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Bang & Olufsen home cinema - 'Surrounded by magnificent sound'.

Top 60 Best High-End Home Cinema/Theater Systems

Home Theater System News, Reviews & Resources (69) Top 60 High-End Home Theater Systems Top 15 Best Video Projector Brands

HOME CINEMA, also called home theater or home theatre, refers to home entertainment audio-visual systems that seek to reproduce a movie theater experience and mood using consumer electronics-grade video and audio equipment that is set up in a room or backyard of a private home. In the 1980s, home cinemas typically consisted of a movie pre-recorded on a LaserDisc or VHS tape; a LaserDisc or VHS player; and a heavy, bulky large-screen cathode ray tube TV set. In the 2000s, technological innovations in sound systems, video player equipment and TV screens and video projectors have changed the equipment used in home theatre set-ups and enabled home users to experience a higher-resolution screen image, improved sound quality and components that offer users more options (e.g., many of the more expensive Blu-ray players in 2016 can also "stream" movies and TV shows over the Internet using subscription services such as Netflix). The development of Internet-based subscription services means that 2016-era home theatre users do not have to commute to a video rental store as was common in the 1980s and 1990s (nevertheless, some movie enthusiasts buy DVD or Blu-ray discs of their favourite content).

Today, a home cinema system typically uses a large projected image from a video projector or a large flat-screen high-resolution HDTV system, a movie or other video content on a DVD or high-resolution Blu-ray disc, which is played on a DVD player or Blu-ray player, with the audio augmented with a multi-channel power amplifier and anywhere from two speakers and a stereo power amp (for stereo sound) to a 5.1 channel amplifier and five or more surround sound speaker cabinets (with a surround sound system). Whether home cinema enthusiasts have a stereo set-up or a 5.1 channel surround system, they typically use at least one low-frequency subwoofer speaker cabinet to amplify low-frequency effects from movie soundtracks and reproduce the deep pitches from the musical soundtrack.

SURROUND SOUND is a technique for enriching the sound reproduction quality of an audio source with additional audio channels from speakers that surround the listener (surround channels). Its first application was in movie theaters. Prior to surround sound, standard theater sound systems had three "screen channels" of sound, emitted by loudspeakers located only in front of the audience: at the left, center, and right. Surround sound adds one or more channels from loudspeakers behind the listener, thus is able to create the sensation of sound coming from any horizontal direction 360° around the listener. There are various surround sound–based formats and techniques, varying in reproduction and recording methods along with the number and positioning of additional channels. The most common surround sound specification, the ITU's 5.1 standard, calls for 6 speakers: Center (C) in front of the listener, Left (L) and Right (R) at angles of 60° on either side of the center, and Left Surround (LS) and Right Surround (RS) at angles of 100–120°, plus a subwoofer whose position is not critical.

Surround sound is characterized by a listener location or sweet spot where the audio effects work best, and presents a fixed or forward perspective of the sound field to the listener at this location. The technique enhances the perception of sound spatialization by exploiting sound localization; a listener's ability to identify the location or origin of a detected sound in direction and distance. This is achieved by using multiple discrete audio channels routed to an array of loudspeakers.

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    Home Theater System News, Reviews & Resources
  • Abacus Acoustic - "Cinema Design, Acoustic Specification." We Consult and Design Engineer the Immersive Cinema Experience to World's best practice. Winner of the 2020 Sound + Image Gold Cinema Award.
  • Acram - since 1976. "A whole new experience in home cinema sound." World class audio and specialist dealers to help you get the best from your home cinema products.
  • Anthem - since 1995. "Premium Audio Video Receivers & Powered Amplifiers." Manufacturer of high-performance receivers & power amplifiers for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts. 'The Anthem MRX1120 is the best home theater receiver that I have had the pleasure of ever using.' (Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity).
  • Artcoustic - "Beautiful Sound Since 1998." The finest dedicated cinema rooms, made possible with Artcoustic Spitfire Series loudspeakers.
  • Audio Pro - since 1978. "Sound of Scandinavia."
  • Baetis Audio - since 2011. "The Very Best in Media Computers." Baetis Audio music and media servers are among the most awarded in the industry.
  • BANG & OLUFSEN - since 1925. "Fill your home with astonishing sound." Add wireless surround sound for extraordinary audio-visual performance and convenience. The true impact of cinema, with the freedom to match.
