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Cohiba Behike cigars.
  • Cohiba Behike Cuban cigars -  the flagship brand among all Cuban cigar brands. Established in 1966 as a limited production private brand supplied exclusively to Fidel Castro and high-level officials in the Communist Party of Cuba and Cuban government.
  • Zino Davidoff (1906-1994).
  • Grand Havana Room, 666 5th, Suite 39, Avenue between 52nd and 53rd Street, New York, NY 10103, U.S.A.
  • Romeo y Julieta - Sir Winston Churchill's favorite cigar brand.
  • David Linley Riviera Humidor: £6,000.
  • Cigar sizes, shapes & color guide.
  • S.T. Dupont 18-carat solid gold lighter.
  • Davidoff Cigar Scissors Stainless Steel Gold - Large: US$725.
  • Pipe tobaccos.
  • Dunhill Amber Root 1 Flame DP pipe: US$1415.
  • Electronic cigarette.

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    "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." - Sigmund Freud.

    "Smoking is indispensable if one has nothing to kiss." - Sigmund Freud.

    "“A woman is an occasional pleasure but a cigar is always a smoke." - Groucho Marx.

    "A cigarette is the perfect type of a perfect pleasure. It is exquisite, and leaves one unsatisfied. What more can one want?" - Oscar Wilde.

    "My rule of life prescribed as an absolutely sacred rite smoking cigars and also the drinking of alcohol before, after and if need be during all meals and in the intervals between them." - Winton Churchill, one of the world's most celebrated cigar smokers, reportedly smoked more than 300,000 cigars in his lifetime.

    A CIGAR is a tightly rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco that is ignited so that its smoke may be drawn into the mouth. Cigar tobacco is grown in significant quantities in Brazil, Cameroon, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Sumatra, Philippines, and the Eastern United States.

    Explorer Christopher Columbus is generally credited with the introduction of tobacco to Europe. Two of Columbus's crewmen during his 1492 journey, Rodrigo de Jerez and Luis de Torres, are said to have encountered tobacco for the first time on the island of San Salvador in the Bahamas, when natives presented them with dry leaves that spread a peculiar fragrance. Tobacco was widely diffused among all of the islands of the Caribbean and therefore they again encountered it in Cuba, where Columbus and his men had settled.

    Tobacco leaves are harvested and aged using a process that combines use of heat and shade to reduce sugar and water content without causing the large leaves to rot. This first part of the process, called curing, takes between 25 and 45 days and varies substantially based upon climatic conditions as well as the construction of sheds or barns used to store harvested tobacco. The curing process is manipulated based upon the type of tobacco, and the desired color of the leaf. The second part of the process, called fermentation, is carried out under conditions designed to help the leaf die slowly. Temperature and humidity are controlled to ensure that the leaf continues to ferment, without rotting or disintegrating. This is where the flavor, burning, and aroma characteristics are primarily brought out in the leaf.

    Once the leaves have aged properly, they are sorted for use as filler or wrapper based upon their appearance and overall quality. During this process, the leaves are continually moistened and handled carefully to ensure each leaf is best used according to its individual qualities. The leaf will continue to be baled, inspected, unbaled, reinspected, and baled again repeatedly as it continues its aging cycle. When the leaf has matured according to the manufacturer's specifications, it will be used in the production of a cigar.

    Cigars are composed of THREE TYPES OF TOBACCO LEAVES, whose variations determine smoking and flavor characteristics:

    WRAPPERS: A cigar's outermost leaves, or wrapper, come from the widest part of the plant. The wrapper determines much of the cigar's character and flavor, and as such its color is often used to describe the cigar as a whole.

    FILLERS: The majority of a cigar is made up of fillers, wrapped-up bunches of leaves inside the wrapper. Fillers of various strengths are usually blended to produce desired cigar flavors. In the cigar industry this is referred to as a "blend". Many cigar manufacturers pride themselves in constructing the perfect blend(s) that will give the smoker the most enjoyment. The more oils present in the tobacco leaf, the stronger (less dry) the filler. If a cigar is completely constructed (filler, binder and wrapper) of tobacco from only one country, it is referred to in the cigar industry as a "puro" which in Spanish means "pure".

    BINDERS: Elastic leaves used to hold together the bunches of fillers. Essentially, binders are wrappers that are rejected because of holes, blemishes, discoloration, or excess veins.

    SIZE AND SHAPE: Cigars are commonly categorized by the size and shape of the cigar, which together are known as the vitola. The size of a cigar is measured by two dimensions: its ring gauge (its diameter in sixty-fourths of an inch) and its length (in inches). The most common shape is the parejo, sometimes referred to as simply "coronas", which have traditionally been the benchmark against which all other cigar formats are measured.

    A CIGARETTE (French "small cigar", from cigar + -ette) is a product consumed through smoking and manufactured out of cured and finely cut tobacco leaves and reconstituted tobacco, often combined with other additives, then rolled or stuffed into a paper-wrapped cylinder (generally less than 120 mm in length and 10 mm in diameter). The cigarette is ignited at one end and allowed to smoulder for the purpose of inhalation of its smoke from the other (usually filtered) end, which is inserted in the mouth. They are sometimes smoked with a cigarette holder.

    A cigarette is distinguished from a cigar by its smaller size, use of processed leaf, and paper wrapping, which is usually white, though other colors are available. Cigars are typically composed entirely of whole-leaf tobacco.

    The earliest forms of cigarettes have been attested in Central America around the 9th century in the form of reeds and smoking tubes. The Maya, and later the Aztecs, smoked tobacco and various psychoactive drugs in religious rituals and frequently depicted priests and deities smoking on pottery and temple engravings. The cigarette, and the cigar, were the most common method of smoking in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central and South America until recent times.

    In the English-speaking world, the use of tobacco in cigarette form became increasingly popular during and after the Crimean War, when British soldiers began emulating their Ottoman Turkish and Russian comrades. This was helped by the development of tobaccos that are suitable for cigarette use, and by the development of the Egyptian cigarette export industry.

    During the second half of the 20th century, the adverse health effects of cigarettes started to become widely known and text-only health warnings became commonplace on cigarette packets.

    PIPE SMOKING is a practice of 'tasting' or inhaling the smoke produced by burning a substance, most commonly tobacco, in a pipe. It is the oldest and most traditional form of smoking.

    A number of Native American cultures had pipe-smoking traditions, long before the arrival of Europeans. Tobacco was often smoked, generally for ceremonial purposes, though other mixtures of sacred herbs were also common. The calumet (called "peace pipe" by Europeans), was smoked in ceremony to seal covenants and treaties. Tobacco was introduced to Europe from the Americas in the 16th century and spread around the world rapidly.

    Pipes have been fashioned from an assortment of materials including briar, clay, ceramic, corncob, glass, meerschaum, metal, gourd, stone, wood and various combinations thereof, most notably, the classic English calabash pipe.

    A smoking pipe for tobacco smoking typically consists of a small chamber (the bowl) for the combustion of the tobacco to be smoked and a thin stem (shank) that ends in a mouthpiece (the bit). Pipes can range from the very simple machine-made briar pipe to highly-prized handmade and artful implements created by renowned pipemakers which are often very expensive collector's items.

