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"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." - Sigmund Freud.

"A good Havana is one of the best pleasures I know." - Somerset Maugham.

"A good Cuban cigar closes the doors to the vulgarities of the world." - Franz Liszt.

"I drink a great deal. I sleep a little, and I smoke cigar after cigar. That is why I am in two-hundred-percent form." - Winston Churchill.

A CIGAR is a tightly-rolled bundle of dried and fermented which is rolled in a series of types and sizes of leaf tobacco that is ignited so that its smoke may be drawn into the mouth. Cigar tobacco is grown in significant quantities in Brazil, Cameroon, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Canary Islands (Spain), Italy and the Eastern United States. The origins of cigar smoking are still unknown. In Guatemala, a ceramic pot dating back to the tenth century features a Mayan smoking tobacco leaves tied together with a string. Sikar, the term for smoking used by the Maya may have inspired the name cigar.

A pre-Castro cigar was made in Cuba before Castro's rise to power January 1959. A pre-embargo cigar was made in Cuba before President Kennedy enacted the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba in 1962. So, all pre-Castro cigars are pre-embargo, but not all pre-embargo cigars are pre-Castro. Many cigars referred to as pre-embargo may in fact be pre-Castro as well. Often, when the owner doesn't know the exact date of production, he'll call the cigars pre-embargo to be on the safe side.

