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Lenôtre Paris chocolates.

Top 150 Best High-End Chocolate Brands and Makers

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    England, U.K. (18) France (17) Germany (7) Italy (15)
    Japan (2) Romania (1) Scotland (1) Spain (3)
    Sweden (1) Switzerland (9) U.S.A. (45) Venezuela (1)

    "All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." - Charles M. Schulz.

    "Chocolate and the King are my only passions." - Queen Marie-Thérèse, the wife of Louis XIV.

    "Let's face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me." - Audrey Hepburn.

    CHOCOLATE is a processed, typically sweetened food produced from the seed of the tropical Theobroma cacao tree. Although cacao has been cultivated by many cultures for at least three millennia in Mexico and Central America, the earliest evidence of use traces to the Mokaya, with evidence of chocolate beverages dating back to 1900 BC. In fact, the majority of Mesoamerican people made chocolate beverages, including the Mayans and Aztecs, who made it into a beverage known as xocolātl, a Nahuatl word meaning "bitter water". The seeds of the cacao tree have an intense bitter taste and must be fermented to develop the flavor.

    After fermentation, the beans are dried, cleaned, and roasted. The shell is removed to produce cacao nibs, which are then ground to cocoa mass, pure chocolate in rough form. Because the cocoa mass is usually liquefied before being molded with or without other ingredients, it is called chocolate liquor. The liquor also may be processed into two components: cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Unsweetened baking chocolate (bitter chocolate) contains primarily cocoa solids and cocoa butter in varying proportions. Much of the chocolate consumed today is in the form of sweet chocolate, a combination of cocoa solids, cocoa butter or other fat, and sugar. Milk chocolate is sweet chocolate that additionally contains milk powder or condensed milk. White chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar, and milk but no cocoa solids.

    Chocolate has become one of the most popular food types and flavors in the world, and a vast number of foodstuffs involving chocolate have been created. Chocolate chip cookies have become very common, and very popular, in most parts of Europe and North America. Gifts of chocolate molded into different shapes have become traditional on certain holidays. Chocolate is also used in cold and hot beverages such as chocolate milk and hot chocolate.

    Although cocoa originated in the Americas, today Western Africa produces almost two-thirds of the world's cocoa, with Côte d'Ivoire growing almost half of it.

    A CHOCOLATE BAR (Commonwealth English) or candy bar (some dialects of American English) is a confection in an oblong or rectangular form containing chocolate, which may also contain layerings or mixtures that include nuts, fruit, caramel, nougat, and wafers. A wide variety of chocolate bar brands are sold. A popular example is a Snickers bar, which consists of nougat mixed with caramel and peanuts, covered in milk chocolate.

    A CHOCOLATIER is someone who makes confectionery from chocolate. Chocolatiers are distinct from chocolate makers, who create chocolate from cacao beans and other ingredients.

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    • Germany’s biggest chocolate festival 'chocolART' in Tübingen.
    • chocolART - since 2006. "Deutschlands größtes Schokoladenfestival in Tübingen." Germany’s biggest chocolate festival 'chocolART' in Tübingen.
    • CHOCOLATE Week - "Chocolate Week is an annual celebration of one of the world’s most beloved treats - chocolate. This indulgent week invites chocolate enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and everyone in between to savor the rich and decadent flavors of chocolate in all its forms. Chocolate Week typically takes place in October each year, offering a delightful start to the autumn season. In 2023, this delectable week of chocolate celebration will be observed from October 16th to October 22nd."
    • EUROCHOCOLATE - since 1993. "International Chocolate Exhibition." Annual chocolate festival that takes place in Perugia, Italy. October 13-22, 2023.
    • Origin Chocolate Event - since 2012. "The Origin Chocolate Event takes place in seven halls of the beautiful Royal Tropical Institute. You can experience, taste and learn about all aspects of chocolate and cacao. Sustainable chocolate event & tasting at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam."
    • SALON DU CHOCOLAT - since 1994. "The world's largest event dedicated to chocolate and cocoa." For 5 days, meet the key players in the chocolate and cocoa industry. They’re all here to give you an unforgettable experience! Chocolatiers, pastry chefs, confectioners, cocoa producers, major brands, food bloggers: they’ll be sharing their passion with you. Come and meet them on their stands and in their entertainment areas.
    • The International Chocolate Salon - since 2007. "Annual CHOCOLATE SALON tasting events of premium artisan chocolates and confections across the the West Coast in cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Monterey, Sacramento, Las Vegas, and Santa Barbara, attended by thousands of food lovers and media outlets."
    • Chocolate Museums
    • Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate, Grand-Place, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.
    • 10 Amazing Chocolate Museums Around the World - "I live to eat. I travel for food. But there’s a higher calling out there, and you’re about to discover it (and, subsequently, make some travel plans of your own). Yes. It’s true. There’s a whole WORLD of Chocolate Museums (swoon). These museums educate about the entire history of chocolate, as well as the processes of making chocolate."
    • 10 tempting chocolate museums around the world - "Calling all chocoholics! To celebrate World Chocolate Day, we reveal the world's tastiest and most tempting chocolate museums..."
    • CHOCOLATE MUSEUMS IN THE WORLD - "I found out there is no good list of chocolate museums in world so I created my own list here below. Please inform me, if you know about chocolate museum which is not listed here or if you know more about these ones!"
    • list of chocolate museums - Wikipedia.
    • Top 15 Best Chocolate Destinations in the World - "Chocolate makes you happy and you can't even deny it. So why not take a look at 15 countries and places that are devoted to chocolate and therefore indirectly to your happiness?"
    • Top 15 Greatest Chocolate Museums
    • Brussels Museum of Cocoa & Chocolate - since 1998. "Also known as The Choco Story or Het Museum van Cacao en Chocolade or Le Musée du Cacao et du Chocolat. Two floors of museum exhibition. First floor has information about where cocoa is grown and how are beans transformed from fruit seeds into chocolate. Second floor is a display of how was cacao eaten historically when it was brought to Europe, display of curious Belgian chocolates and some myth busters. All that is complimented by historical paintings, photos and posters. The chocolatier will show you the process of making various chocolates, pralines and decorative sweets. It lasts about 15 minutes and you are offered tasting through the process." Rue de la Tête d’Or 9-11, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.
    • CANDY AMERICANA MUSEUM - Wilbur Chocolate - since 1884. "Am American Original." 45 N. Broad St., Lititz, Pa, U.S.A.
    • CHEZ CAMILLE BLOCH - since 1929. "Come to experience a magic moment at Chez Camille Bloch, the Visitor Center for the Ragusa and Torino brands, in our production facility at Courtelary in the beautiful region of Chasseral, Switzerland. Easily accessible by road and rail yet still wonderfully preserved, we can promise you a unique and authentic experience that will awake all your senses. Far more than just a chocolate museum, CHEZ Camille Bloch will take you on a voyage of flavours and discoveries where you yourself are one of the participants. Come to spend an unforgettable moment in our company, savour life to the full and share our passion for chocolate."