    The bowls of tobacco pipes are commonly made of briar, corncob, meerschaum, or clay. Less common are cherrywood, olivewood, maple, mesquite, and oak. Generally a dense-grained wood is ideal. Minerals such as catlinite and soapstone have also been used. Pipe bowls of all these materials are sometimes carved with a great deal of artistry.

    SNUS is a moist powder tobacco product originated from a variant of dry snuff, in the early 19th century in Sweden, consumed by placing it under the lip for extended periods of time. Since snus is not intended nor recommended for inhalation, it does not affect the lungs as cigarettes do. The World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges that Swedish men have the lowest rate of lung cancer in Europe, partly due to the low tobacco smoking rate, but does not argue for substituting snus for smoking.

  • TOBACCO - Wikipedia.
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  • Cohiba Behike cigars.
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  • XIIth Habanos Cigar Festival (2010).
  • HABANOS FESTIVALS - Habanos Cigar Festival. Every year Havana plays host to the Habanos Cuban Cigar Festival in the month of February.[4] The festival is usually held within a five day time span where activities during the festival include: tours of the cigar factories, a trade fair, various seminars focused on the production, distribution and history of Havanos cigars, cigar tastings, Habanosommelier contest, an instruction class on how to roll a Habano, and visits to tobacco plantations. Attendees of this event include distributors, “La Casa del Habano” managers from all over the world, production and sales executives, producers and marketers of luxury and smoker products, tobacco producers, dealers of the tobacco industry, artisans and collectors, smoker clubs, and amateur smokers.
  • THE BIG SMOKE - annual event held around the United States every year sponsored by Cigar Aficionado magazine.
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  • Cigar Aficionado Magazine.
  • CIGAR AFICIONADO - since 1992. "Your home for cigars on the web."
  • Cigar World - "Cigar Reviews & Lifestyle."
  • SMOKE MAGAZINE - since 1974. "The premiere lifestyle magazine for cigar enthusiasts."
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  • Grand Havana Room New York, 666 5th, Suite 39, Avenue between 52nd & 53rd Street, New York, NY 10103.
  • A guide to the best places for cigar-lovers everywhere - Daily Mail.
  • Berluti Alligator Leather Four-Cigar Case: €4,450.
  • BERLUTI - Paris since 1895. "The ultimate expression of luxury for men." Cigar cases.
  • Chantix - prescription medication used to treat nicotine addiction. It both reduces cravings for and decreases the pleasurable effects of cigarettes and other tobacco products.
  • CHEROOT - Wikipedia.
  • CIGAR - Wikipedia.
  • CIGARS CLAN - "Everything about cigars, cigar aficionados and cigar passion for life."
  • Cigar Lounge at hotel The Alpina, Alpinastrasse 23, CH-3780 Gstaad, Switzerland.
  • Cigar Lounge at The Alpina, Gstaad - "The walk-in humidor features a selection of over 50 cigars. Classic, deep-buttoned armchairs are attached to small, custom-designed tables, each supporting a bespoke ashtray. From the leather and dark wood interior, you look out through windows to rolling Alpine countryside north of the hotel." At hotel The Alpina, Alpinastrasse 23, CH-3780 Gstaad, Switzerland.
  • CIGARS REVIEW - cigar reviews and ratings.
  • CRA | CIGAR RIGHTS OF AMERICA - "Fighting For The Freedom To Enjoy Fine Cigars."
  • Cuban Cigars Guide – Cohiba, Upmann & Co - Gentleman's Gazette.
  • CUBAN CIGAR WEBSITE - "The World's Best Cuban Cigar Information Website."
  • Edward Sahakian Cigar Shop & Sampling Lounge - at The Bvlgari Hotel, 171 Knightsbridge, City of Westminster, SW7. Offers a vintage, rare and exquisite cigar collection, sourced exclusively from Edward Sahakian’s private collection. The selection includes rarities such as the Cuban Davidoff Dom Perignon; the Partagas No. 4 Reserve and the Cohiba Sublimes Ltd Edition 2004, Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No. 2, the Trinidad Reyes and the Romeo Y Julieta Churchill.
  • Elie Bleu Cigar Case For 2 Cigars 'Calibre' 27 Genuine Matt Brown Crocodile: €1,120.
  • ELIE BLEU Paris - since 1976. Crocodile cigar cases.
  • GARDEN ROOM - at The Lainesborough hotel in London, U.K. "The Garden Room is the first and only luxury smoking venue in Knightsbridge, providing the best smoking room in London and housing an extensive collection of Cuban and Pre-Castro cigars."
  • Grand Havana Room - "An International Business Club." Beijing, Beverly Hills, Moscow & New York City. The Grand Havana Room is an exclusive membership Cigar Club with both a dining room and lounge. The GHR offers membership to men and women who appreciate the pleasures of the world's finest cigars as well as the year-round company of those who share this and other lifestyle interests.
  • GRAND HAVANA ROOM BEVERLY HILLS - "Our flagship location. Since its inception in April 1995 it has set the standard that high-end cigar clubs are measured by on a national scale. every element of the Grand Havana Room has been designed for the explicit purpose of maximizing the enjoyment of the cigar smoker." Members, including some of the biggest names in Hollywood and the business world: actors, producers, directors, and agents. The centerpiece of the club is the humidor, a glassed-in room that contains 350 blond-wood lockers, packed from floor to ceiling. Some of the rarest cigars are available from the Grand Havana humidor, including Fuente's Opus X, La Gloria Cubana, and the Indian brand cigar.
  • Grand Hotel Park Cigar Lounge, Wispilestrasse 29, CH-3780 Gstaad, Switzerland.
  • Grand Hotel Park Cigar Lounge, Gstaad - "In an English club atmosphere, seated in plush Chesterfield armchairs, this is an ideal place to enjoy a cigar, and based on suggestions, sip on a drink or a cocktail for a moment of pure pleasure." At Grand Hotel Park, Wispilestrasse 29, CH-3780 Gstaad, Switzerland.
  • Inside London's oldest cigar merchants' - The Telegraph.
  • Inside the Nat Sherman Townhouse. Photograph by Bigbuzzwiki, CC BY-SA 3.0.
  • Inside the Nat Sherman townhouse - "Go inside the family-owned business where big shots like Frank Sinatra and Rudy Giuliani have gotten their cigars for decades."
  • IPCPR | The International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association - since 1933. The oldest, largest and most active trade association representing and assisting premium retail tobacconists and their suppliers.
  • John F. Kennedy lights up cigar with his close friend Senator George Smather of Florida.
  • John F. Kennedy bought 1,200 Cuban cigars hours ordered US trade embargo - MailOnline.
  • LIST OF CIGAR BRANDS - Wikipedia.
  • Lock & Co. Embroidered Smoking Cap: £295.
  • Lock & Co. - embroidered smoking cap.
  • Michel Audiard Le cigare et son socle feuille fountain pen.
