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GrooveMaster turntable.

Top 65 Best High-End Analog/Digital Turntable Brands

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The PHONOGRAPH is a device invented in 1877 for the mechanical recording and reproduction of sound. In its later forms it is also called a gramophone (as a trademark since 1887, as a generic name since c. 1900). The sound vibration waveforms are recorded as corresponding physical deviations of a spiral groove engraved, etched, incised, or impressed into the surface of a rotating cylinder or disc, called a "record". To recreate the sound, the surface is similarly rotated while a playback stylus traces the groove and is therefore vibrated by it, very faintly reproducing the recorded sound. In early acoustic phonographs, the stylus vibrated a diaphragm which produced sound waves which were coupled to the open air through a flaring horn, or directly to the listener's ears through stethoscope-type earphones. In later electric phonographs (also known as record players (since 1940s) or, most recently, turntables, the motions of the stylus are converted into an analogous electrical signal by a transducer called a pickup or cartridge (colloquially called the "needle"), electronically amplified with a power amplifier, then converted back into sound by a loudspeaker.

Inexpensive record players typically used a flanged steel stamping for the TURNTABLE structure. A rubber disc would be secured to the top of the stamping to provide traction for the record, as well as a small amount of vibration isolation. The spindle bearing usually consisted of a bronze bushing. The flange on the stamping provided a convenient place to drive the turntable by means of an idler wheel. While light and cheap to manufacture, these mechanisms had low inertia, making motor speed instabilities more pronounced.

Costlier turntables made from heavy aluminium castings have greater balanced mass and inertia, helping minimize vibration at the stylus, and maintaining constant speed without wow or flutter, even if the motor exhibits cogging effects. Like stamped steel turntables, they were topped with rubber. Because of the increased mass, they usually employed ball bearings or roller bearings in the spindle to reduce friction and noise. Most are belt or direct drive, but some use an idler wheel. A specific case was the Swiss "Lenco" drive, which possessed a very heavy turntable coupled via an idler wheel to a long, tapered motor drive shaft. This enabled stepless rotation or speed control on the drive. Because of this feature the Lenco became popular in the late 1950s with dancing schools, because the dancing instructor could lead the dancing exercises at different speeds.

By the early 1980s, some companies started producing very inexpensive turntables that displaced the products of companies like BSR. Commonly found in all-in-one stereos from assorted far-east brands, they used a thin plastic table set in a plastic plinth, no mats, belt drive, weak motors, and often, plastic tonearms with no counterweight. Most used sapphire pickups housed in ceramic cartridges, and they lacked features of earlier units, such as auto-start and record-stacking. While no longer as common now that turntables are absent from the cheap all-in-one stereo, this type has made a resurgence in nostalgia-marketed players.

