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Carl Hansen CH110 Desk, lacquered oak, design by Hans Wegner.

Top 25 Best Famous Classic Luxury Designer Desks

Desk Resources & Historic Desks (47) Top 25 Best Classic Luxury Designer Desks

"A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world." - John le Carré.

"This desk of mine is one at which a man may die, but from which he cannot resign." - Dwight D. Eisenhower.

"If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is the significance of a clean desk?" - Laurence J. Peter.

"I've always prided myself on my discipline as a writer. I do it like a job. I get up in the morning and go to my desk." - Salman Rushdie.

A DESK is a generally wooded piece of furniture and a type of useful table often used in a school or office setting for various academic or professional activities such as reading or writing on or using a computer.

Desks often have one or more drawers, compartments, or pigeon holes to store office supplies and papers. Unlike a regular table, usually only one side of a desk is suitable to sit on (though there are some exceptions, such as a partners desk). Not all desks have the form of a table. For instance, an armoire desk is a desk built within a large wardrobe-like cabinet, and a portable desk is light enough to be placed on a person's lap. Since many people lean on a desk while using it, a desk must be sturdy. Desks were first made from wood, but are slowly being converted into harder materials that last longer.

Until the late 1980s, desks remained a place for paperwork and business negotiation, though at the end of this decade, the personal computer was taking hold in large and medium sized businesses. New office suites included a "knee hole" credenza which was a place for a terminal or personal computer and keyboard tray. Soon new office designs also included "U-shape" suites which added a bridge worksurface between the back credenza and front desk. During the North American recession of the early 1990s, many manager and executive workers had to do word processing and other functions previously completed by typing pools and secretaries. This necessitated a more central placement of the computer on these "U-shape" suite desk systems.

With computers abounding, "computer paper" became an office staple. The beginning of this paper boom gave birth to the dream of the "paperless office", in which all information would appear on computer monitors. However, the ease of printing personal documents and the lack of comfort with reading text on computer monitors led to a great deal of document printing. The need for paperwork space vied with the rising desk space taken up by computer monitors, CPUs, printers, scanners, and other peripherals. As well, the need for more space led some desk companies to attach some items to the modesty panel at the back of the desk, such as multi-outlets and cabling.

Through the "tech boom" of the 1990s, office worker numbers skyrocketed along with the cost of office space rent. The cubicle desk became widely accepted in North America as an economical way of putting more desk workers in the same space without actually shrinking the size of their working surfaces. The cubicle walls have become new place for workers to affix papers and other items once left on the horizontal desktop surface. Even computer monitor frames themselves are used to attach reminder notes and business cards.

Early in the 2000s, private office workers found that their side and back computer-placing furniture made it hard to show the contents of a computer screen to guests or co-workers. Manufacturers have responded to this issue by creating "Forward Facing" desks where computer monitors are placed on the front of the "U-shape" workstation. This forward computer monitor placement promotes a clearer sight-line to greet colleagues, increases computer screen privacy and allows for common viewing of information displayed on a screen.