  • MICHEL AUDIARD - "Le cigare et son socle feuille" fountain pen.
  • Montegrappa Cigar fountain pen: €2,275.
  • Montegrappa Cigar fountain pen - "Made in the special 'Tobacco' celluloid, one of the 24 hues Montegrappa boasts in its archives, the Cigar pen resembles the subject with uncanny realism."
  • On the Cigar Trail in Cuba - The New York Times.
  • PRE-CASTRO & PRE-EMBARGO CIGARS - (January 2, 1959 & February 7, 1962). A pre-Castro cigar was made in Cuba before Castro's rise to power January 1959. A pre-embargo cigar was made in Cuba before President Kennedy enacted the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba in 1962. So, all pre-Castro cigars are pre-embargo, but not all pre-embargo cigars are pre-Castro. Many cigars referred to as pre-embargo may in fact be pre-Castro as well. Often, when the owner doesn't know the exact date of production, he'll call the cigars pre-embargo to be on the safe side.
  • SIMPLY CIGARS LONDON - since 2001. "The World's Finest Cigars Online." Also great cigar resources and free 'Where to smoke now' app.
  • Smoking cap - worn by men while smoking to stop the hair from smelling of smoke.
  • Stefano Ricci Crocodile Leather Cigar Set: US$2,750.
  • Stefano Ricci - "The SR cigar set is a superior and unique assemblage. The cigar lighter and cigar cutter are functional and sophisticated with their elegant shapes and precious materials, enriched by crocodile leather and handcrafted metal detailing."
  • The One Box of Cigars You Should Buy This Month - "Davidoff’s latest Chinese Zodiac limited edition cigar is the one box of cigars you should be picking up in January 2020."
  • When London was the smoking capital of the world - The Telegraph.
  • Zenith watches collaborates with Cohiba Cuban cigars - The Telegraph.
    Electronic Cigars
  • Maracello Rechargeable Electronic Cigar.
  • Antonio Villard Premium Electronic Cigars - "Maracello Rechargeable Electronic Cigar."
  • cigavette - "It's not a cigarette. It's a CIGAVETTE!" Electronic cigars. Disposable E cigar.
  • LG-1000 Disposable E-Cigar - "This 1800 puff device makes for a great way to test the waters or buy a box for the next poker game."
  • Royale Premium Electronic Cigar - "Our Royale Premium Electronic Cigar comes in a larger ring size (54) and darker wrapper to provide the user with a stately and pronounced cigar that is perfect for enjoying a night out on the town, or even relaxing at home."
  • Vapor4Life - "Vapor Zeus e Cigars."
  • Davidoff No. 1 Marine Red Mahogany Humidor: US$4,675.
  • HUMIDOR - Wikipedia.
  • Humidor Guide - "All you ever wanted to know about humidors and storing cigars."
  • HUMIDORS - Cigars International.
  • Hygrometer - instrument used for measuring the moisture content in the atmosphere.
  • Optimum level of humidity in a humidor - Humidor Guide.
  • Top 40 High-End Humidor Brands
  • Adorini Humidor Cabinet cigar cabinet adorini Aficionado Deluxe. Capacity: 500 cigars.
  • Adorini - since 1999. "Premium humidors and cigar accessories."
  • Agresti Polished ebony humidor with tray. Cedar lined. Ruthenium plated hardware: €2,650.
  • Agresti Shiny Ebony Humidor - Firenze 1949. "Humidor for 100 cigars in ebony polished. Cedar lining. Two humidification units and hygrometer. Removable tray."
  • Anthony Holt Bentley Humidor in Walnut: £4,995.
  • Anthony Holt - since 1915. "Our bespoke range of Humidors have book matched veneers and are supplied with sterling silver hallmarked fittings. All of our Humidors come supplied with humidifier frames and hydrometer bezels that are all hand made by master craftsmen in the United Kingdom."
  • Assouline The Impossible Collection of Cigars (SE): US$2,150.
  • ASSOULINE HUMIDOR - since 1994. "A highly anticipated new addition to Assouline's best-selling Ultimate Collection, The Impossible Collection of Cigars special edition offers the ultimate humidor to be filled with the most remarkable cigars of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, from the most prestigious makers. Assouline's handcrafted, limited edition of The Impossible Collection of Cigars is encased in a fully functioning, cedar-lined humidor, complete with a state-of-the-art hygrometer and a humidification system."
  • Bamford London Cigar Humidor: US$1,035.
  • Bamford London - since 2003. "This striking cigar humidor is part of the Bamford London Collection and is the ultimate gift for the cigar lover. Sleek, elegant and easily transportable, the humidor is also the perfect travel companion. Each humidor has been beautifully handcrafted in Italian leather with a cedar wood interior and is available in either Black or Tan."
  • Berluti Scritto Venezia Calf Leather Cigar Box: US$6,250.
  • Berluti - Paris since 1895. "The ultimate expression of luxury for men." Scritto Venezia Calf Leather Cigar Box.
  • Buben & Zörweg Grand Connoisseur XL humidor.
  • BUBEN & ZÖRWEG - since 1995. "Optimal environment for special treasures of passionate cigar lovers."
  • C.Gars Dunhill Sidecar Travel Humidor - 20 Capacity: £435.
  • C.Gars - since 1997. "C.Gars Ltd offer a full and extensive range of humidors to suit all budgets."
  • Christian Baeck humidor.
  • CHRISTIAN BAECK HUMIDORS - handcrafted custom humidors made in New York with Austrian craftsmanship by Christian Baeck.
  • Cigarte Aristócrata Cristal Lacado Humidor.
  • Cigarte - since 2010. All models.
  • Cup O' Joes Davidoff Ambassador Palisander Humidor: US$2,560.
  • Cup O' Joes - since 1995. "From full sized humidors to Boveda & Humi-Smart packs, find all of your humidification needs for cigars & tobacco here!"
  • Daniel Marshall Limitied Edition Humidor: US$995.
  • DANIEL MARSHALL HUMIDORS - "A Symbol of Quality Since 1982."
  • Davidoff Dome Cigar Humidor - Burl Amboyna: US$5,895.
  • DAVIDOFF HUMIDORS - since 1911. "A fine cigar is one of life's most distinct pleasures. Expert care and storage are an absolute necessity - which is why the serious aficionado takes pride in owning a Davidoff Cigar Humidor."
  • DeART humidor.
  • DeART - since 1962. "The artisan skills and abilities of our highly qualified personnel are supported by latest-generation machinery and software, all aimed at continuously improving our humidors."
  • Döttling the Fortress is the safest luxury safe in the world, available in the certified security classes VdS/EN 3 to – and this is absolutely unique – VdS/EN 5
  • DÖttling - The Fortress - "Around the world, Döttling safes find homes among select connoisseurs and enthusiasts of the finest locksmith artisanry since 1919." Inside the Fortress there is also a humidor made of original Spanish cedar, with an electronic humidifying system. A hygrometer & a barometer, both from Wempe, stylishly provide information about humidity & air pressure.
  • Dunhill Canary Wharf White Spot Grey Oak Cigar Humidor - 175 Cigars: US$2,750.