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  • Acoustic Signature - since 1996. All models.
    • Acoustic Signature Montana Neo.
    • Acoustic Signature - since 1996. "Best turntables of the World." Handmade quality: "Made in Germany." Since we invented the „Silencerplatter“ in 2000 we have continuously improved the performance results and have now achieved platter damping that is unbeaten by any other product. The gold plated Silencers are of course visually attractive and make the Acoustic Signature turntables even more desirable than without them but good looks was not the reason to implement them into our products.
  • American Audio HTD 4.5.
  • American Audio HTD 4.5 - discontinued but still available.
  • Argon TT-2.
  • Argon TT-2 - since 2000. "TT-2 is a well-built record player if there ever was one. The needle, the pick-up, the plate - they’re all made from high-end parts that you’d usually only find on way more expensive models."
  • Audio Consulting R-evolution Meteor - Stealth turntable.
  • Audio Consulting - "Emotion in Sound."
  • Audio-technica AT-LP1240-USB: US$449.
  • Audio-technica AT-LP1240-USB - Professional DJ Direct-Drive Turntable (USB & Analog).
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    - B -
  • Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000 turntable (1972-1974).
  • Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000 - (1972-1974). Stereo turntable, 33/45RPM, tangential tracking. Type number: 5215. Perhaps the definitive B&O product. Combining innovative, cutting edge technology, precision engineering, superlative performance and outstanding appearance in a tasteful, usable, relevant package, it set the standards for top end Hi-Fi.
  • Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000c - Recreated Limited Edition.
  • Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000c - Recreated Limited Edition - since 2020. "A Classic. Reborn." The original iconic turntable which set the standard for all record players that came after - reimagined for contemporary use. Bang & Olufsen’s Beogram 4000c Recreated Limited Edition sources 95 original units of this most iconic of turntables - marking our 95th year of creating remarkable experiences - restoring them for contemporary sound systems, while maintaining the timeless spirit at their core.
  • Burmester 175 Turntable: US$49,000.
  • Burmester 175 Turntable - since 1977. "After 35 years of experience in the processing of finest audio signals, Burmester now crowns its series of successful phono preamplifiers with a turntable. The Burmester 175 comes as plug-and-play-suite with an cardanic mounted 9-inch tone arm with carbon-aluminium tube. By taking this step, the manufacturer completes the portfolio for fans of analogue sound."
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    - C -
  • Cambridge Audio Alva TT.
  • Cambridge Audio Alva TT - since 1968. Direct Drive Turntable with Bluetooth aptX HD. "Wireless audio performance from a brilliant record player - it's like witchcraft."
  • Clearaudio - since 1978. "For open ears and eyes." High End - made in Germany. All models.
    • Clearaudio Concept.
    • Clearaudio Concept - "Clearaudio's vision for the concept: design an elegantly styled turntable package featuring a level of groundbreaking technology usually only found in high-end turntables, combining plug-and-play simplicity with outstanding sound quality and affordability."
    • Clearaudio Master Statement.
    • Clearaudio Master Statement - "Masterly optimized." The latest model in the popular Innovation series shows clearly how even the best is constantly being further developed and brought to new sonic heights at Clearaudio.
  • Crosley Director Model Number CR2405C-PA: US$299.95.
  • Crosley Turntables - since 1920. All models.
  • CSPort Analog Turntable TAT2.
  • CSPort - since 2014. All models.
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    - D -
  • Denon DP-300F: US$379.
  • DENON - since 1910. "Pure. Clear. Vinyl." Analog & automatic turntables. All models.
  • DS Audio DS Master1.
  • DS Audio - since 2013. "Creating the future of Analog music." We are proudly announcing our DS Audio Optical Cartridge, DS Master1, to you.
  • Dynavector DV500.
  • Dynavector DV500 - "Well Tempered Lab designed turntable."
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    - F -
  • Fletcher Audio - "When music comes first."
  • Flexson VinylPlay Turntable.
  • Flexson - "VinylPlay Turntables."
  • Fluance RT81 High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable Record Player: US$249.99.
  • Fluance - since 1999. "Serious Performance." All models.
  • Funk Firm - since 2005. All models.
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  • Gemini CDT-05 MK 2 Pro Hybrid Turntable.
  • Gemini CDT-05 - hybrid professional turntable that features a CD player and an analog turntable all in one unit! Discontinued but still available.
  • Gold Note Mediterraneo: US$7,499.
  • Gold Note - since 2012. "Where Elegance and Performance Meet." All models.
  • Gramovox Floating Record Vertical Turntable: US$550.
  • Gramovox - since 2013. "Floating Record Vertical Turntable." A high-performance turntable that plays your records vertically through built-in, dynamic, full-range stereo speakers. Get ready to spin vinyl right out of the box.
  • PBN Audio GrooveMaster turntable.
  • GrooveMaster - "The revival of the LP vinyl record has inspired rethinking the traditional turntable. Through the many attempts, audiophile turntables either lack eye appeal or, if beautifully styled, fail the musical fidelity mark. The GrooveMaster represents a new paradigm in turntable design. At last a contemporary vinyl record player looks as good as the sound it delivers."
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  • Hammacher Schlemmer turntable.
  • hammacher schlemmer - The World's Only Counterbalanced Turntable: US$28,000.
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  • ION - since 2003. "Sound Experiences." All models.
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  • Kronos Pro: US$38,000.
  • Kronos - "Time for Music." The world's first counter-rotating dual platter suspended turntable. All models.
  • Kuzma turntable.
  • Kuzma - since 1983. "Continuous analogue progress since 1983!" All models.
    • Kuzma Stabi S.
    • Kuzma Stabi S - our smallest turntable with a design approach normally found only in more expensive models.

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  • Langer turntable Fine wood finish with Rega adaptor.
  • Langer - all models.
  • Lenco L-174.
  • Lenco - founded in 1946. Known for its reliable performance and high degree of isolation from acoustic vibrations and floor vibrations.
  • Linn LP12 turntable.
  • LINN LP12 - "Unmatched over four decades, the LP12 is still the pinnacle of turntable design. A revolutionary icon.."
    • Linn Limited Edition Sondek LP12 turntable: £25,000.
    • Linn Limited Edition Sondek LP12 - "Linn’s highest performance turntable encased in a whisky wood plinth made from the solid oak casks in which Highland Park was matured." Just forty available.

