in a New Collector’s Book - "Priced approximately at $1200, the 360-page coffee table book charts the designer's life and legacy."
  • Louis Vuitton Information Guide
  • Louis Vuitton is Saying Goodbye to its Iconic Brown Packaging - "It's the end of an era."
  • Louis Vuitton Meets Nike in Virgil Abloh’s Dream Sneaker - "The Air Force 1, manufactured in Italy, will be unveiled in a new installation in Brooklyn. It was one of the designer’s final projects before his death."
  • LOUIS VUITTON PERSONALISATION SERVICES - special orders: custom made, made to order & product personalisation: painting, hot stamping & monograms.
  • Louis Vuitton picks Pharrell Williams to lead men's designs - "French fashion brand Louis Vuitton has named Grammy-winning producer, rapper, singer and songwriter Pharrell Williams as its new menswear creative director."
  • Louis Vuitton Raises Prices Worldwide Due To Increased Costs & Inflation - "'The price adjustment takes into account changes in production costs, raw materials, transportation as well as inflation,' Louis Vuitton said in a statement to Reuters."
  • Louis Vuitton Malletier, 18 Rue Louis Vuitton, 92600 Asnières-sur-Seine, France.
  • Louis Vuitton: The Secret (and not so secret) Places - Louis Vuitton Malletier, 18 Rue Louis Vuitton, 92600 Asnières-sur-Seine, France. It was here that Louis Vuitton set up his workshop in 1859. Until 1977, the Asnières workshop was actually the sole Louis Vuitton production facility in the world.
  • Louis Vuitton Unites With LEGO To Build a Birthday Cake Celebrating House Founder - "Louis Vuitton has united with LEGO to celebrate the 200th birthday of the renowned luxury house’s founder, Louis Vuitton. The unique birthday cake creation was made using 31,700 bricks in an array of colors with specific customizations from a group of children using LEGO DOTS. Highlights of the cake include Vuitton’s face made from white, black, lavender and pink LEGO bricks and DOTS, in addition to Vuitton’s first name and several three-dimensional flowers. The cake is enclosed in a specially designed Louis Vuitton trunk with a cobalt blue-lined interior and drawers to store the thousands of LEGO pieces."
  • Louis Vuitton’s ‘200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries’ Exhibition in Photos - "Louis Vuitton’s New LA Exhibition Showcases 200 Trunks Designed by BTS, Lego, Supreme and More. Running until September 6, the exhibition on Rodeo Drive includes 200 Louis Vuitton trunks that have been reimagined by 200 visionaries."
  • Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2023 Show Was All About Monograms & Metallic - "On a bright, sunny day in California, Louis Vuitton presented its Cruise 2023 show. It was a perfect day yesterday for a runway show at the Salk Institute, which is located in Southern California. With this presentation, Nicolas Ghesquiere continued his ongoing tradition of staging Louis Vuitton’s cruise runway shows at some of the world’s most renowned architectural spaces."
  • Louis Vuitton's new Monogram camping tent - "Go Glamping With The Louis Vuitton Tent & Backpack Trunk, Even If Its In Your Backyard."
  • luxury authenticators who keep fakes out of buyers’ hands - "Despite new AI-powered technology, catching counterfeits in the second-hand market remains in the hands of a few skilled professionals."
  • Luxury brand HermÈs plans new factories as handbag demand soars - "Hermès, the French luxury goods maker, is opening three new factories as it struggles to keep up with demand for its £5,000-plus Birkin and Kelly handbags. French fashion house to open factories in Louviers, Sormonne and Riom as bags become must-haves."
  • Luxury Brands Are Taking Over the Street Art Scene - "Gucci, Louboutin and Fendi are hiring graffiti artists in a bid to fit in with street culture??? - and score points on social media."
  • Luxury Investments Around the World Compared - infographic - "Do you enjoy the finer things in life? For many of the world’s wealthy individuals, acquiring luxury goods such as art, fine wine, and watches is a passion. Unlike traditional investments in financial assets, luxury goods can be difficult to value if one does not have an appreciation for their form. A rare painting, for example, does not generate cash flows, meaning its value is truly in the eye of the beholder. To gain some insight into the market for luxury goods, this infographic takes data from Knight Frank’s 2021 Wealth Report to compare the preferences of nine global regions."