  • DUNHILL HUMIDORS - since 1893. "Dunhill provides the best selection of luxury cigar humidors with their diverse and splendid design. From exotic woods to black leather cigar humidors, Dunhill delivers with their versatile collection of cigar humidors ideal for cigar smokers desiring a travel size humidors to large humidors capable of holding 175 cigars! These cigar humidors can be passed down generations thanks to their durability and high quality construction. For luxury at its best, discover a Dunhill cigar humidor perfect for you and a lighter!"
  • Elie Bleu 110 cigars Safari mahogany Panther marquetry: €2,935.
  • ELIE BLEU Paris - since 1976. "Tabletier de luxe since 1976." Elie Bleu designs the cases that will accommodate your most precious objects. All models.
  • Gathenergy 100CT Display Humidor.
  • GEGROUP - since 2012. "Specialist manufacturer & exporter of high quality cigar humidors & accessories including cigar cutters, ashtrays, cigar cases, lighters, punchers and many other smoking accessories and pipe accessories."
  • Ghurka Partido humidor No. 214: US$3,500.
  • Ghurka - "Fine Handcrafted Leather Gear Made in Norwalk, Connecticut Since 1975."
  • Havana House Padron 50th Anniversary Humidor: £7,500.
  • Havana House - since 1998. "The Padron 50th anniversary humidor has received an overwhelming amount of publicity since it’s release in 2014 but not without good reason. This Padron cigar box features perhaps one of the finest pieces of craftsmanship you will ever lay your eyes upon. Each humidor is not simply the perfect place to store your cigars to keep them safe, it is a work of art in itself. The humidors have been designed by Cuban-born artist and cigar manufacturer Nelson Alfonso."
  • Hunters & Frankau display humidor.
  • Hunters & Frankau - since 1790. Humidors & display cabinets.
  • James J. Fox Humidor Elie Bleu Alba Blue 110: £1,999.
  • James J. Fox - since 1787. "The oldest cigar merchants in the world." Purveyors of fine specialist cigars to European Royalty, Mr Churchill and our other distinguished customers for over 200 years.
  • David Linley Dubai Skyline Humisor: £6,995.
  • LINLEY - since 1985. "The LINLEY range of handcrafted humidors are specially designed to provide the perfect environment for storing your cigars."
  • Linley Vice Box: £13,995.
  • LINLEY VICE BOX - since 1985. "Drinking, Smoking and Gambling - Specially designed for the individual who enjoys combining a casual drink with a game of poker whilst indulging in a fine cigar, the Vice Box has been carefully crafted in walnut by a skilled LINLEY craftsmen."
  • Louis Vuitton Cigar Humidor 75 - Taiga Leather (M58562): US$3,300.
  • LOUIS VUITTON Cigar Humidor 75 - since 1854. "This cigar case stores 75 cigars at just the right humidity. Created in mahogany, it is enhanced by an elegant ebony finish and a pear wood Monogram inlay."
  • Louis Vuitton Cigar Case 150 in Brown (M58560): US$5,000.
  • LOUIS VUITTON Cigar Case 150 - since 1854. "This cigar case stores 150 cigars at just the right humidity. Created in mahogany, it is enhanced by an elegant ebony finish and a pear wood Monogram inlay."
  • Maklary Vertigo humidor.
  • Maklary Humidors - since 2014. "Style, Luxury, Professionalism. Inspired by the true love of cigars." All Maklary models are made of valuable solid wood with the greatest care, they operate soundlessly. Besides the most advanced basic technology, we provide digital air conditioning and air disinfection to our humidor cabinets. We create masterpieces.
  • Next Cigar Davidoff Dome humidor.
  • Next Cigar - "The Finest Service to the Finest Premium Cigars since 2000!"
  • Pinel & Pinel Paris Fumoir: €40,000.
  • Pinel & Pinel Paris - since 1998. "One of the best automatic humidifier on the market, adjusting the humidity of the trunk in order to the give your cigars the best taste and texture." The insulating glass door allows a better view of the drawers, whose capacity varies from 800 to 1000 cigars, in addition to other 400 to 600 pieces that can be stored in the cabinet.
  • Rolls-Royce Humidor in Glove Box.
  • Rolls-Royce Humidor in Glove Box - "This cedar wood-lined Humidor is beautifully trimmed with polished aluminium, leather detailing, and is discreetly located within the glove box." Available for all Phantom models.
  • Sauter Louis Vuitton Inspired Humitrunk
  • Sautter Gucci Inspired Trunk: £9,000.
  • Sautter - since 1961. "Sautter Cigars launches vintage one-off cigar humidor trunks." Sourced through exclusive auctions worldwide, Sautter cigars collect one-off designer trunks from top high-end designers such as Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Gucci which is then restored and turned into the ultimate cigar humidors. Doubling as great interior features, the trunks are crafted and fitted with Spanish Cedar, hardwood veneers and Boveda humidors offering a humidity of between 69-75%. The trunks reveal stunning inlaid removable cigar storage trays, crystal decanters and glasses; the ultimate gift for the discerning man.
  • Savinelli Cigar Box Dama.
  • SAVINELLI - since 1876. All models.
  • Scatola del Tempo Cuban Only! humidor.
  • SCATOLA DEL TEMPO - since 1989. Cuban Only! humidor. 25 cigar leather humidor w/ Spanish cedar.
  • Simply Cigars Cigar box style humidor, high gloss polish finish - 60 cigars: £168.58.
  • SIMPLY CIGARS - since 2001. "Cigar Humidors and Humidor Guide Online." Our range of desktop humidors is perfect for cigar enthusiasts, whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned cigar lover. Each piece in our collection is cedar lined to keep your cigars in the best possible condition. The high humidity absorption of cedar ensures a constant level of moisture inside your humidor; it also supports the cigar ageing process and helps improve its flavour.
  • S.T. Dupont Edony Humidor. Capacity: 75 cigars: €1,250.
  • S.T. DUPONT - since 1872. "Selecting the finest materials, S.T. Dupont artisans handcraft a distinguished collection of luxurious cigar accessories." All models.
  • Stefano Ricci Desk Humidor: €14,350.
  • STEFANO RICCI - since 1972. All models.
  • The Cigar Club Villa Spa Humidor can hold approximately 150 Churchill size, or 200 Petit Corona size cigars: £849.
  • The Cigar Club - since 1968. "A humidor is basically a storage device that is specifically designed to look after your cigars. It will maintain them at a certain level of humidity (near 70%) at a constant temperature (70°F or below)." Prestige & travel humidors.
  • Tonino Lamborghini Montecarlo 100-Cigar Humidor - Black Carbon Fiber: US$405.
  • Tonino Lamborghini Humidor - since 1981. "Pure Italian Talent."
  • Vinotemp Cigar Mate 450 Cigar Desktop Humidor: US$499.99.
  • VINOTEMP - since 1985. "Please find some examples of Cigar and Humidor products and projects that we have worked on below. Vinotemp's experts will help you choose and build the best humidors and cabinets to properly store your cigars. View our cigar and humidor gallery for more ideas." Cigar humidors & humidifiers.
  • Xikar 18-24 Cigar Travel Humidor.
