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John Lobb, 9 St. James's Street, London SW1A 1EF, England, U.K.

Top 30 Best Bespoke & Made-to-Measure Shoemakers

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BESPOKE SHOES are shoes made especially for a certain customer by a shoemaker. The feet are measured and a last for each foot is created. At the fitting, the customer tries the prototype pair of shoes made in an inexpensive leather and the shoemaker checks if anything needs to be changed. If so, the changes are applied to the lasts and the shoes are created with a precious leather. After the final lasts are created, the customer can order more pairs shoes without more measurements and fittings.

BESPOKE is a British English word that means a clothing item made to a buyer's specification (personalised or tailored). While the term historically is applied to only men's tailored clothing, it now generally includes footwear, fine jewellery and other apparel, implying measurement and fitting. For most non-clothing items, the term build to order is usually used instead, although the term 'bespoke applications' is often used to refer to custom software built by a company for its own use by a department other than the IT department.

The distinguishing points of bespoke tailoring are the buyer's total control over the fabric used, the features and fit, and the way the garment should be made. More generally, "bespoke" describes a high degree of customisation, and involvement of the end-user, in the production of the goods. Cad & the Dandy, a modern Savile Row tailor, describes true bespoke as having a full floating canvas, basted fitting and detailed hand finishing.

MADE-TO-MEASURE typically refers to clothing that is sewn from a standard-sized base pattern. A tailored suit is a common example of a made-to-measure garment. The fit of a made-to-measure garment is expected to be superior to that of a ready-to-wear garment, because ready-to-wear garments are constructed to fit the manufacturer's definition of an average customer, while made-to-measure garments are constructed to fit each customer individually. However, made-to-measure items are seen by many to involve less workmanship than bespoke or "custom made" garments, as made-to-measure garments always involve some form of standardization in the patterning and manufacturing processes, whereas a bespoke garment is made entirely from scratch based on a customer's specifications. Typically, a made-to-measure garment will be more expensive than ready-to-wear garment but cheaper than a bespoke one.

CUSTOM-MADE means made according to the specifications of a particular individual.

