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World Superyacht Award 2019.

Top 10 Yacht and Boat Awards, Prizes and Trophies

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  • 2019 World Superyacht Award winners revealed - "What makes a superyacht the best of the best?"
  • BLUE RIBAND - unofficial accolade given to the passenger liner crossing the Atlantic Ocean in regular service with the record highest speed.
  • European Powerboat of the Year - Düsseldorf International Boat Show.
  • European Yacht of the Year - Düsseldorf International Boat Show.
  • GREEN PLUS YACHT AWARD - Monaco Yacht Show. Since 2009. The Green Plus Award symbolises the growing commitment of builders and yacht owners for environmental protection.
  • NAUTICAL DESIGN AWARDS - ADI (Associazione del Design Industriale). Milan, Italy.
  • PRIX DU DESIGN MYS - since 2003, the Prix du Design has chosen just one yacht each year that ‘has the most innovative, elegant and distinguished design at the Monaco Yacht Show.’
  • SHOW BOATS DESIGN AWARDS - honour the industry’s creative talents, bringing the specialist design skills of the industry’s most talented teams into the spotlight. Now in its third edition, the coveted golden Neptune awards have quickly become a symbol of pride and distinction for the industry’s design professionals.
  • THE INTERNATIONAL YACHT & AVIATION AWARDS - "Design is a gift, and those who can unleash it effectively are worthy of praise..." Hosted by leading interior design magazine design et al, The International Yacht & Aviation Awards reward the best in design from across the globe.
  • WORLD SUPERYACHT AWARDS - established in 2005, the World Superyacht Awards are today the most coveted trophies in the superyacht industry. It celebrates the best of the best in superyacht build and design and recognises the dedication and passion of owners and the talents of their builders, naval architects and designers.
  • WORLD YACHT TROPHIES - Cannes International Boat Show. The most prestigious award of its kind.
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