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Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman (1956): US$6,495.

Top 75 Famous Classic Legendary Designer Chairs

Chair News, Reviews & Resources (30+) Top 75 Famous Classic Designer Chairs & Brands: A-Z

"A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?" - Albert Einstein.

"A chair is a very difficult object. A skyscraper is almost easier. That is why Chippendale is famous." - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

A CHAIR is a piece of furniture with a raised surface used to sit on, commonly for use by one person. Chairs are most often supported by four legs and have a back; however, a chair can have three legs or could have a different shape.

A chair without a back or arm rests is a stool, or when raised up, a bar stool. A chair with arms is an armchair and with folding action and inclining footrest, a recliner. A permanently fixed chair in a train or theater is a seat or, in an airplane, airline seat; when riding, it is a saddle and bicycle saddle, and for an automobile, a car seat or infant car seat. With wheels it is a wheelchair and when hung from above, a swing. A chair for more than one person is a couch, sofa, settee, or "loveseat"; or a bench. A separate footrest for a chair is known as an ottoman, hassock or pouffe.

Chair design considers intended usage, ergonomics (how comfortable it is for the occupant), as well as non-ergonomic functional requirements such as size, stacking ability, folding ability, weight, durability, stain resistance and artistic design. Intended usage determines the desired seating position. "Task chairs", or any chair intended for people to work at a desk or table, including dining chairs, can only recline very slightly; otherwise the occupant is too far away from the desk or table. Dental chairs are necessarily reclined. Easy chairs for watching television or movies are somewhere in between depending on the height of the screen.

Ergonomic design distributes the weight of the occupant to various parts of the body. A seat that is higher results in dangling feet and increased pressure on the underside of the knees ("popliteal fold"). It may also result in no weight on the feet which means more weight elsewhere. A lower seat may shift too much weight to the "seat bones" ("ischial tuberosities").

A reclining seat and back will shift weight to the occupant's back. This may be more comfortable for some in reducing weight on the seat area, but may be problematic for others who have bad backs. In general, if the occupant is supposed to sit for a long time, weight needs to be taken off the seat area and thus "easy" chairs intended for long periods of sitting are generally at least slightly reclined. However, reclining may not be suitable for chairs intended for work or eating at table.

The back of the chair will support some of the weight of the occupant, reducing the weight on other parts of the body. In general, backrests come in three heights: Lower back backrests support only the lumbar region. Shoulder height backrests support the entire back and shoulders. Headrests support the head as well and are important in vehicles for preventing "whiplash" neck injuries in rear-end collisions where the head is jerked back suddenly. Reclining chairs typically have at least shoulder height backrests to shift weight to the shoulders instead of just the lower back.

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  • Pinto Paris Boa Vista armchair.
  • ALBERTO PINTO Paris - since 1971. Armchairs.
  • ANTONIO CITTERIO AC 4 - office chair.
  • Aram - London's best modern furniture store since 1964. "No type of furniture has such a wide variety of choice as the dining chair. We have put together a collection of the best of modern designer dining chairs and kitchen chairs to help you find the perfect seat for your interior. These timeless and comfortable dining chairs are created by renowned designers and made by eminent brands known for their high quality. All designs are the genuine, authorised editions licensed by the designer's estate."
  • Aram - London's best modern furniture store since 1964. "Ergonomically crafted to offer the most relaxing 'me' time, the range of designer lounge chairs here at Aram boasts unique detailing and unparalleled style. From minimalist elegance to contemporary cool, we offer true design lovers the chance to own chairs that effortlessly fuse together art and practicality."
  • Arflex - since 1947. Made in Italy. Armchairs.
  • Armani / Casa Butler chair.
  • ARMANI / CASA - since 2000. "Getting work done or simply enjoying a moment of leisure is best done sitting comfortably, preferably in a soft, padded chair."
  • Arne Jacobsen the Swan: US$4,428.
  • ARNE JACOBSEN CHAIRS - "Design visionary and creator of of 3300, Ant, Dot, Egg, Grand Prix, Lily, Oxford, Series 7, Swan, Swan Sofa, among others."
