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Lorenzi Milano Shoe shine box with Ovangkol brushes: €5,930.

Top 100 High-End Shoe Care Products & Accessories

Shoe Care News, Reviews & Resources (9) Top 100 High-End Shoe Care Products: A-Z

SHOE POLISH (or boot polish), is a waxy paste, cream, or liquid used to polish, shine, and waterproof leather shoes or boots to extend the footwear's life, and restore, maintain and improve their appearance.

Various substances have been used as shoe polish for hundreds of years, starting with natural substances such as wax and tallow. Modern polish formulas were introduced early in the 20th century and many of those original formulations are still in use today. Today, shoe polish is usually made from a mix of natural and synthetic materials, including naphtha, turpentine, dyes, and gum arabic, using straightforward chemical engineering processes. Shoe polish is usually flammable, can be toxic, and, if misused, can stain skin. It should be used in a well-ventilated area with care taken to protect clothes, carpet and furniture.

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  • Nest Shoe Rack.
  • 10 Best Shoe Racks - Housetohome.
  • Top ten: Big- and small-shoe resources.
  • 10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands in the World - FashionLady.
  • 30 best shoe trends spring/summer 2015 - VOGUE.
  • Abbeyhorn Shoehorn With Stag Handle: £100.40.
  • Abbeyhorn - "Handcrafted Natural Cow Horn Shoe Horns."
  • AGLIT ITALY Luxury Leather Laces May Change Sneakerworld Forever.
  • AGLIT ITALY - luxury leather shoe laces.
  • Aigle boot-jack: US$39.50.
  • Aigle - since 1853. Boot jack.
  • Alden Valet Kit: US$225.
  • ALDEN - custom bootmakers since 1884. Shoe care products.
  • Allen Edmonds - "An American Original." We know you take pride in wearing our shoes just as much as we do in making them. That’s why we created a full line of shoe care products to help you maintain the perfect shape, shine, and polish. Brushes, replacement laces, shoe care kits, shoe creams, shoe racks & shoe trees.
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  • Barefoot Tess - "Large Size Womens Shoes and Boots in Sizes 10 to 15."
  • Berluti Cashmere Care Kit Pouch: US$380.
  • BERLUTI - Paris since 1895. "The ultimate expression of luxury for men."
  • Personalised Sneaker Cleaning Kit: £50.
  • Best Sneaker Cleaners To Make Your Pairs Look New Again - "Whether you have a closet full of all-white pairs or vintage hightops, the best sneaker cleaners keep your prized possessions looking fresh-out-of-the box or, at the very least, not entirely beat up. Keeping kicks pristine is often easier said than done, though. Scuffs, smudges and stubborn dirt marks can be difficult to fully remove from leather, canvas and rubber areas of your shoes, and cotton laces can quickly turn dingy after a few wears. Sneaker-care, just like the shoes themselves, is an art form."
  • Betty Hemmings shoe shine kit.
  • Betty Hemmings - since 1966. Shoe shine kit.
  • BOOT - Wikipedia.
  • BootMate Portable Folding Boot Jack: US$21.95.
  • BootMate Portable Folding Boot Jack - Foldable & lightweight.
  • Brunello Cucinelli - since 1978. "Cedar wood shoe trees."
  • BRUNO MAGLI - since 1936. "Leather Spa."
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  • CARMINA - since 1866. Shoe brushes, creams, horns & wax.
  • Casual Male XL - aside from carrying men’s clothing in sizes XL to 7XL, this big-and-tall chain also stocks more than 100 styles of shoes in size 10 to 16 from beloved brands such as Sperry Top-Sider, Unlisted by Kenneth Cole and Polo Ralph Lauren.
  • CHARLES TYRWHITT - since 1986. Jermyn Street, London. Shoe tree & shoe laces.
  • CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA - "To Die For." Women's shoe bags.
  • Charlotte Olympia women's Shoe Case: US$4,550.
  • CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA - "To Die For." Women's shoe case.
  • Cheaney New Cheaney Wooden Valet Shoe Care Box: £150.
  • CHEANEY - "Handcrafted in England Since 1886." Shoe care products: Shoe horns & polish, shoe trees, travel care kit & wooden valet care box.
  • Church's Scented, natural cedar women’s shoe trees.
  • Church's - since 1873. "Keep your Church's in perfect condition with our specially developed range of shoe care cleaning products." Shoe applicators, brushes, creams, travel kits, scented trees & wax.
  • Cinderella of Boston - "Women's Petite Shoes." Since 1939, this family-run California store and e-tailer has been producing feminine footwear for ladies size 2 to 5.5.
  • COLE HAAN - shoe care products.
  • Collonil shoe care products.
  • Collonil - since 1909. "Your shoecare specialists." Brushes, creams, shoe trees, shoehorns & insoles.
