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Gucci 2015 Re-Edition men's Princetown slippers: US$1,090.

100 High-End Brands & Makers of Slippers and Mules

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"History is filled with the sound of silken slippers going downstairs and wooden shoes coming up." - Voltaire.

"There's nothing more comfortable or leisurely than having a pair of Ugg slippers on in the house." - Tom Brady.

SLIPPERS are light footwear, otherwise known as ďinside shoesĒ that are easy to put on and off and are intended to be worn indoors, particularly at home. They provide comfort and protection for the feet when walking indoors.

The following is a partial list of different types of slippers:

Slip-on slippers - slippers usually made with a fabric upper layer that encloses the top of the foot and the toes, but leaves the heel open.

Slipper boots - slippers meant to look like boots. often favoured by women, they are typically furry boots with a fleece or soft lining, and a soft rubber sole. Modelled after sheepskin boots, they may be worn outside.

Sandal slippers - cushioned sandals with soft rubber or fabric soles, similar to Birkenstock's cushioned sandals.

Moccasins - are often made of a soft leather or pelt. They are often beaded in the style of tribal or indigenous cultures.

Prince Albert slipper - made of velvet with leather soles and features a grosgrain bow or the wearerís initials embroidered in gold.

Closed slippers - slippers with a heel guard that prevents the foot from sliding out.

MULE is a style of shoe that has no back or constraint around the foot's heel. Mules have a history going as far back as Ancient Rome, even though they were not popularly worn until sixteenth-century Europe. There, mules were bedroom slippers and not worn in public. Through the centuries, mules have changed in style and purpose and are no longer just boudoir shoes but are worn at any time, for any occasion. In addition to Western examples, mules come from cultures such as Turkey and Egypt, and appear in popular culture, from famous paintings to iconic celebrities' shoes.

A mule is a type of shoe that has no back or fastening around the heel and with no constraints around the foot. Made with a distinctive slip-on design, mules are both easy to wear and elegant in appearance so you can count on them to be a failsafe style option for your wardrobe.

SANDALS are an open type of shoe, consisting of a sole held to the wearer's foot by straps going over the instep and around the ankle. Sandals can also have a heel. While the distinction between sandals and other types of footwear can sometimes be blurry (as in the case of huarachesóthe woven leather footwear seen in Mexico, and peep-toe pumps), the common understanding is that a sandal leaves all or most of the foot exposed. People may choose to wear sandals for several reasons, among them comfort in warm weather, economy (sandals tend to require less material than shoes and are usually easier to construct), and as a fashion choice.

Usually, people wear sandals in warmer climates or during warmer parts of the year in order to keep their feet cool and dry. The risk of developing athlete's foot is lower than with enclosed shoes, and the wearing of sandals may be part of the treatment regimen for such an infection.

ESPADRILLES are casual, rope-soled, flat but sometimes high-heeled shoes. They usually have a canvas or cotton fabric upper and a flexible sole made of esparto rope. The esparto rope sole is the defining characteristic of an espadrille; the uppers vary widely in style.

Espadrilles are a typical form of summer footwear, with strong historical ties to the regions of Catalonia, Aragon, and the Basque Country. Originally peasant footwear, they were popularised throughout the 20th century by many cultural figures including Picasso, Salvador DalŪ and later John F. Kennedy and Yves Saint Laurent.

SLIDES or sliders are a type of light footwear that are characterized by having a loose heel that holds on to the foot from the front. Like flip-flops, they are typically employed in casual situations, in addition to being a unisex footgear worn by both sexes. Sliders are distinguished from flip-flops by their vamp strap which does not separate the big toe from the rest of the toes.

FLIP-FLOPS are a type of light sandal, typically worn as a form of casual footwear. They consist of a flat sole held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap known as a toe thong that passes between the first and second toes and around both sides of the foot. This style of footwear has been worn by the people of many cultures throughout the world, originating as early as the ancient Egyptians in 1,500 B.C. In the United States the modern flip-flop may have had its design taken from the traditional Japanese z?ri, after World War II as soldiers brought them back from Japan. Flip-flops became a prominent unisex summer footwear starting in the 1960s.

