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"Make tea, not war." - Monty Python.

"I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea." - Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

"You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me." - C.S. Lewis.

"I know very well that I am in a minority here. But still, how can you call yourself a true tea-lover if you destroy the flavour of your tea by putting sugar in it? It would be equally reasonable to put pepper or salt. Tea is meant to be bitter, just as beer is meant to be bitter. If you sweeten it, you are no longer tasting the tea, you are merely tasting the sugar; you could make a very similar drink by dissolving sugar in plain hot water." - George Orwell.

TEA is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. It has a cooling, slightly bitter, and astringent flavour that many people enjoy.

Tea originated in China as a medicinal drink. It was first introduced to Portuguese priests and merchants in China during the 16th century. Drinking tea became popular in Britain during the 17th century. The British introduced it to India, in order to compete with the Chinese monopoly on the product.

Tea has long been promoted for having a variety of positive health benefits. Recent studies suggest that green tea may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer, promote oral health, reduce blood pressure, help with weight control, improve antibacterial and antivirasic activity, provide protection from solar ultraviolet light, and increase bone mineral density. Green tea is also said to have "anti-fibrotic properties, and neuroprotective power." Additional research is needed to "fully understand its contributions to human health, and advise its regular consumption in Western diets."

Tea catechins have known anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, help regulate food intake, and have an affinity for cannabinoid receptors, which may suppress pain and nausea and provide calming effects. Consumption of green tea is associated with a lower risk of diseases that cause functional disability, such as “stroke, cognitive impairment, and osteoporosis” in the elderly. Tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid whose consumption is mildly associated with a calm but alert and focused, relatively productive (alpha wave-dominant) mental state in humans. This mental state is also common to meditative practice. The phrase herbal tea usually refers to infusions of fruit or herbs made without the tea plant, such as rosehip tea, chamomile tea, or rooibos tea. Alternative phrases for this are tisane or herbal infusion, both bearing an implied contrast with "tea" as it is construed here.

