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The Crew Network - 'The world's premiere crew agency'.

Top 10 Professional Yacht Crew Placement Services

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    Yacht Crew News, Reviews & Resources
  • Confessions of a superyacht stewardess - "Being chief stew you're essentially the face of the entire interior. I'm always around. If guests are up, I'm up. I'm leading every service." The role of a stewardess is broad, they work as cleaners, cocktail mixologists, waiters and even yoga teachers.
  • Top 10 Professional Yacht Crew Placement Services
  • AMERICAN YACHT INSTITUTE - specialize in training future professional staff.
  • BLUEWATER - yacht crew placement & crew recruitment, crew training courses.
  • Crew Unlimited - "Established in 1983 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, has become known as one of the top yacht crew placement agencies in the world. Finding yacht jobs and travel jobs on luxury charter yachts, private yachts, and estates, in popular cruising areas such as the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Bahamas, the US North East, for Captains, Chefs, Mates, Engineers, Steward(esse)s, and Deckhands, all around the world, is our expertise!"
  • FLOATING LIFE - "Crew selection and management." With the Owners' supervision, Floating Life provide the Captain with constant assistance and support in selecting, managing and training each member of the crew in order to ensure that the Owners are 100% satisfied, allowing the sea staff to grow professionally.
  • Hemisphere Crew Solutions - "Bespoke superyact recruitment in the heart of Monaco." Specialist crew recruitment agency for the luxury Superyacht industry, offering bespoke crew searches, headhunting services along with generic recruitment to ensure the right crew are placed on the right yacht.
  • HILL ROBINSON - "Crew selection and recruitment." Finding and keeping good crew is critical. Hill Robinson will take care of your crew selection and recruitment using our advanced HRcrew database.
  • INTERNATIONAL YACHT CREW - "The 'In' Yacht Crew."
  • Luxury Yacht Group - "Professional Yacht Crew Placement." Luxury Yacht Group recruits more yacht crew each year than any other company. With 17 dedicated crew placement coordinators we have the largest and best trained staff in the industry to help guide your job search.
  • Polo & Tweed - "Yacht Crew & Stewardesses." Yacht stewardesses and yacht crew typically are youthful, and extremely well trained service professionals used to working long seasons or full time onboard some of the most luxury ships and yachts in the world. They are incredibly hard working and dedicated to their craft and enjoy the high pressured environment of life at sea. Our Yacht stewards and stewardesses are some of the best trained in the world.
  • SUPERYACHT CREW AGENCY - since 2015. "The number one Crew Placement Service for Superyachts." SuperYacht Crew Agency (SYCA) is an international MCA certified recruitment and placement agency fully compliant with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC). A personalised “superyacht” level of recruitment service providing owner representatives, captains and head of departments with exceptional yacht crew. SuperYacht Crew Agency offers the latest rotational and full time superyacht jobs for Captains, Officers, Bosuns, Deckhands, Engineers, Chefs, Pursers & Stewardesses.
  • THE CREW NETWORK - "The world's premiere crew agency." With offices positioned in key yachting hot spots, The Crew Network is ideally placed to assist you in finding the perfect yacht crew. Having offices in Fort Lauderdale, Antibes and Viareggio gives you access to the best quality crew at all times."
  • YACHTCHEFS.COM - "Our Mission: to be your first port of call for chef recruitment in the super yacht industry" Chef Placement Service - 24/7 Service! Chef recruitment for yachts.
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