CLOGS are a type of footwear made in part or completely from wood. Used in many parts of the world, their forms can vary by culture, but often remained unchanged for centuries within a culture.

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  • adidas x Gucci Men's Horsebit clog: US$1,250.
  • adidas x Gucci Men's Horsebit clog - "Emblematic Houseís motifs mix with those of the historic sportswear brand adidas. The collection sees both heritages encoded in a trio of lines, where adidas and Gucci combine archival emblems. Creative Director, Alessandro Michele pulls inspiration from his memories of the Ď80s and Ď90s for a collection that is both nostalgia-driven and contemporary. These Horsebit clogs have the Gucci Trefoil leather patch." Men's.
  • Allbirds men's Wool Lounger: US$105.
  • Allbirds wool lounger - since 2016. "Turns out superfine merino makes the world's most comfy shoes." Soft comfort in a smart silhouette that goes with every outfit and occasion. Men's & women's.
  • Angelo Galasso men's slippers.
  • Angelo Galasso - since 2009. Men's.
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    - B -
  • Balenciaga's Spring 2024 Sunday Mule Featuring individually-rounded toes. Photo Courtesy @myfacewheno_0.
  • Balenciaga - since 1919. Men's Sandals & Mules.
  • Bedroom Athletics Men's Charles Light Blue Check Harris Tweed Mule Slipper: £20.
  • Bedroom Athletics - since 2007. "Our menís slippers include mules and moccasins built for comfort, style and durability using luxurious and long-lasting materials including high-quality suede, Australian sheepskin and the ever popular heritage Harris Tweed." Men's.
  • Bedroom Athletics Women's Serena Tyvek Ballerina Slippers in Soft Pink / Natural: £15.
  • Bedroom Athletics - since 2007. "Our UK womenís slippers combine the latest trends with the Bedroom Athletics quality and comfort youíve come to expect and include everything from slipper boots to mules to sliders, ballerinas, and open toe slippers." Women's.
  • Bijan Navy Blue & Green Suede Loafer: US$3,800.
  • Bijan - since 1976. "The iconic Bijan Crest embellished on special ultra soft suede with leather lining and piping. Elegantly dress up with a suit or wear casually with jeans and low cut socks. These soft special suede loafers are half lined making them very easy to wear and extremely comfortable." Men's.
  • Billionaire Suede Espadrillas: €520.
  • Billionaire - since 2005. Men's espadrillas.
  • Birkenstock Boston Soft Footbed Suede Leather: US$158.
  • Birkenstock - since 1774. Men's & women's mules.
  • Birkenstock Boston Clogs Became a Commodity - "If You Want These Birkenstocks, You May Have to Pay Up. The classic ďBostonĒ style has become a rare commodity and nearly impossible to find in stores. Resellers are having a field day."
  • Boss Italian-made slides with embroidered logo.
  • Boss - since 1924. Men's sandals, slides & slippers.
  • Bottega Veneta Tourmaline Nappa Men's Slippers: US$720.
  • BOTTEGA VENETA - since 1966. Men's clogs, espadrilles, slides & slippers.
  • Bottega Veneta women's slipper in Barolo Intrecciato Nappa: US$620.
  • BOTTEGA VENETA - since 1966. Women's slippers.
  • Bowhill & Elliott Black Velvet Albert Slippers with Embroidered Gold Crown men's dress slippers: £395.
  • Bowhill & Elliott - "English slippers, handmade in our Norwich workshop since 1874. Made To Order using plush velvets with our signature 'Gold Work' hand embroidery." Men's slippers
  • Bowhill & Elliott Black Velvet Albert slipper with Embroidered Poppies women's dress slippers: £455.
  • Bowhill & Elliott - "English slippers, handmade in our Norwich workshop since 1874. Made To Order using plush velvets with our signature 'Gold Work' hand embroidery." Women's slippers.
  • Broadland Slippers men's Embroidered Albert Velvet Slipper: £175.
  • Broadland Slippers - since 1879. "The Finest in English Handmade Slippers and House Shoes." Browse the entire menís range from Broadland Slippers. Find the perfect pair of handcrafted slippers or house shoes with an optional personal finish. Men's.
  • Broadland Slippers ladies Bespoke Tapestry Slipper: £170.