    • CHOCOLATE HOUSE - The Chocolate House can be found close to the former Meddievall fortification founded by Emperor Charles IV., not far from Vysehrad. The museum is divided into 9 parts: history of chocolate and her journey from America to Europe, cultivation of cacao, chocolate manufacturing, production demonstrations, history of chocolate in the Czech lands, the list of selected present confectionery producer in the Czech Republic, a collection of historical packaging, a unique collection of paintings, painted chocolate Vladomír from the Czech Republic, chocolate workshops where everyone can make their own chocolates, chocolate paint of a picture or sculpt on a piece of plastic chocolate. Oldřichova 225/20, Prague, the Czech Republic.
    • CHOCOLATE MUSEUM - "The Chocolate Museum in Jeju is the only chocolate museum in Asia designated as one of world’s top 10 chocolate museums. It displays a variety of exhibits that describe the history of chocolate. You can buy chocolate made on site at the museum shop and also see how it is produced." 144 llijuseo-ro, 3,000 beongil, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, South Korea.
    • CHOCOLATE MUSEUM COLOGNE - since 1993. "Get an exciting insight into the five-thousand-year history of cocoa, covering the mystical ceremonies of Central America and the luxury drink of the European aristocracy through to instantly available treat that it has become today. We show you the 5000-year history of cocoa and bring together its chronology and range of subjects under a single roof." Schokoladenmuseum, Am Schokoladenmuseum 1a, Cologne, Germany.
    • CHOCOLATE MUSEUM in Strasbourg - since 2003. "Partager la passion du chocolat." Located on the Schaal production site, close to Strasbourg, the Secrets of Chocolate museum invites you on a voyage of discovery through the Schaal chocolate factory, past and present, tracing the route of the cocoa bean from Ecuador all the way to Alsace. Uncover all our secrets, as you visit the new museum, making your way through three immersive spaces: Revealing the secrets of our production: Make your way through the chocolate museum and uncover all the production secrets of Schaal, the chocolatier of chocolatiers. Young and old, everyone will delight in tasting our chocolate delicacies. Les Secrets du Chocolat par Schaal: Rue du Pont Du Péage, 67118 Geispolsheim, Strasbourg, France.
    • Chocolatrium | Chocolate Museum - since 1948. "Discover the chocolate history and how it evolved throughout the centuries on a privately guided chocolate tour. See the wonders of the Plantation & craftsmanship of Cluizel French chocolate. Taste our unique French chocolate and other chocolate treats. Options include lunch, dinner, or pair the tasting with your very own favorite liquor or wine!" Chocolat Michel Cluizel Store & Chocolate Tours, Cooper Run Executive Park, 575 Route 73 North, Building D-5, West Berlin NJ 08091, U.S.A.
    • Choco-Story museum Prague - since 2008. "Welcome to the largest and the most entertaining chocolate museum in the Czech Republic. The Choco-Story Chocolate Museum has been in Prague since 2008. It belongs to a family of museums with branches in Belgium, France, Mexico and Lebanon. With its unique private collection, Choco-Story Prague is one of the Top 10 most visited chocolate museums in the world.Located in the very heart of Prague. Just 2 minutes walk from Old Town Square and the Orloj astronomical clock in Celetna 10 street, it is a must-see destination for everyone on their way to discover the magic city. Taste different types of chocolate from all over the world, watch the live production of fine Belgian pralines, or visit our cinema to find out were cacao grows and travels to become your favorite sweet treat." Celetná 10, Prague 1, Czech Republic.
    • Hershey's Chocolate World - since 1973. "Discover all things chocolatey and fun at Hershey's Chocolate World Attraction! Embark on a journey to learn and see how chocolate is made on a free tour ride, share and savor delicious Hershey's-inspired drinks and treats, shop for one-of-a-kind souvenirs and gifts, and have a chocolate-inspired adventure to remember!" Hershey, 101 Chocolate World Way, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
    • Mucho Mondo Chocolate - since 2012. "Elevating the Mexican culture of cocoa and chocolate." A place for inspiration and creativity. The museum is an inclusive institution welcoming diverse visitors. Calle Milan 45, Juárez, 06600 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico.
    • MUSEU DE LA XOCOLATA | Chocolate Museum - since 2000. "The Chocolate Museum is a dynamic facility promoted by the Barcelona Confectionery Guild and located in the former Sant Agustí monastery. The Chocolate Museum provides a journey through the origins of chocolate: its arrival in Europe, its spread as an element between myth and reality, its medicinal properties and nutritional value and relating tradition with the future and forming part of our collective imagination. The Chocolate Museum is located in a historic building that already had a relationship with chocolate: in the 18th century the Bourbon army was a fanatical consumer of chocolate and, according to the ordinances, chocolate was present on the menus of the 18th-century military academies." Carrer Comerç 36, 08003 Barcelona, Spain.
    • NESTLÉ CHOCOLATE MUSEUM - since 2007. Km 5, Av. Paseo Tollocan & Calle Leonardo Da Vinci, Delegación Sta Ana Tlapaltitlán, Toluca de Lerdo, Méx., Mexico.
    • Phillip Island Chocolate Factory - "Without a doubt, the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is the sweetest and most addictive attraction on Phillip Island! Everyone needs to experience it." 930 Phillip Island Rd, Newhaven, VIC 3925, Australia.
    • THE CHOCOLATE MUSEUM | Choco-Story Bruges - since 2008. "Discover the world of chocolate. Welcome to Choco-Story Bruges, our chocolate museum in Belgium. The Chocolate Museum is a source of data and historical, geographical and botanical information as well as recipes for - industrial and individual chocolate makers. Young or old, passionate chocoholic or simply interested, the Chocolate Museum will stimulate your fascination. Innumerable authentic artefacts will undoubtedly capture the hearts of historians too." Wijnzakstraat 2 (Sint-Jansplein), 8000 Bruges, Belgium.
    • THE CHOCOLATE MUSEUM | Le MusÉe du Chocolat - since 1999. "Discover the Wonder of Chocolate." At the Museum, you will explore the history of the Ganong family and the wonder of chocolate with our hands-on exhibits, vintage chocolate boxes, and antique candy-making equipment and machines. Explore exhibits and hands-on displays, examine vintage chocolate boxes and machines, and peek into the studio where Ganong’s famous hand dippers still craft chocolates the way they have for over one hundred years. 73 Milltown Blvd., St. Stephen ("Canada's Chocolate Town"), New Brunswick, Canada.
    • THE CHOCOLATE WRAPPERS MUSEUM - since 1999. "Collection of chocolate wrappers from entire world." About 39,050 scanned chocolate wrappers. There are usually up to 30 wrappers at each site and short history about companies and wrappers. All wrappers are real from my collection, just scanned for this web site.
      Chocolate News, Reviews & Resources
      Top 150 Best Chocolate Makers & Online Suppliers by Country:
    • CHOCOLATE AT AMAZON.COM - as of November 28, 2023: 3,000+ results.
    • International Chocolate Awards 2023 - since 2012. "The World's Largest Chocolate Product Competition." The International Chocolate Awards were founded in 2012 and are run by IICCT with a group of independent international partners with years of experience tasting and evaluating chocolate and running fine chocolate related events. Judges are drawn from sensory experts and members of the IICCT Alumni. Competitions are held in a growing number of countries and regions around the world in bean-to-bar and craft chocolatier rounds. Winners of the regional competitions are judged together at the World Final, which celebrates the best entries of the year.
    • Austria
    • DEMEL - since 1786. K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäcker. Online store.