  • XIKAR - since 1996. "The best thing to happen to cigars since fire." XIKAR makes six (6) different sizes of travel humidors for the right occasion. The travel humidor case size, number of cigars and temperature will determine how you maintain the Relative Humidity (RH). Our new 20ct, 40ct and 60ct humidors feature a low profile design making them perfect for travel.
  • Zino Acrylic Humidor: US$299.
  • ZINO Humidors - since 1911. All models.
  • Aston Martin Zippo Lighter: £25.88.
  • ASTON MARTIN - Zippo lighter.
  • Boucheron lighter, 18 kt gold, boxed.
  • Boucheron 18 kt gold lighter - "Still in its original box, a perfectly preserved lighter. Already sold, but opened a new world of lighters for me."
  • Bugatti B-1 Torch Lighter - Gunmetal.
  • Bugatti - B-1 Torch Gunmetal Lighter.
  • CARAN D'ACHE - since 1915. "Exclusive Swiss Luxury Lighters for Collectors." Caran d'Ache presents an exclusive range of finely decorated lighters, ultra-slim, sober and elegant. An individual number is stamped on the base of each lighter, confirming its origin and its pedigree. These highly sought cigarette and cigar luxury lighters are some of the most desirable and collectable. All models.
  • Caran d'Ache High Line Plaqué Or lighter: US$1,640.
  • Caran d'Ache Laque de Chine lighter: US$1,640.
  • CARAN D'ACHE Laque de Chine
  • CARTIER - since 1847. "A small collection that stands by the Maison’s tradition of excellence and unique flair for fine objects. These delicately-crafted lighters serve as precious adornments of the day-to-day, ensuring an ever-present touch of elegance." 10 models.
  • Cartier Logotype motif lighter: US$1,230.
  • CARTIER Logotype motif lighter
  • Cartier Godrons' decor square lighter: US$1,150.
  • Caseti Windsor Gold Plating With Black Lacquer Flint Lighter: US$49.92.
  • Caseti Lighters - since 2006. "Caseti provides luxurious yet functional products designed to meet the needs of men. Whether casual or formal, Caseti's combination of craftsmanship and technology in design exceeds gentlemen's expectations to remain the best of their kind. The brand inheritance allows men to express their individuality and personality through the Caseti tradition of providing high-end Classic, Aesthetic, Sensational, Elegant, Thorough and Integral products. Every Caseti lighter comes in a handsome, felt-lined gift box and is covered by a manufacturer's limited two-year warranty. Form and function combine in each Caseti line to afford every man the individuality he demands." All models.
  • DAVIDOFF - since 1936. "Davidoff Lighters enthrall the aficionado with the latest level in technology, developed in the tradition of expertise and care that only time can afford. The smoker can’t help but highly appreciate the lighter's functionality, especially the fluent motion of the roll bar. The flint is easy and practical to replace and the gas is simple to replenish. There are ten select finishes in gold plated, platinum or lacquer across two size choices. Our lighters offer an assortment that is truly best in class." All models.
  • Davidoff Prestige Gold Plate Lighter: US$789.95.
  • Dunhill Barley Pattern Rollagas Lighter: US$725.
  • Dunhill Barley Pattern Rollagas Lighter - "The iconic dunhill Rollagas lighter in a palladium-plated design featuring our signature 'barley pattern' motif. Precision-engineered in Switzerland. First launched in 1956, the epitome of refinement and durability."
  • Dunhill (Alfred Dunhill Co.) ( England) lighters - Price Guide.
  • Dunhill Barley Rollagas Lighter: £480.
  • DUNHILL Barley Rollagas Lighter
  • Dunhill Hobnail 18ct Gold Rollagas Lighter.
  • DUNHILL HOBNAIL 18CT GOLD - The classic!
  • Dunhill Accendino Diamond Chrome Unique Turbo Cigar Lighter: US$995.
  • Dunhill Accendino Diamond Chrome Unique Turbo Cigar Lighter
  • Elie Bleu Delgado pocket lighter - 9 colors: €155.
  • ELIE BLEU Paris - since 1976. "Elie Bleu has developed several lines of Pocket Lighters to expand the galaxy of cigar accessories offered by the brand." Pocket lighters.
  • Elie Bleu 'Casa Cubana' - Large Table Lighter: €862.
  • ELIE BLEU Paris - since 1976. "Elie Bleu offers Table Lightersto complement most of its cigar box collections, made from the same precious woods." Table lighters.
  • IM Corona - since 1933. "Real Heart into Smoker's Gear."
  • IM Corona Double Corona Gold Plate Barley with Lines: US$210.95.
  • IM Corona Double Corona series - Double flame.
  • IM Corona Flambeau Series - Jet Turbo flame.
  • IM Corona Laurel series
  • IM Corona Old Boy Gold with Barley: US$232.95.
  • IM Corona Old Boy series - Pipe flame.
  • IM Corona Pipe Master series.
  • IM Corona Pipe Master series - Pipe flame.
  • Lorenzi Milano Desk cigarette lighter: €775.
  • Lorenzi Milano - since 1929. "Horn, mammoth, gnu, oryx, antelope, following an all-inclusive thread of wildlife. Table lighters take on unique shapes, interpreting the morphology of horns or using combinations of metal and leather or metal and horn." Luxury cigarette & desk lighters.
  • PIERRE CARDIN - since 1950. "Pierre Cardin lighters are now one of the most popular lighters sold in the UK. In 2009 the range won lighter manufacturer of the year."
  • Pierre Cardin Black & Gold Cigar Lighter with Cutter: £32.95.
  • PIERRE CARDIN Black & Gold Cigar Lighter with Cutter
  • Pierre Cardin Classic Black Laquer lighter: £30.95.
  • PIERRE CARDIN Classic Black Laquer
  • Plazmatic LIGHTERS - since 2013. "Home of the world's most badass, flameless, windproof, eco-friendly, USB rechargeable lighters. The end of nasty butane has arrived! #SayNoToButane."
  • Plazmatic C Note lighter: US$44.99..
  • Plazmatic X lighters - all models.
  • PORSCHE DESIGN - sinde 2003. All models.
  • Porsche Design P´3632 lighter: £145.
  • PORSCHE DESIGN P´3632 lighter
  • Porsche Design P´3633 lighter: £140.
  • PORSCHE DESIGN P´3633 lighter
  • Porsche Design Lighter P'3639: £120.
  • Porsche Design Lighter P'3639 - "Performance, elegantly packaged. The Porsche Design Lighter P'3639 embodies the Porsche Design philosophy to a tee, merging a timeless, puristic aesthetic with technical perfection. Beneath the protective casing of the lighter, a modern quartz mechanism with piezo ignition creates a powerful, almost transparent jet flame. Check the fill level (max. 1 gram) using the side window. For travelers: please note that all Porsche Design lighters are classified as storm lighters. Storm lighters are not permitted in aircraft. Their carriage is strictly forbidden in both hand luggage and checked baggage."
  • Porsche Design P´3643 Candle Lighter: £215.
  • PORSCHE DESIGN P´3643 Candle Lighter - "The most distinctive lighter in the Porsche Design collection."
  • RONSON Lighters - since 1913. "Ronson creates stylish products for simple living." All models.
  • Ronson Limited Edition 24K Gold Anniversary Varaflame Lighter.
  • Ronson Limited Edition 24K Gold Anniversary Varaflame Lighter - the flagship of the line. This Ronson classic was first produced in 1957.
  • Ronson Banjo Brass lighter.