  • Artemest - since 2015. "Luxury Italian Furniture." Explore our picks in luxury chairs, contemporary stools and our stylish selection of designer armchairs and sofas. Complete your décor with our editors favorite benches & chaises or our ottomans & poufs, all skilfully made in Italy.
  • Arteriors Ferguson Chair Peacock Chenille Walnut chair.
  • Arteriors - "Founded by Mark Moussa in 1987, Arteriors is a leader in sophisticated lighting, furniture, wall décor and accessories, beloved by discerning interior designers and retailers worldwide."
  • Artistic Upholstery - "Designers and Makers of Bespoke Furniture Since 1952."
  • Sarah Ashley Longshore chair.
  • Ashley Longshore - since 2012. "The Chairs in my collection are a reflection of the images in my paintings. I love the character and charm of antique furniture combined with a contemporary makeover! These chairs all showcase embroidered images or phrases from my artwork. I think it’s very chic to a have a great statement piece in any room of your home whether it’s a chair or a painting."
  • AUTHENTIC MODELS - "Challenging the mind since 1968. Inspired by the Age of Sail, by exploration, science, and cartography. AM searches the world over to ensure authenticity."
  • Azucena Toro armchair.
  • Azucena - "Founded in 1947 by Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Ignazio Gardella and Corrado Corradi Dell’Acqua, Azucena has always been held in the highest esteem as an Italian brand, combining formal elegance, understated luxury and an aesthetical purity in its collections, all manufactured to the highest standard."
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  • B&B ITALIA - arm chairs.
  • Barcelona chair designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1929): US$5,507.
  • BARCELONA CHAIR - created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the German Pavilion at the 1929 Barcelona Exposition. "One of the most recognized objects of the last century, and an icon of the modern movement, the Barcelona Chair exudes a simple elegance that epitomizes Mies van der Rohe's most famous maxim–'less is more.' Each Barcelona piece is a tribute to the marriage of modern design and exceptional craftsmanship."
  • Barcelona Stool: US$2,604.
  • BARCELONA STOOL - by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe 1929. "Whether paired with Barcelona Chair or standing alone, the Barcelona Stool exudes a simple elegance that epitomizes Mies van der Rohe's most famous maxim–'less is more.' Each Barcelona piece is a tribute to the marriage of modern design and exceptional craftsmanship."
  • Batsheva Throne Chair: US$2,400.
  • Batsheva - since 2016.
  • The bistro chair, it was designed by Michael Thonet & introduced in 1859.
  • BENTWOOD CHAIR 214 BY THONET - The bistro chair, it was designed by Michael Thonet and introduced in 1859. "The famous coffee house chair is an icon and considered the most successful mass produced product in the world to date: it initiated the history of modern furniture."
  • Bertoia Collection - "Hans and Florence never insisted that Harry Bertoia design furniture when they originally gave him a studio in an early Knoll factory. They simply asked that he show them if he arrived at something interesting. He arrived at something outstanding. Introduced in 1952, the Bertoia Collection remains one of the great achievements of modern furniture design."
  • BKF chair (1938).
  • BKF CHAIR - design chair whose first Argentine prototype was created at the end of 1938 by architects Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan & Jorge Ferrari Hardoy.
  • bonacina vittorio design - since 1889. "Hand made in Italy." The rattan is a natural material that grows mainly in the Far East, and which is shipped to us after a rigorous selection. We use it to manufacture our furniture.
  • BONALDO - since 1936. "Output totally reflects Italian tastes and lifestyle, something unique to Italy that cannot be reproduced elsewhere, but which interacts with various international trends in contemporary design." All models.
  • Cesca Chair–Armless with Upholstered Seat & Cane Back: US$640.
  • Breuer Collection - by Marcel Breuer 1928. "While at the Bauhaus, Marcel Breuer revolutionized the modern vocabulary with his tubular steel furniture. His first designs - inspired by bicycle construction and fabricated using the techniques of local plumbers - are among the most influential and important of the modern movement."
  • Børge Mogensen 2207 chair.
  • BØrge Mogensen 2207 CHAIR - easy chair with an elegantly curved low, distinctively shaped back. Mogensen designed the 2207 in 1963 as part of a series including a 2 & 3 seater sofa.
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  • 607 Taliesin armchair by Frank Lloyd Wrigt 1 | Cassina.