  • CORDOVAN SHOES - Wikipedia.
  • COWBOY BOOT - Wikipedia.
  • Crockett & Jones Luxury Shoe Care Kit: £520.
  • Crockett & Jones Luxury Shoe Care Kit - "The Luxury Wooden Shoe Box features an extensive range of shoe care products and accessories. There are various shoe, welt and suede brushes as well as a duster, shoe polishes, shampoo and renovator."
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  • ECCO - "Clean, Care & Protect."
  • ECCO - shoe accessories: laces & socks.
  • Emillo Santo - handmade leather shoe box.
  • espadrille - casual, flat, but sometimes high-heeled shoes originating in the Pyrenees. They usually have a canvas or cotton fabric upper and a flexible sole made of jute rope.
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  • Florsheim Horse Hair Shoe Brushes: €13.
  • Florsheim - since 1892. Horse hair shoe brushes, cleaners, cleaning kits and shoe creams.
  • FOOTWEAR - Wikipedia.
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  • Galoshes - Wikipedia.
  • GLOSSARY - shoe, leather and accessory glossary.
  • GPS Shoes by Stamp Shoes.
  • GPS Shoes - 'No Place Like Home' by Stamp Shoes. The shoes feature integrated GPS technology to guide the wearer home (or to where ever they want to go) from any where in the world using a sequence of LED lights on the toes.
  • Greenson Shoe Care Kit Case: £140.
  • Greenson - since 1866. Shoe care kit case.
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  • HACKETT London - Wax Shoe Polish.
  • Harry's Shoes - ladies and gents looking for comfortable footwear up to size 13 women’s and 18 men’s should hit up this family-owned store—nearly half of its stock comes in large sizes.
  • Harrys of London Travel Shoe Care Kit: US$98.
  • Harrys of London - travel shoe care kit, shoe tree, shoe horn & innersoles.
  • HOBBS - since 1981. Dasco Protector, Leather Stretch & cream, brushes, polishing cloth & Dascomatic Boot Shapers.
  • How to clean sneakers in 4 easy steps - with or without a washing machine - "Knowing how to clean sneakers can make your favorite footwear last that much longer."
  • How to take care of trainers so they last - "A light clean after every wear, deodorise overnight and never put them in the washing machine."
  • How to take care of your shoes - "Care of Carl presents a step-by-step guide of how you take care of your welted shoes." Video 1:26.
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  • Jan Kielman Three-piece shoe trees made of beech – ideal for narrow shoes.
  • Jan Kielman - bespoke shoes since 1883. Shoe trees.
  • Jan Kielman shoe creams.
  • Jan Kielman - since 1883. Saphir, Collonil, Nubian and Meltonian leather care products.
  • Jason Markk Essential Kit - "The duo that keeps on cleaning. Our Essential Kit is a trusted pairing of our cleaning must-haves that we always keep on hand. Our 4oz. Premium Deep Cleaning Solution effectively cleans + conditions all materials with a naturally-derived formula. Paired with our Standard Brush, crafted from durable, firm bristles perfect for midsoles."
  • Jildor - since 1949. Women's designer shoes. Carry nearly 100 trendy labels, including Stuart Weitzman, Tory Burch, Brian Atwood and Marc by Marc Jacobs, in sizes 4 to 12 for both narrow and wide widths.
  • J.M. Weston shoe tree.
  • J.M. WESTON - boot & shoe trees.
  • John Lobb Travel Shoe Care Case: US$920.
  • John Lobb - since 1849. Shoe care products: shoehorns, buffing glove, selvyt cloth, shoe trees, brushes, shoe cream, rubber overshoe & wax.
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  • Kalorik Shoe Electric Polish Brush Machine.
  • Kalorik Shoe Electric Polish Brush Machine - foot activated on-off button; ith one cleaning brush + 2 big polish brush (for different shoe colors, or one to use with shoe polish and one for shine-up finishing); powerful motor.
  • KENNETH COLE - instant shine sponges.
  • Kicking Cannes: High heels really do lead to foot, back problems if worn too often - New York Daily News.
  • Kitten heel - short, slender heel, usually from 3.5 centimeters (1.5 inches) to 4.75 centimeters (1.75 inches) high with a slight curve setting the heel in from the edge of the shoe. The style was popularized by Audrey Hepburn.
  • KIWI shoe polish.
  • Kiwi - "Let Your Shoes Be Your Signature." Brand name of a shoe polish, first launched and sold in Australia in 1906 and as of 2005 sold in almost 180 countries. It is the dominant shoe polish in some countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States, where it has about two-thirds of the market.
  • Korchmar PALMER - R1206 - Shoe Bag: US$185.
  • Korchmar - since 1917. "Exclusive Leather Goods and More."
