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David Linley Riviera Humidor: £6,000.

Top 40 High-End Luxury Humidor Brands & Suppliers

Humidor News, Reviews & Resources (5) Top 40 High-End Humidor Brands & Suppliers

A HUMIDOR is any kind of box or room with constant humidity that is used to store cigars, cigarettes, or pipe tobacco. For private use, small wooden or acrylic glass humidor boxes for a few dozen cigars are used, while cigar shops may have walk-in humidors. Humidors can be used to store other goods for which a certain level of humidity is desirable; the Colorado Rockies Major League Baseball team stores game balls in a large humidor at their home stadium, Coors Field, to counteract the effects of Denver's high altitude and generally low humidity. Humidors of all sizes use hygrometers to keep track of the humidity levels.

Classification of humidors - Walk-in humidor: Most common in cigar bars or stores. One room is built as or converted to a humidor where all the cigars are stored. Cabinet humidor: Usually placed on the floor as a piece of furniture. Typically holds 1000-5000 cigars. Table humidor: Often quite heavy, though portable in theory, it's usually kept in one location. Capacity ranges from three hundred to a few thousand cigars. It usually comes with a polished wood exterior, marble, leather or combination of exotic elements, and glass top. Personal humidor: Semi-regular cigar smokers will sometimes keep a small humidor in their homes for personal storage, special events, or aesthetic characteristics of the humidor itself . Usually contains 20-75 cigars. This may also be known as a "Desktop Humidor". Travel humidor: Portable and made for carrying cigars enough for the outing or event, usually 2 to 10 cigars.

