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Pants presses & valet trays.

Top 10 Best High-End Pants Presses and Valet Stands

Pants Presses News & Resources PANTS PRESSES & VALET STANDS (10) VALET TRAYS & Travel Trays (20)

A PANTS PRESSER is an electrical home appliance used to smooth the wrinkles from a pair of trousers. They are commonly provided in hotel rooms, though may also be purchased for home use; they are generally associated with use by businessmen who require a smart formal appearance to their suit.

CLOTHES VALET, also called men's valet and valet stand, is an item of furniture on which clothes may be hung. Typical features of valets include trouser hangers, jacket hangers, shoe bars, and a tray organizer for miscellaneous, day-to-day objects like wallets and keys. Some also feature jewelry boxes. The gentleman's valet is a piece of furniture from a time where dress standards for men were much higher than those of today. The modern versions of the valet vary from the mass produced, a standard coat hanger on a basic frame, to the bespoke valet aimed at those who probably wear bespoke suits.

A VALET TRAY is a device (as a rack or tray) for holding clothing or personal effects. In the United States, the term is frequently used to refer to a non-freestanding cabinet or tray for holding small personal items such as watches, cuff links, keys, or a cell phone. In this sense, it is a men's jewelry box.

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    Pants Presses & Valet Stands News, Reviews & Resources
  • Pants presser.
  • Best Trouser Press 2023 - Best Results - Consumer Expert Reviews.
  • Best Valet Stands 2023 - "Organize Your Wardrobe with Style and Functionality."
  • Best Trouser Press Machine for Pants Review (Professional Results) - "A trouser press is the easiest way to press your pants at the end of a workday, leaving you looking crisp and ready for the next day. Using it is as simple as folding your trousers, hanging them in the pants press, and letting it do its job."
  • CLOTHES VALET - also called men's valet, valet stand and suit stand, is an item of furniture on which clothes, particularly men's suits, may be hung. Typical features of valets include trouser hangers, jacket hangers, shoe bars, and a tray organizer for miscellaneous, day-to-day objects like wallets and keys. Some also feature jewelry boxes.
  • Gentlemen's Relish: the return of the valet - "Gentlemen who mourn the age of the valet – a discreet and attentive Jeeves to call their own – may be interested to learn that the inanimate version, the valet stand, is back in vogue. Forget the utilitarian item of yesteryear; the very concept has been reborn as beautifully crafted statement pieces by luxury brands ranging from Ligne Roset and Poltrona Frau to Gebrüder Thonet and Stellar Works."
  • TROUSER PRESS - also referred to by the trademarked name Corby trouser press, is an electrical appliance used to smooth the wrinkles from a pair of trousers (pants).
  • Top 10 Best High-End Pants Presses & Valet Stands
  • ALLBRANDS.COM - since 1976. "Pants Press Ironing & Trouser Presses."
  • AMAZON.COM - "Best Sellers in Trouser Pressers." As of July 20, 2023: 16 products.
  • Bentley Valet Pants Press Model 737 Black - "Always on duty." At eBay.
  • Chaplins - since 1993. "Modern Valet Stands." The modern valet stand is a multifunctional furniture accessory that offers an artistic solution to life's everyday messes. Keep your work shirts crisp or drape your jewellery on it's elegant branches expertly crafted by some of our favourite top European designers: Cattelan Italia, Porada and Poltrona Frau. A stately finishing touch, our designer valet stands add character and an old-school luxe to large, open rooms.
  • Corby of Windsor Executive pants press.
  • CORBY OF WINDSOR - "Made in England since 1930." Iconic brand. Trouser Presses Collection. 5 models.
  • Hermès Paris 'Groom' Valet: US$61,200.
  • HermÈs Paris - since 1837. "'Groom' valet with metallic frame covered with ebonized walnut wood and brushed stainless steel feet. Features include a taurillon H leather-clad revolving mirror, coat hook, pouch, brushed stainless steel hooks, brushed stainless steel and leather-clad accessory holder, jewelry compartment in ebonized walnut wood and taurillon H leather-clad purse holder."
  • Ligne Roset Valet: Estenda: US$1,295.
