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Molteni & C Gliss Master-Glass wardrobes.

Top 20 High-End Closet/Wardrobe Brands & Suppliers

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A CLOSET (especially in North American usage) is an enclosed space used for storage, particularly that of clothes. "Fitted closet" are built into the walls of the house so that they take up no apparent space in the room. Closets are often built under stairs, thereby using awkward space that would otherwise go unused. A "walk-in closet" is a typically a very small windowless room attached to a bedroom, used for clothes storage.

A WARDROBE or armoire is a standing closet used for storing clothes. The earliest wardrobe was a chest, and it was not until some degree of luxury was attained in regal palaces and the castles of powerful nobles that separate accommodation was provided for the apparel of the great. The name of wardrobe was then given to a room in which the wall-space was filled with closets and lockers, the drawer being a comparatively modern invention. From these cupboards and lockers the modern wardrobe, with its hanging spaces, sliding shelves and drawers, evolved slowly.

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    Closet & Wardrobe News, Reviews & Resources
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  • 37 Luxury Walk In Closet Design Ideas & Pictures - "Walk-in closets have always been portrayed as the symbols of wealth. In movies, at times, walk-in closets are owned by higher class characters, full of branded clothing and an expensive belonging. Today, walk-in closets are not exclusively owned by a lord. Anyone can organize and arranged an area to store their belonging properly in a walk-in closet. Here are some great designs of the walk-in closet."
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  • Capsule wardrobe - "Collection of clothing that is composed of interchangeable items only, to maximise the number of outfits that can be created. The aim is to have an outfit suitable for any occasion without owning excessive items of clothing. This is usually achieved by buying what are considered to be 'key' or 'staple' items in coordinating colours."
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  • Top 20 High-End Closet & Wardrobe Brands & Suppliers
  • Artemest - since 2015. "The Online Destination for Timeless Craft: meet Italy's finest craftsmen, shop one-of-a-kind pieces." This unique wardrobe is a superb combination of contemporary style and traditional craftsmanship.
  • Boffi - "Italian design since 1934." Bookcases, cabinets, and shelves: the Boffi systems can be arranged in various configurations, thus emphasising their modular nature. Such an adaptable design creates refined and surprising living rooms, made up of details that combine aesthetically pleasing finishes with top-quality functions. Wardrobe systems.
  • California Closets - since 1978. "Closets and space solutions for the bedroom, home office, garage, pantry, mudroom, media center, and more. Now introducing our new Lago Italian Finishes, color, grain, tone and texture details add a look that enhances any décor and individual style."
  • Chaplins - since 1993. "Reach new dimensions with our sophisticated selection of designer wardrobes. All of our installations are designed to maximize space without compromising on aesthetic. Our gorgeous collection of contemporary wardrobes harness innovative design to guarantee ample storage space and an immensely satisfying user experience."
  • ClosetMaid - since 1965. "Offers innovative wire and laminate/wood storage systems for use in bedrooms, kitchens, family rooms, laundry rooms, home offices and garages - wherever people need to store and organize their things."
  • EasyClosets - since 1999. "Easy to design, easy to install, easy to love. That's our promise to you! We'd love to help you with your next home organization project!" Closet organizers, garage cabinets, laundry room solutions, kitchen pantry storage, home office & living spaces.
  • Elfa - since 1948. "Customized and durable storage solutions." Elfa provides a storage system created to fit people’s individual needs throughout life. Our product portfolio includes customized sliding doors as well as wall-hung or free-standing wardrobe interiors. - all in sustainable, functional design of the highest quality.
  • EmmeBi Design - since 1970. "Italian Lifestyle Expression." The Atlante Wind wardrobe from EmmeBi offers a wide range of modules but it offers above all the possibility to be used for all kinds of projects and spaces.
  • Grandeur - since 1998. Italian wardrobes.
  • henrybuilt - since 2001. "We believe our homes should be good to the core, not just look good on the surface. They should use refined materials and technology, but they should be approachable. They should be long lasting and as repairable as possible. They should be personal, but leverage the quality and design advantages of well-engineered systems."
  • HÜlsta - "Hülsta wardrobes and wardrobe systems convince with a well thought-out combination of several individual components. Whether a tiny recess solution or a large bedroom, whether high or sloping ceilings: Hülsta wardrobes are simply perfect. Pick your design, size and colour to create your personal and individual designer wardrobe."
  • Lago - since 2007. "Wardrobes tailored to your style and space." Modular, innovative and colourful: LAGO wardrobes become an element of interior architecture, adapting themselves to the space and needs of the people who use them. Traditional doors step aside for an infinity of colourful bands or fabrics that become a textile wall. Sliding or hinged, suspended or on the floor, dress your LAGO wardrobe the way you like. Made in Italy.
  • Lema - since 1981. "Modularity and customisation are the key words of Armadio al Centimetre, LEMA’s original a made-to-measure wardrobe that delivers utmost freedom in terms of design and personalisation."
  • Liaigre - since 1987. "Mirabeau Wardrobe." Liaigre has expanded its offerings to include the creation of custom wardrobes to give the ideal finishing touch to the overall design of a space. Previously only handled as part of the Studio’s interior design projects, Liaigre’s custom wardrobes are now structured around three functional and aesthetic proposals. Solid wood, leathers from the Liaigre Collection, and Tulle finishes are the fine materials exclusive to Liaigre that have been selected for the Mirabeau wardrobes.
  • Molteni & C - since 1934. "Designer Wardrobes. Modern Contemporary Design." Gliss Master is an ecosystem. The ecosystem designed by Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen for Molteni&C, redefines the concept of the custom-made wardrobe. Patented technology, elegant finishes and multiple customisation possibilities are combined in a family comprising doors, containers and designer walk-in wardrobes in which various exquisite materials create rationally defined, eye-catching spaces. The basic concept of the Gliss Master collection becomes evident in the details: innovative recess hinges with no visible mechanisms, new interior equipment (shoe racks, shirt holders, tie holders) and a fluid sliding system thanks to the innovative magnetic dampers are just a few of the stars of this vast, multifaceted collection.
  • Poliform - since 1970. "Poliform presents the systems for the night area, wardrobes, walk-in closets, and island chests of drawers designed to create rational spaces to be dedicated to order. An offer that reinterprets the wardrobe with a modern approach, as a universal container to be customized with maximum freedom. This creates - starting from two systems, two island chests of drawers, and a long series of accessories and equipment - basically infinite possibilities of composition."
  • Porro - "The intrinsic ability to interpret wood, offering an incredibly wide range of finishings, since 1925." Italian Design. Dressing Rooms & Storage Closets.
  • Solid Wood Closets - since 2006. "Closet Organizer and Closet Systems made with real 100-percent Solid Hardwood, with DIY (do-it-yourself) installation."
  • The container store - since 1978. "Storage, Organization & Custom Closets."
  • Tylko - since 2014. "Store things your way, whoever you are." Create the ideal shelves and wardrobes for your home. Tailor-made shelves and wardrobes that fit seamlessly into everyday life.
  • Walk-In Closet Design - since 1990. "Create the ultimate space for your personal boutique." No matter the space or size, a custom walk-in closet design becomes your own beautiful space. The highest quality doors, plywood dovetailed drawers, custom cabinetry, accessory and finishing options create an organized and efficient room specifically designed for your needs. A variety of styles match your décor and ensure you enjoy every day.
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