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  • La Coordonnerie Anglaise Paris Rose wood Groom box.
  • La Coordonnerie Anglaise Paris | Avel - since 1885. Shoe care kits & products: brushes, leather aprons, polish gloves, shoe horns, shoe trees.
  • LLOYD - since 1888. "With shoe polish and shoe care for men's shoes from LLOYD Shoes you can ensure a neat appearance. Buy quality shoe care now!" Shore creams, trees, horns & brushes.
  • Loake shoemakers Valet Box: £160.
  • LOAKE SHOEMAKERS - since 1880. "Look after your Loake shoes, by using our range of Shoe Care products." Valet box, shoe trees, beeswax polish & leather cream.
  • Lorenzi Milano Shoe shine box with Ovangkol brushes: €5,930.
  • Lorenzi Milano - since 1929. "Shoe shine box with Ovangkol brushes." The maintenance of a precious object is as much of a luxury as the object itself. Particularly in the case of footwear, the meticulousness reserved to their treatment involves a particular combination of instruments and phases. The shoe-cleaning tray made of beeswax polished Iroko wood, contains two large medium-hardness brushes, two brushes with soft bristles (Sciuscià), two small-sized and one for suede, all in precious Ovangkol wood. In addition to a selection of creams the set includes three daubers, a shoehorn and a Sciuscià cloth. The lid is lined with Saffiano leather and its reverse becomes a perfect support surface during the cleaning. The handles are made of Zebu horn, with always different shades of colours.
  • Lorenzi Milano - since 1929. "Especially when it comes to high-end pieces, footwear requires careful and constant maintenance, even not only when you’re home. Dedicated tools are traditionally unique and their small versions find room in a soft nappa leather travel kit: two pear wood brushes with natural bristles (white and black), a mini shoehorn, shoe cream and a polishing cloth." Small shoe shine kit.
  • Loro Piana Shoe trees: US$210.
  • LORO PIANA - since 1924. "Loro Piana shoes are defined by excellence in craftsmanship, an obsession with the highest quality materials and the utmost attention to detail. Its repertoire of accessories for shoes empower you with the potential to enhance their longevity and keep their impeccable form all year round. Loro Piana men’s accessories for inside shoes. To prevent shoes from losing their form over time and their original structure deteriorating, insert a Loro Piana shoe tensioner inside the silhouette. The shoe-tensioner stretches the upper and keeps it taut and in shape. Leather shoes can experience deforming as they adapt to the unique intricacies of each foot, so minimise this effect with wooden shoe shapes that maintain the original form. Shoe shapes can also be used for enlarging shoes that initially feel on the narrow side." Shoe Trees.
  • Louis Vuitton Monogram Shoe Pouch (M43892).
  • Louis Vuitton Monogram Shoe Pouch - since 1854. "Inspired by the House’s legacy as luxury trunk-makers, Louis Vuitton’s Shoe Pouch in Monogram canvas trimmed with supple leather is ideal for protecting clothes and personal belongings from shoes inside luggage. The wide opening and natural cowhide leather handle assure functionality."
  • Louis Vuitton Shoe Pouch (M42661): US$195.
  • Louis Vuitton Shoe Pouch - since 1854.
  • Lucrin - founded in Switzerland in 1994. "Here is a wonderful accessory that would be really practical for men specially. This leather-covered shoe horn is perfect to carry during your travel. Its subtle and well-thought design allows you to shoe up easily while protecting the stiffeners of your footwear. This leather shoe horn is a perfect gift idea for men. You may even customize it with some initials, for instance." Leather Travel shoe-horn.
  • LUDWIG REITER - since 1885. Brushes, Cleaning gloves, Cobbler's Apron, Shoetrees, Bootjack, Shoe polishes, Horn shoehorns, Shoe care rolls.
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  • MAGNANNI - since 1954. Shoe trees, shoe spoon, shoe wax (all colors) & shoe creams (all colors).
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    - O -
  • Oliver Cabell Refresh Kit: US$38.
  • Oliver Cabell - since 2018. Shoe Care Distressed, Essential, Premium & Refresh Kits. Wooden Shoe Trees. Repel Spray. White Cotton Laces. Premium Shoe Cleaner. Shoe Whitener. Shoe Horn.
  • Oliver Spencer Abbeyhorn Shoe Brush - White Bristles: £8.
  • Oliver Spencer - since 2002. "If good shoes are an investment, then shoe care accessories are compound interest. Keep your footwear looking their very best for longer thanks to Manchester-based Attirecare’s brilliant shoe care products." Shoe brushes, horns & polishes.
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  • Pakerson Shoe Care Kit: €30.
  • PAKERSON - "Hand Made in Italy since 1923." Pakerson specially developed the Shoe Care line to preserve the beauty of your footwear over time. Ecological and selected products; the outcome of extensive research that respects ancient traditions. Preserving quality in time it will be a pleasant task. Brushes, shoe care kits, shoe horn, shoe polish.