  • BANG & OLUFSEN Beosound Stage - since 1925. "Powerful Dolby Atmos Soundbar." Powerful soundbar that brings Bang & Olufsen sound to your own TV without the need of a subwoofer.
  • BOSE - since 1964. "Premium Performance. No Compromises." Take all that’s great about movies, TV, and music ... and make it even better. Bose soundbars and home theater surround sound systems bring out the best in your entertainment, so you can enjoy thrilling, cinema-like sound from the comfort of your couch.
  • BOWERS & WILKINS - since 1966. "The complete movie theater experience in your home." Home Theatre Solutions offer discreet audio solutions for TV and movie viewing. Custom Theatre systems deliver the authentic private cinema experience, in your own home.
  • Bryston - since 1962. "The Bryston SP4 makes it possible to build a theater in your home that can far surpass the enjoyment of your local cineplex."
  • BUTTKICKER - since 1990. "Bring Your Theater to The Next Level." ButtKicker brand products let you FEEL the Action and Excitement in your movies. Custom Home Theater. Get ready for the most fun you've ever had watching a movie at home. Feel all the action and excitement - just like being at a 4D special effects theater. ButtKicker 4D brings family movie-time to life. Using patented technology, ButtKicker products connect to your couch or chairs and send the FEELING of special effects, explosions, rocket launches, racing engines, music and much more right through it and the viewers. It's a new, immersive dimension in home entertainment.
  • Cambridge Audio - since 1968. "High Quality Home Audio." Our AV receivers are designed to give your movies stunning sound and visuals by driving video and audio sources whilst delivering encapsulating surround sound. Our sound bar and sound base options will also vastly improve your TVs sound.
  • DEFINITIVE TECHNOLOGY - since 1990. "Superior Sound for Your Home Cinema." Think about the sound quality you hear at the movie theatre. Now, imagine what it would feel like to revel in that experience on your own terms-home cinema tailored to your exact tastes.
  • DENON - since 1910. "Amazing sound for TV, movies and music. The latest tech made super-simple - that's Denon!" Unleash dramatic sound from your favorite TV shows and movies with a Denon sound bar. Beyond sensational TV sound, Denon sound bars are also easy to set up and work with and TV. Enjoy your favorite movies and shows with the latest audio and video technologies for the most immersive home theater experience. Sound Bars & Receivers.
  • Dolby at Home - since 1965. "Your Favorite Entertainment Looks and Sounds Better in Dolby." Build Out Your Home Theater with the Best. If you want great sound and pristine visual quality from your home theater, start by choosing products with Dolby.
  • DYNAUDIO - since 1977. "All there is." The Dynaudio Home Systems hi-fi & home theatre models are the company’s most popular offerings.
  • Everything But The Box - since 2003. "Lifestyle High End Acoustics." Our sound systems are created to make you happy. Enjoy them!
  • Ferguson Hill Speakers - since 2003. "Ferguson Hill Studios brought you the world’s first ever front loaded horn dipole loudspeaker FH001 and have since created many ground-breaking home cinema and hi-fi speaker systems that capture an elusive combination of performance and style."
  • FISHER - since 1945. Home theater speakers.
  • Fluance - since 1999. "Home Theater Surround Sound Speaker Systems." Maximizing your TV size and video resolution is only half the picture when it comes to the perfect home theater setup. Complete your cinema experience by instituting a Fluance Surround Sound Speaker System. Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound formats place you in the center of the action from the comfort of your couch. Whether you're seeking out a compact 5.0 home theater system or a complete 7.2 surround sound experience Fluance has a variety of home audio solutions to suit your audiophile needs.
  • FOCAL - since 1979. "The Spirit of Sound | Listen Beyond." Your Home Cinema is about to enter a new era. Give your high-definition screen the sound it deserves, with sound effects which are both refined and powerful, without exaggeration. You used to watch your films, now you can hear them ...
  • Formovie THEATER: US$3,499.
  • Formovie - since 2016. "Cinema in your home." With the leading ALPD laser display technology, Formovie provides cinema level experience with home, portable and laser projectors such as ultra-short ...
  • GoldenEar Technology - since 2010. "A Passion for Sonic Perfection." The SuperCinema 3D Array soundbars are remarkable new loudspeaker systems that combine the elegant form factor of a soundbar with the extraordinary sonic performance of a true discrete-speaker surround system.
