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The best and worst celebrity headphones (Digital Trends).

Top 40 High-End Audiophile Headphones & Earphones

Headphone News, Reviews & Resources (125+) Top 40 Best Audiophile Headphones & Earphones: A-Z

HEADPHONE (or "head-phones" in the early days of telephony and radio) are a pair of small loudspeakers that are designed to be held in place close to a user's ears. They are also known as earspeakers, earphones or, colloquially, cans. The alternate in-ear versions are known as earbuds or earphones. In the context of telecommunication, a headset is a combination of headphone and microphone. Headphones either have wires for connection to a signal source such as an audio amplifier, radio, CD player, portable media player, mobile phone, electronic musical instrument, or have a wireless device, which is used to pick up signal without using a cable.

The different types of headphones have different sound reproduction characteristics. Closed-back headphones, for example, are good at reproducing bass frequencies. Headphones that use cables typically have either a 1/4 inch jack or an 1/8 inch jack for plugging the headphones into the sound source.

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  • JABRA - "You're On." All models.
    • Jabra Elite 65t review.
    • Jabra Elite Active 65t In-ear headphones - "Engineered for true wireless music, calls and sport. No strings attached." A fit that’s snug and secure. Enjoy an actively lifestyle with secure fitting earbuds that provide dependable in-ear stability.
    • Jabra Intelligent Headset: US$420.
    • Jabra Intelligent Headset - "Advanced sensor pack and dynamic 3D audio - and exciting new apps platform!"
  • Jawbone ERA: US$69.82.
  • JAWBONE ERA - Bluetooth Headset.
  • Jaybird - "Wireless Buds | Bluetooth Headphones."
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  • KEF Ear & Headphones - all models.
  • Klipsch - since 1946. "Remaining true to its founder's vision, Klipsch continues to be the brand of choice for audiophiles and home theater aficionados around the world."
  • Kreafunk aHEAD, army, BT headset, bluetooth 4.0: £79.
  • Kreafunk aHead - "Shut out the world and dance like nobody’s watching." aHead are wireless headphones with Bluetooth and a built-in microphone that allows you to answer calls when wearing them.
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  • LIBRATONE Q Adapt - "Adjust the World to Your Music." In-Ear ligtning powered earphones and Q Adapt On-Ear wireless Bluetooth headphones.
  • LOGITECH WIRELESS HEADSET H600 - Fold-and-Go wireless headset.
    • Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset: US$159.99.
    • Logitech G930 WIRELESS GAMING HEADSET - "With a lag-free wireless connection and powered by Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround sound, G930 keeps your head in the game for up to 10 hours between charges."
  • Master & Dynamic Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones.
  • Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones - "Master & Dynamic Partners With Louis Vuitton."
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  • MARSHALL HEADPHONES - since 1962. "Lend Us Your Ears and We'll Play You a Song." In Ear, On Ear, Over Ear & Bluetooth. All models.
  • Master & Dynamic - "High End Headphones & Sound Tools." Headphones & Earphones. All models.
  • Metaxas Audio Systems Metaxas Marquis Headphone Amplifier.
  • Metaxas Audio Systems Metaxas Marquis Headphone Amplifier - since 1981. "The Marquis is as fast as the devil, has glow and spirit, temperament and cunning. It has fire."
  • Meze Audio 99 Classics Walnut Gold: US$309.
  • Meze Audio - "Perfect natural sound. Meze wood audiophile headphones and earphones deliver high quality and warm natural sound to music lovers everywhere."
  • Microsoft Surface headphones: US$349.99.
  • Microsoft Surface headphones - "Escape the ordinary." The smarter way to listen. Music and calls sound spectacular with active noise cancellation, rich audio, Bluetooth connectivity, and on-ear touch controls.
  • MONSTER - "Monster has your headphones, come get them." Headphones & In-Earphones. All models.
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  • OnePlus Bullets Wireless: US$69.
  • OnePlus Bullets Wireless - "Free Your Music."
  • OPPO - "Planar Magnetic Headphones." Natural, dynamic, and engaging sound quality.
    • OPPO PM-1 Planar Magnetic headphone: US$1.099.
    • OPPO PM-1 - "Larger than Life Sound. To Hear the Smallest Detail." Planar Magnetic headphone.

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  • PARROT - "The most advanced headphones."
    • Parrot Zik 3.
    • PARROT ZIK 3 - "Wireless Everything." Designed by Philippe Starck. Everything a pair of headphones should offer: beautiful, wireless, intuitive, technological, compatible with all ‘modern’ devices like smart watches.
    • Parrot Zik Yellow Gold.
    • PARROT ZIK Gold Collection - "Yellow Gold." The Parrot Zik is revealing your emotions. It merges with the body, like a technological extension of you to listen to music.
  • PSB SPEAKERS - "Real Sound For Real People." All models.
  • PHILIPS - "The best listening experience." On- / Over- / In-Ear / Noise-Cancelling & Bluetooth headphones. All Models.
  • PIONEER - since 1960. "Perfect Sound on the Move and at Home." All models.
    • Pioneer SE-Master 1.
    • Pioneer SE-Master 1 - "The flagship SE-MASTER1 is born combining technological leadership with visionary innovation."
  • Pryma - "Look As Unique As You Listen."
    • Pryma 01 Carbon Marsala: US$549.
    • Pryma 01 - "The premium headphones, handmade in Italy by Sonus faber."
  • PURITY - "Nokia Purity by Monster." On-Ear, In-Ear, Over-Ear Headphones. All models.
    • Nokia Puriry Pro Stereo Headset by Monster.
    • Nokia Puriry Pro - "High Definition Over-Ear Wireless Headset with Active Noise Cancelling."