  • Broadland Slippers - since 1879. "The Finest in English Handmade Slippers and House Shoes." View the entire womens range from Broadland Slippers. Find the perfect pair of handcrafted slippers or house shoes with an optional personal finish. Women's.
  • Brooks Brothers Velvet Crown Slippers: US$80.
  • BROOKS BROTHERS - since 1818. Men's Velvet Crown Slippers.
  • Budgie women's Flip Flops: US$18.99.
  • Budgie Flip Flops - since 1999. "Are you looking for the coolest Budgie Flip Flops in the world? Look no further! Find 1000s of designs on our comfortable flip flops available for men, women, & children in all sizes and colors. These custom flip flops can be personalized with any decorated design of your choice. Our slipper thongs are 100% water proof and perfect to wear around the house, at the beach, or at swimming pools."
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    - C -
  • Camber Wabi men's slippers: US$140.
  • Camber - since 1975. "This seasonís Slippers collection, hot men models for the winter. Long-lasting products, natural materials, real action." Men's.
  • Camber Wabi women's slippers: US$115.
  • Camber - since 1975. "This seasonís Slippers collection, hot women models for the winter. Long-lasting products, natural materials, real action." Women's.
  • Canfora Hoara Sandal: €449,99.
  • CANFORA CAPRI SANDALS - since 1946. "All our sandals available for purchase on are made on the island of Capri, in our shop-workshop in Via Camerelle, using only 100% Italian materials." Men's & women's.
  • Charvet men's Suede Slippers: €385.
  • Charvet - founded in 1838. Men's.
  • Chloé women's Joy Clogs: US$438.
  • ChloÉ - since 1952. Women's mules and slides.
  • Christian Louboutin Coolito velvet slippers: €595.
  • Christian Louboutin - since 1991. "No gentleman's closet is complete without a selection of dapper loafers and spiffy slip-on shoes. Every great journey begins with a single step, and these sophisticated Christian Louboutin styles are sure to take you places you never thought you could go. Shall we?" Men's Loafers & Slip-Ons.
  • Christian Louboutin Madmonica women's 120 mm Espadrilles - Veau velours & spikes, Black: US$895.
  • Christian Louboutin - since 1991. "Nothing says summer like a pair of Christian Louboutin espadrilles. Slip into these classic rope-soled shoes for that instant sun and sea feeling, and give your feet a vacation - without even leaving the city! The only question is, do you prefer yours heeled or flat, cut from leather or from fabric, with a print or with spikes..." Women's Espadrilles, Sandals & Slides.
  • Church's Air Travel Nappa Leather Slipper Black: £520.
  • CHURCH'S - since 1873. "Crafted in jacquard, leather or suede, our men's slippers come in many enticing textures. Comfort is combined with regal effects for a refined way to greet the day." Men's.
  • Church's Hove W 4 Nubuck women's Sandal Bright white: £940.
  • CHURCH'S - since 1873. "Churchís sandal collection makes room for summer styling in all its forms. Buckled cage sandals bring a youthful feel to daytime dressing, while slip-ons introduce a bohemian spirit." Women's sandals.
  • Clarks Raymend Burch Slipper.
  • CLARKS - Shoemakers since 1825. "Enjoy year round comfort at home in our versatile collection of men's slippers." Men's.
  • CoSTUME NATIONAL men's Leather Loafer Mules: US$249.99.
  • CoSTUME NATIONAL - since 1986. Men's Leather Loafer Mules.
  • Crocs Dylan croc: US$54.99
  • Crocs - since 2002. Men's clogs.
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    - D -
  • Daniel Green Denise Women's Slipper: US$45.
  • Daniel Green - since 1882. Women's.
  • Del Toro Menís Navy Suede Indigo Slipper: US$410.
  • Del Toro - since 2005. "Italian Velvet Slippers for Men." Our velvet slippers are what started it all at Del Toro. Whether youíre wearing them to a wedding, to work, or any other occasion where you want to look your best, you cannot go wrong with a pair of luxury handmade slippers by Del Toro.
  • Del Toro Womenís Pony Hair Leopard Slipper II: US$425.