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    Desk Resources & Historic Desks
  • DJOB AJ writing desk designed by Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen in 1971 for the Danish National Bank.
  • AJ Wrinting Desk - designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1971 for the Danish National Bank.
  • Deluxe Cherry Rolltop Desk: US$3,599.89.
  • Amish Avenue - "Solid Wood Desks handcrafted by Amish artisans. We carry a wide selection of executive desks, roll top desks, and writing desks. Available in solid oak, cherry, maple, hickory, rustic cherry, rustic hickory, rustic quarter sawn oak, and quarter sawn oak. All of our desks are made in America, and all have free delivery."
  • AT-AT Desk: £3,596.
  • Aram - "London's best modern furniture store since 1964." The clean lines and sleek materials of our contemporary designer desks lend a touch of elegance to your working environment or home office. Our modern desks are more than mere workstations, they are an expression of personal style. All designs are genuine, authorised editions made by renowned brands to the highest quality. Choose pieces from designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Marcel Breuer, Poul Kjaerholm and Franco Albini or combine a Haller desk with the USM modular storage system.
  • Armani / Casa JUSTIN Desk in Limited Edition.
  • ARMANI / CASA - founded in 2000. "Elegant desk inspired by the Art Déco taste, featuring roundedtop edges and tapered legs. The central compartment in between the drawers has a cable hole, while a small support to hold electric devices is located underneath the top. Justin is a limited edition of 40 numbered pieces that celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Armani brand; the numbered plate can be found in the internal part of the left drawer. This version features a top in Water Green Thin Leather and a Grey Tamo structure. The drawers can be closed with GA logo metal keys. The internal of the drawers is enriched with a pad in Water Green Thin Leather."
  • Artemest Berdondini 1926 Roma Writing Desk 1937: US$32,340.
  • Artemest - since 2015. "Luxury Italian Furniture." Exclusive desks and unique writing tables in walnut, glass and more premium materials, handmade in Italy. Browse through a curated selection of pieces created by the best designer and artisans.
  • Arteriors Victoria Desk.
  • Arteriors - "Founded by Mark Moussa in 1987, Arteriors is a leader in sophisticated lighting, furniture, wall décor and accessories, beloved by discerning interior designers and retailers worldwide."
  • AUTHENTIC MODELS - since 1968. "Our desks are made to travel well and offer maximum comfort and space in a minimal floor area. Drawers to house the crew’s papers, sealed sailing instructions, logbooks, charts, instruments and a pair of flintlock pistols. Brass corners to protect from damage when being moved around. Sturdy construction, made of cherry and maple and leather insert top."
  • Azacena Sciabola Gigante desk.
  • Azucena - since 1947. "Made in Italy design furniture."
  • B&B ITALIA - since 1966. AC Executive desk.
  • boca do lobo - "Boca do Lobo was founded in 2005 and, early-on, it committed to reinterpret ancient techniques of fine craftsmanship to create unexpected pieces of contemporary design. Each creation carries the legacy of centuries of craftsmanship."
  • Bodil Kjær Executive Desk, designed 1959.
  • Bodil KjÆr Executive Desk - designed 1959.
  • Carl Hansen CH110 Desk, lacquered oak, design by Hans Wegner.
  • Carl Hansen CH110 Desk - "A distinctive design with intricate details." In the CH110 desk, Wegner illustrates another side of his talent for furniture design in the gathering of the table top, rails and two slender drawers into one large veneered element, resting upon two slim supporting legs in stainless flat steel. The drawers are equipped with delicate, distinctive handles in stainless steel and finished with dovetail joints. Each one is practically divided with one equipped with a small tray with a rounded bottom intended for storing small, precious things. The CH110 desk was created in 1970 as a part of Wegner’s CH100 Series, which was relaunched in 2008 in celebration of Carl Hansen & Søn’s 100th anniversary.
  • Cassina Ospite Table - "Table, extendable to the desired length (maximum 300 cm.), by slide-in panels on special support glides. The table is composed of three elements: - double trestle in chrome plated steel at one side of the base - rectangular unit in matt white painted wood, to contain the sliding panels, at the opposite side - top covered in washable, black special material."
  • Cocobolo Desk by Don Shoemaker: €13.179,80.
  • Cocobolo Desk - by Don Shoemaker.
  • Copenhagen Joinery - since 2006. "Handmade Furniture."
  • Corsair - since 1994. "Elevate Your Workspace - CORSAIR Announces Platform:6 Modular Computer Desk."