  • Goldmund - BESPOKE HOME CINEMA - since 1978. "Swiss Made Luxury Audio Equipment." Our researchers and craftspeople exercise their matchless skills to deliver the experiences that movie sound engineers have meant to produce. Their purpose is to completely immerse you into the most realistic sound possible, so you become part of the movie instead of just watching it. You live the action, you feel the emotions, you forget everything outside of the movie experience.
  • HARMAN / KARDON - since 1953. "Complete your entertainment hub with unparelleled sound and design - the power of Harman Kardon home theater systems."
  • HORIZON - "Stunning 1080p Resolution: Brilliant FHD resolution and 2M+ pixels enhance all you love to watch on a beautiful 200" screen! Ultra-Bright Display: A beaming bright 1500 ISO Lumens with vividly colored, sharp images morning, day, and night. Easy Setup. Comfortable Viewing: The integrated automatic keystone correction ensures you have the ideal display effortlessly! Room-Filling Sound: Two 8W built-in Harman Kardon speakers provide excellent sound quality, enhancing your immersive viewing experience."
  • IMAGE - since 1968. "The 'effect' speakers used in Home theatre systems help generate the ambience, space and direction of some sounds that makes movies appear so real."
  • JBL - since 1946. Home Theater Speaker Packages. "Create an immersive sound experience in the comfort of home with the latest JBL soundbars, home theater systems, computer speakers, outdoor speakers and more."
  • KEF - since 1961. "The best of home theatre." Renowned British manufacturer of audio products that are designed to deliver outstanding sound and vision.
  • Klipsch - since 1946. "Cinema-Grade Sound." Your life will never be the same after you experience Klipsch signature sound for the first time. We put more than 70 years of acoustic technology into our award-winning home theater systems to give you an intense, fun experience every time you watch a movie or listen to music.
  • Leica Cine 1.
  • Leica shows off its first 4K ultra-short-throw projector - "As you'd expect, it won't be cheap."
  • Lexicon - since 1971. "Premier home theater and audiophile electronics inspired by our 40-year, GRAMMY-winning legacy." The Lexicon SL-1 featuring SoundSteer technology represents a breakthrough in audio innovation as a fully active, wireless, high-resolution loudspeaker solution.
  • LG - since 1958. "All Home Cinema Systems." Get ready for the rise of superior sound with LG home cinema systems. From state-of-the-art sound engineering, to Smart TV systems that let you access everything - all in one place, you’ll find remarkably functional, yet elegant home theatre solutions.
  • LG HU810PW laser projector: US$2,999.99.
  • LG USA - "Home Theater CineBeam & 4K Projectors. Breathtaking Home Theatre. Anywhere." Experience up to 300 inches of brilliant 4K UHD resolution. No more drawing the curtains for show time. All models.
  • LOEWE - since 1923. "Treat your Loewe TV to the audio that complements it perfectly. Loewe Audiodesign speakers captivate and move the senses – after all, our engineers have developed them in the same way a valuable instrument is built."
  • Martin Logan - since 1983. "Truth in Sound." Premium HiFi Speakers for Home Theater & Stereo. Uncompromising performance. Unflinching accuracy. Unwavering reliability. Harnessing the myriad technical advantages of electrostatic principles to recreate sound in its truest form—this is what MartinLogan is all about.
  • MCINTOSH - since 1949. "Legendary Performance." Reference Systems - that to which all others are compared. Created out of a dream and brought to reality with imagination and expertise engineering, the McIntosh Reference home theater system brings the ultimate theater experience into your home.
  • M&K Sound - since 1973. "The system is superb and is composed of The Best Home Cinema Speakers of the year." For more than four decades, M&K Sound has been held in the highest regard by the audio press, the film and music industries as well as by home users seeking the finest loudspeakers for music and home theater.
  • Monitor Audio - since 1972. British manufacturer of Hi-Fi speaker systems, offering quality stereo home cinema systems, multi-room audio setups, bluetooth, and more.
  • NAD - since 1972. "High Performance Hi-Fi and Home Theatre." Audio/Video components for Home Theatre, custom installation, music and hi-fi applications including amplifiers, AV receivers, Music Screamers, BluOS ...
  • Nakamichi - since 1948. "Epitome of style and performance." Manufactures high-performance home theater surround soundbars. It gives a rich and immersive surround audio experience.