  • CASSINA - since 1927. "The versatile shapes of Cassina designer stools and chairs are further enhanced by sleek materials and intense, rich colours used to customize the distinctive upholstery and ultra-soft padding through a wide range of special treatments and finishes. Each piece is synonymous with the company’s profound craftsman sensitivity, delivering a perfect synthesis of design and functionality."
  • CASSINA - since 1927. "Cassina designer armchairs and chaise longue are designed to cover all needs and interior styles, and are perfectly suited to both classic tastes and contemporary trends."
  • Charles Rennie Mackintosh
  • CHESTERFIELD - new and old original Chesterfield sofas and chairs.
  • Chieftains Chair designed by Finn Juhl (1949).
  • Chieftains Chair - designed by Finn Juhl.
  • CITÉ LOUNGE CHAIR - designed by Jean Prouvé.
  • 'William' Club Chair by Kingsgate Furniture.
  • CLUB CHAIR - armchair, usually covered in leather. The history of the club chair goes back to the 17th century. It was created and made in France.
  • Copenhagen Joinery - "Handmade Furniture."
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  • Danish Designer Chairs.
  • Danish Designer Chairs - "A Centenuary of Danish Chairs."
  • DE SEDE Switzerland - since 1965. "The culture of excellence." Chairs & armchairs.
  • de Sede DS-257 executive armchair.
  • DE SEDE DS-257 - since 1965. "The culture of excellence." The executive armchair par excellence with a sense of tradition and a fine sense of luxury.
  • de Sede DS-2100 chairs.
  • DE SEDE DS-2100 - since 1965. "The culture of excellence." Available as a swivel visitor’s chair and an executive office version with high back, headrest, tilt mechanism, height adjustment and castors.
  • Divina Lounge Chair - Knoll.
  • Donghia - occasional & club chairs.
  • Driade - "Contemporary and ascent Italian chairs." All models.
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  • Eames Executive Office Chair.
  • EAMES ALUMINIUM GROUP CHAIRS - originally developed in 1958. The graceful silhouette sits equally well in all kinds of home and workplace interiors.
  • Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman (1956): US$6,495.
  • EAMES LOUNGE CHAIR AND OTTOMAN -Famously described as “a special refuge from the strains of modern living,” the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is one of the most significant designs of the 20th century. Unparalleled craftsmanship and rigorous attention to detail made it a fixture in homes across the world.
  • Eames Molded Plastic Chairs.
  • Eames Molded Plastic Chairs - since 1950.
  • Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair.
  • EAMES SOFT PAD CHAIRS - originally developed in 1958. Sophisticated, refined, with a graceful silhouette. Soft Pad chairs are available in a selection of colors, materials, and bases that allow them to sit well in homes and offices.
  • Ecart Paris - "Since 1978: re-editing & editing furniture, lamps and decorative objects."
  • Arne Jacobsen: Egg 3316 easy chair (1958): US$18,898.
  • EGG CHAIR - designed 1958 by Arne Jacobsen. "The Egg is one of the triumphs of Jacobsen’s total design - a sculptural contrast to the building’s almost exclusively vertical and horizontal surfaces."
  • Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair: from £2,633.
  • Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair - (1926) Polished chromium plated tubular steel base. Fully upholstered seat, back and armrests covered in fabric or leather in various colours. H 730mm SH 410mm W 900mm D 780mm.
  • Emeco
  • Emily Todhunter Collection Chair.
  • Emily Todhunter Collection
  • emmemobili - since 1879. All models.
  • ERIC SCHMITT - since 2006. All models.
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  • Chieftains chair. Designed by Finn Juhl in 1949.
  • FINN JUHL - Danish architect and furniture designer (1912-1989). FINN JUHL also designed The Trusteeship Council Chamber at UN in 1953.
  • Flexform - armchairs.
  • Fogia - armchairs.
  • Fornasetti - chairs & stools.
  • Fortuny Ringo Chair.
  • Fortuny - since 1922. "Fortuny furniture is made in the USA."
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  • Graf Paris armchair.
  • Graf Paris - armchairs.
  • Gravity Balans chair by Peter Opsvik (1983).
  • GRAVITY BALANS CHAIR - designed by Peter Opsvik. "The power nap is an invaluable instrument in your quest for productivity, boosting energy levels and recharging your brain. Float free of gravity and experience the ultimate power nap with the Gravity balans."
