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Luxury yacht interior designers.

Top 60 Luxury Yacht Interior Decorators and Designers

Yacht Interior Designer Resources (13) Top 60 Yacht Interior Decorators & Designers

INTERIOR DESIGN is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment. These solutions are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants, and are aesthetically attractive.

INTERIOR DESIGNER implies that there is more of an emphasis on Planning, Functional design and effective use of space involved in this profession, as compared to interior decorating. An Interior Designer can undertake projects that include arranging the basic layout of spaces within a building as well as projects that require an understanding of technical issues such as acoustics, lighting, temperature, etc. Although an Interior Designer may create the layout of a space, they may not build the space without having their designs stamped for approval by an architect, which is why many Interior Designers also complete school to become architects as well. An Interior Designer may wish to specialize in a particular type of interior design in order to develop technical knowledge specific to that area. Types of interior design include residential design, commercial design, universal design, exhibition design, spatial branding, etc.

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  • A. Vallicelli & C. - since 1976. Yacht design.
  • ACHILLE SALVAGNI ARCHITETTI - since 2002. Architecture and design firm, based in Rome, specializing in luxury residential projects and interior yacht design.
  • Adam Lay Studio - since 2003. "Exclusive Superyacht Design." Adam Lay Studio is a design company that excels in the design of custom one-off superyacht interiors that have a special place in the hearts of their enthusiast owners.
  • Alberto Pinto - since 1971. Yacht interior design.
  • ANOUSKA HEMPEL DESIGN - - "Anouska Hempel's vision of a utopian world encompasses luxury design from landscapes, gardens, hotels and residential to retail, yachts and couture." In 2002, she was ranked by Architectural Digest as one of the top 100 interior designers and architects in the world.
  • Argent - since 1997. "Interior Architecture and Design." An award winning international interior architecture and design practice, headquartered in London’s Marylebone, with offices in the USA and Australia. Creating exceptional homes and spaces, for both private and corporate clients, Argent has an enviable portfolio of work, encompassing luxury private residences, yachts, jets, mixed use developments of scale, in addition to destination venues for the hospitality and leisure sector.
  • BANNENBERG & ROWELL DESIGN - since 1957. "Along the way, we've gathered nine World Superyacht Awards ( whose gold and silver Neptune statuettes appear randomly like Antony Gormley figures around our studio ) and a long list of other prizes, from the International Superyacht Society, Robb Report and at least once Prince."
  • BARD DESIGN GROUP - since 1993. Yacht and residential interiors.
  • BILL AMBERG - since 1984. "We offer a bespoke service for interior design using leather, whether it be a private residence, commercial property, aeroplane or yacht. Creating leather walls, furniture and features for an interior or exterior space."
  • CANDY & CANDY - since 1999. "With the golden age of sailing enjoying a renaissance, Candy & Candy's attention to detail has been utilised to create luxurious accomodation onboard, culminating in the ultimate yachting experience."
  • Casa Dio - since 2002. "Exclusive designs, impeccable workmanship and personalized service are the rule in Casa Dio, a company devoted to create the most exquisite styles. At present Casa Dio’s furnishings can be found indoor and outdoor of mansions, yachts, private jets, and corporate offices around the planet."
  • Claudette Bonville Associates - since 1987. "Contemporary, Transitional. Traditional." From modern minimalist to classic reinterpreted, we provide expertise in every style. Full service interior design firm serving the yachting industry.
  • Christophe Leoni - French interior designer responsible for the sophisticated and luxurious interior in Empire style of the newly launched (April 5, 2013) world's largest yacht M/Y Azzam.
  • CITTOLIN POLLI - since 1997. Naval architecture ∓ interior decorating.
  • CLAYDON REEVES - since 2010. Yacht exteriors, conversions & interiors.
  • Cristiano Gatto Design - since 2001. "We penned the interiors of tens of both production and custom yachts built by major Italian, Dutch, Spanish shipyards and developed one-of-a-kind projects working independently with Clients on private commissions all over the world."
  • DALTON DESIGNS - since 1985. "Dalton Designs has, for years, provided attentive interior design services for yacht and residential clients nationally and internationally."
  • DESIGN STUDIO SPADOLINI - since 1978. ward-winning exterior and interior yacht design studio.
