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Garrison Bespoke's bulletproof three-piece suit being tested.

Top 10 Best Bulletproof Clothing Suppliers and Tailors

Bulletproof Clothing News, Reviews & Resources Top 10 Best Bulletproof Clothing Suppliers
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    Bulletproof Clothing News, Reviews & Resources
  • BIJAN - bulletproof lined jackets, and much more.
  • BULLET BLOCKER - bulletproof jackets.
  • Engarde - concealable and body armor. Bullet proof vests accessories.
  • Garrison Bespoke: the bulletproof three-piece suit.
  • Garrison Bespoke - "Toronto's Best Custom Suit Tailors." Offers bulletproof three-piece suit lined with several ultrathin sheets of carbon nanotube material that can stop a bullet or blade. The suit is built to order and starts at C$20,000.
  • HARRODS - bulletproof fashion on sale: ballistic daywear.
  • - Lightweight Bulletproof Flight Jacket - Level III-A.
  • Men's anti-ballistic (bulletproof) polo shirt.
  • MEN'S BULLETPROOF POLO SHIRT - by Miguel Caballero: US$3,475.00.
  • Bulletproof clothing: Bogota's bulletproof tailor - Colombian tailor Miguel Caballero: 'The Armani of armor'.
  • MIGUEL CABALLERO - "The Armani of armor." Exclusive bulletproof fashion apparel.
  • SECOND CHANCE ARMOR - "The Most Trust Brand of Body Armor." The first one to use kevlar for body armor.
  • SPYCATCHER - "Bullet Proof & Stab Proof Clothing - Vests & Jackets."
  • Diamond Armor by SuitArt.
  • Suitart - Diamond Armor. The most expensive custom tailored suit in the world: CHF2.8 million/US$3.2 million. This individual item is the result of the synergy of luxury, technology and art. Characterized by technical refinements the suit will be custom tailored for the customer. The suit is waterproof due to nano-technological sealing, bulletproof (certified by NATO standards) and equipped with an active cooling system. The lining shows an artwork, which was prominently featured in the Hollywood blockbuster “This Means War”. Additionally, the Diamond Armor is graced with 880 black diamonds decorating the buttons and the lapel.
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