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Office desk accessories and office supplies.

Top 40 Best High-End Luxury Office Desk Accessories

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Office supplies are consumables and equipment regularly used in offices by businesses and other organizations, by individuals engaged in written communications, recordkeeping or bookkeeping, janitorial and cleaning, and for storage of supplies or data. The range of items classified as office supplies varies, and typically includes small, expendable, daily use items, consumable products, small machines, higher cost equipment such as computers, as well as office furniture.

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    Office Desk Accessory News, Reviews & Resources
  • Acme Infini Leter Opener Frank Nichols: US$30.
  • ACME STUDIO - since 1986. Letter openers.
  • Alessi Frana pencil holder: US$112.
  • Alessi - since 1921. Office accessories.
  • Ferm Brass Pencil Holder: US$99.
  • Amara - since 2005. "Keep your work space organized with our selection of desk accessories. From document holders and organizers, to pen pots and trays, discover innovative and creative accessories which ensure even the busiest of desks remains stylish. Ideal for a home office or workplace, youíll find a world of practically stylish accessories."
  • Artemest Zanchi 1952 Horn Letter Holder: US$195.
  • Artemest - since 2015. Desk accessories.
  • Atelier Renard Le Porte-Bloc: €1,200.
  • Atelier Renard - since 1930. "Sellier à Paris." Stylish writing folder.
  • Atelier Swarovski Currents Large Crystal Paperweight, Bermuda & Meridian Blue: US$169.
  • Atelier Swarovski - since 2007. "Crystal rulers and pens to enrich your work space with form and function."
  • Baccarat Harcourt Abysse clock: US$975.
  • BACCARAT - since 1764. Harcourt Abysse crystal desk clock.
  • Bentley Desk Clock.
  • Bentley Desk Clock - "Perfectly reflecting the Breitling for Bentley universe, the desk clock is likewise distinguished by its original and refined design that is highlighted by meticulous production and finishing."
  • Berluti Venezia Desk Blotter: US$2,540.
  • Berluti - Paris since 1895. Desk blotter.
  • Bosca classic old leather letter tray without lid: US$165.
  • Bosca - since 1911. "Here is where tradition rules. Our classic designs are the perfect offset to a traditional office but you can also picture them in environments both rustic and modern. Of course we like eclectic. We think that there is art in editing, mixing, and contrasting the look and feel of things that we surround ourselves with. Whatever your approach, eclectic or purist, these classics will work for you."
  • Bottega Veneta Pencil holder.
  • BOTTEGA VENETA - since 1966. "This finely crafted nappa pencil holder is a handsome addition to a well-appointed desk. The design showcases the iconic intrecciato weave-a Bottega Veneta signature."
  • Christofle Vertigo silver plated bookends: US$680.
  • CHRISTOFLE Paris - since 1830. Desk accessories.
  • Connelly Tan Large Vide Poche: £325.
  • CONNELLY - since 1878. "Crafted in vegetable-tanned leather from Belgium, the folded effect of the vide poche makes a confident design statement in any home. Vintage palladium hardware from Italy pulls the piece together - literally and aesthetically. And the contrasting stitched detail is a classic Connolly touch."
  • Gingko Cube Walnut Click Clock: US$25.
  • Cube Walnut Click Clock - since 2011. "Time can be smart, clever, ultra-stylish, functional and simple with this cube walnut wooden alarm clock."
  • Dior - since 1946. "There is no greater joy than indulging in good taste." In matters of elegance the detail is as important as the essential. - Christian Dior.
  • Dopo Domani Pinetti Liverpool Desk Set | 6 Pieces: US$1,109.53.
  • Dopo Domani - since 1989. "Tidy desk, tidy mind - a clever saying. And if paper, pens and office accessories are organised in style, your thoughts will flow quite freely. With writing sets for beautiful letters, technical accessories for smartphones, laptops, speakers, cables & co., waste paper bins as the final resting place for discarded ideas, and storage for wonderful memories, important documents and the best ideas."
  • El Casco.