  • Gubi 5 Chair - since 1967.
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  • Hannah Nunn - "These lovely chairs are made in Yorkshire by my upholsterer. They are made with a fire retardant hard wood frame with an upholstery grade foam seat and are traditionally sprung using eight way lashing technique."
  • Hans J. Wegner: Papabear chair.
  • HANS J. WEGNER - one of the most innovative and prolific of all Danish furniture designers.
  • Hepplewhite Chairs
  • Herman Miller Embody Chair.
  • HERMAN MILLER - since 1905. Seating.
  • Herman Miller Aeron Chair Remastered.
  • Herman Miller Aeron Chair - since 1994. "Masterpiece Remastered."
  • The Hill House Chair By Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1903).
  • HILL HOUSE CHAIR - designed in 1902-1903 by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
  • HOLLAND & SHERRY - founded in 1836.
  • HOOKER FURNITURE - living room chairs. Upholstered and accent chairs.
  • Hortensia Armchair.
  • Hortensia Armchair - "The Hortensia Armchair, by Andrés Reisinger & Júlia Esqué, innovatively replicates the beauty of nature. This blooming beauty is inspired by the basic human need for warmth and comfort. Sit down and feel comforted, calm, and soothed. As if you're sitting in a blooming flower, enveloped in smooth and gentle petals. The wondrous Hortensia Armchair will be the softest place in your home. Configurable in a range of different fabrics and leathers of your choice, the Hortensia Armchair blooms in any interior. "
  • Hortensia Armchair by Reisinger & EsquÉ for Moooi - "Starting out as a 3D rendering, the Hortensia Armchair was first made into a limited edition, with 30,000 petals recreating the feeling of a hug: comforting, calming, and soothing."
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  • Interstuhl Axos 364A Management swivel armchair high backrest, armrests, 5 star base with castors.
  • INTERSTUHL - since 1961. Office chairs.
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  • Jean-Louis Deniot - since 2000. Featured on lists of world's preeminent talents in architecture & interior design, Jean-Louis Deniot has long been in the business of creating atmospheres.
  • Risom Lounge Chair: US$943.
  • Jens Risom Collection - "Jens Risom joined the Hans Knoll Furniture Company in the early 1940s as the sole designer of interiors and furniture. Working ingeniously within the constraints of wartime material shortages, Risom designed his eponymous collection of chairs and tables using essentially scraps of wood and rejected nylon straps from parachute production."
  • JONATHAN ADLER - since 1993. "Always sit pretty in sculptural seats that wow from every angle."
  • Josef Hoffmann Kubus Fauteuil (1910): €1,042.
  • Josef Hoffmann Kubus Fauteuil - "A classic example of Hoffmann’s strict geometrical lines and the quadratic theme in his work is the Kubus armchair, designed in 1910 and handcrafted to perfection. Wittmann has created a matching sofa."
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    - K -
  • KENZO - since 1970. "With its striking show wood detailing spanning the arms and elegantly curved back, the Kenzo tub chair epitomises chic contemporary design. The fixed sprung seat and indulgent padding ensure high style is not without supreme comfort. A worthy addition to the most sophisticated and luxurious of spaces."
  • Korium by Tito Agnoli for Matteo Grassi (1970-1979).
  • Korium KM1 Chair by Tito Agnoli for Matteo Grassi
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  • Lalique Victoire fauteuil Black lacquered & ivory silk Clear crystal: €15,500.
  • Lalique - since 1888. All models.
  • LANCASTER CHAIR BY MICHAEL YOUNG - "Emeco and Michael Young collaborated on our first ever collection that utilizes wood. Lancaster features a frame in solid ash, crafted by Amish woodworkers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The seat and back are made of die-cast aluminum - a combination of industrial technique and warm materials."
  • LC1 Sling Chair by Le Corbusier.
  • LC1 SLING CHAIR LE CORBUSIER - "A light, compact chair designed and presented at the 1929 Salon d’Automne along with other important models, such as the LC2 and LC3 armchairs, the LC6 table and the LC4 chaise-longue. As with all of Le Corbusier’s works, the LC1 derives from an in-depth study of human posture. In this particular case, the chair is intended to be relaxing and to foster conversation."
