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"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." - Sigmund Freud.

"A good Havana is one of the best pleasures I know." - Somerset Maugham.

"A good Cuban cigar closes the doors to the vulgarities of the world." - Franz Liszt.

"I drink a great deal. I sleep a little, and I smoke cigar after cigar. That is why I am in two-hundred-percent form." - Winston Churchill.

A CIGAR is a tobacco product. It is a rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves made to be smoked. Cigars are produced in a variety of sizes and shapes. Since the 20th century, almost all cigars are made of three distinct components: the filler, the binder leaf which holds the filler together, and a wrapper leaf, for appearance and flavor, which is often the highest quality leaf used. Often there will be a cigar band printed with the cigar manufacturer's logo. Modern cigars can come with two or more, highlighting special qualities such as age and origin of the tobaccos used.

Cigar tobacco is grown in significant quantities primarily in Central America and the islands of the Caribbean, including Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, and Puerto Rico; it is also produced in the Eastern United States, Brazil and in the Mediterranean countries of Italy, Spain (in the Canary Islands), and Greece, in Western Africa, and in Indonesia and the Philippines of Southeast Asia.

A pre-Castro cigar was made in Cuba before Castro's rise to power January 1959. A pre-embargo cigar was made in Cuba before President Kennedy enacted the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba in 1962. So, all pre-Castro cigars are pre-embargo, but not all pre-embargo cigars are pre-Castro. Many cigars referred to as pre-embargo may in fact be pre-Castro as well. Often, when the owner doesn't know the exact date of production, he'll call the cigars pre-embargo to be on the safe side.

Cigar smoking carries a variety of serious health risks, including developing cancers, and respiratory, cardiovascular, periodontal and other diseases.

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    Cigar Events
  • Habanos, S.A. closes the 23rd Habano Festival with the launch of Partagás Línea Maestra.
  • HABANOS FESTIVALS - Habanos Cigar Festival. "The Habano Festival is the most famous event dedicated to Premium cigars in the world, and it takes place in Havana, Cuba." Lovers of considered the best tobacco in the world enjoy a program of activities that highlight the origin and the culture around the Habano. 5 days that include from conferences to expand knowledge about the product to events for your enjoyment.Those attending the Habano Festival have the opportunity to visit the best tobacco plantations and most renowned factories, enjoy keynote conferences offered by experts, exclusive pairings and, of course, get to know exclusive news and launches that Habanos, S.A. has for the year. More than 1,300 participants from around 70 countries attend the Habano Festival and its three main nights dedicated to the most important brands and launches of the year.
  • THE BIG SMOKE - "What To Expect At Big Smoke Las Vegas 2023." or almost three decades, the Las Vegas Big Smoke has been the must-go event for cigar lovers across the globe. Newcomers and aficionados alike are drawn together like moths (or a cigar) to a flame and enjoy a weekend of exceptional spirits and cigars and meet the people behind their favorite smokes. This year’s Big Smoke is taking place Friday, November 3 and Saturday, November 4, 2023, at Resorts World Las Vegas. Halloween will have just passed, but the spirit still lingers as cigar enthusiasts visit each booth with open bags eagerly awaiting to receive their bounty. Who needs candy when you can have cigars and spirits?
    Cigar Magazines
  • Cigar Aficionado Magazine.
  • CIGAR AFICIONADO - since 1992. "Your home for cigars on the web."
  • Cigar Journal - "For over 20 years, Cigar Journal has been dedicated to covering all angles of the cigar world and bringing together the global community of cigar smokers."
  • Cigar World - "The ultimate authority for all things cigar." Whether you want to learn, communicate with fellow fanatics, share knowledge or have access to exclusive content and promotions, you’ve come to the right place.
  • SMOKE MAGAZINE - since 1974. "The premiere lifestyle magazine for cigar enthusiasts."
    Cigar News, Reviews & Resources
  • Grand Havana Room New York, 666 5th, Suite 39, Avenue between 52nd & 53rd Street, New York, NY 10103.
  • A guide to the best places for cigar-lovers everywhere - Daily Mail.
  • Berluti Cigar Case 4 Scritto Leather: US$1,660.
  • BERLUTI - Paris since 1895. "The ultimate expression of luxury for men." Cigar cases.
  • Brazil's ban on Cuban cigars leaves left fuming - "Havana alleges ‘servile and perverse’ bid to back US embargo."
  • Chantix - prescription medication used to treat nicotine addiction. It both reduces cravings for and decreases the pleasurable effects of cigarettes and other tobacco products.
  • CHEROOT - Wikipedia.
  • CIGAR - Wikipedia.
  • Cigar Lounge at hotel The Alpina, Alpinastrasse 23, CH-3780 Gstaad, Switzerland.
  • Cigar Lounge at The Alpina, Gstaad - "The Alpina Gstaad’s Cigar Lounge takes its inspiration from the famous establishments of Havana. A warm colour palette recollects glamorous 1930s settings. True connoisseurs can joyfully choose from a selection of over 60 different cigars stored in the walk-in humidor. From the classic deep-buttoned armchairs, guests enjoy unparalleled views across the Alpine peaks and rolling hills of the Bernese Oberland." At hotel The Alpina, Alpinastrasse 23, CH-3780 Gstaad, Switzerland.
  • CIGAR OF THE MONTH CLUB - "Hand-Rolled Cigar Club." Delivered each month - since 1994.
  • CIGARS REVIEW - since 2003. "Cuban Cigar Reviews & Ratings."
  • Cigarte Montecristo ashtray: €130.