  • EL CASCO - since 1920 "El Casco is known as the manufacturer of the most distinguished desktop accessories available, unequalled in design and quality."
  • evaSMART Personal Air Conditioner.
  • Evapolar - since 2015. "Be cool. Anywhere. Anytime." Meet Evapolar - the most innovative personal portable air conditioner. Evapolar creates your personal microclimate. Cools the air exclusively for you. Smart desktop solution.
  • ForeverSpin spinning tops.
  • ForeverSpin - since 2014. "ForeverSpin has brought back the world's oldest toy!" Precision, Durability and Elegance is what sets Foreverspinô apart from other spinning tops. A Spinning Top that is built to last forever.
  • Formosa Wall Calendar by Danese Milano: US$250.
  • Formosa Perpetual wall calendar - designed by Enzo Mari 1963. "Formosa is a wall calendar with an aluminium back plate that supports the removable sheets of pvc that make up the date. The font used in the black and red version is Helvetica and the piece is one of the classic pieces of the collaboration between Mari and Danese Milano."
  • Forzieri Pineider 1949 Black Leather Desk Pad: US$320.
  • Forzieri - since 1999. Desk accessories.
  • Fritz Hansen Buckets: €214.
  • Fritz Hansen - since 1872. Desk accessories.
  • Ghurka Folding Snap Tray No. 58: US$145.
  • Ghurka - "Fine Handcrafted Leather Gear Made in Norwalk, Connecticut Since 1975." Leather folding snap tray.
  • Grovemade Leather Desk Pad (Tan): US$230.
  • Grovemade - "Modern Desk Organization & Office Accessories." We at Grovemade believe the tools you immerse yourself in reflect who you are and the meaning behind your work.
  • Herbin Wood Rocker Blotter: US$26.55.
  • Herbin Wood Rocker Blotter - since 1837. Desk Ink Blotter - Included a Pre-Cut Blotter Paper.
  • Hermès Pleiade mail tray: US$820.
  • HermÈs - since 1837. Desk accesories.
  • Jack Puzzle: US$95.
  • Jack Puzzle - "Six different notched brass bars make up this brass puzzle, paperweight, and desk object."
  • Linley Mayfair Letter Rack: £495.
  • LINLEY Desk Accessories - since 1985. "Create your dream study with our range of luxury desks and furniture for the home and office. This collection includes unique statement pieces hand-crafted in the finest materials. Browse through our range of standout desks, chairs, paperweights, notebooks and study accessories unique statement pieces hand-crafted in the finest materials."
  • Linley Tambour Walnut Desk Tidy: £450.
  • Linley Tambour Walnut Desk Tidy: £450.
  • Linley - "The LINLEY Tambour Desk Tidy is handcrafted in solid walnut. The blotter forms part of the Tambour Desk Set which comprises a compartmentalised pencil pot, letter rack, in-tray, desk tidy with roll-top lid and flat blotter."
  • LINLEY London Brick- since 1985. "The LINLEY London Brick in walnut has been designed to mimic the exact dimensions and form of a genuine British brick. This quirky home accessory has many uses, not only is it weighted to be used as a doorstop but its multiple purposes include a bookend, paperweight or loose change holder."
  • L'Objet Crocodile Wastebasket: €515.
  • L'Objet - since 2004. Bookends, bookrests, boxes, clips, coasters, letter openers, magnifying glasses, paperweights, pencil cups, trays, wastebaskets, tissue boxes & stationery.
  • Lorenzi Milano Desk cigarette lighter: €775.
  • Lorenzi Milano - since 1929. "Horn, mammoth, gnu, oryx, antelope, following an all-inclusive thread of wildlife. Table lighters take on unique shapes, interpreting the morphology of horns or using combinations of metal and leather or metal and horn." Luxury cigarette & desk lighters.
  • Louis Vuitton Box Camille GM: US$630.
  • Louis Vuitton BOX CAMILLE - since 1854. "This set of boxes is a versatile must-have for both home and office use. Featuring a contrasting microfiber lining, they combine the Maison's historic Monogram signature with the new LV Circle motif. Available 3 sizes that can be stored in the Matriochka way."