  • Luxury watch shortage drives growth of $20 billion secondhand market as start-ups rush to cash in - "A rush of companies are vying to become the eBay of high-end horology - including the storied online marketplace itself. Demand for high-end watches exploded during the Covid-19 pandemic. But the Big Four watch brands - Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Richard Mille - are holding firm on the limited production runs that make their timepieces so rare. The result is an online boom in the business of buying, selling and flipping pre-owned and vintage watches and a growing number of start-ups competing to become the dominant digital marketplace."
  • LVMH buys eyewear brand Barton Perreira as it looks to rebound from luxury slowdown - "LVMH is buying luxury eyewear brand Barton Perreira, famed for making James Bond’s shades, as it taps into the fast-growing designer sunglass market. LVMH’s Thelios eyewear division agreed to acquire Irvine, California-based Barton Perreira for an undisclosed sum. The deal is Thelio’s second big acquisition in two months, after it bought French Alpine brand Vuarnet in September."
  • LVMH hits 400 billion euro in market value - "LVMH (LVMH.PA) shares rose to a fresh record high on Tuesday, giving the luxury goods group a market capitalisation of 400 billion euros ($434 billion) for the first time and cementing its lead as Europe's most valuable company. Like other luxury companies which are heavily exposed to China, LVMH has benefited this year from the fast reopening of the world's second biggest economy. However, some analysts said further gains in the share price could become harder to achieve."
  • MARK CROSS objects at Metropolitan Museum of Art - "America's Original Luxury Lifestyle Brand."
  • Men's accessories are on the up, but do they make us less manly? - The Guardian.
  • MEN'S CLOTHING SIZE CONVERSIONS - suits, coats, shirts, pants, hats & shoes: European, UK, Japan & USA.
  • Murder In The House Of Gucci - "The call that would change everything came late in the evening of January 8, 1997. The anonymous caller asked to speak to Filippo Ninni, the head of police for the Italian region of Lombardia, and demanded a meeting. The caller did not want to say too much over the phone: 'I’m going to say just one name: Gucci.'"
  • OMYSTYLE Purse Organizer Insert for Handbags, Felt Bag Organizer for Tote & Purse: US$9.99.
  • OMYSTYLE Purse Organizer Insert for Handbags, Felt Bag Organizer for Tote & Purse: US$9.99.
  • OMYSTYLE Purse Organizer Insert for Handbags, Felt Bag Organizer for Tote & Purse: US$9.99.
  • OMYSTYLE Purse Organizer Insert for Handbags, Felt Bag Organizer for Tote & Purse - "Tote Bag Organizer Insert with 5 Sizes, Compatible with Neverful Speedy and More." [AWAY FROM MESS]: Our purse inserts are designed with 13 different compartments and 5 sizes to best meet your daily needs, and help you make reasonable use of your handbag's space. Everything stays neat and organized with this felt bag insert and you no longer have to dig around for your phone, cards, lipsticks or keys. [5 SIZE OPTIONS]: There are 5 sizes of our bag insert which is compatible with Neverfull, Speedy, Longchamp Le Pliage Tote, Goyard, MK, Katespade, Coach, etc. Medium:9.6(W)x5.1(D)x5.9(H) Slender Medium:11.1(W)x3.2(D)x6.4(H) Large: 11.4(W)x5.9(D)x6.9(H) Slender Large:13.7(W)x3.6(D)x5.9(H) X-Large: 13.4(W)x6.7(D)x7.1(H) NOTE: PERFECTLY-means space within 1.5", LOOSELY means space within 2.5 inch.
  • Prada & Louis Vuitton are using blockchain to stop fakes - "Crypto is crashing but the tech behind it could save luxury brands billions. Counterfeits are a huge problem for high-end designers around the globe: luxury brands lost $98 billion worth of sales to counterfeits in 2017 alone."
  • Prada's $185 ‘paperclip’ fashion’s latest mundane must-have? - The Guardian.
  • Queen Elizabeth's Favorite Handbag Brand Launches New Retro Style in Honor of Queen's Jubilee - "No accessory is more iconic than the Queen's handbag."
  • quiet status symbols you're going to be seeing everywhere in 2024 - "Luxury looks a little different in 2024. Unlike the logomania trend of years past, status symbols have gotten quieter - though no less expensive - in recent years. Now, people casually show their wealth with the skincare products on their bathroom counters, the machines they use to make coffee, and the jewelry on their wrists."