    • Planète Chocolat Pralines Selection.
    • BELGIAN CHOCOLATE - Wikipedia.
    • chocolaterie SUKERBUYC - "Artisan chocolaterie in Bruges since 1977." World famous Belgian home made chocolates. Shop online.
    • Chocolatier Goossens - since 1955. "Drawing on several decades of experience, Master-Confectioner Goossens has become a household name in the Belgian chocolate industry."
    • GALLER CHOCOLATIER - Belgian chocolaterie since 1976.
    • GODIVA - "Since 1926 Godiva has been the premier maker of fine Belgian chocolate." Worldwide online service.
    • JACQUES Chocolade - since 1896. "Du bonheur dans chaque morceau."
    • MUSEUM OF COCOA AND CHCOLATE - since 1998. Samples of chocolate can be tasted during the visit and you can watch a demonstration given by our master chocolate-maker. Rue de la Tête d’Or 9, Brussels, Belgium.
    • NEUHAUS - since 1857. "We carefully pack your delicious chocolates in an elegant box, designed to control temperature and protect the chocolates all the way to their destination."
    • NIRVANA CHOCOLATE - since 1998. "Nirvana chocolates is made in Belgium with respect for nature and respect for cocoa farmers. It’s good for you and good for each other too. We’re passionate about chocolate. And together with you, we’re looking to make the world a better place. By paying a fair price for cocoa, sugar and valuable ingredients, you and we lend a hand to farmers in the Southern Hemisphere. And you won’t find any junk in our chocolate: only carefully selected organic ingredients are used to create our chocolate bars."
    • PIERRE MARCOLINI Brussels - "La Maison Pierre Marcolini was founded in Brussels in 1995 by Pierre Marcolini, a chocolatier renowned for his expert skill and his passion for creating the world's best chocolates. For over 20 years Pierre Marcolini has perfected the art of making chocolate - from the bean to the bar. Every year he travels across the globe, searching for the rarest cocoa with which to make the finest chocolate."
    • PLANÈTE CHOCOLAT - since 2012. "Belgian artisan chocolatier located in the heart of Brussels close to the famous Manneken-Pis and the Grand-Place."
    • ROOSE'S CHOCOLATE WORLD - since 1993.
    • St. Alard - fictional chocolatier appearing in The Chocolate Box, (an Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot mystery) aired on 21 February 1993.
    • The Chocolate Line - "The chocolate line was founded in 1992 by Fabienne Destaercke and Dominique Persoone. Chocolates made with love."
    • Peter Beier Chocolate's webshop.
    • ANTON BERG - since 1884. "You can never be too generous." Proud chocolate traditions for more than 125 years. We look forward to generously sharing them with you!
    • FREDERIKSBERG CHOCOLATE - "Handmade chocolate since 1923." Frederiksberg Allé 64, DK-1820 Frederiksberg C/Copenhagen.
    • Friis-Holm Chocolate - since 2007. "For the last 7 consecutive years, Friis-Holm chocolate has won one or more Chocolate World Championships each year. A tribute to the raw material, combined with old-fashioned crafts and process here in Denmark."
    • Oialla chocolate - since 2010. "Oialla chocolate is an organic Danish award-winning chocolate, made from wild cocoa beans. The cocoa trees grow in Mid and South America in the Amazon region. Oialla is the purest imaginable kind of chocolate and we control the entire process from beans to bars. Our organic bean-to-bar chocolate is available in five different varieties: 46%, 72%, 78%, 92% and white plus cocoa nibs. The dark chocolates are made of organic cocoa and sugar - nothing else. The milk chocolate contains organic cocoa, sugar and organic whole milk and the white chocolate is made of cocoa butter, cane sugar and whole milk."
    • PETER BEIER CHOCOLATE - "Danish handmade quality Chocolate by Peter Beier since 1996. Our creation of chocolate is carried by the ambition of always making a piece of perfection. Peter Beier Chocolate is one of the very few companies that only produce one thing - chocolate, and nothing but chocolate - with the aim of making the very best chocolate in the world."
    • SUMMERBIRD Organic - "Summerbird Organic was founded in 1986 by Mikael Grønlykke, and is today one of the best chocolate brands in the world. This is due to an uncompromising approach to raw materials, a gentle processing in production, unique and innovative combinations of flavor and the aesthetic packaging at Summerbird."
    • xocolatl - since 2005. "Handmade Danish chocolate." Lindegade 36, 6070 Christiansfeld. Online store.
    • Delice Gourmet - "Based in Dubai since 2004, Delice Gourmet offers an exquisite range of handcrafted delicacies and chocolate for every occasion."
    • LE CHOCOLATIER DUBAI - since 2014. "Leave a lasting impression and exceed the expectations of your clients by presenting them with our unique collection of personalised handcrafted chocolates."
    • To'ak Chocolate Cognac cask, Aged for 18 months in a 50-year-old French oak: US$345.
    • To'ak Chocolate - since 2013. "To'ak is transforming the way that the world experiences dark chocolate, elevating its making and tasting onto the level of vintage wine and aged whisky." Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate. The world's most expensive chocolate.
      England, U.K.
    • Why British chocolate tastes the way it does - "For some, there is nothing that beats the sweet, creamy, slightly baked flavour of British chocolate, while others find it an affront to their tastebuds. But why does it taste that way at all?"

    • AFTER EIGHT - since 1962. "The perfect combination of luxurious mint fondant crafted with 100% natural peppermint oil, enrobed in rich dark chocolate, makes After Eight THE chocolate mint."
    • Aurosó Coffee Macadamia chocolate: £7.50.
    • AUROSÓ - since 2020. "Proudly Reduced Sugar." We don’t believe the flavours and health benefits of chocolate should be compromised by the addition of too much sugar. Our ganache chocolate bars let the quality of our natural ingredients shine.
    • BENDICKS - "Wonderfully intense." Since the development of the Bittermint in 1931, Bendicks has spent over 80 years creating Chocolates that deliver the perfect finishing touch to any meal or entertainment occasion. There are very few premium confectionery companies that can point to a heritage as long and as rich as ours. For over 80 years Bendicks has created fine chocolates to delight the most discerning of customers. In 1962, Bendicks Royal patronage was officially recognised with the award of a Royal Warrant. Full range of finest mints and chocolates like Bendicks Bittermints, Mint Collection and Tube Bitters.
    • CADBURY - since 1824. In 1905 Cadbury launched the world-famous Dairy Milk bar - still going strong today.
    • Charbonnel et Walker - since 1875. "Britain's first and finest chocolatier. Luxury Chocolates, Truffles, Gift Boxes." In 1875, Madame Charbonnel was introduced to Mrs. Walker. Mrs Walker created the most beautiful gift boxes whilst Madame Charbonnel filled each one with a truly mouth-watering array of delicious chocolates. This is just as important to us today. A beautifully presented box of Charbonnel et Walker is certain to delight; an exquisite expression of your care and affection.
    • Chococo - "Proudly Handmade in Dorset." Award-winning, Dorset-based indie chocolate co since 2002. We make all our fine chocolates fresh by hand in Dorset, using only the finest origin chocolate, local ingredients (including fresh cream from Dorset cows) & absolutely no additives or preservatives.