  • LC2 Poltrona Armchair by Le Corbusier.
  • LC2 POLTRONA armchair LE CORBUSIER - designed in 1928. "Timeless, unique, and profoundly authentic, the LC2 armchair has played a role in the history of furniture design, becoming a worldwide icon."
  • Le Corbusier LC3 Poltrona Lounge Chair.
  • LC3 Poltrona LE CORBUSIER - designed in 1928. "The LC3 armchair marked the separation of the metal frame from the upholstery, reflecting Modernist architecture theory, where the support load-bearing structure of the building was separated from the rest. In this case, four discrete cushions are set inside a cage of painted or chrome-finished steel tubes. The same device is adopted for all the other pieces in the collection, from the armchair with an arm-rest on one side only or on both, to the two- or three-seater sofas."
  • Le Corbusier LC4 Chaise Lounge (1928/1965).
  • LC4 CHAISE LOUNGE LE CORBUSIER - "Designed in 1928 this chair became famous in 1965 with Cassina, the LC4 is the definitive chaise longue: built in a shape designed for relaxation, the chair was created when the three designers teamed together to put man at the centre of their design, taking the idea that form and function should be at the service of relaxation, creating a perfect balance between its geometric purity and its ergonomic intent. The stability of the frame - for any angle of inclination - is guaranteed by the friction through rubber tubes that cover the cross bar of the base."
  • Le Corbusier's Furniture - classic furniture line created by Le Corbusier. The line was introduced in 1928 at the Salon d‘Autumne in Paris by Le Corbusier and his team of designers.
  • LIGNE ROSET - since 1860. "Ligne Roset is synonymous with modern luxury and invites consumers to revel in a contemporary, design-forward lifestyle."
  • Linley Wesselton chair & footstool: £3,300.
  • Linley - since 1985. "David Linley furniture and interiors of exceptional quality."
  • LIVING DIVANI - since 1969. Armchairs & chairs.
  • LOUIS GHOST CHAIR BY PHILIPPE STARCK - "Starck released the design for Kartell in 2002. From that point onward, the design has been endlessly copied and riffed upon."
  • lumiluxE lounge chair - made of LED and acrylic glass.
  • lumiluxE - "The only LIGHT CONDUCTING acrylic glass furniture in the world." An intelligent, modern and stylish Lounger that performs an impressive light show. The form is simple; the structure in the acrylic glass is laser engraved and can be customized in endless design possibilities.
  • LUZZO BESPOKE - since 2010. Dining chair. Polished aluminium frame with leather upholstery.
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    - M -
  • Madeira chair - "Think lazy afternoons and good books that end with a delicious nap. Our Madeira Chair's relaxed curves are hand crafted of natural rattan and wrapped with rattan peel for rich tropical texture. Plush deep seat and back cushions are covered in washable, white cotton canvas."
  • Magis - all models.
  • MANUFACTURE DE LUXE - seats & armchairs.
  • matteograssi - armchairs.
  • Mezzadro Stool | Tractor Chair.
  • Mezzadro Stool - designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1957.
  • MINOTTI - armchairs.
  • Miss chair.
  • MISS - designed by Afra and Tobia Scarpa in 1986.
  • Molteni & C - since 1934. "Designer Modern Dining Chairs, Contemporary Italian Chairs."
  • MOROSO - designer sofas, armchairs, and accessories.
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    - N -
  • Nakashima Collection - "Consistent with his renowned handcrafted work, the furniture Nakashima designed for Knoll in the 1940s balances the modern aesthetic with a deep respect for the inherent beauty of natural wood." Armchairs.
  • Natuzzi Natalie Armchair.
  • Natuzzi Italia - since 1959. "A Natuzzi Italia armchair is a real oasis for your relaxation. Designed to fit any room, our accent chairs reflect the best Italian manufacturing tradition." Armchairs and Accent Chairs.
  • Newman & Bright leather chair.
  • Newman & Bright - "A Family Concern Since 1897." Our range of classical leather chairs is produced by us in the same workshops and to the same standards as our Chesterfield sofas. All chairs are hand produced and made from quality leathers and fine hardwoods.
  • Nina Campbell - bespoke chairs.