  • ONKYO - since 1946. "Instantly transform your room into an amazing home theater with our line of surround sound home theater systems and THX certified systems."
  • Orb Audio - since 2002. "Home Theater Surround Sound Speakers." Round speaker design has incredible sound quality and enormous soundstage that recreates the dramatic scale of music and movies. Enjoy theater quality surround sound from speakers in your home. Hear every whisper and feel every explosion!
  • Panasonic - since 1918. "Home Theater Systems." Choose the one that's right for you. All models.
  • Paradigm - since 1982. "Cinema Series." When size and sound matter, our affordable audiophile collection delivers blockbuster solutions like Cinema. Cinema speakers are designed for smaller spaces but despite their compact size, they deliver a blockbuster music and home theater experience. While it’s true, there are tiny satellite speakers aided by small subwoofers that can be “hidden” in many living spaces, when it comes to great audiophile sound these systems had never delivered ... until Cinema. For years now, our award-winning Cinema speakers have been delivering a seamless music and home theater soundstage that brings movies to life and makes music sound “live.” Rumour has it that with this new generation of Cinema speakers, the sound may be even better than the movie.
  • PHILIPS - since 1891. "Bringing movies and music to life." Home cinema sound: Soundbars, Soundstage & home theater sound systems. Immerse yourself in the ultimate audio experience with Philips home cinema sound products. We strive to enhance your living space by delivering full surround sound systems that integrate seamlessly into your home. Experience every audio detail, from the most subtle acoustic nuance, to rumbling bass and crisp, clear vocals. Whether you’re enjoying your favourite movies, music or games, you can enjoy superior sound, even wirelessly, just as it was intended with Philips home cinema sound.
  • PIONEER - since 1938. "Turn your Home into a Home Theater." With Dolby Atmos, sound comes alive from all directions, including overhead, to fill the home theater with astonishing clarity, power, detail, and depth.
  • Polk Audio - since 1972. "Set the Stage for Cinematic Sound." Sit back, relax and enjoy the enveloping audio of blockbuster movies, right in your own home. From sleek sound bar systems to larger-than-life theatrical sound, home theatre systems from Polk Audio put you right in the middle of the action.
  • Procella Audio - since 2006. "The World's Finest Home Cinema Loudspeakers." Manufacturer of dedicated surround sound speaker systems for professional use, high quality home theatres and small to medium-sized cinemas.
  • Q Acoustics - since 2006. "Recreate The Cinema Experience At Home." Audiophile HiFi & home cinema speakers. Q Acoustics has developed a solution for every home cinema requirement, whether you need discrete satellite speakers or big punchy floorstanders or need to add to an existing set up, Q Acoustics has a solution. Multiple awards winning speakers, audio systems and built-in speakers, providing you with the best possible sound quality at an affordable rate.
  • REL Acoustics - since 1991. "Do One Thing. Do It Perfectly." Subwoofers for Home Audiophiles. Designs and manufactures sub-bass systems for use in two-channel and multi-channel music & multi-channel home theater systems. All models.
  • Roku - since 1966. "Easily add premium sound to your entertainment." With Roku TV Wireless Speakers, you’ll enjoy rich, immersive sound and clear dialogue with your favorite entertainment. Bring your music to life with vibrant sound and expansive range.
  • Roku smart soundbar - "Exceptional audio with a Roku player built in." Roku Smart Soundbar is the easiest way to add premium sound and powerful streaming to any TV. Stream brilliant HD, 4K, and HDR entertainment in room-filling sound with crisp, clear dialogue and dynamic bass.
  • Rotel - since 1966. "Find out how get the best cinematic performance in your own home." Immerse Yourself. A proper home theater is more than a collection of components - it is an immersive experience that can exceed commercial movie theaters in terms of emotional involvement. It is also a first rate music system, playing stereo recordings without compromise. Rotel home theater components can be chosen to suit virtually any room size, from a modest A/V system in the bedroom or den to a full-scale, themed theater room in a special area of your home.
  • Samsung - since 1938. "Get the best sights and sounds." Experience immersive home theater sound. Everything you need for a next-level audio and visual experience: Multiple speakers (front, surround, center) and a powerful subwoofer.
  • Sanyo - since 1949. "Over 40 Million Loyal Fans in USA." Sanyo has provided high Quality AV products to over 40 Million Americans for over 50 years. All models.