    • DEMARQUETTE - since 2006. "London's finest artisan Chocolatier." We invite you to experience our world of luxury chocolate. Discover unique cocoas, original chocolate gifts, quintessentially British chocolate collections and rare chocolate varieties from around the world.
    • FORTNUM & MASON - Piccadilly since 1707. "Life's little pleasures." If there's one thing guaranteed to make us feel cheerful, it's extraordinary chocolate. Explore our many different varieties, created in small batches by master chocolatiers often to time-honoured recipes and techniques.
    • GREEN & BLACK'S - since 1991. "We make premium chocolate using the finest sustainably sourced cocoa. Green symbolises our commitment to ethically sourced cocoa; Black stands for the high quality and delicious taste of our chocolate."
    • HARRODS - since 1849. "Luxury Chocolates." Sample the very finest confectionary from masterful chocolatiers thanks to our luxurious offering. Taking in delicacies from Charbonnel et Walker, Patchi, To’ak and our very own Harrods assortments, this tempting array overflows with great-for-sharing selections, perfect pick-me-ups and ideal gifts. Whether you’ve a weakness for Champagne or a penchant for praline, allow yourself to indulge in the ultimate luxury chocolates and truffles.
    • HOTEL CHOCOLAT - founded 1988. Chocolatier and cocoa grower, with 55 stores in the United Kingdom and 5 stores within the USA and the Middle East. Hotel Chocolat is a British chocolatier and a unique type of chocolate company that connects luxury chocolate making and retailing with cocoa growing - it is one of the world’s few chocolate makers to actually grow its own cocoa.
    • Il Cioccolato - "Il Cioccolato is Bulgari’s master chocolatier, whose stunning chocolate 'gems' are crafted with the same exacting sensibility Bulgari brings to all of its creations. First launched in Tokyo in 2007, its specialty is handmade chocolates made with the most precious local and seasonal ingredients. Limited edition boxes make exceptional gifts for all kinds of occasions, or guests may choose to enjoy a hand-picked assortment alongside a new drinks pairing offered in the Bulgari Lounge." At The Bvlgari Hotel, 171 Knightsbridge, City of Westminster, London SW7, U.K.
    • MENIER CHOCOLATE - since 1816. "Menier was founded in 1816, which makes it the oldest chocolate brand in the world. As the first chocolate company to introduce blocks of chocolate, Menier also prides itself on being the No1 brand for dark cooking chocolate which contains 70% cocoa. Menier’s Swiss cooking chocolate is rich and versatile providing a smoother texture than standard cooking chocolate as it has been ground for longer."
    • Paul A. Young - since 2006. "Fine Chocolates." Paul A Young Fine Chocolates is one of the UK's best loved chocolateries, with fans from all round the world. Award-winning chocolates, truffles, brownies and more made fresh in store every day by Paul and his team of chocolatiers in London.
    • Prestat - since 1902. It is our mission to continue creating the highest quality of chocolates. Prestat has held a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty The Queen for over 35 years. Prestat became the chocolates of choice for London society and were famously sought after by stars such as Sarah Bernhardt in the 1910s, Sir John Gielgud and Dame Peggy Ashcroft in the 1950s, Tina Turner and Cher in the 1970s and a host of chocolate-loving stars to this day. Products: The Jewel Box range of assorted chocolates, the famous Sea Salt Caramel Truffle box, Marc de Champagne truffles too numerous to mention, the iconic Union Jack box of truffles and for 2012 two fabulous Diamond Jubilee Truffle boxes celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's ascension to the throne.
    • Quality Street (confectionery).
    • Quality Street - line of tinned and boxed toffees, chocolates and sweets, first manufactured in 1936 by Mackintosh's in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. It was named after J. M. Barrie's play Quality Street. Since 1988, the confectionery has been produced by Nestlé. Quality Street has long been a competitor to Cadbury Roses, which were launched by Cadbury in 1938. Nestlé does not distribute Quality Street in the US, but it may be ordered online for delivery, or found in specialty candy shops.
    • THE RAW CHOCOLATE COMPANY - since 2006. "Our raw chocolate is more than just mouth-wateringly delicious, it is also full of life: un-heated cacao alone contains over 300 nutritional compounds, it is a great source of anti-oxidants, essential minerals and even contains the natural 'love molecule' PEA."
    • The Royal Collection - "For those with a sweet tooth, enjoy our selection of modern classics including handmade fudge and toffees to the sweet shop favourites liquorice allsorts and jelly babies. Make a stop at our chocolate counter to purchase luxury chocolate bars of popular flavours including milk, white and dark. If you are searching for a gift, discover our selection of exquisite truffles with indulgent flavoured centres, individually hand dipped in the finest chocolate and presented in a beautiful gift box."
    • Willie's Cacao - since 1996. "The only small cacao grower and producer in the UK. Using 100-year-old machinery, Willie produces from bean to bar, authentic pure cacao and chocolate from the finest beans from around the world."
    • Alain Ducasse's chocolate factory in Paris.
    • BONNAT - since 1884. Most noteworthy among Bonnat’s chocolates is their line of 10 single-origin chocolates. All of the cocoas are delivered unroasted from plantations around the world and then crafted into tablets of chocolates. The line consists of seven 75% dark chocolates and three 65% milk chocolates.
    • CHOCOLAT MATHEZ - Chocolatier since 1934. "Chocolat Mathez knows how to match flavors, create pairings and to arouse the curiosity of taste buds. Indulge yourself with this Gourmet cocoa specialty ! Mathez Cocoa truffle, the cocoa truffle to be consumed without any moderation. Chocolat Mathez is specialized in the production of Gourmet cocoa truffles. Mathez cocoa truffles, made up of high-end ingredients, comply with its Customers’ requirements as well as with its master Chocolatier reputation."
    • COMPTOIR DU CACAO - since 2001. "Comptoir du Cacao is a family-run artisan chocolate factory that makes fine, single-origin, pure cacao butter chocolates in unique, new flavours following the artisan tradition of the great chocolate masters. The choice of the noblest raw materials, the simplicity of the products guided by excellence in taste and the authenticity of our concept are our trade mark."
    • FAUCHON - since 1886. "Fauchon chocolate is about strong, striking yet highly balanced flavour. it is a unique vision of chocolate that results in the creation of great classics with praline or ganache, as well as bold creations combining praline with surprising flavours." 24-26, place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris. The top luxury gourmet store in France.
    • HIRSINGER - since 1900. "Chocolats vivants." Created by Edourard Hirsinger, a fourth-generation chocolatier from a family who have been creating renowned chocolates since the 19th century. Notable specialties include panettone tartlets and chocolate-coated spice cookies with salted caramel. The chocolates are created in several different styles and shapes and include the Absinthe Bar and the only four-textured chocolate in France, known as the Quattro.
    • LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT PARIS - since 1977. "All of our chocolates are made by hand, with an exceptional expertise in small quantities in our Atelier located in Ile de France. Then they are sent and sold in worldwide. All chocolatiers of La Maison du Chocolat have a chocolatier degree and all of them was formed to fill a specific position because each step of the production requires a savoir-faire that can only be acquired through experience. Each chocolatier is individually and collectively engaged in the production of an exceptional product. All our products are shipped in temperature-controlled containers to preserve freshness and reassure our international clientele that they are purchasing the highest quality products no matter where the boutique is located." Online chocolate shop. Buy French chocolates online.