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    Humidor News, Reviews & Resources
  • Adorini Humidor Cabinet cigar cabinet adorini Aficionado Deluxe. Capacity: 500 cigars.
  • Adorini - since 1999. "Premium humidors and cigar accessories."
  • Agresti Polished ebony humidor with tray. Cedar lined. Ruthenium plated hardware: €2,650.
  • Agresti Shiny Ebony Humidor - Firenze 1949. "Humidor for 100 cigars in ebony polished. Cedar lining. Two humidification units and hygrometer. Removable tray."
  • Anthony Holt Bentley Humidor in Walnut: £4,995.
  • Anthony Holt - since 1915. "Our bespoke range of Humidors have book matched veneers and are supplied with sterling silver hallmarked fittings. All of our Humidors come supplied with humidifier frames and hydrometer bezels that are all hand made by master craftsmen in the United Kingdom."
  • Assouline The Impossible Collection of Cigars (SE): US$2,150.
  • ASSOULINE HUMIDOR - since 1994. "A highly anticipated new addition to Assouline's best-selling Ultimate Collection, The Impossible Collection of Cigars special edition offers the ultimate humidor to be filled with the most remarkable cigars of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, from the most prestigious makers. Assouline's handcrafted, limited edition of The Impossible Collection of Cigars is encased in a fully functioning, cedar-lined humidor, complete with a state-of-the-art hygrometer and a humidification system."
  • Bamford London Cigar Humidor: US$1,035.
  • Bamford London - since 2003. "This striking cigar humidor is part of the Bamford London Collection and is the ultimate gift for the cigar lover. Sleek, elegant and easily transportable, the humidor is also the perfect travel companion. Each humidor has been beautifully handcrafted in Italian leather with a cedar wood interior and is available in either Black or Tan."
  • Berluti Scritto Venezia Calf Leather Cigar Box: US$6,250.
  • Berluti - Paris since 1895. "The ultimate expression of luxury for men." Scritto Venezia Calf Leather Cigar Box.
  • Buben & Zörweg Grand Connoisseur XL humidor.
  • BUBEN & ZÖRWEG - since 1995. "Optimal environment for special treasures of passionate cigar lovers."
  • Byblos Cigar Box | Byblos By Elie Bleu: €3,700.
  • BYBLOS CIGAR BOX | Byblos By Elie Bleu - since 1967. "For refined lovers of prestigious volutes, the Byblos cigar box by Elie Bleu is the result of remarkable craftsmanship and know-how, in Mother-of-Pearl and Sycamore." This truly exceptional 110-cigar box is equipped with two moisturizers to ensure perfect hygrometry and the best possible tasting experience. For the ultimate in exclusive customization, a mother-of-pearl marquetry reproduction of the legendary symbol of Le Byblos is inlaid on the box casing. A unique, limited edition cigar box. Width: 40cm. Depth: 27cm. Height: 11cm.
  • C.Gars Dunhill Sidecar Travel Humidor - 20 Capacity: £435.
  • C.Gars - since 1997. "C.Gars Ltd offer a full and extensive range of humidors to suit all budgets."
  • Christian Baeck humidor.
  • CHRISTIAN BAECK HUMIDORS - handcrafted custom humidors made in New York with Austrian craftsmanship by Christian Baeck.
  • Cigarte Aristócrata Cristal Lacado Humidor.
  • Cigarte - since 2010. All models.
  • Cup O' Joes Davidoff Ambassador Palisander Humidor: US$2,560.
  • Cup O' Joes - since 1995. "From full sized humidors to Boveda & Humi-Smart packs, find all of your humidification needs for cigars & tobacco here!"
  • Daniel Marshall Limitied Edition Humidor: US$995.
  • DANIEL MARSHALL HUMIDORS - "A Symbol of Quality Since 1982."
  • Davidoff Dome Cigar Humidor - Burl Amboyna: US$5,895.
  • DAVIDOFF HUMIDORS - since 1911. "A fine cigar is one of life's most distinct pleasures. Expert care and storage are an absolute necessity - which is why the serious aficionado takes pride in owning a Davidoff Cigar Humidor."
  • DeART humidor.
  • DeART - since 1962. "The artisan skills and abilities of our highly qualified personnel are supported by latest-generation machinery and software, all aimed at continuously improving our humidors."
  • Döttling the Fortress is the safest luxury safe in the world, available in the certified security classes VdS/EN 3 to – and this is absolutely unique – VdS/EN 5
  • DÖttling - The Fortress - "Around the world, Döttling safes find homes among select connoisseurs and enthusiasts of the finest locksmith artisanry since 1919." Inside the Fortress there is also a humidor made of original Spanish cedar, with an electronic humidifying system. A hygrometer & a barometer, both from Wempe, stylishly provide information about humidity & air pressure.
  • Dunhill Canary Wharf White Spot Grey Oak Cigar Humidor - 175 Cigars: US$2,750.
  • DUNHILL HUMIDORS - since 1893. "Dunhill provides the best selection of luxury cigar humidors with their diverse and splendid design. From exotic woods to black leather cigar humidors, Dunhill delivers with their versatile collection of cigar humidors ideal for cigar smokers desiring a travel size humidors to large humidors capable of holding 175 cigars! These cigar humidors can be passed down generations thanks to their durability and high quality construction. For luxury at its best, discover a Dunhill cigar humidor perfect for you and a lighter!"
  • Elie Bleu 110 cigars Safari mahogany Panther marquetry: €2,935.
  • ELIE BLEU Paris - since 1976. "Tabletier de luxe since 1976." Elie Bleu designs the cases that will accommodate your most precious objects. All models.
  • Gathenergy 100CT Display Humidor.
  • GEGROUP - since 2012. "Specialist manufacturer & exporter of high quality cigar humidors & accessories including cigar cutters, ashtrays, cigar cases, lighters, punchers and many other smoking accessories and pipe accessories."
  • Ghurka Partido humidor No. 214: US$3,500.
  • Ghurka - "Fine Handcrafted Leather Gear Made in Norwalk, Connecticut Since 1975."
  • Havana House Padron 50th Anniversary Humidor: £7,500.