  • Louis Vuitton Desk Agenda Monogram Canvas (R20100): US$600.
  • Louis Vuitton Desk Agenda - since 1854. "Designed to stay on the desk, this spacious leather-lined agenda in Monogram canvas provides an elegant holder for notes and small papers. Desk Agenda refills and address book available separately."
  • Lucrin Senator Edition desk set: US$869.
  • Lucrin - founded in Switzerland in 1994. "Office leather accessories." For a refined and a classy workspace.
  • LuxDeco Ralph Lauren Navy Brennan Catchall: £125.
  • LuxDeco - since 2012. Luxury Desk Accessories | Designer Office Accessories.
  • Luzzo Writing Box.
  • LUZZO BESPOKE - since 2010. Writing box. Machined and polished aluminium frame with leather trim. Leather trimmed interior with storage pockets for envelopes, paper and pens.
  • Marlen leather deskset.
  • MARLEN - since 1982. Leather deskset with: Class pen (black), knife for paper, desk-folio, paper pouche, envelopes-pouche, pens pouches.
  • Maxwell Scott The Ilario Luxury Leather Desk Tidy: US$81.
  • MAXWELL SCOTT - since 2002. "The Ilario Luxury Leather Desk Tidy."
  • Napoleon-Souvenirs - desk accessories.
  • Nappa Dori Patent Tray Set of 3 - Yellow: US$75.82.
  • Nappa Dori - since 2010. Desk accessories..
  • Nicholas Haslam Letter Holder: £320.
  • Nicholas Haslam - established in 1980. Wood-lined letter holder. Available in sand, clay, tan, chocolate or black.
  • Pineider 1949 Leather Travel Writing Desk Set: US$4,480.
  • Pineider 1949 Leather Travel Writing Desk Set - "Handcrafted leather writing desk for travel crafted in classic calfskin." Pineider 1949 Leather Travel Writing Desk Set offers an assortment of stationery, pens and inks stored and organized in a case. Personalization available.
  • Pinetti desk set handmade in Italy.
  • Pinetti - since 1983. "Handmade in Italy." Elegant materials, clean shapes, and thoughtful design to craft products which will take your workspace, and your work, to an upper level. Plunge yourself in our desk collection and get inspired. Desk sets, letter trays, pencil cup & accessories.
  • Puiforcat Letter Tray, silver sterling.
  • Puiforcat - since 1820. "Puiforcat silverware collections feature powerful designs in three distinctive styles: Classic, Art Deco by Jean Puiforcat and Contemporary by today's leading designers. Available in sterling silver, silver-plated metal or stainless steel."
  • Ralph Lauren Home Brennan Desk Collection.
  • Ralph Lauren Home - since 1967. Desk Accessories.
  • Royal Crown Derby Prestige Lion of England Paperweight - Limited Edition of 250: £995.
  • ROYAL CROWN DERBY - since 1750. "Made in England." Limited Edition Paperweights.
  • Smythson of Bond Street Stationary Bureau, Brown Mara Collection: £1,595.
  • SMYTHSON OF BOND STREET - since 1887. Stationery Bureau, Brown Mara Collection.
  • Smythson of Bond Street Grosvenor Blotter: £525.
  • SMYTHSON OF BOND STREET - since 1887. "View our range of leather desk sets, blotters and pen pots; handcrafted with functionality and style in mind."
  • Theo Fennell Sterling Silver Jockey Paperknife: £2,500.
  • Theo Fennell - since 1952. "Our Silverware is all made in England by our absolutely brilliant Silversmiths who keep this great British tradition alive." Sterling Silver Paperknives.
  • Tiffany & Co. Catchall Tray in Tiffany Blue Leather: US$250.
  • TIFFANY & CO. - since 1837. "Not just another day in the office. Do your best work in beautiful surroundings with modern desk accessories and finely crafted novelties that bring style and wit to your 9 to 5."
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