  • DEUTSCHE WERKSTÄTTEN (German Workshops) - since 1998. The company's core areas of expertise are the interior furnishings of private holdings such as mansions, exclusive apartments and superyachts.
  • DONALD STARKEY DESIGNS - since 1989. Donald Starkey's recognised expertise is in the planning, styling and interior design of large motor yachts.
  • Espen Øino International - since 1994. One of the leading designers of large superyachts working today. Interior designer, yacht designer, naval architecht. Marina Yacht Club de Monaco, Quai Lucciana, 98000 Monaco.
  • Evan K. Marshall - since 1993. "Turning Your Dreams Into Reality." Yacht interiors since 1993.
  • FM Architettura - since 2009 "Our story starts at sea, onboard the most beautiful boats in the world. Our studio started designing small yachts interiors, where every detail is just perfect and only a dream vision can drive you through it. We moved quickly to the superyachts, private mansions, and towers with the same care for details and a strong will to amaze. Every work of ours is very specific because it embodies the habits and ambitions of our clients. We draw inspiration from their stories, memories and dreams to build the most authentic experience tailoring the most comfortable fit."
  • H2 Yacht design - "Jonny Horsfield established the H2 design studio in London during 1994. In the early years of the business they worked almost exclusively on yacht refit projects which gave them a broad experience of working to strict time frames in different design styles with varying budgets. During this period H2 built an enviable reputation amongst the yacht community for being the refit design experts."
  • Harrison Eidsgaard - International yacht designers and architects. "Founded in 2005 Harrison Eidsgaard has quickly risen to become one of the most sought after names in the superyacht design industry."
  • heesen yachts - since 1978. "Heesen Yachts has been responsible for many award-winning interiors. From main saloons to master suites, we have answered the most demanding requests with interiors that have been custom built to the highest standards."
  • JEAN-PHILIPPE NUEL - since 2003. Yacht interiors, architecture and interior design.
  • JONATHAN QUINN BARNETT | JQB - "Providing award winning exterior and interior design development and yacht decor services for motor yachts, sailing yachts, and residential architectural projects since 1995."
  • J.W. Harris - since 1975. "Located in downtown Phoenix, JW Harris Inc. is an international, award winning interior design firm. Our gallery is infused with beautiful antiques and unique accessories from eighteenth and nineteenth century Europe and America. Classic but current. Luxurious but liveable. JW Harris creates beautiful custom atmospheres that reflect each client’s personal style. Passion for exceptionally high-level modern design has positioned our company as one of the top interior design firms. Expertise to plan, execute, and manage projects from start to finish results in well-tailored, inviting environments that are, above all, unforgettable." Creates interiors for real estate, planes and superyachts. J.W. Harris also designs furniture and manufactures decorative objects on its own.
  • KEN FREIVOKH DESIGN - since 1972. "Superyacht stylists architects and interior designers."
  • LINLEY - since 1985. "LINLEY have been commissioned to create stunning interiors for the world's most luxurious yachts and private jets, combining bespoke furniture pieces and the talents of our in-house interior design team."
  • LM PAGANO DESIGN - since 2004. "Interior designer with an intuitive and non-derivative approach to interiors." Has decorated numerous homes for Nicolas Cage and Johnny Depp's yacht VaJoLiRoJa.
  • LOBANOV DESIGN - "The Superyacht Design Studio." Established in 2007, Lobanov Design is a studio for the future. With roots in everything from transport design and fine art to interiors and architecture, this studio's diverse background gives it a fresh and dynamic approach to yacht design.
  • Loro Piana Interiors - since 1924. "Follow your senses to discover the world of Loro Piana Interiors." Luxuriate in the softness and beauty of Loro Piana Interiors fabrics and accessories as you travel in style, with bespoke interiors for private yachts and jets.
  • LUCA DINI Design & Architecture - since 1996. "Over 3000 meters of Superyachts designed by Luca Dini also involved in architectural projects for contemporary living."
  • March & White - since 2010. "Elegance with an Edge." Intelligent, modern, luxury design at the highest level. We have designed some of the World’s most exclusive super-yachts, private residences and iconic residential developments.