    • LadurÉe - Luxury bakery and sweets maker house created in 1862. It is one of the world's best-known premier sellers of the double-decker macaron, 15,000 of which are sold every day. Online luxury chocolate & treats. 75, avenue des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris.
    • Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse - since 2013. "Alain Ducasse chocolates are available in three large families: ganaches, pralinés and truffles. Each one offering different recipes and textures, different flavours to discover. From the more traditional creations to the most surprising blends, our chocolates all have in common the highest quality ingredients and a flavour that is both rich and subtle."
    • Lenôtre, 44, rue d’Auteuil, 75016 Paris.
    • LENÔTRE Paris - since 1957. Luxury chocolate online.
    • Marquise de SÉvignÉ - Chocolate maker in Paris since 1898. "We give you the freedom of choosing your very own selection of chocolates in a pretty metal box decorated with the Marquise de Sévigné’s writing." 11 Place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris.
    • PATRICK ROGER - since 2000. "French chocolate artist." Luxury chocolates: Ganaches, pralinés, amandes, nougats, orangettes, 1/2 sphères, tablettes (noir, lait, blanc), pâtes d’amande, pâtes de fruits, marrons glacés, truffes.
    • PIERRE HERMÉ Paris - since 1996. "Discover Pierre Hermé's chocolate universe - chocolate bonbons, Pure Origine squares, chocolate bars and more..."
    • PRALUS - since 1948. "Allow yourself to be carried away by the intense, subtle flavours of our range of 18 pure origin chocolate bars made from the best cocoas in the world. All our pure origin chocolates are manufactured with the same percentage of cocoa, cocoa butter and sugar (except for the prestige bars which are 100% cocoa content)."
    • RICHART - since 1925. "Criollo, Forastero, Trinitario... Since 1988, Richart has been one of the first chocolate makers to defend the concept of a single origin cocoa by creating a collection of plain chocolates for all tasting aesthetes. Here are some examples of some tasting notes on 11 cocoa vintages from different botanical and geographical origins, coming from the best production areas, with 70% to 100% of cocoa. These vintages are or have been featured in the RICHART 'Around the world' each one revealing through tasting the whole strength and ardor of the selected cocoas as well as the delicacy of the aromas, perfectly emphasized by a subtle making process."
    • VALRHONA CHOCOLATE - since 1922. "Let's imagine the best of chocolate." Valrhona’s story began in 1922 with passion, commitment and excellence as its guiding lights. Ever since, these three values have paved our way, allowing us to push back the boundaries of creativity and flavor. At each stage of our value chain, we work with our suppliers, staff and clients to seek out the very best. As your expert partner, our ambition is to help develop the world of chocolate and all who work within it. Let’s imagine the best of chocolate together.
    • Yann Brys - "Pâtissier Meilleur Ouvrier de France." (Master of culinary arts). “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” is France’s highest accolade awarded for expertise and excellence. Pâtisserie Tourbillon, 90 Rue Saint-Louis en l'Île, 75004 Paris 4, France.
    • Yves Thuries Chocolates - since 1948. Premium chocolates from France. The Yves Thuries luxury Chocolate tradition starts with a rigorous selection of the finest raw materials and highest quality ingredients. Yves Thuries chooses to blend fewer ingredients to remain close to the raw products and to the original flavor. This savoir-faire results in producing tasteful chocolates with a soft heart, breakable crust and intense flavor. Products: Macaron shaped chocolates. Chocolate marble truffles. Chocolate melting bites. Chocolate sardines. Chocolate Fondue (70% cocoa).
    • ZCHOCOLAT.COM - since 1999. "zChocolat, premier online retailer of luxury chocolate gifts since 1999 and renowned ambassador of French chocolate savoir-faire, is widely celebrated for its distinctively-shaped line of signature chocolates. Available in 26 exclusive flavor variations from World Champion Chocolatier Pascal Caffet, each recipe represents the highest commitment to quality ingredients and epicurean excellence. Coupled with sophisticated packaging, elegant artisanal details, and boundless customization options, the result is a line of products both boldly luxurious and uncompromisingly chic à la française - delivering on the promise to make your gift recipients feel genuinely special and forever grateful."
    • Niederegger Marzipan Klassiker: 39,25.
    • BAKER'S CHOCOLATE - since 1780.
    • COPPENEUR - since 1993.
    • FEODORA CHOCOLATE - since 1910. "Feodora umfasst eine große Vielfalt an Chocoladen und Pralinés, die sich alle durch beste Premium-Qualität auszeichnen."
    • Griesson - de Beukelaer - since 1850. "Baking tradition meets an ultramodern company: Griesson - de Beukelaer is one of the leading companies in the European sweet and savoury baked goods market, and combines experience with the highest production standards." Biscuits with chocolate.
    • NIEDEREGGER MARZIPAN LÜBECK - since 1806. "Made With Love. Marcipan. Nougat. Praline." Der Name Niederegger steht für höchste Marzipan-Spitzenqualität. Mit Tradition und Leidenschaft geführt, produziert Niederegger Marzipan-Spezialitäten, die ihresgleichen suchen. Marzipan aus Liebe.
    • RITTER SPORT - since 1912. "Only a nut would refuse them!" Each 100 g (3.5 oz) square bar is divided into 16 smaller squares, creating a four-by-four pattern. In 2013 the company introduced a new version divided into 9 bigger squares using a three-by-three pattern. Large bars weighing 250 g (8.8 oz) and 16.5 g (0.58 oz) mini bars are also available, although in fewer varieties.
    • VIVANI - 2000. "Organic chocolates - made from the world's finest cocoa." A good chocolate is much more than just a pure sweet. It is a valuable work of art. It is not simply produced, but is lovingly created through inspiration and passion. As a painter carefully chooses brushes, colors, and canvases, the same is true for the art of making chocolate. Every single ingredient is a splash of color, from the distinct signature of the creator, to the perfect staging of the object. All of this is crucial in order to create a work of art with a lasting and beautiful effect.
    • Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, Corso Umberto I, 159, 97015 Modica RG.
    • AMEDEI Tuscani - since 1990. "The Culture of Chocolate." Rediscover your passion for chocolate at every taste. Artisanal techniques, inimitable taste and a unique style, all made in Tuscany, are the distinctive features that make Amedei’s chocolate renowned all over the world. The promise of the highest quality meets the emotion of our unconditional dedication, making Amedei the ambassador of a culture of chocolate that encompasses pairing and tasting.
    • Antica Dolceria Bonajuto - since 1854. "The Oldest Chocolate Factory in Sicily." During their domination in Sicily, the Spaniards introduced the method of making chocolate that they had learned from the Aztecs. Still today, the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto makes chocolate with the same ancient technique and ingredients. Corso Umberto I, 159, 97015 Modica RG. Also online shop.
    • Armani/Dolci 16 Praline Box: €32.
    • Armani / Dolci - "The Armani/Dolci collection includes a broad range of delicious and unexpected flavours. All the products are made with the finest ingredients prepared according to ancient recipes from Piedmont’s chocolatier tradition, and are all presented in refined packaging that pays homage to the maison’s approach to design." The refined Armani/Dolci pralines are produced with the finest cocoa and the best quality ingredients.
