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Top 40 Best High-End Chandelier Brands & Suppliers

Chandelier News, Reviews & Resources (10) Top 40 High-End Chandelier Brands & Suppliers

A CHANDELIER is a decorative ceiling-mounted light fixture. Chandeliers are often ornate, and normally use lamps. Crystal chandeliers have more or less complex arrays of crystal prisms to illuminate a room with refracted light.

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    Chandelier News, Reviews & Resources
  • Alison Berger Glassworks Chamber chandelier.
  • Alison Berger Glassworks - since 1994. All models.
  • 1960 Italy Huge Vistosi Giogali Chandelier '2 Chandeliers' by Angelo Mangiarotti: €8,817.46.
  • Angelo Mangiarotti Lighting - since 1960. "Italian architect, designer, teacher and urban planner Angelo Mangiarotti was a leading light in the international design community from the 1960s onward. While he was an adherent of the rationalist principles of purity of line and simplicity of construction, he sought to imbue his designs for coffee tables, dining chairs, sconces and other furnishings with a sense of character and lightness of spirit that was often lacking in late-20th-century modernist architecture and design."
  • Apparatus Studio model Cloud chandeliers.
  • APPARATUS STUDIO - since 2011. "Glass Orbs are frosted by hand to create an irregular texture reminiscent of 19th century glass frosting techniques."
  • Artemest Striulli Vetri d'Arte Cà Bragadin chandelier: €5,790.
  • Artemest - since 2015. All models.
  • Arteriors Vaughn Fixed Chandelier.
  • Arteriors - "Founded by Mark Moussa in 1987, Arteriors is a leader in sophisticated lighting, furniture, wall décor and accessories, beloved by discerning interior designers and retailers worldwide."
  • Baccarat Zénith Chandalier.
  • Baccarat - since 1764. Crystal chandeliers.
  • Barovier & Toso Kensington chandelier.
  • Barovier & Toso - Venezia 1295. "The most ancient glass company in the world, established in 1295 and still based in Venice Murano, Italy, devoted to maintain and innovate the glass tradition." The company mission is to create high-end decorative lighting solutions - both classic and contemporary - that are timeless masterpieces, unique for design, exquisite manufacture, technology fused with creativity, to inspire true emotions, positive feelings and special atmosphere.
  • Barron Chandelier.
  • Barron Chandelier - by Hudson Valley Lighting.
  • Boca do Lobo Newton Chandelier.
  • Boca do Lobo - since 2005. "Exclusive Design."
  • Catellani & Smith Gold Moon chandelier.
  • Catellani & Smith - since 1989. "We create our light."
  • Christophe Côme Onyx chandelier.
  • CHRISTOPHE CÔME - since 2006. "Materiality of sculpture: glass, steel and light. Reality of the spectator, the author and those choses that stimulate the senses."
  • Cryst Pure chandelier.
  • Cryst - since 1985. "Bespoke chandeliers for Your specific needs." We develop, design and manufacture custom chandeliers and bespoke chandeliers for designers, architects and private customers.
  • Currey & Company Grand Lotus Gold Large Chandelier.
  • Currey & Company - since 1988. "Well-placed ceiling fixtures, no matter the size or style, add ambiance and definition to a room." All models.
  • Donghia Renaldo 18-Arm Chandelier.
  • Donghia - since 1959. All models.
  • Driade lampsi chandelier by park associati.
  • Driade - since 1968. Chandelier by park associati.
  • Eichholtz Chandelier Antares L.
  • Eichholtz - since 1998. All models.
  • One Hyde Park Lobby Eva Menz Design Glass Installation.
  • Eve Menz - since 2003. Specialises in the design and manufacture of luxury bespoke chandeliers.
  • Fortuny 16-Arm Garbo Chandelier.
  • Fortuny - since 1922. Italian manufacturer of luxury, hand-made textiles and home furnishings.
  • Fratantoni Lifestyles Quorum Silver Leaf Chandelier: US$11,990.
  • Fratantoni Lifestyles - since 2010. "It's not just a name, but a lifestyle." All models.
  • Holland & Sherry Alkahest Chandelier.
  • Holland & Sherry - since 1836. Alkahest Chandelier.