  • Mark Berryman Design - since 2007. "Superyacht Interior Designers." Creating timeless elegance for discerning clients, from our New Forest studio on the south coast of England. Where beautifully crafted interiors exude comfort and style, through fine finishes and pinpoint precision, as celebrated by the prestigious World Superyacht Awards.
  • METRICA - since 1996. "Your way to perfection." Metrica is one of the world’s leading providers of interiors for luxury yachts and is known for its unparalleled service, efficiency and exemplary design prowess.
  • MICHELA REVERBERI INTERIOR - since 2005. High profile architect studio engaged in yacthing and residential interior design.
  • MICHAEL LEACH DESIGN - since 1997. Yacht interiors. Award-winning 96m Palladium, 67m Solemar (now Calypso) and 67m Anna (now Anna I) are all projects penned by British design studio Michael Leach Design.
  • Mlinaric, Henry & Zervudachi - since 1964. "Interior Design and Decoration." Mlinaric, Henry & Zervudachi has been designing homes and commercial projects around the world since 1964. The company was first established by David Mlinaric and in its early years worked on important London and country houses, often in association with The National Trust. The group now works globally on an extensive range of projects comprising private houses, yachts, galleries and commercial developments including retail, residential and hotels.
  • Nauta design - since 1985. "Creating a balanced blend of elegance and ease of handling, style and performance, comfort and seaworthiness, is the distinctive character which fuels our pencil, when hand-in-hand with modern technology, we turn ideas into reality. Our 20 years experience in general arrangement, exterior styling and interior design allows to develop a project work in-house, custom tailored to every specific need, as our job is to discover the best style: the meeting point beween our own creativity and the owner's taste."
  • NUVOLARI-LENARD - since 1990. The Leading Italian Yacht Design Studio. Italian superyacht and megayacht (exterior & interior) designers. Dan Lenard and Carlo Nuvolari, in team with their partner Valentina Zannier, are designing also the interiors of their yachts; interior is interface between the yacht and his owner, interior style has a fundamental role in the yacht success. Nuvolari Lenard design and furbish the newbuilds and refitted yachts too. The Studio supply architectural drawings, samples, specification of decoration and also loose furniture, lights and art pieces.
  • NYMPHENBURG - founded in 1747. Yacht furnishings. "Anyone who orders a modern luxury yacht like the Catwalk, the Cloud 9, or the Rosehearty, will want suitable interior to go with the stately mast and hull length of the boat. There’s plenty of space, so owners value the comfort of tailor-made places to retreat to both on and below deck above all else. Individuality is in demand. You cannot go wrong with Nymphenburg porcelain here. Since luxury shipping began, the Nymphenburg Manufactory has been one of the top providers of exclusive interior furnishings."
  • OMEGA ARCHITECTS - since 1995. "We design not only the exterior of buildings and yachts, but also their interiors. Because we believe that a strong unity of exterior and interior creates the distinction between merely functional design and high quality design that is both functional and aesthetic."
  • Peter Mikic - since 2006. "Beautifully Crafted Luxury." Our clients entrust us with their desires, whether it’s for exquisite luxury or a space of sanctuary and we consider this a privilege. We listen, conceptualise and gently guide our clients through the design process, ultimately realising their vision with understated elegance.
  • REBECCA BRADLEY INTERIOR DESIGN - "Rebecca Bradley is an interior designer of singular talent and sophistication, with a career informed by a lifetime of study, observation, and an unending pursuit to create the most gracious interiors possible."
  • REDMAN WHITELEY DIXON | RWD - since 1993. "We create gracious living spaces in which every last detail is carefully planned to perform in balanced harmony within the yacht."
  • RÉMI TESSIER - since 1988. Yacht and residential interiors. Though self-taught, since opening his studio in 1988 he has won several prestigious international awards and worked on a number of iconic yachts, notably Squall, Parsifal II, Nahlin, Vava II, Air and Grace E.
  • ReQuest - since 1998. "Serious Play." Whether your brand of oceanic adventure calls for stirring orchestration or a pulsing bassline, life at sea deserves a suitable soundtrack. With a ReQuest system, your entire music and movie collection can follow you around the globe in style, no matter where the currents take you.