  • Cigarte - since 2010. "We ship to Spain (Except Canary Islands), France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands." Ashtrays, Cigar Cases, Cutters, Humidors, and more.
  • CRA | CIGAR RIGHTS OF AMERICA - since 2008. "Fighting For The Freedom To Enjoy Fine Cigars."
  • Cuban Cigars Guide – Cohiba, Upmann & Co - Gentleman's Gazette.
  • CUBAN CIGAR WEBSITE - since 2006. "The World's Best Cuban Cigar Information Website."
  • Cubatabaco - short for Empresa Cubana del Tabaco, is the Cuban state tobacco company. The company was formed in 1962, after the Cuban tobacco industry had been nationalized by Fidel Castro's socialist government.
  • Davidoff cigar cutter scissors.
  • Davidoff - "EXPERTISE IN EVERY DETAI." Davidoff accessories elevate the aficionado’s enjoyment and care of a Davidoff cigar. Each one has been carefully designed and crafted by experts who carry great knowledge and deep passion for cigars. These accessories are works of fine craftsmanship. Their beauty and integrity are perfect for a uniquely refined cigar experience. Some may even become heirlooms - worthy of time beautifully filled across generations.
  • Edward Sahakian Cigar Shop & Sampling Lounge, Bvlgari Hotel, 171 Knightsbridge, City of Westminster, London SW7, U.K.
  • Edward Sahakian Cigar Shop & Sampling Lounge - "Internationally renowned and multi-awarded cigar merchant Edward Sahakian’s eponymous Cigar Shop and Sampling Lounge at Bulgari Hotel London has established itself as the premier Knightsbridge destination for connoisseurs in search of truly exceptional vintage cigars. Specialising in rare Havanas that are quite simply unobtainable elsewhere, the cigars are sourced from Edward Sahakian’s private collection, which has been assembled over the last forty years. The provenance and condition of each cigar is unimpeachable and unparalleled and this gem of a location has rapidly established itself as an international landmark for cigar lovers who find themselves in the British capital." At The Bvlgari Hotel, 171 Knightsbridge, City of Westminster, London SW7, U.K.
  • Elie Bleu Cigar Case Casa Cubana 'Le Parisien' - 3 Cigars calibre 27: €495.
  • ELIE BLEU Paris - since 1976. "Our collection Casa Cubana is an invitation to travel. Taking up the iconic Cuban architecture, each box completes this true miniature reproduction of Havana."
  • FAMOUS SMOKE SHOP - since 1939. "Shop Cigar Accessories & Tools for Smoking."
  • February 7, 1962 - U.S. bans Cuban imports and exports. Before announcing the ban, President John F.Kennedy, a prolific cigar smoker, arranged for White House press secretary Pierre Salinger to stash an ample supply of the finest Cuban cigars in an executive mansion humidor.
  • Grand Havana Room Beverly Hills, 301 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, U.S.A.
  • GRAND HAVANA ROOM BEVERLY HILLS - "Members Only Club." The Grand Havana Room in Beverly Hills is our flagship location. Since its inception in April 1995 it has set the standard that high-end cigar clubs are measured by on a national scale. Located on the corner of Dayton Way and Canon Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills, every element of the Grand Havana Room has been designed for the explicit purpose of maximizing the enjoyment of the cigar smoker. Members, including some of the biggest names in Hollywood and the business world, enter through On Canon, a separate restaurant on North Canon Drive, and identify themselves to the hostess, who then unlocks a private elevator, which glides soundlessly up a floor to this secret smoking lair. 301 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, U.S.A.
  • Grand Havana Room New York - "Members Only Club." The Grand Havana Room reflects a relaxed and casual attitude amid exquisite architectural surroundings, for men & women who appreciate the pleasures of the world’s finest cigars, as well as the year-round company of those who share this and other lifestyle interests. The Grand Havana Room in New York is a thoughtfully designed club with panoramic views of New York City from the penthouse floor of its prestigious mid-town location. Here, members have the opportunity to enjoy camaraderie, entertain clients and friends, conduct business meetings, and smoke cigars in a refined and relaxed atmosphere. We can’t begin to describe the club without starting with the view. The club occupies 17,000 square feet on the 39th floor of 666 Fifth Avenue, at the epicenter of midtown Manhattan. Seen through floor-to-ceiling windows, the views cover nearly all points of the compass. 666 5th Ave #39, New York, NY 10103, U.S.A.
  • Grand Hotel Park Cigar Lounge, Wispilestrasse 29, CH-3780 Gstaad, Switzerland.
  • Grand Hotel Park Cigar Lounge, Gstaad - "In an English club atmosphere, seated in plush Chesterfield armchairs, this is an ideal place to enjoy a cigar, and based on suggestions, sip on a drink or a cocktail for a moment of pure pleasure." At Grand Hotel Park, Wispilestrasse 29, CH-3780 Gstaad, Switzerland.
  • How JFK snagged 1,200 Cuban cigars before the trade embargo - "President John F. Kennedy secured for himself 1,200 Cuban cigars just hours before enacting the Cuban trade embargo in 1962."
  • Inside London's oldest cigar merchants' - "We're the oldest cigar shop in London; the business was established by Robert Lewis in 1787. Our clients have included members of the Royal family and nobility, Oscar Wilde and Winston Churchill - he bought an extraordinary amount of cigars...."
  • Inside the Nat Sherman Townhouse. Photograph by Bigbuzzwiki, CC BY-SA 3.0.
  • Inside the Nat Sherman townhouse - "Go inside the family-owned business where big shots like Frank Sinatra and Rudy Giuliani have gotten their cigars for decades."