  • Horchow Ralph Lauren Straton Single-Tier 8-Light Chandelier: US$12,725.
  • Horchow - since 1971. Chandelier Lighting at Neiman Marcus. All models.
  • Chandelier featured on Houzz.
  • Houzz - "15 Best Chandeliers for 2022."
  • J & L Lobmeyr Metropolitan Chandeliers.
  • J & L LOBMEYR - "Various styles and originals of world-famous designers describe today`s offer from 1823 until today."
  • 26 cluster chandelier by James Plumb.
  • JAMES PLUMB - since 2010. 26 cluster chandelier by James Plumb. Design duo James Plumb created this chandelier of many mismatched lampshades in vintage fabrics. The lamps are suspended by hand-dyed silk flex.
  • Jean-Louis Deniot Ekxess Chandelier.
  • Jean-Louis Deniot - since 2000. Featured on lists of world's preeminent talents in architecture & interior design, Jean-Louis Deniot has long been in the business of creating atmospheres.
  • John Pomp Studios Infinity chandelier.
  • JOHN POMP STUDIOS - since 1999. Creates contemporary, handcrafted furniture and lighting pieces inspired by the natural beauty of the living world. All models.
  • Jonathan Adler Milano Twinkle chandelier: US$1,364.99.
  • JONATHAN ADLER - since 1993. "Lighting worth looking up to. Show your style and swag with a chandelier." All models.
  • Kelly Wearstler rousseau large oval chandelier: US$7,639 - $8,029.
  • Kelly Wearstler - since 1995. "Lighting is the unifying element of an interior and impacts how other design components work in tandem with one another. From modern contemporary ceiling fixtures to luxury table lamps, wall sconces and statement chandeliers, the right lighting fixture can make." American designer creating multi-faceted, experiential residential, hospitality, commercial and retail environments as well as expansive collections of lifestyle product designs. Kelly Wearstler’s Gallery is an evolution of the studio’s long history of collaboration with emerging and established artists to create custom pieces for private clients and hospitality projects. Kelly Wearstler reunites with longstanding creative partners on a series of exclusive collections for her digital Gallery. Bringing focus to artists around the globe, Gallery offers a unique platform to view these collaborations in one place. All models.
  • Koket Vivre chandelier.
  • Koket - since 2010. "Love Happens." Koket brings empowering style to a highly edited collection of furniture & soft goods while exuding a feeling of entitlement, exclusivity and prestige.
  • Kolarz Empire 43 Light Crystal Chandelier.
  • Kolarz - since 1918. "Inspiring chandeliers, contemporary pendant lights, modern floor lamps, decorative wall lights, designer downlights, stunning stairwell lighting – beautifully decorated with high quality crystals or Murano glass – all this and more can be found in the Kolarz Collection.
  • Lalique Orgue chandelier, 2 tiers, 119 crystals Gilded: €69,000.
  • Lalique - "Founded over a century ago, in 1888, Lalique has endured as the ultimate symbol of French luxury."
  • Lawson Glass The Crystal Antler Chandelier.
  • Lawson Glass - since 2010. "Made by Hand." Welcome to the New World of Luxury Lighting.
  • Lindsey Adelman PC.05.01 Paradise Chandelier.
  • LINDSEY ADELMAN STUDIO - since 2006. "Lighting and Objects." Lindsey Adelman has long been obsessed with illumination in all its forms. Her work treads the porous border between sculpture and design, taking inspiration from such diverse sources as Eva Hesse’s Rope sculptures, the pattern, colors, and bodily ornamentation of the Maasai, and the films of David Lynch. Ever since the debut of the Branching Bubble chandelier, the first product made in her newly opened studio in 2006, her goal has been to transform the ephemeral nature of light into something not merely tangible but enduring. Combining organic, handwrought materials like blown glass with the strong industrial beauty of machine-milled components, her lighting systems create radiant warmth while underscoring the drama of shadows and emptiness.
  • Lucky Glass CH-24 Galaxy-crystal SP chandelier: €2,567.
  • Lucky Glass - since 2000. "Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers."
  • Luxxu Empire chandelier.
