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Stauning whiskies.

Top 6 Danish Whisky Brands, Distilleries and Suppliers

Danish Whisky News, Reviews & Resources (3) Top 6 High-End Danish Whisky Brands

Do whisky and Denmark go together? You bet! ? Danish whisky is having a moment, with a raft of new distilleries opening across the country making the most of the local grain and water. Why not take a tour of some of the island nationís best whisky distilleries?

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    Danish Whisky News, Reviews & Resources
  • Braunstein Edition No. 2.
  • BRAUNSTEIN - since 2005. "Danish single malt whisky higland style."
  • Fary Lochan - Danish Single Malt Whisky.
  • Fary Lochan - since 2009. "Danish Single Malt Whisky."
  • Stauning Whiskies.
  • STAUNING WHISKY - since 2005. Single malt & rye whiskies. Top rated in the 2021 edition of the Whisky Bible.
  • Thy Whisky No. 15 - Fjordboen.
  • Thy Whisky - since 2010. "Organic Whisky From Our Fields in Thy."
  • ÆRø Single Cask No 6. whisky.
  • ÆRØ whisky - since 2013. Isle of Fionia single malt whisky.
  • Ørbæk Bryggeri Isle of Fionia Cask No. 1 Organic Sinlge Malt Danish Whisky 58%.
  • ØRBÆK BRYGGERI - since 1906. Isle of Fionia single malt whisky.
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