  • John F. Kennedy lights up cigar with his close friend Senator George Smather of Florida.
  • John F. Kennedy bought 1,200 Cuban cigars hours ordered US trade embargo - Daily Mail Online.
  • LIST OF CIGAR BRANDS - Wikipedia.
  • Lock & Co. Embroidered Smoking Cap: £295.
  • Lock & Co. - embroidered smoking cap.
  • Michel Audiard Le cigare et son socle feuille fountain pen.
  • MICHEL AUDIARD - since 1978. "Le cigare et son socle feuille" fountain pen.
  • Montegrappa Cigar fountain pen.
  • Montegrappa Cigar fountain pen - since 1912. "Made in the special 'Tobacco' celluloid, one of the 24 hues Montegrappa boasts in its archives, the Cigar pen resembles the subject with uncanny realism."
  • On the Cigar Trail in Cuba - "Prompted by thawing relations, an American cigar lover goes to Cuba to find one of the best."
  • PEDRO MURIAS’ LA MERIDIANA - "Cuba’s Historic Cigar Factories." Cigar Journal.
  • PRE-CASTRO & PRE-EMBARGO CIGARS - (January 2, 1959 & February 7, 1962). A pre-Castro cigar was made in Cuba before Castro's rise to power January 1959. A pre-embargo cigar was made in Cuba before President Kennedy enacted the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba in 1962. So, all pre-Castro cigars are pre-embargo, but not all pre-embargo cigars are pre-Castro. Many cigars referred to as pre-embargo may in fact be pre-Castro as well. Often, when the owner doesn't know the exact date of production, he'll call the cigars pre-embargo to be on the safe side.
  • Premium Cigar Association (PCA) - since 1933. "Growing the Business of Specialty Tobacco Retailing." The Premium Cigar Association (PCA) is the leading authority and advocate for the premium cigar and pipe retailer industry. The PCA is dedicated to the current and future success of brick and mortar premium tobacconists. Founded in 1933 as the Retail Tobacco Dealers of America, the PCA is the largest, most active, and longest-running trade association representing specialty tobacco retailers, and supporting manufacturers, and partners in the industry.
  • Smoking cap - Also known as lounging caps, were Victorian headwear worn by men while smoking to stop their hair from smelling of tobacco smoke. They were soft caps, shaped like a squat cylinder or close fitting like a knit cap, and usually heavily embroidered with a tassel on top.
  • Stefano Ricci Crocodile Leather Cigar Set: US$2,750.
  • Stefano Ricci - since 1972. Cigar Accessories.
  • The Garden Room at The Lanesborough, Duke of Wellington Pl, London SW1X 7TA, U.K.
  • The Garden Room at The Lanesborough, Duke of Wellington Pl, London SW1X 7TA, U.K.
  • The Garden Room at The Lanesborough - "A hidden oasis tucked away from the bustle of Hyde Park Corner, the Garden Room is The Lanesborough’s, and indeed Knightsbridge’s, best kept secret. Surrounded by lush greenery, the outdoor covered terrace is open year-round with a fireplace, heaters and blankets to keep guests warm on colder evenings. Alongside an impressive selection of Cuban and pre-Castro cigars presented in the celebrated walk-in humidor, the Garden Room offers cocktails, spirits, fine wines and Champagnes, light dishes served until late and cigar masterclasses. Cognac lovers will appreciate the The Lanesborough Paradis - a collection of some of the rarest and finest Cognacs and Armagnacs in the world, some dating back to the 18th century." The Garden Room at The Lanesborough, Duke of Wellington Place, London SW1X 7TA, U.K.
  • The Impossible Collection Of Cigars: The 100 Most Exceptional, Important, And Age-worthy Puros Book - "Journey around the world to discover the 100 most commendable and coveted cigars from the most prestigious makers, all from the comfort of your home. This oversized luxury-edition volume, by iconic publisher Assouline and award-winning author Aaron Sigmond, analyses such remarkable cigars as Nicaragua’s Padrón to Dominican Republic’s Arturo Fuente and Davidoff of Geneva, and, of course, Cuba’s arsenal of legendary smokes. Featuring to-scale images and hand-tipped cigar bands, this hand-bound book, presented in a traditional wooden cigar box, is essential for any sincere aficionado."
  • The One Box of Cigars You Should Buy This Month - "Davidoff’s latest Chinese Zodiac limited edition cigar is the one box of cigars you should be picking up in January 2020."
  • Top 100 Cigar Smokers of the Twentieth Century - "Great men and great cigars have always gone together, so it's no surprise that some of the century's most influential and popular figures have embraced this time-honored pastime. From the moment that King Edward VII uttered his famous proclamation in 1901, cigar smoking has been a pleasant diversion, often an ingrained habit, for politicians, movie stars and a host of other famous partakers."
  • When London was the smoking capital of the world - "The introduction of the smoking ban in July 2007 instantly halted smoking in any public premises in the country, with one often overlooked exception. In cigar shops and lounges it is still possible to sink into a sofa and smoke a mammoth Cuban cigar (perhaps while enjoying a whisky), as long as you claim that you’re merely “sampling” the products."
  • Zenith watches collaborates with Cohiba Cuban cigars - "Zenith sprang something of a surprise when it announced its partnership with Cohiba, the famed cigar brand that’s one of Cuba’s most treasured exports, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Apart from the obvious crossover that watch collectors tend to like fine cigars and vice versa and the equally shared craftsmanship, there doesn’t seem much to connect the two."
    Cigars (Cuban) & Online Cigar Suppliers
  • 'The Good Life' with Davidoff cigars.