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    Top 30 Best Bespoke & Made-to-Measure Shoemakers
  • ALAN FLUSSER CUSTOM SHOP - "Permanent Style." New York City.
  • ALDEN - "Custom bootmakers since 1884."
  • Alfred Sargent Shoemakers - "Synonymous with quality English shoemaking since 1899." Over four generations we have acquired an enviable reputation for the most excellent made to order service, enabling our clients to compliment their wardrobe with the vast range of styles we offer for every occasion.
  • ALLEN EDMONDS CUSTOM - "Custom-made men's dress shoes & casual shoes since 1922."
  • Andrew McDonald Shoemaker - since 1990. Men's & women's custom made shoes.
  • ANELLO & DAVIDE - bespoke shoes since 1922. "The premier brand in dance, theatrical and bridal footwear, with a reputation for specialised, handcrafted shoes."
  • AUBERCY - "Bottier à Paris - 1935." For me, Xavier Aubercy, Bespoke is the Haute Couture of the magnificent bootmaker craft, certainly the most exceptional of what we can realize with leather, thread and wood. It is because we are still a family-owned independent company that our shoes are probably the most beautiful in the world.
  • BERLUTI - Paris since 1895. "The ultimate expression of luxury for men." Hand-assembled and customizable from the wooden last to the choice of leather and patinas, Berluti bespoke shoes combine absolute comfort and unique flair. At Berluti, it all starts with the first appointment, when the master shoemaker and client meet. In the store, or in the Paris workshops on Rue Marbeuf, a discussion will ensue in which the shoemaker listens, questions, and notes the wishes and habits of his client.
  • BONTONI -"Fine Hand Made Italian Shoes." Made-to-measure: Special shoes for a special few.
  • buchanan bespoke footwear - "Distinctive Shoes Made in Scotland." Our Bespoke Brogues are created by measuring your feet and tailoring the shoes to your individual proportions. You choose your leather and tartan or tweed and allow us to measure your dimensions up to 3 times to receive a completely unique pair of Scottish shoes, tailored for a perfect fit.
  • CAROLINE GROVES - bespoke shoemaker. "The joy of owning a bespoke pair of shoes is not only in the wearing but also in the commissioning process of something that uniquely reflects your personality and desires."
  • Christian Louboutin - "Made to Measure." The most exclusive shoes in the world come in only one size: yours! If you can dream it, we can make it. In Christian Louboutin’s Paris Atelier, elite artisans work with you to bring your footwear wishes to life through our Made to Measure service. One of the best-kept secrets in the fashion world, the Made to Measure process is unique and utterly luxurious. In our salon, one-of-a-kind shoes and boots are meticulously created from your personal measurements, and crafted with care by a number of expert hands. The possibilities are endless!
  • CROCKETT & JONES - since 1879. Men's handmade shoes.
  • Duke + Dexter - Handmade in England. Men's bespoke loafers. "Our craftsmen require 10-14 days production time for bespoke pairs. All D&D's are handmade in England. After order confirmation, our bespoke team will send you a mocked up image of your exclusive design. Should you require a completely tailor-made design, please email for assistance."
  • E. VOGEL Bespoke - "Custom Boots & Shoes Since 1879."
  • EDWARD GREEN - since 1890. "The finest shoes in England for the discerning few." Custom Made Men's Shoes: Create a shoe that is unique to you. Drawing on our century of shoe-making experience, select from our range of patterns, lasts, leathers and details for a shoe which not only fits your foot but also your style.
  • FOSTER & SON - establisted 1840. 83 Jermyn Street, London, U.K. London's oldest established shoemakers and one of the oldest-established custom shoe and bootmakers in the World. Known as "The shoemakers' shoemaker". Bespoke custom-made men's shoes & boots.
  • GAZIANO & GIRLING - "Handcrafted in England." The best of the best. In terms of craft, fit and freedom of expression, the bespoke service at Gaziano & Girling creates simply some of the finest shoes available. Bespoke and bench made men's shoes.
  • G.J. CLEVERLEY & Co. - since 1958. "Bespoke is the ultimate luxury combining the three elements that make Bespoke what it is. The perfect fit, total control over design, and a completely handmade product."
  • Heel the World - "All our shoes are handmade and bespoke. We offer a range of materials in limited quantities. Our craftsmen meticulously work for 2 to 4 weeks to make the perfect shoes for you."
  • Jan Kielman - since 1883. "For over a hundred and thirty unbroken years we have been making customized shoes for customers who appreciate classic design, comfort and the inimitable charm of handcrafted products."
  • JOHN LOBB BOOTMAKER - founded in 1849. "Makers of the finest hand made to measure shoes and boots." Benefits of John Lobb Shoes. Men's & women's.
  • KLEMANN SHOES - since 1986. "They are the 'Rolls Royce' among shoes: bespoke shoes. Every hand-sewn, bespoke shoe is individually created to perfectly suit the customer´s foot and guarantees unique quality."
  • Leffot - "Made to Order." We take great pride in specializing in made-to-order shoes. If you’re looking for shoes in a particular color or leather, or if you wear a special size or width, having a pair made to order is just for you.
  • Ludwig Reiter - since 1885. "A custom-made shoe is an individually designed Ludwig Reiter shoe. Within a few weeks, with a minimal surcharge, a combination of shoe patterns, last, upper leather and sole is produced."
  • Maison Corthay - "Maison Corthay bottier Luxe à Paris." A bespoke shoe fits like a glove. It provides a unique physical sensation because it is married to the anatomy of the foot. It grows to fit the pressure points and respects the differences in muscle density. This gives the exact proportion that defines personal silhouette and elegance...
  • MARINI - "The Marini bespoke experience starts with the measurement of the Client›s feet, performed by our specialized artisans. The Client is then assisted by specialists to decide the following features of their one of a kind shoe: the model, the leather, the sole, and every other detail in order to make the shoe a unique piece." High class handmade Italian men's shoes since 1899.
  • Oliver Moore Bootmakers - since 1878. "Oliver Moore is responsible for some of the most beautiful handmade shoes in New York. The founder of the firm, Oliver Moore, learned the craft of shoemaking in England, and took his knowledge and love of tradition with him to the USA in 1878. Since that time, many famous personalities have been Oliver Moore customers, including Whitney Houston, Charlie Sheen, Walter Cronkite, Carol Burnett, Paul Anka, Glenn Close, Kathleen Turner, Katherine Hepburn, Steve Wynn." Men's & women's.
  • PAKERSON - "Handmade in Italy since 1923." Bespoke is excellence, for its singular skill in fashioning footwear entirely by hand-like a tailor-made suit-to the precise form of each individual Client’s foot. The Pakerson boutiques offer tailor-made footwear services.
  • PAOLO SCAFORA NAPOLI - customized bespoke men's shoes.
  • Scarosso - "Volumental and SCAROSSO use 3D technology to revolutionize bespoke shoes."
  • SILVANO LATTANZI - "The noble gesture of bowing in order to take the measurements of the foot is a lesson in life." Custom men's & women's shoes.
  • Stamp Shoes - "Bespoke Shoemaker." The finest bespoke shoes hand-crafted in Northampton by Nicholas Cooper. Bespoke made-to-measure shoes.
  • Stefano Bemer Firenze - since 1983. Bespoke and Made to Order shoemaker. "We offer a choice of over 40 basic styles, each of which comes in three, four or more versions. French and english calf, english suede, shark-skin, hippopotamus, elefant and camel-hyde, ostrich, crocodile, kudù, sting-ray, toad-skin, perch and tripe, are amongst the skins we use to meet even the most demanding client's desires."
  • THE LONDON SHOEMAKER - since 2006. "Shoes of distinction crafted by hand." Gentlemen’s & Ladies Bespoke Shoes.
  • TIM LITTLE SHOES - "Fully handmade bespoke shoes." Our bespoke service is fully handmade bespoke, which is very rare but also the best possible form of shoemaking in the world. We measure your feet, make your unique wooden lasts and then create the shoes to your exact specification. The process is a fine craft and takes around 10 to 12 weeks.
  • Undandy - "Design Yours." Be as unique as you are in custom created shoes. Step back in the driving seat when it comes to every detail imaginable with our powerful customiser.
  • Unico - "The new and exclusive made-to-measure service that offers the ANGELO GALASSO customer a new dimension in menswear - Italian traditional craftsmanship, combined with Angelo Galasso’s fastidious eye for detail. The footwear connoisseur will be delighted to learn that in the Unico room anything can come to life: monk straps, loafers or derbys shoes are available in understated plain leathers as well as bold pythons and crocodile skins."
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