  • dePlain - "Why don’t mix business and pleasure? A pleasant working environment is key to getting the most out of employees. Working in a pleasant environment definitely makes the difference. Decorating an office with style and care should not be solely for the benefit of aesthetics but is a real incentive to productivity. offers a wide range of office furniture including desks, chairs, chairs, dressers, bookcases, shelves, sofas for waiting rooms, and more. Give to your office the comforts of home, choose the best design office furniture such as Kairos, Vitra, Cassina, Lema and much more." 19 luxury desks.
  • Dymitr Malcew Gravity Desk: €15.125.
  • Dymitr Malcew Gravity Desk - since 2018. Gravity desk. Rectangular office desk with electric motion. Against the gravity but with a stability and comfort - the Gravity line takes the idea of a executive desk to a whole new level.
  • 1949 EDU Desk Unit: US$1,299.
  • Eames Desk Unit - designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1949.
  • Finn Juhl Diplomat Desk.
  • Finn Juhl Diplomat Desk - designed by Danish designer Finn Juhl c. 1965. Rosewood "Diplomat Series" desk with 4 drawers and 2 pull out writing areas, aluminium pulls.
  • GEORGE NELSON HOME DESK - designed in 1958 and manufactured by Vitra.
  • GUBI 62 Desk: US$4,999.
  • GUBI Desks - "Designed in 1952 by Greta M. Grossman, but named the 62 Desk as it was deemed to be ten years ahead of its time. The 62 Desk appears characteristically light in weight and appears to defy gravity with its quirky asymmetric line and slender metal legs balancing on small wooden feet, a characteristic trait of its designer." So many of us have brought the office into our homes, and GUBI’s desks ensure that our approach to form, materials, craftsmanship and aesthetics are not compromised by the need for a functional and ergonomic workspace.
  • Herman Miller - since 1905. "Desks and Workspaces."
  • Jacques étagère Luxe Lucite desk: US$3,200.
  • Jacques étagère - "The perfect blend of simplicity and glamour, modern and traditional. Warm brass accents and topstitched french blue leather adds a nouveau nautical feel to a luxe clear acrylic frame. Its generous scale and durable materials make this desk as functional as it is fabulous. The perfect blend of simplicity and glamour, modern and traditional—right at home in a bachelor's bungalow or a fashionista's flat."
  • JONATHAN ADLER - since 1998. "Get down to seriously chic business." Modern desks.
  • KATAKANA WRITING DESK - handmade by Dare Studio.
  • Florence Knoll Executive Desk (1961).
  • Knoll - since 1938. "Work from home."
  • LIGNE ROSET - since 1860.
  • Linley Riviera Rosewood Rouge Desk Desk: £74,500.
  • LINLEY - since 1985. "A good desk is a vital piece for every person’s office and work space. Designed to add a sleek touch to your workspace. From Classic to Evolution to Bespoke LINLEY desks are crafted in a selection of woods including walnut and eucalyptus, like other signature LINLEY pieces, the desks are created with the upmost attention to every detail."
  • Louis Vuitton Stokowski Writing Desk Trunk: US$77,000.
  • Louis Vuitton Stokowski Writing Desk Trunk - "The secretary was conceived and made exclusively for the orchestra conductor Leopold Stokowski to correspond to his work and travel habits. It has become over time a legendary object." Size: 95×40×45cm.
  • Luzzo Bugatti Grand Prix car inspired desk.
  • LUZZO BESPOKE - since 2003. Bugatti Grand Prix car inspired desk incorporates retractable monitor, height adjustment, self closing lockable drawers.
  • MANUFACTURE DE LUXE - "Exceptional Fine Furnishings."
  • Martin Szekely Oak desk & its small secretaire, 1987.
  • Martin Szekely - Oak desk and its small secretaire, 1987.
  • Sidus writing desk by Antonio Citterio for Maxalto.
  • Maxalto - "Max designed by Antonio Citterio for Maxalto is a desk with flap top and drawers. Structure in bright chromed, bronzed nickel painted or black chromed steel. Top available in brushed light oak, brushed black oak, grey oak or natural wengè."
  • Molteni & C Scriba Home Office desk.
  • Molteni & C - since 1934. "Contemporary Designer Home Office Solutions."
  • Nest - since 2003. Modern office desks.
  • Nicholas Haslam Ltd City Library Table.
  • Nicholas Haslam Ltd - established in 1980. All desks.
  • World's Most Expensive Custom Desk by Parnian: US$200,000+.
  • Parnian - "World's Most Expensive Custom Desk by Parnian: US$200,000+." It retails for about US$200,000 and makes use of 6 different types of exotic wood as well as a custom cast piece of glass. "Live Like You Mean It."
  • Phillips Collection - since 1983. "Every piece a conversation." Phillips Collection has been defining global style for over thirty years with our organic contemporary furnishings.