  • Del Toro - since 2005. "Italian Slippers for Women." If youíre looking for the finest Italian velvet slippers for women online, look no further than Del Toro. Our catalog features some of the most stunning slippers you can get your hands on. They fit and feel as good as they look. These are slippers that not only score compliments but stay comfortable on your feet over the course of long days wearing them.
  • Derek Rose Morgan Calfskin Leather Black Men's Mule Slippers: US$285.
  • Derek Rose - since 1926. "Complete your morning or evening look and keep your toes toasty with our range of handmade men's slippers. The perfect companion to your pyjamas, dressing gown or loungewear, our slippers come in both closed back and mule styles, crafted from the softest suede with sheepskin lining or the finest calfskin leather with suede lining." Men's.
  • Desmond & Dempsey Maroon & Pink Espadrille women's Slippers: £85.
  • Desmond & Dempsey - since 2014. "As we slip steadily into winter, our new slippers are here to keep your toes toasty. Quilted in our buttery soft cotton, the suede sole and anti-bacterial wool lining upgrade the universally loved hotel slipper that inspired this design." Women's.
  • Dior men's Aqua Beige & Black Dior Oblique Jacquard Sandal: US$850.
  • Dior - since 1946. "Combining classic elegance and modernity, Dior Men's designer sandals and slippers demonstrate boldness." Men's Sandals & Slippers.
  • Dior women's Dway Deep Blue Embroidered Cotton Slide: US$730.
  • Dior - since 1946. "The Dway slide has a timeless and emblematic silhouette. The slide's upper features a deep blue embroidered 'CHRISTIAN DIOR' signature and instantly stands out. The streamlined shoe slips on easily and offers effortless style." Women's.
  • Dolce & Gabbana Nappa-look fabric men's sandals: US$895.
  • DOLCE & GABBANA - since 1985. Men's Sandals, Slippers & Slides.
  • Dolce & Gabbana women's Terrycloth sliders with fusible rhinestones: US$1,275.
  • DOLCE & GABBANA - since 1985. Women's Slides & Mules.
  • Duke + Dexter Off-White men's slippers: US$170.
  • Duke + Dexter - since 2015. "Premium Slippers." Itís time to ditch the grandad slippers. Weíve evolved your loungewear with the release of the D+D slipper; featuring a sneaker inspired sole, water-resistant panelling and a lining of pure shearling to keep your feet cosy. Theyíre also equipped with a breathable upper, so these cosy slippers will even save you from overheating. Men's.
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    - E -
  • EASYMOC x Adam Pally Genuine Cow Hair Bit Mule: €276.
  • EASYMOC x Adam Pally Genuine Cow Hair Bit Mule - since 2020. "A handmade mule is covered in genuine printed calf hair and topped with classic bit hardware in this fresh collab with actor and comedian Adam Pally." Men's.
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    - F -
  • Feit men's Hand Sewn Slippers: US$520.
  • Feit - since 2005. Men's hand sewn indoor slippers.
  • Feit women's Hand Sewn Slippers: US$520.
  • Feit - since 2005. Women's hand sewn slippers.
  • Salvatore Ferragamo men's Double strap sandal with signature: US$695.
  • Ferragamo - since 1927. Men's Sandals & Espadrilles.
  • Foster & Son Velvet Albert Slipper.
  • FOSTER & SON - since 1840. Jermyn Street, London, U.K. "Fosters velvet slippers are fitted with a leather sole and can be worn outside. Not all slippers age gracefully! Ours are made on a unique last which we think gives a much more refined look, and our top quality cotton velvet keeps its shape well." Men's.
  • Frette Sir Bordeaux Velvet Slippers with Ripping.
  • Frette - since 1860. "There's nothing like Frette." Men's.
  • Frette Piuma Pink Velvet Slippers.
  • Frette - since 1860. "There's nothing like Frette." Women's.
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    - G -
  • George Cleverley men's Albert Slipper.
  • GEORGE CLEVERLEY - since 1958. Men's slippers.
  • Giuseppe Zanutti women's slipper: €1,050.
  • GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI - since 1994. Women's slippers.
  • Greats The Foster Closed Back Men's Slippers: US$119.
  • Greats - since 2014. Men's.
  • Greats The Foster Women's Slippers: US$80.
  • Greats - since 2014. Men's & women's.
  • Gucci men's Leather Horsebit slipper: US$860.