  • ALTADIS U.S.A. - "Crafting great cigars since 1918." If you have ever enjoyed a premium cigar, there's a good chance you've enjoyed a cigar crafted by Altadis U.S.A. Responsible for many of the world's most renowned brands including Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, H. Upmann, and Trinidad, Altadis U.S.A. has been crafting great cigars since 1918. Cuban cigars. Buy online.
  • Belinda cigars - since 1882. "Although it has history as a much-appreciated Cuban brand started in 1882, the full-flavored Belinda was re-introduced by Cubatabaco as a machine-made in 1987, aimed primarily at the Eastern European market, with whom Cuba had strong trade relations at the time. This explains the small size of the range, which are totally machine-made, or machine-bunched with a hand-rolled wrapper."
  • Bolivar Cigars.
  • BOLIVAR Cigars - since 1902. "Simón Bolívar is one of the great figures of the 19th century. He has gone down in history as the Liberator of a large part of South America from Spanish rule. The Bolívar brand was created in 1902. Today it is based at the Partagás factory in downtown Havana. In keeping with the character of the historical figure after whom it is named, this Habano is characterized by the strong personality of its flavour. Bolivar is one of Habanos’ strongest and most flavour brands. The blend composed of filler and wrapper leaves coming from the Vuelta Abajo zone is especially appreciated by expert smokers."
  • Cabañas Cigars.
  • CabaÑas Cigars - Established 1797. "The very first independent cigar brand ever to exist was Cabañas, which was founded by Francisco Cabañas in Cuba in 1797."
  • CAMACHO cigars - since 1961. "For six decades we‘ve been working hard to build the best damn cigars around. Perfecting and preserving the Honduran Corojo seed that is the foundation of our blends. And we’ve gotten through it all by sticking to our vision. The strength to do anything we set our hand to. The character to see it through to the finish line."
  • CAO GOLD MADURO - "CAO Gold Maduro combines the buttery character of CAO Gold with a dark, oily Brazilian maduro wrapper with fantastic results."
  • C.Gars - since 1997. "The Leading Cigar Specialist in the UK." Cuban cigars are among the most famous and popular in the world. They strike all the right notes when it comes to taste and aroma and countless cigar lovers consider them among their favourites. In order to cater for the high demand in Cuban cigars, we stock the entire range of Havana cigars that are imported into the UK. Every brand and every size is available in singles, by the box and cabinet.
  • CIGAR.COM - "The Home for Cigar Enthusiats."
  • Cigar Family - "Official Site of Arturo Fuente and J.C. Newman Cigars."
  • CIGAR ONE - since 1998. "A Life of Passion for Cuban Cigars." Welcome to the world famous CigarOne online cigar boutique. Based in Geneva Switzerland since 1998, CigarOne is one of the most trusted and revered on-line sources for its prestigious catalogue of premium hand-rolled, long-filler Cuban cigars, and premium cigars from the world's most reputable brands. An extensive collection of Habanos, non-Cuban cigars and luxury cigar accessories, coupled with a wide selection of rare & limited cigars available for sale, lend incomparable prestige and reverence to the CigarOne boutique. Guaranteed international shipping, a strict commitment to sell only the highest quality cigars with a very tailored and pro-active customer service, places CigarOne at the top of every aficionados retailer list.
  • CIGARS OF CUBA - "A commitment to excellence since 1997." Welcome to, the most complete cigar catalogue online! Welcome to the oldest online Cuban specialist committed to excellence. We invite you to browse our extensive selection of Cuban and New World cigars. Looking for something particular or need assistance? Feel free to send us your inquiries and our experts will be happy to assist you.
  • Cohiba (cigar brand).
  • COHIBA - "Cohiba is the most prestigious brand in the tobacco world and in 2016 it celebrated its 50th anniversary." It was created in 1966 and for many years it was intended solely as a gift to government personalities, national and foreign, and of course to President Fidel Castro. Since then, it has been manufactured in the prestigious El Laguito factory in Havana. Since 1982, the year in which it is presented in different countries, Cohiba has been available to be enjoyed by the world’s most demanding smokers in limited quantities. The name “Cohiba” is an old word used by the Taíno Indians, original inhabitants of the Island, to define the rolled tobacco leaves that these Indians smoked, and that Christopher Columbus saw for the first time in Cuba in 1492. Cohiba is for hence the first name of tobacco.
  • Cohiba Behike 56: US$1,287.
  • Cohiba Behike 56 - "Cohiba’s Best Kept Secret." The most exclusive línea of the most prestigious Habanos brands, with three new formats: BHK 52, BHK 54 y BHK 56.Cohiba Behike. Each and every one of Cohiba Behike Habanos also incorporates a band with two holograms for security identification.
  • COMERCIAL IBEROAMERICANA - since 1985. Paseo Castellana, 143 - Piso 10 A, 28046 Madrid, Spain.
  • Cup O' Joes - since 1995. "Premium Cigars sold by the Stick." Premium Cigars at Cup O' Joes. At Cup O' Joes we understand that along with a good bowl, many of us also enjoy a good cigar. So we've gone the extra mile to carry some of the finest brand-name cigars - this should help you complete your smoking experience. More important, you can buy them as single sticks; you don't have to buy the whole box when all you want is that handful of great cigars.
  • CUSANO CIGAR BRANDS - "The Cusano brand of cigars got its start as the Boom came into full swing in 1995, founded by New York-born Michael Chiusano. A cigar enthusiast and financier, Chiusano travelled to the Dominican Republic for business - and he didn't leave empty-handed. Michael had the opportunity to put together a blend while on his trip, and brought a hundred sticks of his personally-crafted recipe to share with his friends in Boston. Not long after, a local tobacconist wanted another hundred to sell in his cigar shop - more demand would follow, and Chiusano found himself bringing in cigars by the thousands to meet the demand for his new Cusano cigars, generated solely by word of mouth."
