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Top 35 Luxury Fur and Faux Fur Brands and Dealers

Fur & Faux Fur News, Reviews & Resources (39) Top 35 High-End Fur & Faux Fur Clothing Dealers

FUR is used in reference to the hair of animals, usually mammals, particularly those with extensive body hair coverage that is generally soft and thick, as opposed to the stiffer bristles on most pigs.

An animal with commercially valuable fur is known within the fur industry as a furbearer. The use of fur as clothing and/or decoration is considered controversial by some people: most animal welfare advocates object to the trapping and killing of wildlife, and to the confinement and killing of animals on fur farms.

Fur clothing is clothing made of furry animal hides. Fur is one of the oldest forms of clothing; thought to have been widely used as hominids first expanded outside Africa. Some view fur as luxurious and warm; however others reject it due to moral beliefs. The term 'a fur' is often used to refer to a coat, wrap, or shawl made from the fur of animals. Controversy exists regarding the wearing of fur coats, due to animal cruelty concerns.

Fake fur, also called fun fur or FAUX FUR, is any material made of synthetic fibers designed to resemble fur, normally as part of a piece of clothing. It was first introduced in 1929 and has been commercially available since the 1950s, but its increasing popularity has been credited to its promotion by animal rights and animal welfare organizations which claim that it is an animal-friendly alternative to traditional fur clothing.