  • NO. 14 CHAIR - designed in 1859 by Michael Thonet. Better known as Konsumstuhl Nr. 14, coffee shop chair no. 14 - is still called the "chair of chairs" with some 50 million produced up until 1930.
  • A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    - O -
  • Osdin Shield - "Protection Furiture." We design, create and build, unique, bespoke, ballistic resistant furniture.
  • Trifolium Chair.
  • OX Design
  • OXCHAIR - designed 1960 by Hans J. Wegner.
  • Arne Jacobsen: Oxford chairs.
  • OXFORD CHAIR - designed 1965 by Arne Jacobsen. "Originally designed by Arne Jacobsen as a chair for professors at St. Catherine’s College in Oxford, England, the Oxford chair returns to its original form in a new and faithful rendition of the classic design. The flexible yet comfortable task chair works as well in a home office or dining room as it does in a meeting room or public space. It was 1965 when Arne Jacobsen made history with the Oxford chair. With its high back and having been originally designed for the professors at St. Catherine’s College in Oxford, England, the chair became synonymous with prestige and status."
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    - P -
  • P.E. Guerin Directoire Bench.
  • P.E. Guerin - "Architectural Hardware since 1857."
  • Percival Lafer Mid-Century Model MP-091 Armchairs by Percival Lafer, 1960s, Set of 2: US$5,554.
  • Percival Lafer - "Brazilian architect, furniture designer, and product developer Percival Lafer championed good design for affordable prices. Often referred to by collectors as the 'best-kept secret' of mid-century modern design."
  • Peter Opsvik - innovative and ergonomic chairs.
  • Petersen Antiques - established in 1989. "Let us help you find the right antique."
  • Philippe Starck Armchairs
  • Philippe Starck Chairs
  • PICO ARM CHAIR - telescoping director's chair which quickly and easily folds up to the size of a laptop.
  • Pierre Frey
  • PK31 by Danish designer Poul Kjærholm (1958).
  • PK31 - by Danish designer Poul Kjærholm (1958).
  • Platner Arm Chair (1966): US$3,086.
  • Platner Collection - "Originally introduced by Knoll in 1966, the Platner Collection represents the designer's attempt infuse modernism with 'the kind of decorative, gentle, graceful kind of design that appeared in period style like Louis XV.'"
  • Plümo Velvet Stripe chair.
  • PlÜmo
  • Polar Leather & Bronzed Metal Lounge Chair (1965) by Esko Pajamies.
  • Polar Lounge Chair - (1965) by Esko Pajamies.
  • Poliform - armchairs.
  • Pollock Arm Chair: US$2,414.
  • Pollock Arm Chair - by Charles Pollock 1960. "Designed in 1960 and originally manufactured from 1964-79, the steel and leather ‘sling chair’ or '657', as it is commonly called, offers a refined combination of materials and finishes. Tubular steel legs connect to cast-aluminum arms and stretchers with exposed hardware, exemplifying Pollock’s simple design approach. The chair was reintroduced 2014."
  • Pollock Executive Chair: US$1,757.
  • Pollock Executive Chair - by Charles Pollock 1963. "The Pollock Executive Chair features what the designer described as 'rim technology' - the use of a single aluminum band around the chair's perimeter to hold the design together, structurally and visually. Fifty years after its introduction, the Pollock Chair continues to exude timeless elegance in any home office."
  • Poltrona Frau Willy armchair designed by Guglielmo Ulrich.
  • POLTRONA FRAU - "An iconic object and the true calling card of Poltrona Frau, as openly expressed in its name, the armchair brings together all of the designer features and comfort with which the Tolentino brand is synonymous. Welcoming and almost maternal, or functional and minimalist; 'large', flirty, rigorous or discreet." Armchairs.
  • Poltrona Frau Club Armchair
  • Porada - since 1948. All models.
  • PP58 - designed by Hans J. Wegner. President Obama ordered 12 pieces during his COP15 stay in Copenhagen.
  • PP MØBLER - producer of top Danish designer furniture.
  • A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    - R -
  • RED AND CLUE CHAIR - designed in 1917 by Gerrit Rietveld.
  • Ring Chair designed 1958 by Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel: US$2,198.
  • Ring Chair - designed by Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel 1958 for Getama.