  • CUVÉE cigars - "Cuvée Cigars, made by the highly acclaimed Cusano Cigar company, use only the top ten percent of tobacco, which surely contributed to their exceptional taste and high ratings. In fact, Cuvée Cigars were a European Cigar Journal, Top 10 Cigar in 2008 and in addition, received their acclaimed (Brilliant) award. They are available in three distinct wrappers and blends and are a welcome addition to the Cusano Cigar family."
  • Zino Davidoff (1906-1994).
  • DAVIDOFF - since 1968. "The Good Life." Davidoff White Band cigar rings placed in heart-shape on a white/golden ribbon. Text: Created with passion. Given with love. Received with joy. Davidoff Cigars is one of the most luxurious brands in the world. Zino Davidoff founded the brand and carried out the production of cigars in Cuba until 1990.
  • Davidoff Winston Churchill Limited Edition 2022 Cigar.
  • Davidoff Winston Churchill Limited Edition 2022 Cigar - "Quality Is Never Negotiable." The Limited Edition 2022 perfecto cigar is the first and only one in this format ever to have existed within the Winston Churchill range. The ten cigars come in a box designed after the original briefcase Churchill carried for official statesman duties. It includes a letter to the aficionado from Sir Winston Churchill’s great grandson Randolph Churchill.
  • DIAMOND CROWN - "In celebration of J.C. Newman Cigar Company’s 100th Anniversary in 1995, Stanford Newman joined Carlos Fuente, Sr., to develop an exceptional series of Super Premium cigars. Stanford dreamed of making the best cigar in the world with no regard for how long it would take or how much it would cost, his dream was realized in the Diamond Crown cigar."
  • DOMINICAN CIGARS - When famous cigar manufacturers and tobacco growers in Cuba could no longer sell their products to the United States due the Cuban embargo of 1962, they first migrated to the Dominican Republic. These master craftsman brought with them all the experience and know-how they gained working in the fields in Cuba. Once in the Dominican Republic, many of these upstart brands began rolling premium cigars with the Cuban seed tobacco they smuggled in with them, and started growing tobacco in this rich and fertile country. Fast forward to decades later, and the Dominican Republic has become the largest producer of premium cigars in the world. At Casa de Montecristo, we have a massive selection of the best Dominican cigars for sale. It’s here at one of our many retail stores throughout the country and on our website, were you will find famous world class brands such as Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, Ashton, Arturo Fuente, H. Upmann, Macanudo, La Flor Dominicana, and many more.
  • DOMINICAN REPUBLIC CIGARS - "The Dominican Republic is the home of some of the best cigars in the world and is also the largest cigar-producing nation. These cigars vary in flavor and strength. However, Dominican cigars are famous for the approachability of their mild but rich flavor. The tobaccos are slightly milder than those grown in Cuba or Honduras. Although, there is a range of cigars for every palate and strength class in this country. The country is well suited for growing premium tobaccos because of its fertile soil and perfect climate."
  • DON PEPIN GARCIA cigars - The Don Pepin Garcia brand was created by José "Pepín" García and is manufactured at the El Rey de los Habanos factory in the Little Havana section of Miami, Florida, and at the factory in Estelí, Nicaragua, Tabacalera Cubana. In the last several decades, Cuban-born master blender Don Pepin Garcia has established himself as one of most famous names in "boutique" cigars. The Don Pepin Garcia cigar ™portfolio includes an extensive variety of blends made with best Cuban-seed Nicaraguan binder and long-filler tobaccos covered by the finest grade “A” wrappers. Every cigar is carefully rolled in his prestigious My Father cigar factory in small batch quantities with the strictest of quality control standards. His all-star portfolio includes Don Pepin Blue Label, Don Pepin Black Label, Don Pepin Series JJ, Jaime Garcia™, and My Father.
  • DUNHILL CIGARS - Dunhill is a discontinued brand. Dunhill was established Post-revolution in 1982, and was discontinued in 1991. In its day, it was considered to be a premium brand, and vintage cigars are highly collectable.
  • EGM Cigars Cuban Cigar Shop.
  • EGM Cigars - since 2017. "A WORLD APART FROM THE REST." EGM Cigars is the leading online purveyor of premium cigars. Modernising and redefining a somewhat dated industry, EGM’s editorial position champions timeless style, diversity, and “quiet luxury”. Cigar smoking is not just for the elite, and not a luxury that should be gatekept. It is something to be appreciated by everyone. Order your Cuban Cigars online from the leading Swiss Cuban Cigar Merchant. Over the years, EGM Cigars has built a worldwide reputation for being the most reliable purveyors of Premium Cigars and luxury smoking accessories. All of the Cuban cigars you see on our website have been sourced from the official Habanos S.A. importers of their respective country and are guaranteed by us. On our website you are able to buy Cigars with ease and in the comfort of your home.
  • FAMOUS SMOKE SHOP - since 1939. "Shop Largest List of Cigar Brands | Top Cigars Brands Of All Time." Cigars come two ways: the ones you love, and the ones you haven't tried yet. So take a gander at our millions of discounted cigars from over 1000 brands listed, and let's start on fixing that. Handmade Premium Cigars? Got 'em. Machine Made Cigars? Got those too. Featuring a selection that could only be described as "epic," Famous Smoke Shop delivers on the easiest way how to pick cigars online, at the price you prefer, and backs every single stick with a guarantee you could only dream of. And that's why we do it this way...rather than tell you what is the best cigar, we want you to try whatever catches your eye - satisfaction guaranteed.