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    Tea Online
  • Hédiard.
  • A.C. PERCHS - since 1835. "We have put together a large selection of quality teas from around the world. A. C. Perch Teashop import tea from the best plantations and gardens around the world."
  • AMAZON.COM'S GROCERY & GOURMET FOOD - as of December 10, 2016: 255,225 results for 'tea'.
  • bellocq - "Tea Atelier." The world's finest teas and scents should be an everyday luxury. Honoring quality, tranquility and pleasure. Offering Free Shipping to the Continental U.S. on Orders Over $50.
  • Camillia's Tea House - "Specialty Teas, Loose Tea & Tea Bags." Founded in late 2007 and was born from a desire to create a wellness range of teas which would not only be founded on the well-known health properties of tea but also on the quintessentially English heritage of tea drinking. Camellia's showcases more than 100 healthy tea blends and handmade herbal infusions.
  • China Pai Mu Tan White Tea - Jenier World of Teas.
  • DALLMAYR - since 1700. The largest delicatessen business in Europe.
  • DARJEELING TEA BOUTIQUE - "Best Buy & Premium Loose Leaf Tea Online."
  • Davids Tea - "Buy Loose Leaf Tea Online." With the largest collection of organic teas and infusions in North America, DavidsTea steeps more than 150 delicious types including exclusive blends, premium green teas and whimsical dessert creations.
  • DEAN & DELUCA - since 1977. "Your source for gourmet foods." Gourmet Teas.
  • FAUCHON - since 1886 the top luxury gourmet & delicatessen company in France. Tea online: flavored tea, thinness tea, herb tea & casket tea.
  • FIRST FLUSH DARJEELING TEAS - "Only the best picks for you."
  • FORTNUM & MASON - Piccadilly since 1707. "Buy Luxury Tea Online UK."
  • Harney & Sons Fine Teas - "Fine Teas by Master Tea Blenders."
  • HARRODS - since 1834. "Enjoy Luxury Shopping at Harrods!" Luxury Tea.
  • HÉDIARD PARIS - since 1854. "Hédiard only buys from the greatest experts in the topmost estates, those who share our ardour for the infinite possibilities of the leaf. Some appear unadorned, others blended into exquisite flavour profiles that, once tasted, never leave the memory."
  • HU-KWA TEA - "Uniquely crafted black tea from the island of Formosa that is considered by many tea connoisseurs to be the benchmark against which all Lapsang Souchong style teas are measured."
  • IMPERIAL TEAS - "Extraordinary Teas." Our range of tea is chosen from thousands of samples sent to us each year from the producing countries around the world. No speciality worthy of the name passes us by and often we are the exclusive stockists in this country, if not Europe, of the world's finest and most rare varieties.
  • IPPODO - "Ippodo Tea Co. has been providing the highest quality Japanese green tea for nearly 3 centuries."
  • JASMINE GREEN TEA - "Organic and Fair Trade Green Tea." Jasmine tea is the most popular flower-scented tea in East Asia. Its enchanting, unforgettable aroma is created through an artisanal method of tea scenting that dates back more than 800 years.
  • JK TEA - "Authentic & rare Chinese tea experience in JK tea."
  • LAPSONG SOUCHONG BLACK TEA - "Lapsong Souchong, a favorite of Sherlock Holmes and other fictional Britons, can be enjoyed with or without milk and sugar."
  • LIPTON - since 1890. "Lipton is now the world’s leading tea brand, sold in more than 150 countries."
  • Marky's - International Food Emporium since 1983. Gourmet tea forte.
  • MARRIAGE FRÈRES - "French Tea in Paris since 1854." French gourmet tea company. Discover a particular "art de vivre" so called the French Art of Tea.
  • MingCha - "Let our teas speak to you." We established MingCha in 1999 with the aim to let novices and connoisseurs understand handcrafted tea of authentic origins in China with an open heart. We believe good tea could bring one closer to Mother Nature and the Universe. You also get to know yourself better through tea.
  • Palais des ThÉs - "Created in Paris in 1986, Palais des Thés is a brand of premium tea that offers all-natural Signature flavored teas ("Les Créations"), pure single-estate teas and exceptional limited edition Grand Crus."
  • PETROSSIAN - "Founded in Paris in 1920."
  • RARE TEA COMPANY - "Rare Tea Company offers rare and specialty tea expertly sourced from around the world. Artisan loose leaf and whole leaf teas, herbal infusions."
  • RishiA - "Organic Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Chai Tea, Loose Leaf Tea."
  • Ritz Paris Gourmet - Coffee & tea.
  • SPECIAL TEA Company - "Custom Blended Teas. Gourmet Blended Teas."
  • TE-A-ME - since 1942. "Buy Tea Online in India." We believe that tea tastes best when unadulterated with artificial flavours and additives - therefore all our teas are made from 100% Natural Ingredients and REAL spices.
  • The Royal Collection - "There's tea, and then there's royal tea. It's time to stop and discover our magnificent collections of individually wrapped pyramid tea bags, the finest loose leaf teas, and luxury tea-time treats."
  • The WOLSELEY - "Fine Tea Selected by The Wolseley."
  • TWG Tea - since 1837. "The Finest Teas of the World." TWG Tea is passionate about sharing its expertise and has become a point of reference for tea lovers thirsty for knowledge. TWG Tea tasters travel thousands of miles across the globe every year, sampling hundreds of teas in search of the most desirable harvests direct from source gardens. Offering over 1,000 single-estate, fine harvest teas and exclusive blends, as well as tea patisseries and other tea-infused delicacies, TWG Tea is internationally recognised as a true innovator with the creation of new varieties of tea every season in collaboration with the world’s most renowned estates.
  • TWININGS OF LONDON - "In 1706 Twinings started selling fine teas in England. Today we sell more than 200 teas in more than 100 countries throughout the world. Join us as we celebrate over 300 years of passion and commitment to assuring you the world's finest tea experience."
  • Yogi Tea - "More than 50 different blends as loose tea or teabags. Enjoy the variety of herb and spice, fruit and green teas!"
  • Yumchaa - "We're a London based tea company that curate the tastiest teas from around the world and create signature blends made with real fruit pieces, spices, edible flowers, sweets and other delicious ingredients."
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