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    Cigar Events
  • XIIth Habanos Cigar Festival (2010).
  • HABANOS FESTIVALS - Habanos Cigar Festival. Every year Havana plays host to the Habanos Cuban Cigar Festival in the month of February.[4] The festival is usually held within a five day time span where activities during the festival include: tours of the cigar factories, a trade fair, various seminars focused on the production, distribution and history of Havanos cigars, cigar tastings, Habanosommelier contest, an instruction class on how to roll a Habano, and visits to tobacco plantations. Attendees of this event include distributors, “La Casa del Habano” managers from all over the world, production and sales executives, producers and marketers of luxury and smoker products, tobacco producers, dealers of the tobacco industry, artisans and collectors, smoker clubs, and amateur smokers.
  • THE BIG SMOKE - annual event held around the United States every year sponsored by Cigar Aficionado magazine.
    Cigar Magazines
  • Cigar Aficionado Magazine.
  • CIGAR AFICIONADO - since 1992. "Your home for cigars on the web."
  • Cigar Journal - "For over 20 years, Cigar Journal has been dedicated to covering all angles of the cigar world and bringing together the global community of cigar smokers."
  • Cigar World - "Cigar Reviews & Lifestyle."
  • SMOKE MAGAZINE - since 1974. "The premiere lifestyle magazine for cigar enthusiasts."
    Cigar News, Reviews & Resources
  • Grand Havana Room New York, 666 5th, Suite 39, Avenue between 52nd & 53rd Street, New York, NY 10103.
  • A guide to the best places for cigar-lovers everywhere - Daily Mail.
  • Berluti Alligator Leather Four-Cigar Case: €4,450.
  • BERLUTI - Paris since 1895. "The ultimate expression of luxury for men." Cigar cases.
  • Brazil's ban on Cuban cigars leaves left fuming - "Havana alleges ‘servile and perverse’ bid to back US embargo."
  • Chantix - prescription medication used to treat nicotine addiction. It both reduces cravings for and decreases the pleasurable effects of cigarettes and other tobacco products.
  • CHEROOT - Wikipedia.
  • CIGAR - Wikipedia.
  • CIGARS CLAN - "Everything about cigars, cigar aficionados and cigar passion for life."
  • Cigar Lounge at hotel The Alpina, Alpinastrasse 23, CH-3780 Gstaad, Switzerland.
  • Cigar Lounge at The Alpina, Gstaad - "The walk-in humidor features a selection of over 50 cigars. Classic, deep-buttoned armchairs are attached to small, custom-designed tables, each supporting a bespoke ashtray. From the leather and dark wood interior, you look out through windows to rolling Alpine countryside north of the hotel." At hotel The Alpina, Alpinastrasse 23, CH-3780 Gstaad, Switzerland.
  • CIGARS REVIEW - cigar reviews and ratings.
  • CRA | CIGAR RIGHTS OF AMERICA - "Fighting For The Freedom To Enjoy Fine Cigars."
  • Cuban Cigars Guide – Cohiba, Upmann & Co - Gentleman's Gazette.
  • CUBAN CIGAR WEBSITE - "The World's Best Cuban Cigar Information Website."
  • Cubatabaco - short for Empresa Cubana del Tabaco, is the Cuban state tobacco company. The company was formed in 1962, after the Cuban tobacco industry had been nationalized by Fidel Castro's socialist government.
  • Edward Sahakian Cigar Shop & Sampling Lounge - at The Bvlgari Hotel, 171 Knightsbridge, City of Westminster, SW7. Offers a vintage, rare and exquisite cigar collection, sourced exclusively from Edward Sahakian’s private collection. The selection includes rarities such as the Cuban Davidoff Dom Perignon; the Partagas No. 4 Reserve and the Cohiba Sublimes Ltd Edition 2004, Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No. 2, the Trinidad Reyes and the Romeo Y Julieta Churchill.
  • Elie Bleu Cigar Case For 2 Cigars 'Calibre' 27 Genuine Matt Brown Crocodile: €1,120.
  • ELIE BLEU Paris - since 1976. Crocodile cigar cases.
  • February 7, 1962 - U.S. bans Cuban imports and exports. Before announcing the ban, President John F.Kennedy, a prolific cigar smoker, arranged for White House press secretary Pierre Salinger to stash an ample supply of the finest Cuban cigars in an executive mansion humidor.
  • GARDEN ROOM - at The Lainesborough hotel in London, U.K. "The Garden Room is the first and only luxury smoking venue in Knightsbridge, providing the best smoking room in London and housing an extensive collection of Cuban and Pre-Castro cigars."
  • GRAND HAVANA ROOM BEVERLY HILLS - "Members Only Club." The Grand Havana Room in Beverly Hills is our flagship location. Since its inception in April 1995 it has set the standard that high-end cigar clubs are measured by on a national scale. Located on the corner of Dayton Way and Canon Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills, every element of the Grand Havana Room has been designed for the explicit purpose of maximizing the enjoyment of the cigar smoker. Members, including some of the biggest names in Hollywood and the business world, enter through On Canon, a separate restaurant on North Canon Drive, and identify themselves to the hostess, who then unlocks a private elevator, which glides soundlessly up a floor to this secret smoking lair. LA 301 N Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA.