  • FELIPE GREGORIO cigars - "Premium Boutique Cigars." 'Nothing brings one closer to his God than standing in a tobacco field, listening to leaves rustle in the breeze'. We are blessed to be part of this earth to partake in its richness and it is our solemn duty to leave the planet a better place than we found it. Have you ever asked yourself 'how many hands have been involved' from seed to ash? Each one of those hands has a story, a passion, and a love for cigars. Next time you are about to light up, take a moment to think about those countless hands that have brought you your smoking pleasure!
  • GRAN HABANO cigars - "Culture. Tradition. Quality." Premium handcrafted cigars. 'It takes generations to make a great cigar, and on its fourth generation, Gran Habano continues its tradition close to its humble beginnings.'
  • GURKHA CIGARS - since 1887. "Steeped in legend and history, the Gurkha Cigar created more than a century ago, was reborn in 1989." The company has continuously rolled out meticulously handcrafted cigars, epitomizing all that is luxury. In 1989, Kaizad Hansotia decided to resurrect a cigar brand rich in tradition and steeped in legend and history. Gurkha cigars were created more than a century ago and were known for their meticulously and artisanal handcrafted cigars, but when Hansotia revived the brand, there was no way he could have known that the cigar industry was about to experience a boom and he would have the perfect product to attract the new cigar consumer. 'Gurkha currently has over 105 brands but is still considered a boutique cigar manufacturer.'
  • H. Upmann 1844 Reserve.
  • H. UPMANN cigars - since 1844. "In 1844, two brothers, August and Hermann Upmann started the H. Upmann cigar brand. The brothers are were pioneers in the cigar industry and are acknowledged as the inventors of the cedar box as a means to store cigars. Today the H.Upmann brand is honored as being one the oldest and most highly trusted premium cigar brands still produced today. The brand's longevity is a testimony to an ongoing commitment to excellence. H. Upmann cigars once known exclusively for their smooth, flavorful smokes have added many new brand extensions to their ever-growing portfolio offering the smoker many choices of flavor and strength while still maintaining the benchmark of quality that made it famous."
  • HABANOS S.A. - "The world leading company in the commercialization of premium cigars." The arm of the Cuban state tobacco monopoly, Cubatabaco, that controls the promotion, distribution, and export of Cuban cigars and other tobacco products worldwide. Habanos, S.A. manages a wide portfolio of brands, many of them with a long history and others created in recent decades. The Habanos portfolio includes 27 brands, which cover a wide range of concepts, formats, flavors, positioning and, in general, characteristics to satisfy the tastes of Premium tobacco smokers from all over the world. The 27 Habanos brands are protected by the D.O.P. Habanos, whose protection is ensured by the “Regulatory Council of the Protected Denomination of Origin Habanos and other Cuban Tobacco Companies” and whose distinctive seal has been included in all Habanos boxes since 1994.
  • Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2.
  • HOYO DE MONTERREY cigars - "Discover the Hoyo Difference." Hoyo de Monterrey is famous for being one of the fullest flavored Honduran cigars you can put a match to. A lively cigar that is full of character, Hoyo de Monterrey is a layered smoke, with a very rich finish. Cigar enthusiasts praise Hoyo de Monterrey cigars for their easy draw, even burn and consistent flavor.
  • About Us - Hunters & Frankau.
  • Hunters & Frankau - "Founded in 1790, we are the UK’s leading independent cigar importer." Widely regarded as the finest in the world, Cuban cigars, or ‘Havanas’ as they are commonly known, have been our core business since the 1820s. In 1935, we helped design and launch Montecristo, now the world’s best selling Havana brand. In 1990, our links with Cuba were strengthened when we were appointed as the UK’s Exclusive Distributor for all Havana brands by Habanos S.A. (the Havana-based company responsible for distributing Cuban tobacco products worldwide). We also export Havana cigars to our agents in the Republic of Ireland, Gibraltar and the Channel Islands. VegaFina from the Dominican Republic as well as our own-label brand La Invicta, which uses the best tobacco from Nicaragua and Honduras, also form part of our extensive handmade portfolio. Our popular machine-made cigars include Villiger from Switzerland, La Invicta Shorts and Miniatures from Nicaragua, Guantanamera, Cuban Minis and Cigarillos from Cuba. Regardless of origin or production techniques, quality remains at the heart of our commitment to these prestigious brands. All our cigars are subject to rigorous quality checks and stored at optimum humidity and temperature levels to maintain their perfect smoking condition.
  • James J. Fox, 19 St James's Street, London, SW1A 1ES, U.K.
  • James J. Fox - since 1787. "The Great British Cigar Merchant." The oldest cigar merchants in the world. Purveyors of fine specialist cigars to European Royalty, Mr Churchill and our other distinguished customers for over 200 years. Buy top Cuban cigars online from the UK. Buy cigar smokers accessories, Buy humidors, Buy vintage cigars and other cigar memorabilia.
  • La CASA DEL HABANO - "La Casa del Habano is an international franchise with more than 155 shops in more than 60 countries and 120 cities, with a boutique concept specializing in the exclusive sale of Habanos, which has made it an international benchmark. The franchise is identified with a brand and corporate image registered by Corporación HABANOS, S.A., a world leader in the sales of Habanos under the most famous tobacco brands in the world: Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Partagás, H. Upmann, Hoyo de Monterrey, Trinidad, San Cristóbal de la Habana, among others, which you can find in our La Casa del Habano chain of shops."