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  • McIntosh MT10 turntable.
  • MCINTOSH - "Turntables helped usher in the modern day world of high fidelity home audio. With some prized vinyl record collections dating back to the onset of hi-fi two-channel stereo, a McIntosh turntable will be able to deliver all the subtle nuances that your vinyl records contain. McIntosh turntables combine our classic design with modern styling elements, creating a unique piece to add to your home audio system." All models.
  • Metaxas & Sins Phonographic Perambulator Turntable: US$35,000.
  • Metaxas & Sins - since 1981. Phonographic Perambulator Turntable: US$35,000.
  • Michell Engineering - since 1977. "Michell Engineering has been at the forefront of turntable technology and design for close to 50 years and is renowned for producing turntables that outperform much more expensive brands. Michell turntables are precision instruments that are designed to reproduce sound as close as possible to the master recording." All models.
  • Music Hall mmf-5.3se.
  • Music Hall - since 1998. "At music hall, we design all of our turntables in concert with manufacturers worldwide, resulting in the best quality audio products available today. All music hall turntables go through rigorous performance and listening tests. Simply put, all of our turntables must represent the best in musicality - and the height of value - or our name doesn’t go on them." All models.
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  • NAD C 556.
  • NAD Electronics - since 1972. "Extraordinary NAD Quality Sound." All models.
  • Numark PT01 USB.
  • Numark - since 1971. Professional Direct-Drive Turntable With USB. Portable Vinyl-Archiving Turntables. All models.
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    - O -
  • OMA | Oswalds Mill Audio - since 2007. All models.
    • OMA Tourmaline turntable.
  • Opera-Consonance - all models.
  • Origin Live - "To Transform Your Listening Experience." All models.
    • Origin Live Sovereign MK3-2.
    • Origin Live Sovereign MK3-2 - "We can't recommend this Origin Live deck highly enough: it has the power to stop a herd of wildebeest with its authority - yet it can also bring a grown man to his knees in tears..." What Hi-Fi.