  • Riva 1920 - "Made in Italy." Armchairs.
  • RUD. RASMUSSEN - Danish Art Furniture since 1869.
  • Rue Monsieur Paris Altoum single seater.
  • Rue Monsieur Paris - since 2012. "French luxury furniture company." Seaters.
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    - S -
  • Sawaya & Moroni - all models.
  • Sawkille Co. - since 2010. "Sawkille Co. design takes its creative drive from relationships to traditional, experimental and personal frameworks. A deep appreciation and study of the historic has allowed us to learn and develop our distinct furniture expression. From this cross pollination of influences our designs reflect our unique stories, symbols and associations."
  • Sergio Rodrigues Sheriff Lounge Chair & Ottoman (1961).
  • Sergio Rodrigues Sheriff Lounge Chair & Ottoman - designed in 1957, the chair took first prize at the IV Concorso Internazionale del Mobile competition in 1961.
  • Series 7 by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen (1935).
  • Series 7 - by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen (1935). The most sold chair in the history of Danish furniture manufacturer Fritz Hansen and perhaps also in furniture history.
  • SIEGER Chaise Couture - "Initially, Michael Sieger came up with the design for Chaise Couture to satisfy his own personal requirements because he became fed up with inadequate solutions. The deficiency awakened in him the desire to produce a chair that was as comfortable as an armchair."
  • SKITSCH - Dakar chair.
  • SPAZIO PONTACCIO - Altar chair with back.
  • Steelcase Leap office chair.
  • Steelcase - since 1912. Office chairs.
  • Stressless Magic.
  • Stressless Recliners - "In 1971 Ekornes launched the first Stressless recliner. It soon became known for its innovative functions, unmatched comfort and Scandinavian look. We have not rested on our laurels and Stressless is today among the best known furniture brands across the globe." All models.
  • Arne Jacobsen the Swan: US$4,428.
  • SWAN LOUNGE CHAIR - "Arne Jacobsen designed the Swan as well as the Egg for the lobby and lounge areas at the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, in 1958. Back then, the Swan was a technologically innovative chair: No straight lines - only curves."
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    John F. Kennedy seated in The Chair at the 1961 presidential debate. The Chair | The Round One. (Now made by PP Mobler as models PP501/PP503).
  • The Chair | The Round One - designed by Danish furniture designer Hans J. Wegner in 1949. Named ‘The Most Beautiful Chair in the World’ by American publication ‘Interiors’. When John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon met in the first ever televised election debate in 1960, they sat in The Round Chair.
  • The White Company Hampstead Herringbone Snuggler: £1,850.
  • The White Company London - since 1993. "Everything you need for stylish living - mainly in white." Our hand-upholstered seating collection includes our elegant Sloane Snuggler, striking occasional-armchairs, all of which are made-to-order.
  • Michael Thonet bentwood rocking chair.
  • THONET - chairs, armchairs, sofas, tables, designer furniture.
  • The Tulip chair was designed by Eero Saarinen in 1955 and 1956 for the Knoll company of New York City.
  • TULIP CHAIR - by Eero Saarinen.
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  • Vanity Fair Armchair by Renzo Frau.
  • Vanity Fair Armchairs by Renzo Frau - "Officially called “model 904” but known, since 1984, as Vanity Fair, over time this seat has become the emblem of Poltrona Frau. It is thought that the project, which first went into production in 1930, was developed on the basis of designs that Renzo Frau left his wife, Savina."
  • VITRA - all models.
  • Voltaire chair.
  • Voltaire chair - by John Sankey. "The perfect chair to curl up in with a good book. Exceptional comfort and support, designed to accompany the Voltaire Sofa group."
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  • Wassily chair designed by Marcel Breuer in 1925-1926.
  • WASSILY CHAIR - also known as the Model B3 chair, was designed by Marcel Breuer in 1925-1926.
  • The Wing Chair designed by Danish designer Børge Mogensen designed in 1963.
  • Wing Chair - designed by Danish designer Børge Mogensen in 1963.
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  • Wishbone Chairchair Hans J. Wegner in 1949.
  • Y-CHAIR | Wishbone Chair - also known as the Model CH24 chair, was designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1949 considered one of the most famous symbols of Danish furniture design.
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  • Zanotta - arm chairs.
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