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A guide to jamón ibérico ham.

Top 15 High-End Jamón Ibérico Ham Online Suppliers

Jamón Ibérico Ham News, Reviews & Resources (14) Top 15 Best Jamón Ibérico Ham Online Suppliers

"Iberian ham", also called pata negra and carna negra; "black hoof") is a type of cured ham produced mostly in Spain, but also in some Portuguese regions where it is called presunto ibérico. According to Spain's Denominación de Origen rules on food products, the jamón ibérico may be made from black Iberian pigs, or cross-bred pigs as long as they are at least 75% ibérico.

The black Iberian pig lives primarily in the south and southwest parts of Spain, including the provinces of Salamanca, Ciudad Real, Cáceres, Badajoz, Seville, Córdoba (Denomination of Origin Los Pedroches) and Huelva. It also lives in the southeast parts of Portugal (Barrancos), where it is referred to as porco de raça alentejana.

mmediately after weaning, the piglets are fattened on barley and maize for several weeks. The pigs are then allowed to roam in pasture and oak groves to feed naturally on grass, herbs, acorns, and roots, until the slaughtering time approaches. At that point, the diet may be strictly limited to olives or acorns for the best quality jamón ibérico, or may be a mix of acorns and commercial feed for lesser qualities.

The hams from the slaughtered pigs are salted and left to begin drying for two weeks, after which they are rinsed and left to dry for another four to six weeks. The curing process then takes at least twelve months, although some producers cure their jamónes ibéricos for up to 48 months.

In particular, the ibérico hams from the towns of Guijuelo in the Salamanca province and Jabugo in the Huelva province are known for their consistently high quality and both have their own Denominación de Origen. Almost the entire town of Jabugo is devoted to the production of jamón ibérico; the biggest producer is 5J Sánchez Romero Carvajal. The town's main square is called La plaza del Jamón.

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    Jamón Ibérico Ham News, Reviews & Resources
  • 21 food - Pata Negra Spanish Hams.
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  • DespaÑa - since 1971. "The Finest From Spain." Iberico & Hams.
  • FORTNUM & MASON - Piccadilly since 1707. "The majority of our products are available for worldwide delivery - with the exception of fresh foods and alcohol." COVAP Jamon de Bellota 100% Whole Leg Ham, 8kg. Selected exclusively for its balance and the purity of the breed, this Ibérico pork ham has been prepared with a deep respect for traditional methods.
  • FRIEND & BURRELL - "The World's Finest Foods." After many years of prohibition, the king of hams, Jamon Iberico Bellota, from the most famous producer in Spain, Joselito, is now available in Australia.
  • Gourmet Food Store - "There are many and delicious types of hams and we're happy to say that we carry them! If it's the best there is you want, it is Spain's jamón ibérico, or Pata Negra, from the black-hoofed free range pigs that feed on acorns."
  • Hamlovers - "Cinco Jotas (5J), paleta de bellota." 100% Black iberian (pata negra), free-range, cured for 24 months.
  • Harrods - since 1849. Cinco Jotas 100% Iberico Ham Leg.
  • - Jamón Pata Negra. Specialists in online sales of spanish ham since 2006.
  • Iberico Foods - "The Taste of Spain." Iberico Ham (Jamón) is one of the most iconic foods in Spanish cuisine. A delicacy that takes years in creating, and that can be enjoyed with all your senses. From the fine art of ham carving to the scent of this fine meat to the palate and texture. Enjoying a Iberico Ham is an unbeatable experience that is now available for our UK customers. Our ham is shipped from the UK, with next day delivery option available.
  • JamÓn IbÉrico HAM AT AMAZON.COM'S GROCERY & GOURMET FOOD - as of January 31, 2023: 69 results.
  • jamonarium - "Spanish bellota pata negra ham & gourmet online shop." Buy online Serrano, iberico, Bellota, pata negra, jabugo ham.
  • La Tienda - since 1996. "Jamón is the trademark of Spanish cuisine, featuring prominently in virtually every restaurant and family kitchen. As home to two types of world famous cured hams, Spain honors its Jamón as both a cultural icon and everyday indulgence. The curing process is regarded as a sacred art, with many producers honoring traditions that go back thousands of years. At La Tienda, we provide you the best in the two distinctive types of Spanish ham: Jamón Serrano and Jamón Ibérico." Reserva Jamón Ibérico de Bellota Ham by Fermin.
  • Producers of JamÓn DE TERUEL - "The tradition of eating cured ham in Teruel goes back to ancient times. Some people assert that reach prehistory. The reality is the pig has always been a fundamental part of the cookery and pantry of Teruel. We take care our animals watching the minimal details: nice handling and the best nourishment for an excellent result: tasty and top quality meat."
  • Spanish Hams - "A gastronomic treat." Buy Spanish Ham (Jamón), Reserva, Iberico, Bellota online.
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