  • Ligne Roset Valet: Estenda - since 1860. "The Estenda coat rack adopts a radically opposite approach: the stems/hooks and linking-bars remain visible and are there for hanging clothing, trousers and even resting objects on its round trinket-holder surface. In natural varnished solid American walnut. Linking-pieces in brass-plated steel or in nickel-plated steel. Height-adjustable gliders/jacks for added stability."
  • Linley Valet Rosewood Stand: US$10,551.
  • LINLEY VALET STAND - since 1985. "The LINLEY Valet Stand is a wonderfully practical piece of furniture that is used for hanging a suit and hat and holding small accessories." Handcrafted in rosewood with grey ripple sycamore stringing and stainless steel detailing the valet stand is an occasional piece of furniture that very quickly becomes essential to everyday life. The valet stand includes a hat hook, trouser rail, shoe rack, walnut coat hanger and cufflink tray, which is artfully concealed in the top compartment of the stand. It features a distinctive central wooden panel which is decorated with rosewood inlay in a smart diagonally quartered pattern and bordered by grey ripple sycamore stringing, mirroring the rest of the design.
  • Poltrona Frau Ren Valet Stand: US$4,349.
  • Poltrona Frau Ren Valet Stand - since 1912. "Ren, floor and wall mirror and mirror clothes rack, is part of the large collection designed by Neri & Hu for the entrance hall, the place where we welcome guests and offer them the first taste of our furnishing style. With their refined craftsmanship and versatile forms, the Ren floor and wall mirrors welcome visitors with true Poltrona Frau elegance but can also be used in other spaces: from the living room to the bedroom, from the bathroom to the study."
  • Ralph Lauren Colton Valet: US$2,595.
  • RALPH LAUREN Colton Valet - since 1967. "Designed to be both a functional and beautiful fixture for the home, the Colton Valet combines polished nickel with sleek leather and has a unique easel-inspired silhouette."
    Valet Trays & Travel Trays
  • Carl Friedrik The Charging Tray: US$245.
  • Carl Friedrik - since 2013. "The Charging Tray." Wireless leather charging tray.
  • Cartier Large Cartier Characters square tray: US$650.
  • Cartier - since 1847. Large Cartier Characters square tray in blue Limoges porcelain with toucan motif, goat suede base. Dimensions: D 22.3 × H 2 cm.
  • Courant CATCH:3 Classics: US$175.
  • Courant CATCH:3 - since 2018. "The new home for your most essential items. The CATCH:3 combines our multi-coil, single device wireless technology with the familiar valet silhouette, allowing you to thoughtfully organize accessories and charge your devices. We recommend placing the CATCH:3 on both the bedside and entryway of your home."
  • Craighill Nocturn Catch: US$88.
  • Craighill NOCTURN CATCH - since 2015. "A luxury home for your keys, wallet, phone." Equally comfortable on your dresser, desk, or coffee table, this solid American hardwood catch-all provides an ideal resting place for your daily essentials. Surprisingly hefty, and with a smooth satiny finish, you might end up loving the Nocturn Catch more than the objects you keep on it.
  • Etsy Personalized Custom Valet Tray Made of Felt & Wood: US$58.
  • Etsy - since 2005. "Personalized Custom Valet Tray Made of Felt & Wood / Storage Tray and Custom Dish for Keys Wallet Phone and More."
  • Ettinger Lifestyle Navy Leather Travel Tray: €116.10.
  • ETTINGER London - since 1934. "Travel Trays & Boxes." Designed especially for travelling, these trays fold flat in transit and pop back together at destination to offer a familiar place to empty pockets and hold watches and jewellery. They can also be very useful back at home.
  • Ghurka Folding Snap Tray No. 58: US$175.
  • Ghurka - Fine Handcrafted Leather Gear Made in Norwalk, Connecticut Since 1975. "Work From Home." Upgrade your home office with Ghurka Leather.
  • Giorgio Armani OCCHIO Valet tray.
  • GIORGIO ARMANI - since 1975. "Valet tray made of four circles, three in suede and one in concave wood. A contact phone recharger is hidden in the smaller suede circle. The Armani/Casa logo is printed on the back of the tray."
  • Gucci Ouroboros Trinket Tray: US$380.
  • Gucci - since 1921. "Made from pink Richard Ginori porcelain, this small dish is printed with familiar markings of the House. The Ouroboros, an ancient Egyptian symbol of a snake consuming its own tail, encircles the Gucci logo. The rounded shape serves as a decorative tray for holding trinkets and treasures or can be used as an ashtray."