  • Poliform - "The Concorde desk by Emmanuel Gallina embodies a contemporary vision for intellectuality. A primary shape that emphasizes the natural quality of wood, Concorde boasts a light silhouette expressed in an essential way."
  • Poltrona Frau Ceo Cube | Desk.
  • POLTRONA FRAU - since 1912. "Meticulously crafted down to the finest detail and highly functional, Poltrona Frau office and meeting tables transmit a sense of efficiency and understated, modern elegance as soon as you set eyes on them. Thanks to an attentive study of proportions and the possibility of creating modular islands, they are more compact, guaranteeing users an agile and contemporary workspace."
  • Rechteck Media Table Una.
  • Rechteck - all models.
  • Riva 1920 Navarra Desk.
  • Riva 1920 - "Made in Italy." The writing desks are still very popular today to take advantage of the small spaces characterized by functionality and good taste. Used since the Middle Ages, Riva 1920 manages to reinterpret them in such a way as to make them real contemporary design complements. The modern Riva 1920 wooden desks, in fact, equipped with drawers assembled with dovetail joints, are versatile and ideal for domestic corners used for study, work, or for the office, giving a touch of class and refinement to these settings. Available with or without the characteristic tilting part, depending on the needs, they can be in cherry, elm, walnut and oak wood. The woods come from controlled and programmed cuts.
  • Robert van Embricqs’ Flow Wall Desk. Image courtesy Robert van Embricqs.
  • Robert van Embricqs’ geometric wall hanging swiftly unravels to form a workstation - "Decorative yet functional, Robert van Embricqs’ Flow Wall Desk transforms from a geometric piece of art on the wall to a cozy workspace in one swift motion. Initially hung as a flat canvas of slender beams of wood arranged in a simple geometric pattern, the furniture object elegantly unfolds like a spiraling caterpillar to find its functional form."
  • Writing desk designed by master cabinet maker and architect Jørgen Rud. Rasmussen.
  • RUD. RASMUSSEN - Danish Art Furniture since 1869.
  • Sawkille Co. - since 2010. "Sawkille Co. design takes its creative drive from relationships to traditional, experimental and personal frameworks. A deep appreciation and study of the historic has allowed us to learn and develop our distinct furniture expression. From this cross pollination of influences our designs reflect our unique stories, symbols and associations."
  • Simpsons London - "Made in England. Leather desks; bespoke designer desks.
  • Swaine Adeney Brigg bespoke leather desk.
  • SWAINE London Bespoke - since 1750. "250 Years' of British Craftsmanship."
  • Thonet - since 1819. "More than a piece of furniture." The tubular steel desk S 285: an important piece of contemporary history. It is as though Marcel Breuer had anticipated today’s home offices and mobile computers: The compact tubular steel desk S 285 that he designed is an elegant companion for modern lifestyle and work. Marcel Breuer’s tubular steel desk S 285 for Thonet is a successful example of the programmatic Bauhaus claim to combine art and technology into a new entity.
  • Vimercati classic writing table Imperio style.
  • Vimercati - "Luxury Classic Furniture." An elegant and functional office rich of refined details: classic Empire style office of the Ermitage collection is composed of a mahogany writing table with leather top and details in gold leaf, coordinated glass showcase and sideboard and a comfortable swivel armchair in mahogany and leather with rich golden carvings
  • Vitra Home Desk by George Nelson, 1958.
  • Vitra Home Desk - "High-quality materials emphasise the graceful refinement of the Home Desk by George Nelson, originally designed in 1958 as a lady's writing table. Today the compact desk tends to be used in home offices, where it adds an appealing decorative accent with its multicoloured compartments."
  • Walter Knoll Management-X.
  • WALTER KNOLL - since 1865. "Meeting tables, conference tables, individual workstations, executive desks - agile table systems for modern work, meetings and conferences. In the boardroom, conference room, or home office. Prestigious design is combined with a functional approach."
  • Woodendot Alada floating desk - Oak: US$672.
  • Woodendot - since 2013. "Award-winning and sustainable furniture designs to create warm, distinctive and timeless spaces. Designed and crafted in Spain, delivered worldwide."
  • THIS MINIMAL IKEA-WORTHY FOLDING DESK DOUBLES UP AS A DECORATIVE SHELF - "Designed by Daniel Garcia Sanchez for Woodendot, the Alada folding desk is a nifty space-saving desk that doubles up as a super cute decorative shelf. Within seconds you can transform the Alada desk into a display shelf that can hold your favorite souvenirs from picture frames to even potted little plants."
  • Zanotta Cavour Desk: £7,619.
  • Zanotta
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