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  • RHA - "Sound.Engineered." High Quality Headphones & Earphones. All models.
    • RHA T20i: US$249.95.
    • RHA T20i - "High fidelity, noise isolating, DualCoil in-ear headphone with remote and microphone."

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  • SENNHEISER - since 1945. "The Headphones You Want." No matter what you expect from your headphones or headset: There is a Sennheiser for you, offering high-quality design and the legendary Sennheiser sound. All models.
    • Sennheiser GSP 303.
    • Sennheiser Gaming Headsets - Choose your gaming platform: PC, Playstation, Mac & Multi Platform.
    • Sennheiser HD 820: US$2,399.95.
    • Sennheiser HD 820 - "The new audiophile standard for closed-back headphones."
    • Sennheiser HD 800 S: US$1,699.95.
    • Sennheiser HIGH-END HEADPHONES - "The Plain Truth - HiFi Headphones That Accept Only One Reference: The Original."
    • Sennheiser RS 195: US$449.95.
    • SENNHEISER HOME AUDIO HEADPHONES - "Enjoy your Home Entertainment set-up to its fullest potential. Superb sound quality plus wireless freedom means that there aren't cables to trip over, you're not waking the neighbors and it's just you and your favorite movie."
    • Sennheiser Momentum true wireless: US$299.95.
    • Sennheiser Momentum true wireless - "A new dimension in wearable sound." Uncompromised sound performance, state-of-the-art technology and refined design all come together in Sennheiser’s True Wireless premium earbuds.
    • Sennheiser Urbanite: US$139.95.
    • Sennheiser Urbanite - "Listening Lovers Love the Urbanite." Thousands of ears around the globe are already big fans of the Urbanite with its powerful bass, its timeless design and its robustness in everyday life. So see, read and listen to what fans who have already fallen in love with these headphones say.
  • SHURE - since 1925. All models.
  • SKULLCANDY - all models.
    • Skullcandy Grind Wireless: US$89.99.
    • Skullcandy GRIND WIRELESS - "Grind Wireless on-ear headphone delivers premium build and sound quality without the premium price."
  • SONY - "Casual, studio monitor, or audiophile, Sony has headphones for all." All models.
  • STEEL SERIES - "Gaming Headsets with Best Audio Quality." All models.
    • SteelSeries Siberia 800: €299.99.
    • STEEL SERIES Siberia 800 - wireless gaming headset delivers immersive Dolby surround sound. Perfect for gaming on PC, Mac, Xbox and PlayStation.

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  • Tonino Lamborghini - "Pure Italian Talent." Earphones. All models.
    • Tonino Lamborghini Earphone Quantum HL-01-B: €133.
    • Tonino Lamborghini EARPHONE QUANTUM HL-01-B - "When style, luxury and high technology come together, a work of high art is born. Quantum HL-01, the top model in the Quantum range, are a high end set of in-ear headphones."
  • Trust - all models.
    • Trust Rezon Wireless Headphone for TV - Black.
    • Trust Rezon - Wireless headphone for TV with high quality digital audio and charging stand.

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  • Ultrasone - since 1990. "THE headphone company - Highest Quality, Innovation, Great Service!" Made with love in Bavaria. All models.
  • Urbanears - On-Ear, Wireless & Earbuds headphones & headsets. All models.
    • Urbanears Roland-Garros X Hellas: US$119.
    • Urbanears Roland-Garros X Hellas - "Cord-free Hellas keep it classy on the tennis courts with a washable headband and ear-cushions, built-in mic, and swipe interface."
    • Urbanears Plattan 2: US$49.
    • Urbanears Plattan 2 - "The perfect classic headphone." Plattan 2 is the grown-up version of an Urbanears classic, upgraded to deliver a next-level experience in sound and ergonomics. Features a flexible 3D Hinge, extra isolating ear cushions, and clear, well-defined sound.

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  • V-Moda Crossfade II Wireless: US$330.
  • V-Moda - "Award-Winning headphones with the highest quality standards in the world. Milano Design, Globally Engineered." In ear,on ear and over ear headphones give you a unique sound signature with fashion forward design.
  • VERTU - headphone & ear buds.
    • Vertu V Headphone: US$650.
    • Vertu V Headphone - "These stylish headphones are crafted by our experts, with aircraft-grade aluminium and the finest lambskin leather, to be the most comfortable in their class."
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