  • Havana House - since 1998. "The Padron 50th anniversary humidor has received an overwhelming amount of publicity since it’s release in 2014 but not without good reason. This Padron cigar box features perhaps one of the finest pieces of craftsmanship you will ever lay your eyes upon. Each humidor is not simply the perfect place to store your cigars to keep them safe, it is a work of art in itself. The humidors have been designed by Cuban-born artist and cigar manufacturer Nelson Alfonso."
  • Hunters & Frankau display humidor.
  • Hunters & Frankau - since 1790. Humidors & display cabinets.
  • James J. Fox Humidor Elie Bleu Alba Blue 110: £1,999.
  • James J. Fox - since 1787. "The oldest cigar merchants in the world." Purveyors of fine specialist cigars to European Royalty, Mr Churchill and our other distinguished customers for over 200 years.
  • David Linley Dubai Skyline Humisor: £6,995.
  • LINLEY - since 1985. "Our range of smoking accessories include luxury humidors, crystal ashtrays, giant match holders and match box sleeves, the ideal gifts for the cigar connoisseur."
  • Linley Vice Box: £13,995.
  • LINLEY VICE BOX - since 1985. "Drinking, Smoking and Gambling - Specially designed for the individual who enjoys combining a casual drink with a game of poker whilst indulging in a fine cigar, the Vice Box has been carefully crafted in walnut by a skilled LINLEY craftsmen."
  • Louis Vuitton Cigar Humidor 75 - Taiga Leather (M58562): US$3,300.
  • LOUIS VUITTON Cigar Humidor 75 - since 1854. "This cigar case stores 75 cigars at just the right humidity. Created in mahogany, it is enhanced by an elegant ebony finish and a pear wood Monogram inlay."
  • Louis Vuitton Cigar Case 150 in Brown (M58560): US$7,450.
  • LOUIS VUITTON Cigar Case 150 - since 1854. "This cigar case stores 150 cigars at just the right humidity. Created in mahogany, it is enhanced by an elegant ebony finish and a pear wood Monogram inlay."
  • Maklary Vertigo humidor.
  • Maklary Humidors - since 2014. "Style, Luxury, Professionalism. Inspired by the true love of cigars." All Maklary models are made of valuable solid wood with the greatest care, they operate soundlessly. Besides the most advanced basic technology, we provide digital air conditioning and air disinfection to our humidor cabinets. We create masterpieces.
  • Next Cigar Davidoff Dome humidor.
  • Next Cigar - "The Finest Service to the Finest Premium Cigars since 2000!"
  • Pinel & Pinel Paris Fumoir: €40,000.
  • Pinel & Pinel Paris - since 1998. "One of the best automatic humidifier on the market, adjusting the humidity of the trunk in order to the give your cigars the best taste and texture." The insulating glass door allows a better view of the drawers, whose capacity varies from 800 to 1000 cigars, in addition to other 400 to 600 pieces that can be stored in the cabinet.
  • Rolls-Royce Humidor in Glove Box.
  • Rolls-Royce Humidor in Glove Box - "This cedar wood-lined Humidor is beautifully trimmed with polished aluminium, leather detailing, and is discreetly located within the glove box." Available for all Phantom models.
  • Sauter Louis Vuitton Inspired Humitrunk
  • Sautter Gucci Inspired Trunk: £9,000.
  • Sautter - since 1961. "Sautter Cigars launches vintage one-off cigar humidor trunks." Sourced through exclusive auctions worldwide, Sautter cigars collect one-off designer trunks from top high-end designers such as Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Gucci which is then restored and turned into the ultimate cigar humidors. Doubling as great interior features, the trunks are crafted and fitted with Spanish Cedar, hardwood veneers and Boveda humidors offering a humidity of between 69-75%. The trunks reveal stunning inlaid removable cigar storage trays, crystal decanters and glasses; the ultimate gift for the discerning man.
  • Savinelli Cigar Box Dama.
  • SAVINELLI - since 1876. All models.
  • Scatola del Tempo Cuban Only! humidor.
  • SCATOLA DEL TEMPO - since 1989. Cuban Only! humidor. 25 cigar leather humidor w/ Spanish cedar.
  • Simply Cigars Cigar box style humidor, high gloss polish finish - 60 cigars: £168.58.
  • SIMPLY CIGARS - since 2001. "Cigar Humidors and Humidor Guide Online." Our range of desktop humidors is perfect for cigar enthusiasts, whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned cigar lover. Each piece in our collection is cedar lined to keep your cigars in the best possible condition. The high humidity absorption of cedar ensures a constant level of moisture inside your humidor; it also supports the cigar ageing process and helps improve its flavour.
  • S.T. Dupont Edony Humidor. Capacity: 75 cigars: €1,250.
  • S.T. DUPONT - since 1872. "Selecting the finest materials, S.T. Dupont artisans handcraft a distinguished collection of luxurious cigar accessories." All models.
  • Stefano Ricci Desk Humidor: €14,350.
  • STEFANO RICCI - since 1972. All models.
  • The Cigar Club Villa Spa Humidor can hold approximately 150 Churchill size, or 200 Petit Corona size cigars: £849.
  • The Cigar Club - since 1968. "A humidor is basically a storage device that is specifically designed to look after your cigars. It will maintain them at a certain level of humidity (near 70%) at a constant temperature (70°F or below)." Prestige & travel humidors.
  • Tonino Lamborghini Montecarlo 100-Cigar Humidor - Black Carbon Fiber: US$405.
  • Tonino Lamborghini Humidor - since 1981. "Pure Italian Talent."
  • Vinotemp Cigar Mate 450 Cigar Desktop Humidor: US$499.99.
  • VINOTEMP - since 1985. "Please find some examples of Cigar and Humidor products and projects that we have worked on below. Vinotemp's experts will help you choose and build the best humidors and cabinets to properly store your cigars. View our cigar and humidor gallery for more ideas." Cigar humidors & humidifiers.
  • Xikar 18-24 Cigar Travel Humidor.
  • XIKAR - since 1996. "The best thing to happen to cigars since fire." XIKAR makes six (6) different sizes of travel humidors for the right occasion. The travel humidor case size, number of cigars and temperature will determine how you maintain the Relative Humidity (RH). Our new 20ct, 40ct and 60ct humidors feature a low profile design making them perfect for travel.
  • Zino Acrylic Humidor: US$299.
  • ZINO Humidors - since 1911. All models.
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