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Which hoverboard should I buy? - Hoverboards, mini-Segways, Swegways or self-balancing boards.

Top 15 Best High-End Hoverboard Brands & Segway

Hoverboard & Segway News & Resources (20) Top 15 Best High-End Hoverboard Brands & Segways

A SELF-BALANCING TWO-WHEELED BOARD or scooter is a portable, rechargeable battery-powered vehicle. It consists of two wheels arranged side-by-side, joined by two small platforms on which the rider stands, and an internal balancing mechanism. The device is controlled by the rider's feet on built-in gyroscopic, sensored platforms. The board first debuted in China, but became popular in the United States after numerous celebrity appearances with the device in 2015. There is no universally accepted name for the device, as its various product names are attributable to the companies which distribute it, not its Chinese manufacturers.

The board is a Chinese invention but the fast pace of the Chinese manufacturing industry makes it difficult to pinpoint which company was the first to manufacture the device. According to Wired's David Pierce, the device was likely invented as the "Smart S1" by Chic Robotics, a Chinese technology company associated with Zhejiang University, founded in 2013. The company released the Smart S1, in August 2014, and the device was a huge success at the 2014 Canton Fair trade show. Chic Robotic patented technologies associated with the board, but due to China's lax patent enforcement, the product was illicitly copied by several Chinese manufacturers.

As of June 2015, the board is made by about five copycat manufacturers in China – a pattern common in the country's technology and industrial sector. The copies vary greatly in price and quality, and may exhibit various defects. Some newer boards have incorporated Bluetooth speakers, allowing the driver to play music from speakers underneath the board. The founders of PhunkeeTree first encountered the board at the Hong Kong Electronics Show, in 2014. The company gave one board to Kendall Jenner, who posted a video of her riding the board on Instagram. The video became a viral hit on social media, which led to other celebrities asking PhunkeeTree for free samples.

The device's increasing popularity in Western countries has been attributed, in part, to celebrities being recorded riding, performing on or amusingly falling off it. These include the entertainment figures Justin Bieber, Jamie Foxx, Kendall Jenner, Chris Brown, Soulja Boy and Wiz Khalifa among others.

The SEGWAY PT is a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen. It is produced by Segway Inc. of New Hampshire. The name Segway is derived from the word segue, meaning smooth transition. PT is an abbreviation for personal transporter.

Computers, sensors, and electric motors in the base of the Segway PT keep the device upright when powered on with balancing enabled. The rider commands the PT to go forward or backward by shifting their weight forward or backward on the platform. The PT uses gyroscopic sensors and accelerometer-based leveling sensors to detect the resulting changes in its pitch angle and, to maintain balance, it drives its wheels forward or backward as needed to return its pitch to upright. In the process, the rider establishes and then maintains a desired speed by modulating the extent and duration of their fore/aft weight shifts. To turn and steer, the rider shifts the handlebar to the left or right. The PT responds by adjusting the speeds of the wheels in opposite directions causing the PT to yaw and, if not traveling forward or backward, turn in place. At speed, the amount of shift of the handlebar corresponds to the amount of left or right lean required by the rider to balance themselves on the platform during a turn. Segway PTs can reach a speed of 12.5 miles per hour (20.1 km/h).

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    Hoverboard & Segway News, Reviews & Resources
  • AirBoard Sport Red & Black: US$999.
  • AirBoard Sport - "The sleek and professional AirBoard sport."
  • ArcaBoard: US$19,900 - The first real hoverboard.
  • Arca Board - "Revolution in Motion." Experience what you've always dreamed of. Ride across any terrain or water with the vehicle that was virtually impossible, until today. Do what you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. Each time you ride the ArcaBoard you will find yourself at the center of a new exhilarating experience.
  • CyBoard 3rd Generation: US$799.
  • CyBoard - "Step Onto the Future."
  • EROVER MonoRover R2 Electric Mini Two Wheels Scooter: US$499.99.
  • EROVER - "Top 3 Hoverboards."
  • Future Foot LP-700 Black: US$1,299.99.
  • Future Foot - "Personal Transporters."
  • 2 Wheel Electric Scooter 'Galactic Wheels 400': US$849.78.
  • Galactic Wheels 400 - "High-Tech Place Dual Wheel Electric Scooter."
  • Galaxy Board Blue: US$599.99.
  • Galaxy Board - "Self Balancing Electric Scooter."
  • HKCUBE Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooters Drifting Board: US$288.99.
  • HKCube - "Two Wheels Self Balancing Mini Smart Electric Scooter Unicycle."
  • IO Hawk Red: US$1,799.99.
  • IO HAWK - "Intelligent Personal Mobility Devices."
  • Locas W1 2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter: US$399.99.
  • Locas - "W1 2-Wheel Self Balancing Mini Electric Scooter."
  • MonoRover R2D: US$599.
  • MonoRover - "Take a rove on the wild side."
  • Black PhunkeeDuck: US$999.99.
  • PhunkeeDuck - "#1 Best Invention of 2015."
  • Road Runner - Blue: AU$899.
  • Road Runner - "3rd Generation Drift Boards."
  • Segway PT Commuter.
  • SEGWAY - "The leader in personal, green transportation". Electric YES, car NO...
  • Two Wheels Self Balance Smart Drifting Scooter Electronic Mini Unicycle Intelligent Monocycle: US$490.
  • Smart - "Two Wheels Self Balance Smart Drifting Scooter."
  • Swagway X1 Self Balancing Scooter: US$399.99.
  • Swagway - "Welcome to the Swag Revolution."
  • Uwheel Red on Black Pedals: US$699.99.
  • Uwheels - "Get U There." The world’s first self-balancing scooter with dual gyros. Weighing only 24lbs, it comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and built-in speakers.
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