  • Rare & Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Bags - "Louis Vuitton's first Limited Edition handbag was released in 1996 to celebrate its 100-year anniversary. Called the Centenaire Collection, it came in Damier print with vachetta leather." Sotheby's.
  • Real Luxury Goods Don’t Have Brand Names - "Peace of mind and simplicity have become much more important than outward shows of success."
  • Rise Of Luxury Brands Of Everything - "Luxury brands have shown exceptional resilience during financial crises and steady growth over the last several decades. To keep the momentum, some of the biggest brands are tempted to expand even further and explore new categories." Forbes
  • Searches for ‘Quiet Luxury’ Have Skyrocketed 373% Over the Past Month, New Research Says - "Over the past year, 'old-money style' searches grew a whopping 568 percent, while 'quiet luxury' and 'stealth wealth' saw increases of 373 percent and 334 percent, respectively, over the past month alone. For all of those terms, searches are now at a record high."
  • Shirt collars, silk and steamy pants: a beginner’s guide to perfect ironing - "Here’s how the experts do it."
  • Spot the difference: the invincible business of counterfeit goods - "Selling cheap fakes of a successful product makes horribly good business sense. Is there any way to stop it?"
  • Spot the ‘superfake’: Fashion brands want you to be able to identify counterfeits - "To become a 'master' authenticator at Fashionphile - the highest level of training to weed out designer fakes at the luxe online marketplace - takes more than 8,000 hours of rigorous schooling, according to the company. Trainees learn to quickly spot an error in the date format inside a Louis Vuitton bag, for example, or know the correct metal alloy makeup of a Cartier watch."
  • Spotern - since 2016. "Watch it & get it!" Shop every outfits and products seen on TV series, TV shows, movies and music videos worn by your favourite actors and people.
  • Telfar Bags Surpasses All Legacy Luxury Brands In Resale Market Value - "Black-owned fashion brand Telfar is raising the stakes when it comes to bag resale market value. According to Rebag’s 2022 Clair report, the Telfar Clemons-helmed collection has surpassed legacy luxury brands in average value retention."
  • The Best Luxury Luggage for Traveling in Style - "Bring back the golden age of travel with these gorgeous designer suitcases and weekenders."
  • The Black Tie Guide - "A Gentleman's Guide to Evening Wear."
  • The History of Luxury in 50 Objects, From Cleopatra's Barge to Louis Vuitton Trunks - "An alternative look at the products, ideas, and shots in the dark that shaped the modern world."
  • The making of an icon: The Louis Vuitton trunk - "Unlocking the secrets of the iconic Louis Vuitton trunk in Asnières, France, the historic home of the Vuitton family."
  • ThÉlios acquires iconic french Eyewear brand Vuarnet - "It is Thélios first brand acquisition, which marks an important milestone in the development of the LVMH eyewear company, expanding its presence in the luxury eyewear industry through this proprietary brand."
  • Top 5 Most Expensive Gucci Items Ever Sold In The World - "One of the world’s most glorious brands when it comes to luxury, style, and comfort packed into one box is the Italian brand Gucci. For years, the brand has worked towards setting a trademark in the industry as the most high-end distributor of products."
  • top 30 brands mentioned in 'Sex and the City' - The Guardian.
  • VERY FIRST TO - "KNOW, HAVE & DO." Enables individuals to be the first to know about, and have, newly launching luxury products and experiences.
  • Vintage Chanel bags - the ultimate guide to buying secondhand - "Plus, a brief history of this iconic accessory. How to find vintage Chanel bags (and how to spot a fake)."
  • Virgil Abloh Has a Feeling for Eco Felt at Louis Vuitton - "The accessories, and one coat, were inspired by moving blankets - and luxed up with a shimmering monogram."
  • WHAT IS STEALTH WEALTH? 9 EASY WAYS TO LIVE UNDER THE RADAR - "Stealth wealth is the opposite of conspicuous consumption, and it’s about financial freedom and a successful personal life."
  • who will take over from virgil abloh at louis vuitton? - "The Great Louis Vuitton Battle. Martine Rose v Telfar Clemens v Grace Wales Bonner: who will take the crown?"
  • Why do we buy into ‘stealth wealth’ & the class who wear it? - "'We try to wear clothes like the super rich, but in reality they are just laughing at us.'"