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    Fur & Faux Fur News, Reviews & Resources
  • Astrakhan faux fur hat: £225.
  • Astrakhan faux fur hat - since 1676. "The Karakul hat is traditionally made from the wool of the karakul sheep. Ours has been reimagined in faux Persian-lamb fur for two reasons: the distinctive looped fur gives a lustrous sheen and is renowned for its stylish, perched appearance. The hat features internal ear flaps for extra-cold days." Lock & Co. Hatters.
  • Birger Christensen - since 1869. The business is a family affair, now in its fourth generation. The store has been at the centre of fashion in Copenhagen for almost 150 years, constantly evolving, telling new stories each season, offering customers a modern and original retail space.
  • Brandon Sun - since 2012. "Brandon Sun is an international luxury fur and ready-to-wear brand."
  • Braschi - since 1966. "The leading Italian luxury fur brand recognized for its highest quality & unique design." Constant innovation, creativity, tradition and craftsmanship "tailor made", always based on the creations of Maison Braschi.
  • Burberry - since 1856. Men's Technical Parka with Detachable Shearling Warmer.
  • ChloÉ fur coats - since 1952. At Vestiaire Collective.
  • Cornelia James - since 1946. Royal Appointment since 1978. "Faux Fur Shrugs | Evening Shrugs."
  • Farfetch - since 2007. "Designer faux-fur & shearling coats for women." Once upon a time, quality faux-fur and shearling coats were only offered by a few niche brands. Nowadays, a plethora of designers have adopted these materials with different shapes and colours dominating the runways. Choose to be snug in STAND STUDIO with its range of ‘70s-inspired designs. or opt for streamlined elegance with Bottega Veneta.
  • FENDI Fur - since 1925. "Fur Collection 2021: Iconic and feminine." Striking a balance between pure elegance and style extravaganza, the collection exudes a sense of empowered and polished modern femininity.
  • Fur Outlet - since 2011. "Fox, mink, chinchilla, sable furs, swakara, lynx, coats." See our fantastic collection of Fox Furs! We can make any coat you wish on your order!
  • Gianfranco FerrÉ furs - since 1970. "Visit the latest collections of the most prestigious brands of the International Fur."
  • Harrods - since 1834. "Women's Fur Coats." Our discerning selection of designer fur coats encapsulates pure luxury, enlisting only the finest, ethically sourced furs to create timeless future heirlooms. Chinchilla and mink coats provide all-enveloping softness, while Max Mara versions feature fur collars for timeless elegance. For an equally plush alternative to the real thing, turn to Burberry's faux fur offerings.
  • Haute Acorn - since 1856. "Real Fur Coats and Accessories." Haute acorn online fur store is based in Greece and is online since May 2016. We represent a long history of furriers based in North Greece (Kastoria) and we ship our fur garments worldwide!
  • Helen Yarmark Reversible Chinchilla Cape with a hood: US$60,800.
  • HELEN YARMAK - since 1992. "Helen Yarmak is an international fashion brand with locations in New York, Moscow, and Milan. Our collections of rare jewels, cashmeres and furs are made by hand in Italy and have been coined wearable art. Our designs have been featured in countless films and TV shows, including Sex and the City, Empire and The Devil Wears Prada, and have been worn by stars like Beyonce, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Cardi B, JLo and Lady Gaga."
  • HOBBS london - since 1981. "Faux Fur Coats & Jackets." A layer of luxury. Sumptuously soft and irresistibly cosy, our edit of faux fur coats and jackets are perfect for making a statement on winter nights.
  • J. MENDEL Paris - "J. Mendel, a fifth-generation French atelier, has evolved into a global luxury fashion house under the auspices of creative director Gilles Mendel. Founded in St. Petersburg in the 1870s as furriers to the Russian aristocracy, the house of J. Mendel relocated to Paris’s famed rue Saint-Honoré following the Russian Revolution. Let our fur-services experts design a bespoke fur piece for you. The possibilities are limitless... whether it be a fur fantasy of yours, or a custom design by Mr. Mendel."
  • Kopenhagen Fur - since 1930. "Welcome to the world of fur." Kopenhagen Fur is the world’s leading provider of fur, recognized for exceptional quality and sustainable production. As the world’s largest fur auction house, we provide the best and most comprehensive range of raw fur skin types as well as our unique labelling and grading system, ensuring you the ultimate product.
  • Levinsky Copenhagen 1869 - since 1869. "Through all the years the company has been market leading in design and production of Fur and Leather garments which, has been sold to boutiques worldwide." Sustainable fur, women Faux Fur, and women Mink.
  • Liska Fur - "Handmade in Austria." Founded in 1948, Liska is one of Austria's oldest and most beautiful fur houses with in-house furriers.
  • Lock & Co. Ottawa sheepskin hat: £445.
  • Lock & Co. hatters - established 1676. "Our collection of cold weather men’s hats echoes timeless silhouettes that lend added warmth and comfort on cold winter days." Our men's winter hats are inspired by vintage shapes and silhouettes, lending a sense of timeless opulence and elegance to your winter wardrobe. This collection includes sheepskin and faux fur hats that are both hardy, practical and stylish.
  • Malamati - since 1979. "Malamatì’s woman has a natural metropolitan and very contemporary elegance."
  • Mondialpelli Milano - "Furs made in Italy since 1955." Furs Beyond Expectation.
  • Mondiana - Mondialpelli also makes Mondiana and it opened its flagship store in 2008 in Moscow.
  • Monique Lhuillier - since 1996. Monique Lhuillier For The Fur Salon Mink Fur Stole at Saks Fifth Avenue.
  • Nafa - "NAFA’s original roots go back to 1670." NAFA brings over 345 years of experience into the world of fashion. Throughout history, humans have worn fur garments for warmth, durability or glamour. Today, over 500 designers are pushing creative boundaries and redefining fur’s place in fashion. The modern consumer has endless options for expressing their individuality with their fur choices. NAFA provides the finest fur pelts to the world’s top designers, and we take great pride in the quality of our furs, and in the artisanal heritage aspects of our trade. From high fashion’s haute couture to ready-to-wear garments and accessories, we are proud to promote the beauty of NAFA furs worldwide.
  • Neiman Marcus Fur Salon - since 1907. "Furs & Faux Furs." This season, treat yourself to the ultimate in cold-weather style with these exquisitely crafted pieces you’ll treasure now and in the years to come.
  • OSCAR DE LA RENTA furs - since 1965. "We have partnered with Oscar de la Renta Furs to provide exclusive fur services including climate controlled storage, cleaning, repair and remodeling."
  • Paolo Moretti - "Luxury Italian furs Paolo Moretti. Fashion fur manufacturer in Milan since 1949."
  • Prada fur hat: €1,683.
  • PRADA - since 1913. Men's fur hat with fox tail.
  • Purdey - since 1814. Women's fur capes, scarves, stoles & waistcoat.
  • Revillon furs - eBay.
  • Russian Legacy Astrakhan Hats - since 2000. "Astrakhan fur hats are made of pelts with nice low to medium curls depending on the model. Current options include ambassador, kubanka, Leningrad, Moscow, papakha, shepherd, and ushanka styles. The material name is synonymous with Persian lamb or Karakul and many of its spelling variations." Men's.
  • Saga Furs - since 1938. Mink, fox, finnraccoon & karakul furs. Saga Furs offers the world’s broadest selection of superior furs produced exclusively on regulated European farms. The twin values of top quality products and a strict code of responsibility make Saga Furs the choice of designers around the globe.
  • SAKS FIFTH AVENUE - American luxury department store founded in 1867. "The Fur Salon." Fur Jackets & Fur Coats For Women.
  • Stefany furs - "The Stefany company has been working at the Russian market since 1997." We can offer you the leading Italian brands: Valentino, Giuliana Teso, Christian Ghielmetti, de Carlis, Manoel Cova, Julio Tango, Stefania Sarre, Alessandro Vento & Marco Gianotti.
  • Valentino fur coats -since 1960. Mink Valentino Garavani Coats for Women at Vestiaire Collective.
  • vestiaire collective mink fur - since 2009. Designer mink coats, and more.
  • Yves Saint Laurent fur coats - since 1961. At
  • Zara - since 1975. Faux fur coats. Long sleeve coat with a lapel collar. Side in-seam pockets. Front button fastening.
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