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  • PBN Audio GrooveMaster turntable.
  • PBN Audio GrooveMaster - "The revival of the LP vinyl record has inspired rethinking the traditional turntable. Through the many attempts, audiophile turntables either lack eye appeal or, if beautifully styled, fail the musical fidelity mark. The GrooveMaster represents a new paradigm in turntable design. At last a contemporary vinyl record player looks as good as the sound it delivers."
  • Pioneer - since 1937. "Vinyl's classic sound, updated for modern listeners." All models.
    • Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS.
    • PIONEER CDJ-2000NXS - "Pro-grade digital DJ deck." DJ deck with a 6.1-inch 480 × 234 LCD and the ability to play music directly off USB and SD media.
    • Pioneer PLX-1000.
    • PIONEER PLX-1000 - "A reborn classic." The PLX-1000 is precision engineered for the booth, drawing on 50 years’ experience of making high-end turntables. The result is a familiar layout with some next generation improvements, including a high-torque direct drive system, multi-pitch control, club-grade build and sound quality, and detachable power and audio cables. It’s solidly built for excellent vibration damping and ultra-precise, high-grade audio playback.
  • PolyTable Turntable.
  • PolyTable Turntable - "For the music lover who wishes for a quality turntable but has a budget."
  • Pro-Ject Audio Systems - since 1991. All models.
  • PylePro - since 1960. "Vintage turntables - get the look of yesterday’s classic phonographs with today’s high-quality manufacturing standards." All models.
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    - R -
  • Rega - "Award-winning Turntables made in England by Rega since 1973." All models.
  • ReVox Studiomaster T700: US$3,999.
  • ReVox Studiomaster T700 - since 1948. "The STUDIOMASTER T700 is a high-end turntable with a very unique integrated MC phono preamplifier. It is made of the highest-grade materials, and fascinates with an elegant and timeless design."
  • Roksan - since 1985. "Made in London." Roksan has a long and rich history in vinyl replay with a comprehensive range of turntables, tonearms and cartridges. Featuring the very best in style, technology and musical enjoyment, these products will get the very best from your vinyl record collection.
  • ROWEN TT1 turntable.
  • Rowen - since 1972. "Swiss Made." All models.
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    - S -
  • Scheu Das Laufwerk No. 2: US$14,999.
  • Scheu - since 1948. "Turntables from SCHEU are synonymous from Berlin to Ushuaia with a most audiophile sound quality, tonal balance and, last but not least, outstanding durability. They are all belt-/string-driven heavyweight turntables and they all use an inverted bearing." All models.
  • Shinola The Runwell: US$2,500.
  • Shinola The Runwell Turntable - since 2011. "The Rose Gold Runwell Turntable, designed inside and out for the discriminating audiophile and easy to use by any music enthusiast. Featuring a built in phono preamplifier and a belt driven pulley with speeds of 33 1/3 rpm and 45rpm."
  • SME - since 1946. "Audiophile Turntables." All models.
  • 2020 Product of the Year Awards | Turntable of the Year - "SME Model 12A Turntable with 309 Tonearm."
  • Sony PS-HX500: US$499.99.
  • Sony PS-HX500 - "Vinyl to Digital Turnable | USB Record Player." Digitally captures analog in its purest form. Turntable for playing vinyl and recording in High-Resolution. Vinyl goes portable in High-Resolution Audio. Convert your records to high quality digital music files.
  • Stanton Turntables - since 1946. "Stanton's "no nonsense" turntables have everything professional DJs need, and nothing they don't." All models.
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    - T -
  • TDK ETVT20102 USB.
  • TDK ETVT20102 USB - "Life on Record."
  • TEAC - since 1953. All turntable systems.
    • Teac TN-300.
    • Teac TN-300 - "Hold your breath. Drop the needle. Enjoy analog as it’s meant to be heard." 2-speed belt-drive analog turntable.
    • Teac TN-570.
    • Teac TN-570 - "USB Turntable with Digital Outputs." Flagship Turntable that combines style with excellent peformance, including a Dual-material Chassis, “PRS3” and Hi-Res Digital Output.
  • TechDAS Air Force One.
  • TechDAS - since 2010. "State-of-the-Art turntables." TechDAS provides the ultimate in audio experiences. The letter 'D' in TechDAS, comes from 'Digital' and the 'A' from 'Analog' reflecting TechDAS team’s commitment to the finest audio technology. All models.
    • TechDAS Air Force Zero.
    • TechDAS Air Force Zero - "Unlike the Air Force One, which we developed with a few conditions to meet, we set no limitations in designing the Zero. Most exceptionally, the main system weighs 330 kg. It is actually much more than we initially expected. This is an absolutely colossal system."
  • Technics - launched in 2016. Direct Drive Turntable System. Conventional analogue turntables have problems with degradation in sound quality caused by factors such as minute speed vibration during rotation and rotation irregularity called "cogging." In the SL-1200G, the use of a newly developed coreless direct-drive motor with no iron core eliminates cogging. Also, the twin-rotor construction reduces the bearing load while maintaining high torque and also reduces minute vibration during rotation. These factors enable reproduction of the warm, exquisitely detailed sound etched on analogue records.
  • Thales - since 2016. "Our philosophy is not only to find theoretical perfect solutions but also to realize them the most precise way and achieve continuous improvement in order to set new standards in music reproduction." All models.
  • Thorens - since 1883. "The Phono Company." In 1965 in Sainte Croix, Switzerland the development of a new, affordable turntable called TD 150 was finished. This turntable later became the blueprint for a very successful generation of turntables. All models.
    • Thorens TD 550.
    • Thorens TD 550 - "The musical experience." High-end turntable with suspended sub-chassis and tonearm base made from carbon fibre.
  • Torqueo Audio Italia Zebrano Compact Exclusive turntable.
  • Torqueo Audio Italia - "The philosophy of Torqueo Audio is to consider the record player a musical instrument, therefore, our principle is simple: “Harmonise material and technique” In fact, the mix of materials and architecture, combined with technical criteria, creates the desired sound result. Our aim is to gives the listener the emotional content of music, rejecting the current Hi-End trends that mortify the musicality of the sound message." All models.
  • Townshend Rock 7.
  • Townshend Rock 7 - since 1975. "Manufacturer of ultra-high-end audio equipment."
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    - V -
  • Vertere RG-1 Reference Groove Record Player: US$27,995.
  • Vertere RG-1 Reference Groove - "Vertere’s finest model and first choice among the world’s high-end turntables." Record Player RG-1 Reference Groove embodies all Vertere’s unrivalled expertise in quality audio engineering, high-end hi-fi systems and turntables. Designed without compromise, every single component in the RG-1 is specially engineered and custom built, using the best possible materials and the highest standards of precision.
  • Vestax PDX-3000MKII.
  • Vestax PDX-3000MKII - "The Next Style of DJing." Professional Turntable With Midi Input and Adjustable Torque.
  • VPI The Classic turntable.
  • VPI Classic turntable - "Making Turntables for 40 Years in America." Since 1984 VPI has manufactured a variety of turntables for audiophiles the world over.
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    - W -
  • Wagner Audio Concerto Grosso.
  • Wagner Audio - since 2005. "Analog aus Leidenschaft."
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    - Y -
  • Yamaha GT-5000 Turntable: US$7,999.95.
  • Yamaha GT-5000 - "A New Age in Hi-Fi." Referencing the esteemed turntables of the golden age of Hi-Fi, the GT-5000 expands on this heritage in the pursuit of pure musicality. Including a pure straight and short arm for absolute transparency and openness in sound, balanced signal path delivering absolute purity in signal transmission and design reflective of the GT heritage and absolute quality in craftsmanship and construction, the GT-5000 presents a new era of Hi-Fi from Yamaha. A sound for both the ears and the soul.
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    - Z -
  • Zavfino ZV5 Limited Edition 'Knight OldSkool'.
  • Zavfino ZV5 Series - since 2004. "The New Revolution in Analogue."
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