  • SONOS - since 2002. "Home Theater Systems & Surround Sound Speakers." A Sonos home theater system brings a rich, enveloping surround sound experience to your movies, TV, games, and music library. All wirelessly.
    • Sonos Arc: US$899.
    • SONOS Arc - "Cinematic Sound." The premium smart soundbar for TV, movies, music, gaming, and more. Bring all your entertainment to life with the brilliantly realistic sound of Arc, featuring Dolby Atmos. Enjoy control with your remote, the app, your voice, and Apple AirPlay 2.
    • Sonos Beam (Gen 2): US$449.
    • SONOS Beam (Gen 2) - "High Definition Sound." Enrich all your entertainment with the latest generation of our compact smart soundbar, now with Dolby Atmos. Experience panoramic sound and crystal clear dialogue for shows, movies, and games. And when the TV is off, stream music and more from all your favorite services. Control is easy with the Sonos app, your voice, and Apple AirPlay 2. Add speakers to create a wireless surround sound system and enjoy multiroom listening. Everything connects over WiFi.
  • Sonus Faber - since 1983. "Artisan of Sound." Sonus faber Center Channels: Perfect to complete your home-theater system. In a home theater system, the center channels are essential to achieve an excellent performance of the ensemble. They must be positioned in a mid-position compared to the main speakers, because of their leading role. While underrated, the center channel is arguably the most important speaker in a surround sound system since nearly 70% of all audio playback comes through the center channel at any given moment.
  • SONY - since 1946. "Home Theater & Sound Bars." Heat up the popcorn and get ready for an immersive experience with our all-in-one home theater systems. All models.
  • Stealth Acoustics - since 2002. "Patio Theater." The future of outdoor entertainment. Complete outdoor cinematic entertainment or signage solution combining motorized, mega-large format, ultra-bright, 16:9 format, hi-resolution LED screens with Stealth Acoustics’ award-winning speaker and amplifier technologies – all to create a uniquely capable and fun outdoor audio visual experience.
  • Stenheim - since 2010. "Swiss Made Audio Excellence." Total sound immersion from any stereo or multichannel source is made possible thanks to three or more Alumine Two and two Alumine 3 Way bolstered by our partner Illusonic’s multichannel processor.
  • SVS - since 1998. "Thrilling & Immersive Sound." SVS home theater systems suspend disbelief by immersing you in powerful and convincing sound. Pitch-perfect voicing, jaw-dropping bass and dynamics, flawless detail resolution and impeccable build quality; SVS brings you so close to the movies, music and TV you love, you can feel it. Best of all, you save by choosing SVS systems versus buying products individually.
  • Taga Harmony - since 1996. "To Achieve Glorious Acoustics." Our loudspeakers and electronics can boast the finest music and home theatre performance with great dispersion and spaciousness, a low bass and stunning dynamics, adding sonic accuracy, precise location and ultra-low distortions.
  • Tannoy - since 1926. "King of the Floor." For audiophiles and home theatre lovers the world over, Tannoy loudspeakers have a following second to none.
  • TCL - since 1981. "Sound Bars: Add bigger, more immersive sound to your home theater."
  • TK THEATERS - since 1988. "The Father of Home Theater." Theo Kalomirakis's design firm specializes in the design of residential home theaters. He has designed the finest private theaters of movie stars, sports legends and world leaders.
  • VIP Cinemas - since 2005. "The Best Seat In The House..." Sound. Vision. Lifestyle. Home Cinema Installation Specialists. At VIP Cinemas we specialise in the design and installation of High End Home Cinemas. We also offer a lighting design service, multi room audio installations and home automation; services that would complement and enhance your home and lifestyle.
  • VIZIO - since 2002. "Wireless Sound Bars & Home Theater Systems." Enhance what you watch and how you listen with a wide variety of sound bar options, from fully immersive cinema surround sound to single sound bars.
  • WALL OF SOUND - since 1985. "Smart Sound & Vision." Get the home cinema experience. Here at Wall of Sound we pride ourselves on bringing incredible cinematic experiences to the comfort of your own home. We are experts in the best home cinema products and technologies. Let Wall of Sound design the best system to suit your needs, taking in to account the space available in your home.
  • Yamaha - since 1887. "Home Theater Systems." The ultimate home theater experience starts here with Home-Theater-in-a-Box systems. Only the best-sounding equipment made the cut to include features like built-in Bluetooth for wireless music playback and 4K Ultra HD video capabilities.
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