  • GUCCI - since 1921. Men's.
  • Gucci women's Princetown leather with bow slipper: US$1,980.
  • GUCCI - since 1921. Women's.
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    - H -
  • Gucci Princetown Tiger Leather Slippers: £795.
  • Harrods - since 1849. "The cornerstone of formal and informal wardrobes, a good pair of shoes is the making of an outfit. While a pair of iconic loafers from Todís or Gucci is always a reliable option, Valentino Garavani's men's designer trainers will give off-duty looks an instant boost, and no portfolio of menís designer shoes is complete without a pair of boots or two." Men's & women's.
  • Harrys of London Mews Moc 2 Alligator Honey Slippers: US$3,911.60.
  • HARRYS OF LONDON - since 2008. "Once a customer tries on our shoes, we have a friend for life." Men's.
  • Herring men's Monarch slipper: £368.33.
  • Herring - "Finest quality since 1966." If menís luxury slippers are what is required, then you have come to the right place. We have menís leather slippers, slippers with rubber and soft soles, mule slippers, and menís hard sole slippers to complement evening wear. Slippers are often made using the moccasin construction. This style of manufacture comes from the north American Indian tradition of making the shoe from a bag of leather that wraps around the foot. The lack of seams or a heavy attached sole makes them exceptionally comfortable and light. Men's.
  • Boss Italian-made slides with embroidered logo.
  • Hugo Boss - since 1924. Men's sandals, slides & slippers.
  • Huntsman Norfolk Exclusive men's cashmere slippers: £395.
  • HUNTSMAN - established 1849. "In the finest tweed and cashmere, for cosy evenings by the fire." 11 Savile Row, London, U.K. Men's slippers.
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    - J -
  • Stubbs & Wootton for J.Crew embroidered 'The End' women's slippers.
  • J.CREW - since 1947. Men's flip-flops, sandals & slippers.
  • Castaner X J.Crew lace-up espadrille women's sandals: US$150.
  • J.CREW - since 1947. "Made-in-Spain espadrilles." Meet our newest, limited-edition collection of flats, sandals and wedges, crafted in the country where they originated centuries ago. Women's espadrilles & slippers.
  • Jenni Kayne Leather Knot Sandal: US$375.
  • Jenni Kayne - since 2002. "Stroll from season to season in effortless style with our essential womenís shoes and footwear. From elevated takes on womenís sneakers to mules that go seamlessly from day to night, completing your footwear collection has never been easier." Women's.
  • John Lobb Black Velvet Albert Slipper Embroidered with Customers initials in Gold Script.
  • John Lobb - since 1849. "Perhaps the slipper most synonymous with relaxed sophistication, it is commonly agreed that the Albert Slipper was named for the husband of Queen Victoria. Gaining popularity in the early 1800s, its primary purpose was to protect the fine rugs that were commonplace in Englandís grandest homes. Made in velvet, with the edges roll bound with Petersham, the Albert Slipper is commonly embroidered in gold with initials appropriate to the wearer. Other designs or emblems can be embroidered on the front in different colours according to the customerís wishes. With a thin sole and low heel, this shoe provides the ultimate in at-home comfort." Men's.
  • Jordan Hex Mule Stands Out in 'Brilliant Orange'.
  • Jordan Hex Mule Stands Out in "Brilliant Orange" - "Set to release alongside the matching WNBA-themed Air Jordan 12 colorway."
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    - K -
  • Kate Spade women's Starfish Espadrilles: US$138.
  • Kate Spade - since 1993. Women's Espadrilles
  • Kurt Geiger men's Owen sandals: US$190.
  • Kurt Geiger London - since 1963. "Refresh your wardrobe with our collection of thongs & sliders at Kurt Geiger. Browse our range of espadrilles, thongs and sliders to get the look today!" Men's Espadrilles, Sandals, Sliders & Thongs.
  • Kurt Geiger women's pierra wedge: US$175.
  • Kurt Geiger London - since 1963. "Give your wardrobe a refresh with our new collection of sandals by Kurt Geiger. From wedges, to sliders, flatforms and block heel sandals, youíll find your holiday heroes right here." Women's Espadrilles, Slides & Sandals.