  • Ronson Banjo Brass lighter - "The Banjo is an elegantly designed lighter that ergonomically fits into your hands. This lighter was first produced in 1926 as the World's first automatic 'One-Motion' lighter. The current range includes 3 colours, chrome silver finish, brass satin and matte black."
  • Ronson Premier Varaflame Chrome Engine-Turn V Mark lighter.
  • Ronson Premier Varaflame V Mark lighter - "The Premier Varaflame (PV) is our flagship product that was first introduced in 1957, it is one of the most classy lighters available on the market today. This RPV2005 is the modernised version with the Heritage 'V' embossed in gold."
  • Ronson Vestige Dia-Silver Brass lighter.
  • Ronson Vestige Brass lighter
  • Savinelli Lighters.
  • SAVINELLI - since 1876. All models.
  • Savinelli Burgundy Square Table Lighter: €134.
  • SAVINELLI - table lighters.
  • S.T. DUPONT LIGHTERS - since 1872. "Complete selection of Rare and Limited Editions, many other."
  • S.T. Dupont Yellow Gold finish Natural Lacquer lighter.
  • S.T. DUPONT BRIQUET COLLECTION ATELIER - "Rare skills revived by our craftsmen bring out the natural beauty of precious materials with irresistibly rich patinas, as individual as a fingerprint." All models.
  • S.T. Dupont Brushed Gold Finish Lighter.
  • S.T. DUPONT BRUSHED GOLD FINISH LIGHTER - "The perfect blend of minimalism and functionality. Raise your design profile with the Slim 7 in full brushed gold metal finish; the world’s slimmest luxury lighter, weighing in at 45 grams with a powerful torch flame."
  • Candle Lighter The Wand x Cire Trudon Black-Gold.
  • S.T. Dupont Candle Lighter The Wand × Cire Trudon Black-Gold - "S.T. Dupont has partnered with renowned French candle-maker Cire Trudon and created a special THE WAND candle lighter - available for a limited time. Chic, stylish, ergonomic, meet the new sleek and slender, THE WAND in black and gold. With a powerful blue torch flame, THE WAND is the perfect decorative object for lighting any candle in an instant, both indoors and out."
  • S.T. Dupont Défi Extrême Lighter.
  • S.T. DUPONT DÉFI EXTRÊME LIGHTER - "Innovative design meets high-performance engineering to create a powerful element-defying lighter, tough enough to withstand winds of up to 40 km/hour and stay ultimately reliable at even the most extreme temperatures and altitudes."
  • S.T. Dupont Gold Montparnasse Vertical Lines Lighter: US$1,000.
  • S.T. DUPONT GOLD MONTPARNASSE VERTICAL LINES LIGHTER - "Luxury Ligne 2 lighter with yellow gold vertical lines pattern."
  • S.T. Dupont Yellow Gold Finish Lighter.
  • S.T. DUPONT Yellow Gold FINISH LIGHTER - "The quintessential S.T. Dupont lighter, with its famous opening "cling" recognised by those in the know. Its balanced proportions make it the most universal S.T. Dupont lighter. Showcasing pure lines, this collection is adorned with noble materials and features a gentle flame or double flame depending on the model."
  • S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Pink Sparkling Pink Gold Lighter: US$50,000.
  • S.T. DUPONT LIGNE 2 PINK SPARKLING LIGHTER - US$50,000.00. 18-carat pink solid gold. 93 diamonds (1,03 carat) GVS quality.
  • S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Sparkling White Gold Lighter.
  • S.T. DUPONT LIGNE 2 SPARKLING LIGHTER - US$80.000,00. 18-carat white solid gold. 468 diamonds (5,2 carat) GVS quality.
  • S.T. Dupont Solid Gold 18-Carat Yellow Gold Finish Lighter: £18,625.
  • S.T. DUPONT SOLID 18-CARAT YELLOW GOLD FINISH LIGHTER - "The quintessential S.T. Dupont lighter, with its famous opening "cling" recognized by those in the know. Its balanced proportions make it the most universal S.T. Dupont lighter. Showcasing pure lines, this collection is adorned with noble materials and features a gentle flame or double flame depending on the model. The manufacturing time is 4 months upon receipt of the order. The order is definitive and there is no possibility of cancellation."
  • S.T. Dupont Humphrey Bogart Limited Edition Ligne 2 Lighter: US$1,700.
  • S.T. DUPONT Limited Editions LIGHTERS - "Being exceptional is about having the vision and the expertise to challenge boundaries and charter new paths. With our uncompromising standards of excellence, we are proud to partner with the innovative, the iconic and the exceptional to create collections of unique limited editions."
  • S.T. Dupont maxiJet Chrome Finish Lighter.
  • S.T. DUPONT MAXIJET CHROME FINISH LIGHTER - "The ergonomic design and streamlined silhouette of the chrome maxiJet house a highly powerful torch flame, making it the perfect companion for cigar smokers."
  • S.T. Dupont Palladium Finish Natural Lacquer Lighter.
  • S.T. DUPONT PALLADIUM FINISH NATURAL LACQUER LIGHTER - "Our iconic lighter, with the famous crystal clear sound of the lighter's cap, instantly recognisable by those in the know. Elegantly engineered and finished in palladium with our new Fire Head signature engraving, this exceptional lighter features a soft flame. Made of 6 triangular facets, Fire Head is velvety to the touch, contrasting superbly with the geometrical precision of its motif."
  • S.T. Dupont Gatsby Lighter - Silver Verticle Lines: US$725.
  • S.T. DUPONT SILVER LIGHTER - "Luxury Lighter, compact, sterling silver with verticle lines."
  • S.T. Dupont Yellow Gold Finish Natural Lacquer Lighter.
  • S.T. DUPONT YELLOW GOLD FINISH NATURAL LACQUER LIGHTER - "Inspired by rare heritage skills dating back to S.T. Dupont’s origins, our artisans revive unique lacquering techniques to bring the Atelier 1953 range of hand-crafted objects to life, with natural lacquer applied by hand, layer by layer, to create a perfect finish. Flame-proof and highly resilient, each piece from the Atelier 1953 collection becomes an enduring precious object of beauty with its own unique character."
  • Stefano Ricci Sterling Silver Jet Flame Lighter: €1,180.
  • STEFANO RICCI - since 1972. Sterling Silver Lighter.
  • Dunhill Turbo Untreated Brass lighter.
  • The White Spot - The pipe brand 'The White Spot Dot' was introduced around 1912 by Alfred Dunhill. All models.
  • Dunhill Rollagas Hobnail 18ct Yellow Gold lighter.
  • The White Spot Dunhill Rollagas Hobnail 18ct Yellow Gold lighter - "Lighter can be ordered with standard flame, cigar flame or pipe flame."
  • Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Bean Sterling silver Lighter: US$350. Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Bean lighter - Black lacquer: US$125.
  • TIFFANY & CO. - since 1837. Elsa Peretti Bean stirling silver lighter.
  • Tonino Lamborghini Mito Flint Lighter: US$119.
  • Tonino Lamborghini Mito Flint Lighters - "Pure Italian Talent." Tonino Lamborghini represents the luxury Italian lifestyle with its focus on design, innovation and the legend of a timeless heritage. This is a brand for men who want to express these qualities. Tonino Lamborghini has now captured all of the above in their cigar smoking accessories. The Mito collection are sleek and slender, chrome-finished cigar lighters.