  • LA FLOR DOMINICANA - since 1994. "The Home of the Ligero." A wide range of award winning smokes sure to please any palate.
  • LA GLORIA CUBANA cigar - "Where Our Passion Meets Yours." Our legacy began in Miami’s Little Havana district located on Calle Ocho. We’ve come a long way since then, and now, we’re returning to our roots with the second release of La Gloria Cubana 8th Street! Made in collaboration with the masters at El Titan de Bronze, the 2023 La Gloria Cubana 8th Street features the same core as last year's blend—a perfectly-aged mix of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos. But the highlight of the 2023 cigar is an Ecuadorian Habano Maduro wrapper, adding an extra level of depth and richness to the experience. Simply put, the 2023 La Gloria Cubana 8th Street is far more than a cigar. It honors where we've been and guides us toward the next decade of our legacy.
  • La Perla Habana Cigars - "La Perla Habana brand has been raking in the accolades and 90+ ratings from day one. The La Perla Habana Classic is the cigar that started it all, over 10 years ago, for the brand that also boasts the Morado, the Rojo, and the Cobre."
  • Montecristo cigars.
  • MONTECRISTO - since 1935. "With its rich history and reputation, Montecristo has become one of the most popular cigars in the world and the standard by which all other cigars are judged."
  • Nat Sherman Townhouse, 12 E 42nd Street, New York City, NY 10017, U.S.A.
  • Nat Sherman - "Providing Legendary Cigars since 1930." 12 E 42nd St, New York City, New York 10017, U.S.A.
  • Neptune - since 2002. "Fresh Cigars, Lowest Prices and Outstanding Customer Service." Neptune Cigars Inc is the #1 Cigar SuperStore in South Florida with location in Dadeland, Fort Lauderdale, Little Havana. We carry more than 4,000 different cigars and thousands of accessories.
  • OLIVA cigar - since 1995. "Today, there is a more expansive variety of cigars than ever before. Selecting the perfect cigar is the first and most important part of the experience."
  • PADILLA cigars - "Hand-Made Since 1932." The highly celebrated boutique brand, Padilla Cigars are crafted with the finest ingredients for a bold, balanced and classic series of cigars. Acclaimed Cuban poet Heberto Padilla, descendant of a rebel Comunero, was born in Puerta de Golpe, Pinar del Rio, the most renowned cigar producing spot on Earth. Now made in the AJ Fernandez Factory in Nicaragua, Padilla cigars have stayed true to their name and earned a number of 90+ ratings. Padilla Cigars is based out of Florida in the United States. See all the different brands we sell world wide.
  • PADRÓN cigars - "Hand Crafted Since 1964 | When Padrón is on the label, quality is a matter of family honor." With over fifty-six years to create a perfect cigar and more than 100 years to create a perfect legacy, the Padrón Family understands the significance of time. We deliver only the finest, hand crafted cigars with the flavor of the Cuban heritage out of which the Padrón recipe was born. Our primary mission is the exceptional quality of our product, not the quantity produced.
  • Partagas cigars at Habanos S.A.
  • PARTAGAS cigars - since 1845. Brand name of two lines of cigars made by two independent & competing entities, one produced on the island of Cuba for Habanos SA, the Cuban state-owned tobacco company; the other, containing no Cuban tobacco, produced in the Dominican Republic for General Cigar Company, a division of Scandinavian Tobacco Group of Denmark. If there is a particularly famous Habanos factory in Havana, it is Partagás. For many years this Factory was located at 520 Industria Street, right behind the Havana’s Capitol, in the heart of the city. Today, the Factory is located at 806 San Carlos Street. The factory was created in 1845 by Don Jaime Partagás, and has been producing this prestigious Habanos brand ever since. Partagás Habanos are immediately recognizable for their intense flavour. The character of its blend, made up of selected cigars from the Vuelta Abajo area, in the Pinar del Río region, is of inimitable richness and aroma. The Partagás vitolario is characterized by a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
  • PAUL GARMIRIAN cigars - since 1990. "Gourmet cigars for connoisseurs." Paul Garmirian’s passion has always resulted in the enjoyment of fine cigars. This quest has led him around the world and journals of his travels are contained in his book, The Gourmet Guide To Cigars. What followed was experimentation and hard work by extremely skilled and talented Dominican artisans whose spirit and innovation fused the PG Cigar into existence. The initial release of the PG line consisted of the traditional Cuban sizes which were introduced at Georgetown Tobacco in Washington DC in November of 1990. The initial 7 sizes were all classic Cuban sizes.
  • PERDOMO cigars - since 1992. "Offering premium handmade cigars, humidors, samplers, and accessories. Huge cigar selection at great prices everyday."
  • Puros Indios Vintage - "Secret recipes from the cookbook of legendary cigar-maker Rolando Reyes Sr., aka Roly, live on in the hands of his grandson, Carlos Diez, who ensures his grandfather’s legacy is honored in Puros Indios Vintage cigars. Toasty and woody notes of cedar, hickory, and leather coat the palate with peppery texture while abundant aroma fills the room. Indulge in an old-school Honduran brand for pennies on the dollar by procuring the last boxes of Puros Indios Vintage for your coolerdor today!"
  • Quesada Cigars - "The Quesada family has been a part of the tobacco industry for over a century. When they first arrived in Cuba from Spain they were bakers. It was in the late 1800s that they began their tobacco business when a debt to the family was paid with tobacco. Today Manolo Quesada works with his two daughters, Patricia and Raquel and his niece Esther Quesada, Alvaro’s daughter. Now the fifth generation of the Quesada Family runs the manufacturing facility with over 300 people keeping the tradition of making premium cigars."