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    - L -
  • La Portegna Rodrigo men's brown leather slippers: €95.
  • La Portegna - since 2009. "A beautiful sunkissed handcrafted leather accessories brand from Spain, at excellent value." Men's slippers.
  • Lloyd men's slippers: €69.
  • LLOYD - since 1888. "Practical for business trips or vacation: the high-quality travel slippers made of supple calfskin. So you feel like home even on the road. The slippers can be transported in the lightweight textile bag." Men's Slippers.
  • Loake Shoemakers Guards Slipper.
  • LOAKE SHOEMAKERS - since 1880. "Bring a touch of luxury to cosy nights in with our range of Menís Slippers and Indoor Footwear. Crafted from luxurious grain leathers and fine suedes, featuring warm shearling fur linings and comfort memory foam insoles, choose from a selection of comfy moccasins or mule slip-on styles...the perfect gift for him." Men's slippers.
  • Loro Piana men's Sea-Slide Pacific Walk sandal: US$950.
  • LORO PIANA - since 1924. "Loro Pianaís shoe range offers a versatile selection of menís sandals, designed for strolls through the old town, or taking it all in at the sun-drenched beach. Elegant menís sandals in treated calfskin come in water-repellent fabrics to resist sea-spray. Refined yet easygoing, casual menís sandals are also available in a spectrum of shades and combinations." Men's Espadrillas & Slides.
  • Loro Piana women's The Suitcase Stripe Sandals: US$750.
  • LORO PIANA - since 1924. "Loro Pianaís footwear collection also includes women's espadrilles, a perpetual icon of Riviera style. Espadrilles are perfect paired with shorts or a billowing summer dress. Made in cotton canvas with linen, with practicality through drip-proof and stain-proof treatments, they are embellished with classic ankle ties in grosgrain. The Loro Piana catalogue includes a special espadrille flat for women, in exquisitely textural suede." Women's Espadrilles, Sandals & Slippers.
  • Louis Leeman Slip-Ons.
  • Louis Leeman - since 2012. "California designed. Italian crafted. Thoroughly modern." Men's Slip-Ons.
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    - M -
  • Mahabis Classic slippers: US$130.
  • Mahabis - since 2014. "Bringing a footwear icon into the modern world." Our purpose has always been simple: elevate the slipper into beautifully-designed footwear fit for modern life. because how we live at home is always evolving. and yet, the way slippers are designed and made hasnít changed in decades. To transform the slipper, we took the innovative techniques used to produce high-performance shoes and coupled them with a simple yet eye-catching aesthetic. We pride ourselves on making each pair of mahabis as eco-friendly as the next. For the last few years we have been making some big changes as we strive towards a more sustainable future. Men's & women's.
  • Manolo Blahnik Kensington Dark Green Suede Shearling Lined Loafers: US$775.
  • MANOLO BLAHNIK - since 1970. "Manolo has been designing a men's range since the 1970s. Discover his timeless reinventions of menís designer loafers, casual suede Oxfords in a spectrum of colour ways. Browse the curated edit of menís designer wedding shoes for the big day." Men's designer slippers.
  • Manolo Blahnik Maysalebi Blue & Yellow Canvas Floral Mules: US$795.
  • MANOLO BLAHNIK - since 1970. "They may be synonymous with sky-high stilettos but Manolo's designer shoes for women come in all shapes and forms. Get tangled up in dazzling strappy sandals. Women's designer sandals.
  • Michael Kors Cori Shearling-Lined Mocassin, Pearl Gray women's slipper.
  • MICHAE Kors - since 1981. Women's Slippers, Slide Sandals & House Shoes.
  • Michael Toschi Grotto slipper: US$330.
  • MICHAEL TOSCHI - since 1997. Originally created for the Hef, for all the right reasons. Men's Slippers.
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    - N -
  • Neiman Marcus Gucci Princetown Fur-Lined Slipper w/Tiger Embroidery, Black men's Slipper: US$995.