    • Cioccolat italiani - "Cioccolatitaliani is the first Italian restaurant format completely dedicated to the world of chocolate. Founded in 2009 by Ferrieri family, it has its definition in the word “Chocology”, the art of mixing the best chocolate in the World with gelato, coffee, pastry and food."
    • DOMORI - since 1997. "Discover the taste of Domori and its fine chocolate, made with the highest quality cocoa." It was the first chocolate company to use only fine cocoa, focusing on high quality. The first to produce a chocolate with Criollo cacao, the rarest and most valuable ever.
    • FERRERO ROCHER - since 1982. "Ferrero Rocher offers a unique taste experience of contrasting layers: a whole crunchy hazelnut in the heart, a delicious creamy hazelnut filling, a crisp wafer shell covered with chocolate and gently roasted pieces. And thanks to its inimitable golden wrapper Ferrero Rocher is even more unique and special."
    • GUIDO GOBINA - since 1946. "Chocolate Tradition from Turin." Educate the taste to learn to capture the aromatic nuances of a quality Chocolate. We select the most prestigious and aromatic cocoa from Central and South America.
    • MAGLIO - since 1850. "Cutting-edge technology ensures perfection in the department where chocolates, chocolate bars and sugared almonds are made and packaged."
    • Modica Chocolate - or "Chocolate of Modica", also known as cioccolata modicana) is an Italian P.G.I. specialty chocolate, typical of the municipality of Modica in Sicily, characterized by an ancient and original recipe using manual grinding (rather than conching) which gives the chocolate a peculiar grainy texture and aromatic flavor.
    • Pasquale Marigliano - since 1992. "With the Line of Chocolate, Pasquale Marigliano invites us to a real sensory journey that takes us beyond Italy, best plantations in Ecuador, Brazil, Madagascar where they come from cocoa beans, origin of its chocolate creations. Among the products facing the Maître Chocolatier, There are endless temptations, all enclosed in elegant packaging."
    • Peyrano - since 1915.
    • RIVOIRE - since 1872. "Chocolates & Pralines Online." Enrico Rivoire, Savoia royal family chocolatier, was from Turin and brought to Florence the tradition of the typical hot chocolate from his hometown. Piazza della Signoria, 5/R, 50122 Firenze.
    • Sant Ambroeus Milano - since 1936. "Rigorously artisanal, shortcrust and puff pastry, fresh tarts, stuffed with products of superb quality and freshness, crafted down to the smallest detail. Tiered cakes, chocolate cakes, chocolates and pralines: an explosion of pleasure, sophisticated and delicate at the same time, a mixture of excellence and brilliance, a marvel of simplicity and refinement. At Sant Ambroeus’s you can taste the speciality of the shop, Ambrogiotto, the finest chocolate filled with zabaglione."
    • SANTA MARIA NOVELLA - since 1612. Luxury apothecary in Florence, Italy, credited with being the oldest pharmacy in the world. A retail operation was established in Via Reginaldo Giuliani in 1612 by Fra Angiolo Marchissi, becoming famous over the coming centuries for the quality and salubrious benefits of its products, ranging from perfumes, pot pourri and toiletries, to liqueurs, medicinal balms, and foods. Luxury chocolate online.
    • Bare Bones Chocolate - since 2018. "Award-winning Bean to Bar Chocolate." We handcraft the finest organic chocolate from bean to bar. Bean to bar is the process of making chocolate from raw cacao bean to finished chocolate bar. We are so proud to be one of very few UK producers who craft from bean to bar. 70% Philippines Dark Chocolate. A really indulgent dark chocolate - you wouldn't believe we haven't added cream! It has an incredible depth of flavour, no bitterness, and taste notes of pecan tart + crème brûlée.
    • BLANXART - since 1954. "Premium Chocolate from Single-Origin Cocoa." We preserve the tradition and manufacturing of chocolate from another century. A know-how we share since a long time ago. Our core essence. Artisanal chocolate made from single-origin cocoa. From bean to chocolate.
    • Enric Rovira - "Chocolates born in Barcelona." We make chocolate tablets, chocolates, bombolas, turrones, Easter monas and exclusive and innovative products. And tailor made products for small celebrations or large events, small or large format. Chocolates of high quality, design and character from Barcelona since 1993.
    • ORIOL BALAGUER - since 2002. "A harmony of flavors for your taste." Small portions of cocoa with different flavors: orange, raspberry, vanilla, wasabi, caramel, crunchy, etc.
    • MARABOU - "Mmm... Marabou!" Swedish chocolate brand first launched in 1916 in Sweden. Marabou chocolate is available in a number of European countries and was until September 2011 sold by IKEA in Canada, Israel, and Poland. Marabou chocolate is sold by IKEA in Australia, Canada, Czechia, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, the UAE, the UK and the US.
    • Toblerone.
    • Beschle - since 1898. "Chocolate Haute Couture from Switzerland - always worth a sin." Our bars (9g, 50g and 100g) made of either fine Grand Cru cocoa, delicate white chocolate or delicious milk chocolate can be personalised from a minimum order of 50 pieces. They are the perfect addition to your shop or ideal as a small gift with your coffee.
    • CAMILLE BLOCH - since 1929. "We show our passion for chocolate." Our Ragusa and Torino specialties have been enjoyed by generations of Swiss chocolate connoisseurs. And our product innovation continues with a level of passion and conviction that has been the hallmark of a history that dates back over 80 years. We are inventive, and our creative spirit often produces surprising results.
    • Chocolats Rohr - since 1936. "Haute Chocolaterie."
    • LÄderach - since 1962. "Artisanal Swiss chocolate." Fresh, Artisanal Swiss Chocolate Finest and Freshest Ingredients.
    • Lindt - "Maître Chocolatier Suisse Depuis 1845." Gourmet chocolate for every indulgent occasion.
    • NEUCHATEL Swiss CHOCOLATES - since 1982. "Neuchatel Chocolates offers a variety of Premium Swiss Chocolate Bars. From organic to single-origin, Neuchatel carries the delectable assortment of chocolate bars that you crave. Try one of their delicious chocolate bars today!"
    • SWISS CHOCOLATE - Wikipedia.
    • TEUSCHER CHOCOLATES OF SWITZERLAND - "Teuscher Chocolates was founded in the Swiss mountainside in 1932 - our signature creation, the Champagne Truffle, has been appreciated around the world for over 70 years!" ...many connoisseurs consider Teuscher to be the best in the world. (The New York Times). More than 80 years ago, Mr. Adolf Teuscher senior began his first creations, which soon became one of the world’s most celebrated and highly decorated confectioners. Adolf Teuscher looked for the best cocoa varieties, marzipan, fruits, nuts and many other valuable and high quality ingredients for his recipes, and after years of experimentation and careful matching of the ingredients, the recipes he had never seen before came true. Even today, we work with this method and process only the best ingredients. We produce more than 100 different types of pralines according to old tradition. Since the beginning, we have not used any additives or preservatives. We process 100% of course!
    • TOBLERONE - since 1908. Swiss chocolate bar brand. It is produced in the capital city of Switzerland, Bern, and the bear symbol of the city is still visible in the logo. Toblerone is known for its distinctive shape, which involves a series of joined triangular prisms.