  • REYMOND LANGTON DESIGN - since 2001. Highly experienced and professional London based design studio, focusing on the conception, exterior and interior styling, planning, furnishing and project management of the world's finest superyachts.
  • RHOADES YOUNG DESIGN - since 2001. Interior yacht designers for sailing yachts and motor yachts, classic and contemporary, creative yet considered.
  • Robbe & Berking Classics - "Founded in 2008. The shipyard, which specialises in yachts, builds and restores wooden yachts directly at Flensburg city harbour. From small rowing boats to large motor boats or sailing yachts. Classic boats of breathtaking beauty are created here with a love for detail and a great passion for boats."
  • SINNEX - since 1996. "We realise your dreams." The glistening water. The swell of the waves. The endless horizons. Inspired by the beauty of the ocean we transform luxury yachts into floating masterpieces. Low on-board times combined with our expertise, developed over many years, in all of the relevant rules and regulations ensure that you can start enjoying your ocean dream in next to no time.
  • SINOT YACHT DESIGN - since 1998. "With each new project, from 45m super yachts up to 160m+ mega yachts, we consider every design to be a fresh challenge. The latest technology and our international team of over 40 creative and technical professionals, combine to make custom designs for specific clients."
  • Sorgiovanni Designs | Exclusive Yacht Design - since 1997. "Distinctive Yacht Design." Exclusive interior & exterior design by Sam Sorgiovanni. Bringing the mastery of design and craftsmanship to a distinguished reality. With over 30 years’ experience and more than 60 projects, Sorgiovanni Designs have a well regarded reputation for attention to detail.
  • STEFANO RICCI - since 1972. "The result of a project for one of the world's most important boat builders, the Luxury Yacht Division makes interiors to measure in Italy for the most beautiful boats in the world, ensuring the most outstanding level of comfort is achieved."
  • - since 2009. "Find an Interior Designer."
  • TERENCE DISDALE DESIGN - since 1973. "Creators of distinguished yachts & jets."
  • Todhunter Earle Interiors - since 1998. "Projects range from English country houses to well known restaurants, ocean-going yachts, nightclubs, 5 star hotels, ski chalets and beautiful homes worldwide."
  • TRIMLINE INTERIORS - since 1965. Marine, superyacht, office, retail and leisure interior outfitting. At Trimline our purpose is to create world class marine interiors using innovative approaches combined with traditional principles. We are the longest established interior refitter in the industry with over 50 years' experience, earning us the respect of many trusted partners and loyal customers.
  • VEDDER - since 1891. "Making the unique come true." "At Vedder, the interior outfitting of luxury yachts is a time-honored tradition. Owing to our vast know-how resources, there is virtually no topic in which we cannot offer specific, proven solutions. Owners, designers and shipyards profit from competence assets ranked best in class worldwide. And from an exclusive, highly personalized service range, as well as overarching advisory expertise throughout the entire cooperative process. We take pride in knowing that our customers prize our professional ethics, loyalty and responsibility in dealing with prestigious high-end projects."
  • Winch design - Award-winning design studio, established in 1986 as a specialist exterior and interior yacht designer. The Yachts Studio has been established for over thirty years and is led by Jim Dixon. Our team shares a passion for delivering designs imbued with the Winch ethos for beauty, uniqueness and perfect proportion. The work created by the Studio over the last thirty years speaks for itself and current projects continue to push boundaries and expectations of design.
  • WüRZBURGER Interieur Manufaktur - since 2013. "The particular strength of Würzburger Interieur Manufaktur GmbH lies in our ability to combine design, premium quality and technical finesse to create high-end interior fixtures. We distinghish ourselves through the integration of technical components, the enabling of special functions and the expert processing of the most exquisite materials."
  • Zaniz Studio - "A design studio, founded in New York City, sought after for its iconic work with an international reputation for design excellence based on quality, innovation and a rigorous approach to detailing. Each project is an evolving response to the needs of the contemporary world. Our work encompasses architecture, residential and commercial interiors, private and commercial yachts, installations and theatre sets, furniture and products, for an exclusive list of highly select clients across the globe."
  • Zuretti Interior Designers - since 1995. "As every project is unique, our dedicated team considers every yacht interior design very carefully. From the schematic design phase to the construction supervision, we make sure our clients are heard and understood."
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