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Airbnb - private island in Cartagena Coral Reef Sanctuary, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia.

Top 10 Private Island Real Estate/Vacation Companies

Private Islands News, Reviews & Resources (40+) Top 10 Private Islands Companies - for Sale & Rent

    "Infinite views, the serene sound of lapping tides and secluded elegance await on your private island paradise..." - Sotheby's International Realty.

    [On buying a private island]: "Money doesn't buy you happiness, but it buys you a big enough yacht to sail right up to it." - Johnny Depp.

    A PRIVATE ISLAND is a disconnected body of land wholly owned by a single private citizen or corporation. Although this exclusivity gives the owner substantial control over the property, private islands remain under the jurisdiction of national and sometimes local governments.

    Compared to property on the mainland, an island property has much more restricted access, both by potential trespassers and by the residents, who need to transport all supplies by boat or aircraft. Livestock has often been kept on islands, because an island is a natural enclosure, preventing the escape of cattle and sheep.

    There are many thousands of uninhabited islands in the world with potential for commercial development of tourist resorts or private recreational use. Commercial development of uninhabited islands can raise ecological concerns, as many have a fragile environment. Some islands can be bought undeveloped, while others already have roads and/or houses. Islands are also available for rent. Some celebrities have their own private islands.

    There are widely varying government policies regarding private islands: for instance, islands off the coast of China, like any other land within the country, cannot be purchased outright, but only leased from the government for a maximum period of 50 years. Virtually all islands in the world are claimed and governed by some national government. That nation's laws apply, and any attempt by the owner to claim sovereignty would generally be unrealistic. Nevertheless, some people still try to set up their own micronations on islands, like real-estate millionaire Michael Oliver's attempt at building a libertarian city-state called the Republic of Minerva in the southern Pacific Ocean.

    "Private" islands in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile and other countries are not legally entirely private – any foreshore, such as a beach, is owned by the state, and is hence publicly accessible property, despite what the owners of the land on the island may wish to claim. The same applies to freedom to roam in Nordic countries: only the yard of a house and the immediate vicinity is legally protected against trespassing, and the water bodies around the island are freely navigable.

    A DESERT ISLAND, deserted island or uninhabited island is an island that is not permanently populated by humans. Uninhabited islands are often used in movies or stories about shipwrecked people, and are also used as stereotypes for the idea of "paradise". Some uninhabited islands are protected as nature reserves and some are privately owned. Devon Island in Canada is claimed to be the largest uninhabited island in the world.

    Private Islands News, Reviews & Resources
  • Airbnb - private island in Cartagena Coral Reef Sanctuary, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia.
  • Airbnb - Private Islands for rent - since 2008. "A Wish List by Airbnb."
  • Dream Exotic Rentals - Isle East Indies Private IslandI, Thousand Island, Indonesia.
  • Dream Exotic Rentals - since 2000. "Private Island Vacation Rentals."
  • ERA Dupuch Real Estate Bahamas Islands For Sale Listings.
  • ERA Dupuch Real Estate - since 1993. "Bahamas Islands For Sale."
  • FlipKey Honey Bee Private Island, Upscale Hideaway.
  • FlipKey - since 2007. "Private Island Vacation Rentals." For those travelers who crave sun, surf, and - above all - privacy, there's only one place to go: your own private island. FlipKey has a selection of private islands around the world for you to enjoy.
  • Isola Santa Cristina.
  • Isola Santa Cristina - "Rent a Venice Private Island." ‘... arguably the most exclusive place to stay near Venice.’ - Departues.
  • Private floating habitat based on semi-submersible platforms.
  • Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts - since 2013. "Private floating habitat based on semi-submersible platforms." Designers have come up with plans for a floating private island that could be moved anywhere in the world.
  • Orsos Islands.
  • ORSOS ISLANDS - since 2012. "An exciting new Home or Holiday experience." ORSOS Islands stands for an easy going, relaxed and personal holiday experience that combines all the positive aspects of mainland real estate and luxury yachts.
  • Private Islands Inc.
  • Private Islands Inc. - since 1999. "The foremost global marketplace for private island sales and rentals. Whether you are in the market to purchase your dream island or ready to sell your prized property, we are 100 percent dedicated to the world of private islands."
  • Private Islands Online: Little Harvest Caye (Belize, Central America).
  • PRIVATE ISLANDS ONLINE - since 1999. "Browse hundreds of islands available for sale and rent worldwide. Private Islands Online is the World"s most comprehensive marketplace."
  • Sotheby's International Realty Blue Dolphin Island, Panama: US$15,000,000.
  • SOTHEBY'S INTERNATIONAL REALTY - since 1976. "Private Island Properties." Infinite views, the serene sound of lapping tides and secluded elegance await on your private island paradise. Discover the true definition of escape and tranquility when our unrivaled international network of real estate professionals matches you with the private island of your wildest dreams.
  • Taprobane Island, Weligama Bay, Sri Lanka, Indian Ocean.
  • Taprobane Island - "Sri Lanka’s only privately owned island. The No.1 address in the Indian Ocean." Taprobane Island was originally built in the 1920's by the romantically-named but self-styled Count de Mauny-Talvande. The island, with its neo palladian mansion, has played host to kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers, aristocracy, writers and eccentrics, giving it a very colorful history, which guests can now share. The Island comprises two and a half acres of sheer tropical fantasy with nothing between it and the South Pole. Accommodation includes five en-suite bedrooms, with spacious living areas, balconies, verandahs, tropical gardens and a stunning infinity pool.
  • Vladi Private Islands.
  • VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS - "Meet the world record holder in selling private islands worldwide: 2,650+ certified island sales since 1971."
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