  • Luxxu - since 2015. "Modern Lamps." Luxxu Modern Lamps is all about reinventing through design classic chandeliers.
  • Moooi Heracleum II Suspended chandelier.
  • Moooi Heracleum II Suspended - since 2010. "Nature meets technology, as this LED lamp is inspired by the Heracleum Plant. The white leaves ramify from one branch creating a very technical, natural structure. Nature is a miracle - isn’t it?" All models.
  • Murano-Lite Ducale Grance chandelier: €14,019.39.
  • MURANO-LITE - since 2009. "Over 2000 products of Murano glass and best crystal."
  • Nicholas Haslam Meridian Chandelier.
  • Nicholas Haslam Ltd - established in 1980. Ceiling lamps.
  • P.E. Guerin Crystal 8-Light Flower & Ribbon Chandelier.
  • P.E. Guerin Lighting | Lamps - "Architectural Hardware since 1857."
  • Peter Mikic Crystal Prism Chandelier: £20,000.
  • Peter Mikic - since 2006. "Beautifully Crafted Luxury."
  • PH Artichoke.
  • PH Artichoke - since 1958. "The fixture provides 100% glare-free light. The 72 precisely positioned leaves form 12 unique rows of six leaves each. They illuminate the fixture as well as emitting diffused light with a unique pattern. The fixture provides decorative and comfortable lighting. For the energy saving LED variant the quality of light and atmosphere surrounding the product is kept at the highest level." Poul Henningsen originally developed the PH Artichoke lamp for the Langelinie Pavillonen restaurant in Copenhagen.
  • Philippe Starck Zénith Noir Chandelier 24 Lights.
  • Philippe Starck ZÉnith Noir Chandelier 24 Lights - created in 2003 for Baccarat.
  • Porca Miseria!
  • Porca Miseria! - by Ingo Maurer 1994. "Limited production. Each Porca Miseria! is adapted to the conditions of the room for which it is designed, and is created in elaborate manual work."
  • Porta Romana Large Ivy Shadow Chandelier - Forest Gold.
  • Porta Romana - since 1988. All models.
  • Saint-Louis Cristallerie 18-light Arlequin chandelier.
  • Saint-Louis Cristallerie - founded in 1586. The oldest & one of the most prestigious manufacturer of Glassmaking in Europe.
  • Sharon Marston Cluster Light.
  • SHARON MARSTON - since 1997. Collections of chandeliers.
  • Showsun Lighting ssx98019 luxury chandelier.
  • Showsun Lighting - since 1997. "Our chandeliers can be seen in hotels, casinos, embassies, churches, and prestigious houses all around the world."
  • The White Company Glass Orb Chandelier Large Ceiling Light - Clear: £750.
  • The White Company London - since 1993. "Everything you need for stylish living - mainly in white." Brighten the dark nights with our bigger-than-ever lighting range, which includes everything from show-stopping chandeliers and pendant ceiling lights to wall lights, table lamps and more.
  • Venini Carlo Scarpa 99.37 chandelier.
  • Venini - since 1921. "A kaleidoscopic array of lamps, lights and luminous sculptures that lends a unique atmosphere to any setting. Timeless pieces that have been created in the Fornace (Kiln) since VENINI was founded. ARTLIGHT is the undisputed star of home interiors and masterpieces of architecture alike." Branch chandeliers - The traditional art of “Made in Murano” lighting continues in the Fornace (Kiln), featuring new shapes and intense colors.
  • Waterford Waterford Beaumont 9-Arm Chandelier: US$2,800.
  • WATERFORD - originally founded in 1783. "Waterford Chandeliers grace the ceilings of the most prestigious people and spaces. The Chandelier Collection encompasses the best crystal chandeliers in three of the most treasured patterns - Ardmore, Lismore and Cranmore."
  • Willow Lamp Spiral of Life chandelier.
  • WILLOW LAMP - since 2005. "Our designs fuse organic forms with high tech materials and processes to create a dramatic new genre of lighting."
  • World Class Lighting Small Crystal Chandelier Model 2700 E 20: US$769.
  • World Class Lighting - since 1998. "Our Chandeliers Decorate The Most Prestigious Homes Including The White House."
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