  • ROCKY PATEL - "Lovers of the Leaf." The company was founded in 1995 as Indian Tabac Cigar Co. by Hollywood attorney Rakesh 'Rocky' Patel, who became interested in cigars when spending time with actors between takes, and sold his legal practice to start the business. It was named under license for the Indian Motorcycle and began in California in partnership with Phillip Zanghi III, who ran the company's growing and manufacturing operations in Honduras. The company later moved to Naples, Florida."
  • Romeo y Julieta.
  • ROMEO Y JULIETA - "The name Romeo y Julieta, created as a Habanos brand in 1875, has its roots in the literary tragedy of the same name by the English writer William Shakespeare. The brand achieved international renown in the early years of the 20th century, after Don 'Pepín' Rodríguez, one of the first to recognize the importance of rings as a factor for success. Winston Churchill was one of the brand’s most devoted smokers. Since his visit to Havana in 1946, his name was used on some rings and gave name to the brand’s best known vitola: Churchills of Romeo y Julieta."
  • ROMEO Y JULIETA CHURCHILLS - Winston Churchill's favorite cigar brand. This Churchills is a very strong cigar and, for those smokers who are not called veterans, it may take some time to really appreciate its taste. Strong, but at the same time smooth, this stick has a minimum ageing recommended of at least three years. Length: 17,8cm.
  • SANCHO PANZA cigars - since 1848. "Trust In Tradition." Cigars for the humbler hustler. Explore Sancho Panza cigars; hand-rolled with tradition for premium cigars crafted better than the rest. Our formula is simple: respect the craft and honor tradition. With our family’s future forged by our own hands, a cigar with the same roots is a necessity. If you want a cigar crafted with respect, passion and tradition, Sancho Panza was built for you.
  • Sautter Cigars, 106 Mount Street, Mayfair, London W1K 2TW, England, U.K.
  • Sautter - since 1961. "Finest Havana Cigars." Sautter has earned an enviable reputation in the world of cigars for aged and vintage Cuban cigars which makes it a magnet for lovers of exceptional cigars.The experienced and highly-trained Sautter team understand what makes aged and vintage Cuban cigars so special. Sautter was founded in 1961 by the late Desmond Sautter. As Sautter’s business expanded, he bought the compact cigar store in Mount Street. The store focussed on Cuban cigars due to the large number of American customers heading across the road from the Connaught Hotel in search of the Holy Grail of Cuban cigars. 106 Mount Street, Mayfair, London W1K 2TW, England, U.K.
  • SIMPLY CIGARS LONDON GUIDE - since 2001. "The World's Finest Cigars Online." Welcome to our collection of Cuban cigars, where craftsmanship and tradition meet to create the finest cigars in the world. Each hand-rolled Cuban cigar undergoes over 222 meticulous stages before it reaches its optimal smoking condition. With our cigars, you can experience the artistry and dedication that goes into every creation. All our cigars are handmade and proudly carry the renowned EMS mark certification, ensuring their authenticity and quality. We guarantee the originality of each box by shipping them with their barcodes intact. You can easily verify the authenticity of your purchase on the Habanos Verification website.
  • Stradivarius Churchill cigar - "This cigar is available in three different sizes, but the most expensive of them will cost you $ 34 apiece. What makes this cigar so exceptional is the unique blend of Mexican, Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco, which is rolled up into Habano lst."
  • Cohiba Siglo de Oro (Year of the Rabbit); £3,615.
  • The Cigar Club - "Limited Edition Cigars." Every Year Habanos S.A in Cuba releases a number of exceptional cigars known as Ediciones Limitadas. or Limited Editions. They are made in rare sizes,using dark coloured wrapper leaves and extra aged tobaccos.They must not replicate any of the sizes normally made within the designated brands. the production of each cigar takes place within a strictly limited period.from 2007 all the filler leaves including the binders are subjected to a an additional 2 years ageing process before the cigars are made. This gives a rounded ,mellow flavour to which the higher sugar content of the darker wrapper adds a hint of sweetness.
  • TOPCUBANS - since 2002. "Your online humidor." Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Cuban cigar capital of the world, you will understand that our 'modus operandi' is Authenticity, Quality and Service. We insist on obtaining all our Cuban hand rolled cigars from the exclusive Habanos S.A. Importer for Cuban cigars in Switzerland. All of our products are 100% genuine and authentic. We must emphasize that the quality of Swiss sold Cuban cigars is the highest coming out of Havana and the merchants in Geneva are amongst the most respected sellers and collectors in the world. has been part of this family for many years.
  • VICTOR SINCLAIR - since 1995. "Premium Cigars Made in the Dominican Republic." The story of Victor Sinclair Cigars is a story of Grit, Guts, Gumption and a Fighting Cock named Harry! The Dominguez family has been involved in the brokering of Fine Dominican Tobacco for generations. Having been raised into this agricultural tradition, Jose Dominguez started life as the family veterinarian. After growing and running a successful pig farm for his father, Jose wanted a greater challenge. He was ready to prove that a Dominican did not have to be of Cuban descent to make the most extraordinary cigars in the world. The story of how Jose funded and grew Victor Sinclair into an operation that will produce over twenty million cigars every year is the stuff of legend.
  • ZINO PLATINUM - since 2003. "Under the leadership of Davidoff, Zino Platinum is a premium and unique line blended with well-aged Dominican and Peruvian tobaccos. Exceptionally refined, providing aromatic richness and sweetness for all cigars lovers. The Zino Platinum is the ultimate luxury cigar."
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