  • NEIMAN MARCUS - since 1907. Men's slippers.
  • Versace Logomania Fuzzy Open-Toe women's Slippers: US$475.
  • NEIMAN MARCUS - since 1907. Women's slippers.
  • New & Lingwood Eton Cord Navy Slippers: US$345.
  • NEW & LINGWOOD - since 1865. Men's slippers.
  • New Balance Enters The Slide Game With The MRSHN Slide - Sneaker News.
  • Nike Calm Slide.
  • Nike Calm - "When it comes to these slides, it's all in the name. Take a deep breath and slip into a minimalist look with maximalist cushioning. Contoured foam is seamlessly created from one piece, and cradles your feet to help keep them in place. To top it off, the water-friendly design dries quicklyómaking it ideal for relaxing poolside. You get all of the style, none of the effort. It's time for some Calm." Sustainable Materials. Women's Slides.
  • Nordstrom L.B. Evans 'Radio Tyme' men's Slipper.
  • Nordstrom - since 1901. Men's slippers.
  • Nordstrom UGG Hazen Indoor/Outdoor women's Slipper.
  • Nordstrom - since 1901. Women's slippers.
  • A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    - O -
  • Office Pantone Chillout men's Slippers Lemon Chrome.
  • Office - since 1981. "Wrap up in style this season with the luxury collection of menís slippers at OFFICE. From sheepskin moccasins for traditional style to sleek leather mules and suede slip-ons, add menís house slippers to your basket in grey, black and tan for next-level comfort." Men's slippers.
  • Office Dance Bow Mules New Pink Leather: £65.
  • Office - since 1981. "Whether you call them slippers or house shoes, womenís slippers are essential for heavenly relaxation year-round. Delve into soft sheepskin linings, cosy moccasins, luxury womenís mule slippers and fluffy, faux-fur sliders for cloud-nine comfort. Your next favourite pair of slippers awaits in pink, black or grey." Women's slippers.
  • Off-White men's bookish leather slider: US$348.
  • Off-White - since 2012. "Italian streetwear and luxury fashion label founded by American creative designer Virgil Abloh in Milan, Italy in 2012. "White and grey slippers with grey arrow details as a pattern. Orange Off-white 'HOME' label at side." Men's Clogs, Slides & Espadrillas.
  • Off-White Monogram-Print Slippers: US$123.
  • Off-White - since 2012. Women's Slides & Espadrillas.
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    - P -
  • Pickett men's Kilim slippers: £149.
  • PICKETT - since 1988. "Handmade in England". Our menís Kilim Slippers will offer you style and comfort. Each pair is uniquely coloured and patterned with handwoven Turkish Kilim carpet. Men's.
  • Pickettladies Kilim slippers: £145.
  • PICKETT - since 1988. "Handmade in England". Women's.
  • Plümo women's Cobalt Sandals: £229.
  • PlÜmo - since 1998. Women's Sandals & Slippers.
  • A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    - R -
  • Roberto Cavalli Slipper: US$166.
  • ROBERTO CAVALLI - since 1972. Men's slippers.
  • Russell & Bromley Domino Soft Sole Slipper: £95.
  • Russell & Bromley London - since 1873. Men's slippers.
  • A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    - S -
  • Yves Saint Laurent men's Smoking Slippers in Velvet: US$845.
  • Saint Laurent - since 1961. Men's Smoking Slippers in Velvet.
  • Salvatore Ferragamo men's Double strap sandal with signature: US$695.
  • Salvatore Ferragamo - since 1927. Men's Sandals & Espadrilles.
  • Santoni Menís brown suede single-buckle slipper: £490.
  • SANTONI - since 1975. "Refined and elegant, luxury slippers by Santoni blend fine materials with an iconic design: comfortable models to be worn with informal outfits, for indoor well-being. From velvet models embellished with the brandís iconic colours to menís suede slippers with a sophisticated texture, combining refined aesthetics and durability to offer you unique comfort." Men's.
  • Santoni Women's black leather slide sandal: £520.
  • SANTONI - since 1975. "Exclusive and enveloping, womenís sandals by Santoni - with high or low heel - are luxury shoes that enhance womenís style on all occasions. Veritable design items, womenís luxury sandals express a search for the unique and the purest essence of elegance. In leather, suede or patent leather, womenís handcrafted sandals by Santoni add a unique touch to leisure wardrobes and sophisticated outfits." Women's.