    • Toblerone loses Swiss exclusivity as production shifts east - "Toblerone maker Mondelez will shift some production of its triangular chocolate bars to Slovakia from Switzerland at the end of next year, losing the 'Swiss' attribute on its packaging in the process. 'From the end of 2023, we'll add a limited Toblerone production in Slovakia,' Mondelez spokeswoman Livia Kolmitz said in an emailed statement on Thursday, confirming a report by Swiss broadcaster SRF."
    • Toblerone: Swiss rules mean chocolate bar to drop Matterhorn from packaging - "Toblerone is to remove the Matterhorn mountain peak from its packaging when some of the chocolate's production is moved from Switzerland to Slovakia."
    • AMANO ARTISAN CHOCOLATE - since 2006. "Handcrafted Chocolate From the World's Most Highly Awarded Chocolate Maker."
    • andSons Chocolatiers - since 1983. "andSons is a 2nd-generation Beverly Hills chocolatier. Led by two brothers born into fine chocolate, we offer a collection of modern and classic bonbons which combine the time-honored processes of our European past with the inspiration and creativity of our Los Angeles roots."
    • ANNA SHEA CHOCOLATES - since 2004. "Each jewel-like piece of chocolate is meticulously handcrafted and designed to represent the inspiration behind each flavor. The velvety smooth ganache is balanced in flavor and texture, leaving the different notes of cacao and other ingredients slow dancing on your tongue. Anna Shea Chocolates uses only the freshest and finest ingredients, never artificial flavorings or preservatives."
    • BON BON BON - since 2014. "Build your very own custom Box of Bons!"
    • CHARLES CHOCOLATES - since 2004. "Our chocolates are handcrafted in small batches using traditional techniques and the finest all natural ingredients." Artisanal chocolate company in San Francisco's Mission district.
    • CHOCOLAT MODERNE - since 2003. "Chocolat Moderne is a sofi Award-winning luxury artisan chocolate company specializing in filled bonbons, themed and seasonal packaged assortments, filled and solid bars, and drinking chocolates."
    • CHOCOLATE AT AMAZON.COM - as of May 14, 2023: 4,000+ results.
    • CHOCOLATE GRAPHICS - since 1999. "We provide personalized, embossed chocolates for corporate and hospitality clients, as well as for any special occasion." Chocolate Graphics’ proprietary technology allows the embossing of photographic and other images onto chocolate with chocolate, vs. film or inks. Additionally, Chocolate Graphics also produces three-dimensional images on chocolate with chocolate, providing unparalleled definition and assortment in embossed chocolates.
    • CHOCOLOVE PREMIUM CHOCOLATE - since 1997. "At the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Chocolove produces chocolate that delivers on quality, taste, and affordable luxury. The cold, dry mountain air helps craft the Chocolove taste and we are committed to delivering the highest quality chocolate both ethically and at a good price."
    • CHRISTOPHER NORMAN CHOCOLATES - "Hand-Made for True Cacao Lovers Since 1992." We create small batches of hand-made chocolates with Ingredients of supreme quality. Our flavors are all natural, and we carefully pick each ingredient for its outstanding promises of consistency and taste. For this, we rely on the purest and finest of Cacao beans in the World through our relationships with Valrhona Chocolate and Meso Cacao, Honduras.
    • CHUAO CHOCOLATIER - since 2002. Chuao Chocolatier (pronounced chew-WOW) is the first Venezuelan Chocolatier based in the United States and Southern California’s premier artisan chocolatier.
    • DEBRAND Fine Chocolates - since 1987. "We strive to make sure your first bite into a fresh, exquisite DeBrand chocolate is a remarkably luxurious experience."
    • delysia chocolatier - since 2008. "As an artisan chocolatier, our award-winning chocolates are handcrafted with care and attention you can savor in every flavorful bite. We are passionate about creating preservative-free chocolates, handmade in the Parisian style, using only the freshest ingredients possible. At Delysia, we believe that dietary restrictions should not hinder your ability to indulge. Over 80% of our chocolate products are kosher and gluten free. Vegan and dairy free chocolates, as well as custom collections can be tailored to meet specific dietary needs. Our products are handmade using fine quality, sustainable chocolate and only the freshest ingredients so you can enjoy chocolate near perfection."
    • DYLAN'S CANDY BAR CHOCOLATE - 2001. "Dylan’s Candy Bar is also renowned for our signature Belgian chocolate bars, in milk, dark and more flavors (there’s over a dozen to try!) And we at Dylan’s believe everything tastes better covered in chocolate: pretzels, popcorn, gummy bears, fruit, nuts and more. Our boxed chocolates and decadent truffles also make great gifts."
    • Fran's Chocolates - since 1982. "A luxury chocolate company in Seattle, celebrating 40 years of creating premium, artisan confections."
    • GHIRARDELLI CHOCOLATE - since 1852. "As America’s longest continuously operating chocolate manufacturer, Ghirardelli has a 150-year history of making distinctively rich, slow-melting and unforgettable premium chocolate. We’re one of the few companies in the country that controls the entire chocolate manufacturing process - from cocoa bean to the finished product. This, combined with our proprietary bean blend and unique methods of roasting and processing, inspire the kind of chocolates that you'll want to indulge in every day."
    • ginger elizabeth chocolates - since 2007. "Chocolate and pastry are my passion! I love the creative process of designing memorably delicious desserts. I value technique and craftsmanship and am constantly refining our processes and recipes to meet my standards."
    • Godiva Chocolatier.
    • GODIVA CHOCOLATIER - since 1926. Godiva has been the premier maker of fine Belgian chocolate. Worldwide online service.
    • GUITTARD CHOCOLATE COMPANY - since 1868. "With a precise palate and a commitment to the chocolate craft, we have made the world’s best chocolate for five generations. We select single origins for their exclusive flavors and attributes and customize blends and formulas to deliver a premium chocolate experience."
    • HERSHEY'S - since 1894. American multinational company and one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world.
    • House of Knipschildt - since 1999. "Artisan Chocolates." Fritz Knipschildt’s early passion and innovative ideas to creatively infuse elements from the savory kitchen into the world of chocolate and confection have been highly awarded at numerous national and international food competitions through the last decade and is frequently showcased on national TV stations like The Food Network and CNBC as well as in major publications like the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Oprah Magazine. Home Of The World's Most Expensive Chocolate - La Madeline Au Truffe
    • J.EMANUEL CHOCOLATIER - since 1997. "At J. Emanuel Chocolatier, our passion for fine chocolate results in the most sophisticated indulgences... from richly flavored truffles and our exclusive silken wine truffles to the butter toffee of Chester Crunch to enrobed fondants, dipped fruits and more. Handmade in the European tradition with the most flavorful cocoas, distinctive essences and fresh, all-natural ingredients, our chocolates will delight even the most discriminating chocolate connoisseur."
    • JACQUES TORRES CHOCOLATE - since 2000. "Jacques Torres Chocolate is committed to creating fresh, authentic and handmade artisan chocolates for chocolate lovers everywhere. We use only all natural ingredients of the highest quality so our food not only tastes better –-it is better."
    • JOHN & KIRA'S - since 2002. "Gourmet, artisanal chocolates and confections made with ingredients from local, sustainable and family-owned farms."
    • John Kelly Chocolates - since 2005. "Our specialty is exceptionally delicious chocolates. We use all-natural, premium quality ingredients, and make everything in small batches."