  • Grand Havana Room New York - "Members Only Club." The Grand Havana Room reflects a relaxed and casual attitude amid exquisite architectural surroundings, for men & women who appreciate the pleasures of the world’s finest cigars, as well as the year-round company of those who share this and other lifestyle interests. The Grand Havana Room in New York is a thoughtfully designed club with panoramic views of New York City from the penthouse floor of its prestigious mid-town location. Here, members have the opportunity to enjoy camaraderie, entertain clients and friends, conduct business meetings, and smoke cigars in a refined and relaxed atmosphere. We can’t begin to describe the club without starting with the view. The club occupies 17,000 square feet on the 39th floor of 666 Fifth Avenue, at the epicenter of midtown Manhattan. Seen through floor-to-ceiling windows, the views cover nearly all points of the compass. 666 5th Ave #39, New York, NY 10103, USA.
  • Grand Hotel Park Cigar Lounge, Wispilestrasse 29, CH-3780 Gstaad, Switzerland.
  • Grand Hotel Park Cigar Lounge, Gstaad - "In an English club atmosphere, seated in plush Chesterfield armchairs, this is an ideal place to enjoy a cigar, and based on suggestions, sip on a drink or a cocktail for a moment of pure pleasure." At Grand Hotel Park, Wispilestrasse 29, CH-3780 Gstaad, Switzerland.
  • How JFK snagged 1,200 Cuban cigars before the trade embargo - "President John F. Kennedy secured for himself 1,200 Cuban cigars just hours before enacting the Cuban trade embargo in 1962."
  • Inside London's oldest cigar merchants' - The Telegraph.
  • Inside the Nat Sherman Townhouse. Photograph by Bigbuzzwiki, CC BY-SA 3.0.
  • Inside the Nat Sherman townhouse - "Go inside the family-owned business where big shots like Frank Sinatra and Rudy Giuliani have gotten their cigars for decades."
  • IPCPR | The International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association - since 1933. The oldest, largest and most active trade association representing and assisting premium retail tobacconists and their suppliers.
  • John F. Kennedy lights up cigar with his close friend Senator George Smather of Florida.
  • John F. Kennedy bought 1,200 Cuban cigars hours ordered US trade embargo - Daily Mail Online.
  • LIST OF CIGAR BRANDS - Wikipedia.
  • Lock & Co. Embroidered Smoking Cap: £295.
  • Lock & Co. - embroidered smoking cap.
  • Michel Audiard Le cigare et son socle feuille fountain pen.
  • MICHEL AUDIARD - "Le cigare et son socle feuille" fountain pen.
  • Montegrappa Cigar fountain pen: €2,275.
  • Montegrappa Cigar fountain pen - "Made in the special 'Tobacco' celluloid, one of the 24 hues Montegrappa boasts in its archives, the Cigar pen resembles the subject with uncanny realism."
  • On the Cigar Trail in Cuba - The New York Times.
  • PEDRO MURIAS’ LA MERIDIANA - "Cuba’s Historic Cigar Factories." Cigar Journal.
  • PRE-CASTRO & PRE-EMBARGO CIGARS - (January 2, 1959 & February 7, 1962). A pre-Castro cigar was made in Cuba before Castro's rise to power January 1959. A pre-embargo cigar was made in Cuba before President Kennedy enacted the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba in 1962. So, all pre-Castro cigars are pre-embargo, but not all pre-embargo cigars are pre-Castro. Many cigars referred to as pre-embargo may in fact be pre-Castro as well. Often, when the owner doesn't know the exact date of production, he'll call the cigars pre-embargo to be on the safe side.
  • SIMPLY CIGARS LONDON - since 2001. "The World's Finest Cigars Online." Also great cigar resources and free 'Where to smoke now' app.
  • Smoking cap - worn by men while smoking to stop the hair from smelling of smoke.
  • Stefano Ricci Crocodile Leather Cigar Set: US$2,750.
  • Stefano Ricci - "The SR cigar set is a superior and unique assemblage. The cigar lighter and cigar cutter are functional and sophisticated with their elegant shapes and precious materials, enriched by crocodile leather and handcrafted metal detailing."
  • The Impossible Collection Of Cigars: The 100 Most Exceptional, Important, And Age-worthy Puros Book - "Journey around the world to discover the 100 most commendable and coveted cigars from the most prestigious makers, all from the comfort of your home. This oversized luxury-edition volume, by iconic publisher Assouline and award-winning author Aaron Sigmond, analyses such remarkable cigars as Nicaragua’s Padrón to Dominican Republic’s Arturo Fuente and Davidoff of Geneva, and, of course, Cuba’s arsenal of legendary smokes. Featuring to-scale images and hand-tipped cigar bands, this hand-bound book, presented in a traditional wooden cigar box, is essential for any sincere aficionado."
  • The One Box of Cigars You Should Buy This Month - "Davidoff’s latest Chinese Zodiac limited edition cigar is the one box of cigars you should be picking up in January 2020."
  • Top 100 Cigar Smokers of the Twentieth Century - "Great men and great cigars have always gone together, so it's no surprise that some of the century's most influential and popular figures have embraced this time-honored pastime. From the moment that King Edward VII uttered his famous proclamation in 1901, cigar smoking has been a pleasant diversion, often an ingrained habit, for politicians, movie stars and a host of other famous partakers."
  • When London was the smoking capital of the world - The Telegraph.
  • Zenith watches collaborates with Cohiba Cuban cigars - The Telegraph.
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