  • Hermès Change tray in Clemence taurillon leather: US$690.
  • HermÈs Paris - since 1837. Change tray in Clemence taurillon leather. H Evelyne" design. Snap closures in palladium-plated brass. Made in France.
  • Howard Valet Tray with Roll - Black: US$175.
  • Howard Valet Tray with Roll - "Stylish and functional, the Howard collection matches today’s man with his needs, loves and passions. The Howard valet tray with pebble leather offers more storage and features than your average at home or at work organiser. Includes removable tray, an outlet for a USB charger as well as cufflink box with 6 compartments. 5 storage compartments (1 with lid), 1 elevated and long stationary watch cuff with 2 watch guards, 1 removable tray, an outlet for a USB, 1 removable travel cufflink box (6 compartments). Material: Pebble leather exterior, ultra-suede interior."
  • Linley Vide Poche valet trays: US$158.
  • LINLEY - since 1985. "Whether placed on a bedside table, dresser or desk the Vide Poche is a must-have for organising the contents of your pockets such as loose change and keys.Handmade from the finest materials and available in an assortment of colours."
  • Maxwell Scott The Ilario Luxury Leather Desk Tidy: US$117.
  • MAXWELL SCOTT - since 2002. "The Ilario Luxury Leather Desk Tidy."
  • Sage Brown Rectangular Leather Valet Tray - Red With Black: £65.
  • Sage Brown London - since 2005. "Luxury Leather Valet Trays." Travel tray, tidy tray, valet tray, catchall tray, trinket tray, call it what you want but a leather tray is a really useful container for all your personal accoutrements like keys, coins, wallet, watch and mobile phone. Having a home for daily essentials that are annoying to lose is super useful. A valet tray you keep near the front door for your most important items is very useful if your prone to being forgetful!
  • Smythson Large Rectangular Trinket Tray in Panama: US$250.
  • Smythson - since 1887. Large Rectangular Trinket Tray in Panama. Crafted from the durable crossgrain leather of our Panama collection, the large trinket tray is a handy catchall for your odds and ends. It looks just as smart on a desk, mantle or sideboard.
  • T. Anthony men's leather bureau tray: US$450.
  • T. Anthony New York - since 1946. "Empty your pockets into this convenient leather bureau valet. There is room for wallet, cell phone, change, ring and other personal items. Crafted from rich smooth calf leather."
  • The Bridge Change Tray: US$168.
  • The Bridge - Firenze 1969. "The genuine leather The Bridge valet dish is an essential accessory for having keys, change, etc. always within reach."
  • Tiffany & Co. Catchall Tray in Tiffany Blue Leather: US$250.
  • TIFFANY & CO. - since 1837. "Home Office Designs." Upgrade your home office with expertly crafted desk accessories and decor. Skillfully designed in luxurious bone china, crystal glass, sterling silver and Italian leather, explore our curated collection of decor and desk accessories to add a touch of Tiffany to working from home.
  • Turnbull & Asser Square Leather Travel Tray in Black & Red: £75.
  • TURNBULL & ASSER - since 1885. Made in England. "Keep your keys, watch and rings organised with our attractive range of leather travel trays. Also perfect for your side table or dresser when not travelling. Gentlemen on the move will find our travel tray essential packing for any stay as it allows you to look after your knick-knacks and small accessories wherever you go. Our travel trays are made from beautiful leather with a suede interior." 71-72 Jermyn Street, London, U.K.
  • VALET TRAYS AT AMAZON.COM - as of July 21, 2023: 1,000+ results.
  • William Yeoward Leather Valet Tray - Petrol Blue: £95.
  • WILLIAM YEOWARD - since 1998. "This handsome large tray is handcrafted in Italy from the finest calf leather and walnut. Scratch proof and water resistant this smart valet tray in petrol is a wonderful storage solution for loose change or keys. Constantly pushing the technical limits of luxury design, Giobagnara's wide array of leathers, suedes and objet are produced to simply the highest standards in Italy using generations of traditional know-how and cutting-edge technology."
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