  • Why Don't Rich People Use Phone Cases? - "Ditching a Phone Case Is the Latest Symbol of Stealth Wealth. he internet can’t stop talking about 'quiet luxury' and 'stealth wealth,' trendy new descriptors for the type of expensive minimalism that has long been associated with a certain brand of old money. There’s one quietly trending stealth wealth signifier that, technically, millions of people could adopt right now: stripping the case off your smartphone."
  • Why No Other Luxury Company Compares To LVMH - "The French luxury house LVMH reached a staggering $319.4 billion (264.6 billion euros) as of February 26, 2021, surpassing Nestlé, the Swiss food giant, to become Europe’s most valuable company. Most people are astonished by the size and dynamics of the luxury market. Intuitively, they assume luxury is a niche business - even people who work for luxury brands. But what many underestimate is a luxury brand’s enormous value creation potential."
  • Why The HermÈs Birkin Bag is a Better Investment Than Gold - "Skip the gold and steer away from the tumbling stock market, according to a new study the best option for long-term investors is to buy a Hermčs Birkin bag. According Baghunter, an online marketplace for buying and selling handbags, the Birkin bag outpaced both the S&P 500 and the price of gold in the last 35 years - a time period chosen to reflect the date when Birkin bags were first produced in 1981. They say that the annual return on a Birkin was 14.2%, compared to the S&P average of 8.7% a year and gold’s -1.5%."
  • why the hermÈs birkin bags cost so much - "Everything you need to know about the world’s most coveted tote. What fits your personal belongings and can cost a full year’s salary - or two, or three? In the 1990s, you might have said 'a house,' but today a valid answer could also be a Hermès Birkin bag, the capacious saddle-stitched status symbol that has become A-Listers’ accessory of choice."
  • Why the ‘ludicrously capacious’ bag on Succession was such a faux pas for the very wealthiest - "In this week’s newsletter: Poor Bridget’s nouveau riche tastes are everything old money families like the Roys hate: loud, practical and the sign of a class interloper."
  • Why the super-rich love understated dressing - "Quiet 'stealth-luxe' fashion is dominating runways and TV screens - but why now? Clare Thorp explores the low-key, under-the-radar world of stealth wealth."
  • Why We Spend More For Luxury Watch Brands - "When consumers spend money on most luxury goods, they are, in fact, purchasing two things at once. First, they are purchasing a 'nice object' or service. That is the thing they are acquiring, and for it to be an authentic luxury, it has to be manufactured rather well, often with a refined design and using less-than-ordinary materials. But that alone doesn’t make anything a luxury good. The second thing consumers are purchasing when getting a luxury good is the brand name on the good. This is a more amorphous area of value but a real one nonetheless. When you buy a brand you are in fact purchasing an association with a concept, feeling, image, or status."
  • Will Gucci’s Digital Bag Disrupt Luxury? - "A digital version of Gucci’s Dionysus Bag with Bee created for the Roblox marketplace has been sold for $4,115 - exceeding the price tag of the physical accessory IRL. The virtual bag was on sale at Gucci Garden, an experience engineered as a collaboration between Kering’s jewel in the crown and the online gaming platform. Here, visitors could meet up, have their avatars try on various branded items, and make purchases."
  • Will Kering & HermÈs follow Louis Vuitton's lead on prices? - "When Gucci-owner Kering and Hermès report earnings this week, investors will be looking for signs that the big luxury fashion groups are confident that wealthy shoppers are willing to pay higher price tags for designer accessories."
  • With an empire of handbags & cognac, Bernard Arnault elbows past tech titan Jeff Bezos to top world’s richest list - "French luxury mogul Bernard Arnault isn’t sending anybody into outer space, but his fortunes sure are taking off."
  • WOMEN'S CLOTHING SIZE CONVERSIONS - dresses, suits, blouses, sweaters, bras & shoes: European, UK, Japan & USA.
  • Your Guide to 8 of the Most Popular Louis Vuitton Bags - "The LV Keepall, LV Noe, and LV Speedy were all introduced during the 1930s and remain among the most popular Louis Vuitton bag styles even today. The Louis Vuitton Keepall and Louis Vuitton Speedy come in two distinct styles, without a strap or with a strap or Bandoulière." Sotheby's.
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