  • Urso London Luxury Lighter Limited Edition: €60,000.
  • URSO - since 1985. "Made in Italy." Luxury gold cigarette lighters and cases.
  • Xikar Pipeline Soft-flame Lighter: US$64.99.
  • XIKAR - since 1996. "Designed to combine style, function and dependability backed by a lifetime commitment, XIKAR lighters are truly a necessity for today's aficionado."
  • XIKAR Double-jet Lighters - ignites a powerful jet flame perfect for cigars & cigarettes.
  • Zino Platinum Jet Flame Lighters: US$160.
  • Zino Platinum Jet Flame Lighters - "These elegant lighters are fitted with a special 'Flower' jet flame that makes them work in the strongest of winds."
  • ZIPPO - since 1932. "Zippo lighters are durable, refillable and built for a lifetime of use. Find the lighter that is perfect for you!" All models.
  • Zippo Classic 18k Solid Gold Lighter: US$20,033.88.
  • ZIPPO 18k Solid Classic Gold Lighter - "It's the ultimate indulgence. With understated elegance, this 18kt. solid gold Zippo windproof lighter feels solid, looks substantial, and is absolutely stunning. Includes a gold lighter insert and custom crafted cherry gift box with certificate of registration." Price: US$11,893.95.
  • ZIPPO CANDLE LIGHTERS - "Zippo candle lighters are butane refillable and are available with or without a flexible neck."
  • ZIPPO lighter inserts - "Customize your Zippo lighter with a new lighter insert. Choose from single and double torch butane or rechargeable arc options. The pressurized butane inserts offer an odorless flame, while the arc offers a completely windproof flame source that can be easily recharged. Fits all regular-sized Zippo lighter cases. Does not fit Slim or 1935 Replica cases."
  • ZIPPO PIPE LIGTHERS - "Zippo Pipe Lighters feature a specially designed insert that allows you to easily direct and draw the flame downward."
  • ZIPPO Torch lighter
  • ZIPPO UTILITY LIGTHERS - "Zippo Utility Lighters are butane refillable and are available with or without a flexible neck."
  • ZIPPO WINDPROOF LIGHTERS - "Zippo Windproof Lighters are durable, refillable and built for a lifetime of use. Find the design that is perfect for you!"
  • Dunhill 7-Day Group 6 Pipe Set.
  • Castello - Wikipedia.
  • Chantix - prescription medication used to treat nicotine addiction. It both reduces cravings for and decreases the pleasurable effects of cigarettes and other tobacco products.
  • Charatan - Wikipedia.
  • Dunhill - Pipedia.
  • Dunhill History -
  • Fine PIPEs International - since 1997. "A Venue for Collectors of Fine Smoking Pipes and Accessories."
  • For Pipe Lovers - Cigar Aficionado.
  • Glossary A-Z - "Pipe smoking, like any specialized pursuit, is replete with its own cryptic words. Here is presented a glossary of words particular to pipe smoking, defined so that you may not only smoke like an accomplished pipe smoker, but speak as one also."
  • Guide to Tobacco Pipes & Pipe Smoking - Gentleman's Gazette.
  • Hookah - single or multi-stemmed instrument for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco, called shisha, whose vapor or smoke is passed through a water basin—often glass-based—before inhalation.
  • Pipe dream - A plan, desire, or idea that will not likely work; a near impossibility.
  • PIPE MAKERS - Scandinavian Pipes.
  • Pipe smoking - Wikipedia.
  • Pipedia - "A wiki for pipes."
  • PIPES AND TOBACCOS MAGAZINE - "A magazine for tobacco and pipe enthusiasts." Quarterly magazine with articles about pipes, pipe manufacturing, custom pipes, and tobaccos.
  • PIPES MAGAZINE - "The #1 Source for Pipes and Pipe Tobacco Information."
  • Rad Davis - Pipedia.
  • SMOKING PIPE - Wikipedia.
  • Stanwell - Wikipedia.
  • The PIPE Tart - "To bring to the pipe world wonderful smoking and beautifully crafted handmade pipes."
  • Tobacco pipe - Wikipedia.
  • TOBACCO SMOKING - Wikipedia.
  • When London was the smoking capital of the world - The Telegraph.
  • Top 40 High-End Smoking Pipe Brands
  • Alfred Dunhill's The White Spot - since 1912. "100 years of craftsmanship behind every pipe."
  • ARMANI / CASA - Casanova pipe set.
  • Armellini Pipe - since 1960. The name Armellini bears the dreams, the dedication, the passion, and the pipe making talent and expertise of three different generations, united by one objective: Offering the best pipes possible, out of the best material possible, at the lowest price possible.
  • Ashton Pipes - "The Ashton pipe story began in 1983 when Bill Ashton Taylor left the Dunhill factory to start his own brand. He knew he could produce classic English shapes and Quaints with character. Bill set a new level with his deep, well defined sandblasting the showed the craggy qualities of each block in detail. He also created a new finish Pebble Cut (a rusticated & sandblast mix) that was patented. The stems were made from vulcanite or acrylic and from of a hand-cut acrylic called 'Ashtonite'."
  • Barling - since 1812. "The history of the brand reaches back to 1812 when Benjamin Barling began to sell meerschaum pipes decorated with silver bands. The company was sold by the Barling family to Imperial Tobacco Co in 1962. From this date the Barling pipes quality was as changing as the countries in which they were manufactured."
  • BBB Pipes - since 1876. "BBB stands for classic affordable quality pipes. The annual Christmas pipe is the pipe worlds answer to the noveau beaujoulais wine with a strong demand every year and an even stronger demand on old editions."
  • Bentley - "Bentley pipes are designed for excellent smoking quality. They are stately interpretations of classic designs. The pipes themselves are naturally of best-quality briar wood."
  • briarworks - since 2012. Produces high quality, elegant products in a wide range of prices.
  • BUTZ-CHOQUIN - since 1858. The brand's collection has increased from ten to seventy series. 135 years after it was founded, the pipe is still well-known not only in France but throughout the world.
  • CAMINETTO - since 1968. "Caminetto is very much a family brand, now with three generations of Ascortis all sharing their craft under this name. Guiseppe Ascorti, or 'Peppino' to his friends, was one of the original founders of the marque and played a large role in the brand's early success. Ascorti later left Caminetto to continue his craft, but the "Pipa Del Baffo" ('the pipe with the mustache') still held a special place in the hearts of the Ascorti family. This legacy is what led Peppino's son, Roberto, to revive the old Caminetto name we know and love today."
  • CASTELLO - since 1947. Often called "the Italian Dunhill". Castello pipes are known to make handmade pipes of the highest quality - and with a whole lot of character.
  • Chacom fine Pipes - since 1825. "The biggest French brand to date knowing how to ally Tradition, Creation & Innovation."
  • Charatan - pipe makers to royalty since 1863. "One of the oldest London pipe makers, Charatan was for years Dunhill's chief rival."