    • Katherine Anne Confections - since 2006. "At Katherine Anne Confections we are committed to using fair trade cacao, and work with local farmers for our Jersey cream, Midwest fruits, honey, and seasonal ingredients. We don't use anything that your grandmother wouldn't: no artificial flavors and no corn syrup. Our truffles are lovingly rolled and dipped by hand. Here you'll find extra-delicious truffles of all sorts. Classic truffles include Lemon Poppyseed and Toasted Coconut Rum. Innovative and exciting flavors like Peanut Butter Coconut Curry or Goat Cheese Walnut offer a chance to taste something new. Our caramels are made with local wildflower honey and organic agave nectar instead of corn syrup."
    • LEONIDAS - "The Preferred Belgian Chocolates." Leonidas Belgian Chocolates, made in Belgium since 1913, were first introduced to the USA in 1991 with the opening of our Leonidas store on Madison Avenue in New York City before we launched this web store online in 1998. We air freight Leonidas Belgian Chocolates every other week (weekly during the Holidays) so that we can at all time provide you with the freshest and the largest possible selection of Leonidas Belgian Chocolates to guarantee your satisfaction. All internet and telephone orders are now shipped from our temperature controlled warehouse in Hackensack, NJ while our two retail stores in New York City are open for business Monday through Friday.
    • Li-Lac Chocolates - since 1923. "Manhattan's Oldest Chocolate House." We make old-world artisan chocolates in small batches using time-honored techniques, original recipes, and the finest ingredients. Every delicious item is made by hand, locally in New York City, and guaranteed for freshness.
    • LILLIE BELLE FARMS - since 2002. "Our award winning, artisan chocolates are completely hand-made using time-honored European techniques, but with a true American twist. Our luscious ganaches, bon-bons, caramels and gourmet chocolate gifts have been pleasing chocolate lovers for over eighteen years."
    • MARIEBELLE New York - "Luxury confections brand MarieBelle New York was launched in Spring of 2000, and immediately earned a fine reputation for magnificent chocolates and confections."
    • Michael's Chocolates - San Francisco based artisanal chocolate company. Michael’s Chocolates was started by chocolatier Michael Benner and his husband Curtis Wallis in San Francisco in 2017. Chef Michael is a graduate of the California Culinary Academy and Ecole Chocolat. Michael's Chocolates has been featured in the Forbes 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!
    • MICHEL CLUIZEL CHOCOLATES - "Since 1948, gourmet Chocolat Michel Cluizel has been handcrafting chocolate from bean to bar with pure cocoa butter, Bourbon vanilla pod and never any soy or artificial flavorings."
    • MilÈne Jardine Chocolatier - since 2016. "Milène Jardine Chocolatier offers artisanal, international chocolate inspired by her personal mantra: Live by Love. After exploring over 35 countries and meeting inspirational people every step of the way, she believes in the healing power of food, of connection, and of love. The vision is to celebrate the beauty of diversity through chocolate. Each contains the finest natural ingredients: Valhrona chocolate from France along with exotic herbs and spices that heal and soothe the body." In an effort to preserve the planet and combat climate change, we've partnered with Pachama to reduce our carbon footprint. Every shipment's carbon impact is measured and offset with forest protection initiatives. As home deliveries continue to increase, we're happy to do our part and see more trees planted.
    • NEWTREE CHOCOLATE - since 2001. "Newtree products include fine Belgian chocolate bars, spreads and waffle cookies. Each product combines all-natural flavors and nutritional properties to promote pleasure and well-being."
    • OLIVER KITA Chocolates - since 2007. "Chocolatier Oliver Kita proudly offers Hudson Valley all natural chocolate bars and other fine delectable chocolate creations both in his Kingston, NY store and online chocolate shop. Cooking and baking with the perfumes and flavors of flowers, herbs, citrus, exotic fruits, berries, nuts, and spices over the last 20 years, Oliver Kita now extends fine chocolates to chocolate lovers around the globe with our online chocolate shop. We present to you Oliver Kita’s line of artisan, fair trade and organic chocolate bars."
    • Recchiuti Black Box 16: US$52.
    • Recchiuti - since 1997. "Handcrafting chocolates and confections for over 25 years." We believe when you introduce people to truly exquisite chocolate and ingredients, they will be won over instantly. That's the Recchiuti philosophy that started in 1997 and one we still live by today. Recchiuti exclusively offers our custom-blend chocolates, meticulously crafted by Valrhona to match Michael Recchiuti's discerning palate. Our distinct flavor profiles are unmatched - you won't find them elsewhere. We use only the finest chocolate with a minimum of 32% cocoa butter, resulting in irresistibly smooth and creamy confections - never "waxy." We are inspired by a joy for detail, technique and rigor. Behind the scenes, we are driven by a culture of excellence honed through decades in hospitality and decades mastering the craft of confectionery. Boxed chocolates.
    • ROMANICOS CHOCOLATE - "Best Chocolate in Miami Since 2001." "Románicos Chocolates are a true gastronomic adventure, each chocolate is a piece of art: hand made with the finest ingredients and devoted care, the result is a chocolate that looks amazing and tastes even better."
    • SCHARFFEN BERGER CHOCOLATE MAKER - founded in 1996. "Perfectly Crafted Chocolate." The first ‘bean-to-bar' chocolate manufacturer established in the United States in the past 50 years.
    • Socola Chocolatier - since 2001. "Based in San Francisco, Socola Chocolatier handcrafts artisanal confections with modern flavors and a fantastic taste of fun." Socola craftes its truffles with the ingredients that make humanity sacred: tradition, chocolate, and love.
    • St. Croix Chocolate Company - since 2010. Fine, fresh and beautiful artisan chocolates by the piece and gift boxes. Delicious cocoa bombs, and artisan caramel sauces. Recent winner of International Chocolate Salon Truffle Artistry gold award and Scovie Award winner for non-alcoholic beverage. A beautiful selection of award-winning chocolates, caramels, confections and cocoa bombs made with the finest ingredients. Chocolate by the piece for enjoying, or by the box for gifting.
    • THEO CHOCOLATE - since 2006. "Theo Chocolate is proud to be the first Organic and Fair Trade certified bean-to-bar chocolate maker in North America!"
    • thierry atlan - since 2022. "Best Chocolate New York city." Thierry Atlan has quickly been recognized as one of the best macaron-makers for bringing the highest-quality of French Macarons to the United States.
    • TRUMP CHOCOLATE - "Bring home our Trump gold bar bullion chocolates. They taste amazing and make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer."
    • VOSGES HAUT-CHOCOLATE - since 1997. "The Vosges Haut-Chocolat mission is to create a luxury chocolate experience rooted in a sensory journey of bringing about awareness to indigenous cultures through the exploration of spices, herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, nuts, chocolate and the obscure."
    • CHOCOLATES EL REY - since 1929. "Chocolates El Rey is a Venezuelan company that has pursed the fabrication of high quality chocolate since its establishment in 1929." Available in 9 presentations: Carernero Superior: Apamate 73.5%, Gran Saman 70%, Mijao 61%, Bucare 58.5%, Caoba (dark milk) 41% and Icoa (white). Rio Caribe: Macuro 70%, Cariaco 60.5%, and Irapa 40.5% (dark milk).
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