  • Shipton & Heneage Luxury Bottle Green Velvet Albert Slipper: €355.
  • Shipton & Heneage - since 1988. Men's slippers.
  • Steve Madden women's Adore Sandal RHINESTONE: €99.
  • Steve Madden - since 1990. "Our collection of flat sandals are perfect for the summer. Our sandals all have summer proof details, so if youíre looking for a bohemian, gypsy look, Steve Madden sandals are the way to go! We love how they change every summer look into a boho style outfit." Women's flat sandals.
  • Stubbs & Wootton Amalfi to Capri men's slippers: US$575.
  • Stubbs & Wootton Palm Beach - since 1993. Men's Featuring Assouline's Capri & Amalfi motifs embroidered onto a navy velvet slipper, with an emerald grosgrain trim. Meticulously Hand-crafted in Spain.
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    - T -
  • The White Company Cashmere Contrast Ballet Slipper - Pale Grey Marl: £30.
  • The White Company London - since 1993. "Treat your feet to a pair of cosy sheepskin or faux-fur slippers. Our heavenly cashmere bed socks, silk eye masks and hair scrunchies will elevate your lounging and bedtime routines, too." Men's & Women's.
  • Tod's women's Kate Platform Mules in Leather.
  • TOD'S - since 1920. "Their easy-to-slip-on appeal adapts to any occasion and destination with class and sass." Women's Mules.
  • TOMMY HILFIGER - since 1985. Men's Sandals, Sliders & Flip Flops.
  • TOMMY HILFIGER - since 1985. Women's Sandals, Sliders & Flip Flops.
  • Tricker's Churchill Velvet men's Slipper: €325.
  • TRICKER'S - hand-made & bench-made English footwear since 1829. "A Plain step in, hand lasted lounge or smoking slipper. Complete with velvet uppers, leather linings and a leather sole. The unsurpassable comfort for when in your home." Men's slippers.
  • A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    - U -
  • UGG Scuff Slipper: US$100.
  • UGG - "It started in 1978, when Australian surfer Brian Smith moved to Southern California with a dream. Designing a product unlike any other from his favorite material - sheepskin." Men's & women's slippers.
  • A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    - V -
  • Versace I ♥ Baroque printed slippers: US$150.
  • Vans - since 1966. "The Slip-On thatís been Setting Trends Since 1979." What started life in 1979 as the Vans #98 has become one of the most popular shoes in Southern California, and one of the most instantly recognizable shoes in the world. Slip-On shoes are undeniably stylish, but few come close to the Vans Classic Slip-On Checkerboard for instantaneous excellence. This is a design that never goes out of fashion and a shoe that never loses its comfort. When it comes to Vans ďOff The WallĒ style, this checkered Slip-On shoe is an everyday essential.
  • Versace I ♥ Baroque printed slippers: US$150.
  • Versace - since 1978. "Relax in soft cotton or faux fur slippers, available in a wide range of prints. Pair with Versace bathrobe for the ultimate comfort." Men's & women's house slippers.
  • ViBi VENEZiA Hand made velvet slippers with rubber sole: €90.
  • ViBi VENEZiA - since 2015. "Furlane slippers, the Venetian tradition." The iconic velvet slippers of Venetian gondoliers, handmade in Italy. Discover the Furlane Slippers of the Man and Woman collections on our e-commerce. Men's & women's.
  • Vivienne Westwood women's ROMAN THREE STRAP SANDAL: €680.
  • VIVIENNE WESTWOOD - since 1999. Women's sandals.
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    - W -
  • William Sharp Women's Slipper with Mini Luxe.
  • William Sharp - since 2000. "William Sharp is a luxury cashmere brand celebrated for its decadent use of classic silhouettes adorned with crystals. The highest quality cashmere is sourced from Mongolia." Women's cashmere slippers.
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    - Y -
  • Yves Saint Laurent men's Smoking Slippers in Velvet: US$845.
  • Yves Saint Laurent - since 1961. Men's Smoking Slippers in Velvet.
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