  • Pasotti Luxury Swarovski Crystals Shoehorn.
  • PASOTTI - since 1956. Luxury shoehorns.
  • PATENT LEATHER SHOE - Wikipedia.
  • Paul Smith Luxury Wooden Shoe Care Kit: £395.
  • Paul Smith - since 1970. "How To Care For Your Shoes." Paul Smith's recommended advice on how to take extra care of your new shoes and prolong their life. Whether leather shoes or suede shoes, rubber soles or boots, we hope this guide will help you get the most out of your shoes.
  • Purdey Hinged Boot Jack Rosewood/Brass With Case: £160.
  • PURDEY - since 1814. Boot jack.
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  • Rancourt & Co. - shoe care products.
  • Richard Anderson bridle red lined mushroom suede shoe cleaning kit: £144.
  • RICHARD ANDERSON - 13 Savile Row, London, England, U.K.
  • ROLAND ITEN - the RF 82 Mk. II "Fou Lace" mechanical shoe tips.
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  • Sage Brown London Tan Bridle Shoe Cleaning Kit: £95.
  • Sage Brown - Shoe Cleaning Kits.
  • Saphir Médaille d'Or Presentation Box Le Bottier.
  • Saphir MÉdaille d'Or Presentation Box Le Bottier - for the care of your shoes.
  • Saphir Shoe Polish Pate De Luxe.
  • SAPHIR SHOE CARE PRODUCTS - "Médaille d'Or 1925 Paris."
  • Scarosso shoe care products - "Just as important as the purchase of a good Italian shoe, is the purchase of the best shoe care. Through the use of great care products you can extend the life of your favorite shoe, perhaps doubling or tripling the lifespan. For this reason, we produce all our own products to maintain your shoes the Italian way. Choose from complete sets or buy yourself a wax polish or black shoe polish for your new Oxfords, derbies, Chelsea boots or monks."
  • Scheer handmade shoe care kit. Scheer handmade shoe care kit.
  • Scheer - since 1816. Shoecare products, shoe stool & shoemakers lamp.
  • Science Weighs In on High-Heels - The New York Times.
  • SHOE - Wikipedia.
  • SHOES OR NO SHOES - 39 amazing postcards available.
  • SHOEBUY.COM - "The World's Largest Site For Shoes."
  • Shoepassion' shoe care products.
  • Shoepassion - shoe polish, shoe care products, shoe brushes, shoe trees, shoe horns, shoe accessories, shoe cleaning kits, shoe polisher.
  • Slip-on shoe - typically low, lace-less shoes. The style most commonly seen, known as a loafer or slippers in American culture, has a moccasin construction.
  • SLIPPER - Wikipedia.
  • STILETTO HEEL - Wikipedia.
  • Sutor Mantellassi shoe care kit bag: €495. Sutor Mantellassi shoe care kit: €495.
  • SUTOR MANTELLASSI - shoe care kit bag.
  • Swims men's galoshes.
  • Swims - men's galoshes.
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    - T -
  • The Little Shoe Store - "Grown Up Shoes For Petite Feet." Shop for women’s footwear in sizes 3 to 5.5.
  • The Odd Slipper - "Shoe Space for Petite Sizes." This girly brand allows small-footed ladies (sizes 3 to 6) to vote on their favorite shoes from a rotation of preselected styles. Once the shoe gets enough love, it goes into production.
  • THE SHOE BUFF - the definitive online resource for Men’s Contemporary Shoes and Sneakers, providing daily release/collection updates, and in-depth looks at the men’s contemporary footwear industry.
  • The Shoe Snob - "Everything about well made shoes."
  • Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes in the World -
  • Tricker's shoe bags: £10.
  • TRICKER'S - hand-made & bench-made English footwear since 1829. Shoe trees, polishing cloths, shoe bags, shoe polish & laces.
  • TSZUJI - "The shoe storage specialists."
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    - U -
  • Ugg boots - term for a unisex style of sheepskin boot developed in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Undandy Shoe Care Kit: US$39.
  • Undandy - since 2015. Shoe Care Kit.
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    - V -
  • Velasca Milano - since 2012. "Made in Italy | Shoe care kits for men's handmade shoes." Brushes, polishes, a wooden shoe horn and a glove: everything you need to clean your artisanal shoes. Shoe trees & shoe protectors.
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    - W -
  • WELLINGTON BOOTS - definition & explanation.
  • Wildsmith Shoe Tree, Last Shape 574.
  • Wildsmith - since 1847. Shoe trees.
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    - Z -
  • ZAPPOS.COM - "Powered by Service." The biggest online shoe store.
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    - Y -
  • Y TRENDS - footwear forecasting.
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