  • Comoy's Pipes - since 1825. Comoy's has been around for ages, in one form or another, offering briars ranging from simple smokers to revered Ribands. Though both ownership of the Comoy's name and the location where the pipes are made have changed, not to mention finishes, one aspect has continued to remain much the same: shaping. This is a good thing, since a big part of what has always made Comoy's, Comoy's, has been a distinct style of interpreting the classics. Such is the charm of the Comoy's style established decades ago that today there's even something of a niche market for independent artisans in reproducing or reinterpreting old Comoy's designs.
  • CUPOJOES.COM - since 1995. Online pipe store. Large selection of pipe makes. "We are the LARGEST Dunhill pipe retailer in the USA!"
  • DANISH PIPE SHOP - since 1969. "One of the finest pipe shops in the world specialized in primary Danish handmade tobacco pipes."
  • Davidoff of Geneva - since 1911. "The ultimate destination for tobacco pipes. Our Davidoff Italian-made pipes are crafted from the finest briar and shaped into beautiful designs with elegant finishes. Davidoff Italian pipes feature a hand-finished bowl and fitted acrylic stem. Now available in sandblasted black, red brilliant and natural light brown."
  • DON CARLOS Pipes - since 1992. Don Carlos pipes are born of thirty-year experience, inspired by local tradition, when at the beginning of 1900, Primo Soriani was a pipe maker near Cagli.
  • DUNHILL PIPES - since 1912. "Alfred Dunhill Pipes are the definitive source of pleasure and status for men of the world, offering high grade luxury pipes."
  • Falcon Pipes - since 1936. "The #1 Falcon Website Anywhere. Over 2,000 Pipe Combinations." Falcon tobacco pipes are unlike any pipe you’ve ever owned before! With interchangeable stems and bowls, the combinations possible are so varied anyone can create a pipe specific to their needs and tastes. Choose any of our vast variety of stems and bowls, the perfect way to create a seven day set!
  • Ferndown Pipes - since 1978. "Purveyors of hand made smoking instruments." Production is now limited to around 1500 - 2000 pipes a year.
  • GOUDA Clay Pipe - "The original Dutch Gouda Clay Pipes." Be careful with clay pipes! Clay pipes are more fragile than any other type or pipe and need to be handled with care. We recommend holding the pipe by the foot for the most stability, and we recommend never clenching this pipe between your teeth.
  • Gubbels - since 1870. "The Pipe Manufacturer." The house of E. Gubbels B.V. in the Netherlands is a leading manufacturer of fully handmade briar-root tobacco pipes with brands likes BigBen & Hilson.
  • J. Alan Pipes - since 2004. "Each J. Alan Pipe is handmade in USA using the finest materials."
  • James J. Fox - since 1787. London. "Buy Wooden Smoing Pipes."
  • James Upshall - since 1978. "Makers of The Finest Briar Pipes."
  • LEMAIRE - since 1896. 59, avenue Victor Hugo, 75116 Paris, France.
  • Luigi Radice - since 1960. Produce between 1,200 & 1,500 pipes annually.
  • Luigi Viprati - since 1972. "Italian Handmade Smoking Pipes."
  • NØRDING Pipes - "Danish exclusive pipes. For more than 50 years Erik Nørding has produced handmade pipes for pipe smokers all over the world. His passion is his work and still today he finds nothing more thrilling than to sit down and carve a beautiful pipe from A to Z. We grade our handmade pipes from group 11 to group 30." We aim to produce truly beautiful pipes to give you that fantastic and unforgettable smoking experience over and over again...
  • Parks PIPEs - "My desire is to design pieces that elegantly juxtapose a post-modern aesthetic with classic english shapes. A fine pipe is an object of art, utility, and collectibility."
  • Paronelli PIPE - "Since 1945 excellence in briar." The Paronelli brand gathers within itself a family passion that was born in 1945 with Jean Marie Alberto Paronelli who designed and created italian briar pipes.
  • PETERSON PIPES OF DUBLIN - established 1865. "The Thinking Man Smokes A Petersons Pipe."
  • pipes and cigars - "More Brands and Types of Pipes."
  • PORSCHE DESIGN Pipes - since 2003. "Porsche offers a variety of uniquely designed tobacco pipes to fulfill your smoking needs. All of the pipes are made with the finest quality briar and supplied with an acrylic mouthpiece and 9mm absorbent filter. Experience Dutch craftsmanship and unique designers' art combine in a classic standing shape with a modern style with one of these pipes."
  • Purisme Carbon Fiber Pipe - Limited Edition: US$2,950.
  • Rad Davis Pipe Cherrywood - "Hand Made Pipe."
  • Radice Pipes - since 1980. Produce between 1,200 & 1,500 pipes annually.
  • Sasieni Pipes - "Collector's favorite since 1919." Sasieni pipes have been a collector's favorite since 1919. Still made in London, using quality briar, these beautiful pipes are made in traditional shapes, with beautiful finishes. Smoke one today and see why they have stood the test of time.
  • Sautter of Mount Street - since 1961. 106 Mount Street, Mayfair, London W1K 2TW, U.K.
  • SAVINELLI - since 1876. "Welcome in our world! A world made of feelings, a world where, through the pipe, you can use all your five senses."
  • S. E. Thile - "Handmade Pipes." Made by hand to exacting standards from Italian, Algerian, or Grecian briar. Stems are hand cut from the finest German Ebonite or Cumberland rod, and designed for maximum comfort.
  • - since 2000. "Fresh Pipes Served Daily." This is the place to be for an almost continuous parade of pipes new to the website, both new and estate. It is updated twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, with hundreds of fresh pipes, and additional special updates occur throughout the week.
  • STANWELL - since 1942. "When pipe smokers talk about pipes that are consistently great smokers, exhibit the creative and beautiful designs that exemplify Danish pipemaking and offer the best value in factory produced pipes, they are talking about Stanwell."
  • The White Spot - "A definite source of pleasure since 1912." Alfred Dunhill Pipes Website.
  • Thomas James Smoking Pipes - "Fine Handmade Briar Tobacco Pipes."
  • Vauen - "Pipe artisanship since 1848." 160 years of tradition and modernity. Repeatedly changing models throughout the year constantly offer something new. Vauen produces over 50,000 pipes a year. Each pipe connoisseur can choose his personal masterpiece from over 250 different models.
  • WINSLOW HANDMADE - since 1968. "Danish handmade pipes."
    Snus | Snuff
  • Swedish Pioneer snuff.
  • SNUFF - Wikipedia.
  • SNUS - Wikipedia.
    • KARDUS SNUS - exclusive snus in limited edition. "The tobacco, which is grown in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, is ecologically cultivated and air dried. It has been laced with Sagatiba Velha, an award-winning cachaça made from pure, freshly squeezed, sugar-cane juice."
    • SWEDISH SNUS - order online.
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