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Watch crocodile straps: US$230.

Top 60 Best High-End Watch Bands and Straps Brands

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A WATCH STRAP, WATCH BAND, watch bracelet or watch belt is a bracelet that straps a wrist watch onto the wrist. Watch straps may be made of leather, plastic, rubber, cloth, or metal, sometimes in combination. It can be regarded as a fashion item, serving both a utilitarian and decorative function. Some metal watch straps may be plated with, or even in rare cases made of, precious metals.

Watch straps may close with a buckle or a folding clasp. Expanding watch straps are designed to expand elastically, often by the use of metal springs in a segmented design, and may be slipped on like a bracelet. Attachment points for the strap to the watch are largely standardized, with a spring bar (a spring-loaded double-ended pin) used to anchor the watch strap to holes in a bracket that is integral to the watch case, allowing worn watch straps to be replaced or swapped with new straps for fashion purposes.

Both metal watch cases and watch straps incorporating metal parts can sometimes cause contact dermatitis in susceptible individuals. Special anti-allergy watch straps, like a NATO style watch strap, which shield the skin from exposure to metal parts, are available for sufferers of this type of dermatitis.

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    Watch Bands & Straps News, Reviews & Resources
  • - as of October 3, 2021: 30,000+ watch bands & straps.
  • Apple Watch Bands - since 2015. "Smooth styles. In sharp shades." Shop the latest band styles and colors. Change the look of your Apple Watch to make it even more personal. Shop the latest band styles & colors.
  • Armani's latest designer smartwatches come with strap options - since 2015. "They're now available for pre-order and will set you back between $295 and $395."
  • Aura Strap adds new tricks to your Apple Watch - "But do I really need them?"
  • Bamford London - since 2003. Mayfair Straps.
  • Bas & Lokes - since 2009. "Handmade Leather Watch Straps. Custom Watch Straps."
  • Bravur - since 2011. "Our organically vegetable tanned leather straps from Sweden and Italy fit watches with a 20 mm lug width."
  • BREMONT - since 2002. "Strap Kits." A Bremont timepiece beautifully combines the art of watchmaking with the very best of technical innovation, precision and durability. Perfectly frame your wristwatch by pairing it with a fine Bremont watch strap. Each of our watch strap kits come with a choice of 3 meticulously selected straps, designed to give your wristwatch a completely new and interesting aesthetic.
  • Bund Watch Straps - "Straps Premium calfskin, suede, and exotic leather watch straps hand crafted by the finest artisans in Italy, the U.S., and around the world."
  • Casetify - since 2011. "Apple Watch Bands and Straps." Our apple watch bands and apple watch straps are made only with the best materials cos we know you wear your Apple Watch everyday. Choose over thousands of apple watch band designs to style your every look and mood. All apple watch straps are compatible with Apple Watch Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 and Series 4, Apple Watch sizes 38mm, 40mm, 42mm and 44mm.
  • Connor Watch straps - since 2019. "Premium calfskin, suede, and exotic leather watch straps hand crafted by the finest artisans in Italy, the U.S., and around the world."
  • DAVOSA Swiss - since 1881. "Classic leather straps made of the finest calfskin: smooth or grained leather, with contrasting stitching, from 16mm to 22mm lug size. We have a matching strap for every model. Naturally aged vintage leather straps give a watch a whole new look."
  • Edward H. Bohlin - since 1920. "Edward Bohlin created a brand that is as iconic as the famed western stars that wore it, from such film heroes as Hopalong Cassidy, the Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, and the Cisco Kid. We specialize in custom or one-of-a-kind pieces. More than 50% of our production is dedicated to custom work, and 100% of our design and production is in-house. It is the high-class merchandise that counts!"
  • Elago - since 2002. "Apple Watch Strap."
  • Emporio Armani watch straps - since 1995. "Original replacement straps for Emporio Armani watches."
  • Equus Leather - since 1997. Each strap is bespoke - handmade in England and hand stitched individually.
  • Erika's Originals MN Strap - since 2018. "Custom is my standard." Starting today, the smallest piece of hardware on your MN strap features an opening that allows your strap and watch to be stored flat. I believe this is a change that will be appreciated by many and will also bring new photo opportunities. The actual design of your strap does not change, but with one extra step you can choose to store your strap flat. The new buckle is made from extra rigid 316 stainless steel.
  • finwatchstraps - since 2017. "Handmade leather watch straps." High-quality ecological materials are used in watch straps production. No machinery is used and all products are done entirely by hands.
  • Forstner bands - since 1920. "Full Collection." Forstner's "Bonklip" style bracelets differed from others, in that Forstner used a push-button clasp that locked into the links. Other styles used a non-locking clip system that could be less secure. Before NASA selected the Omega Speedmaster Professional as the standard-issue watch for manned space missions, astronauts used their own timepieces, and their own watch bands.
  • GLOBAL WATCHBAND - since 2000. "Look and feel superior with our men's crocodile watch straps."
  • Grahame Fowler - since 1956. "NATO Watch strap, made by Phoenix, made in the United Kingdom, sold in New York."
  • HIRSCH - "The finest bracelets in the world since 1765."
  • HIRSCH STRAPS - from Watch Obsession, founded in 2008. "We stock straps made from Alligator, Crocodile, Calf Leather, Rubber and more."
  • Hodinkee - since 2008. Crocodile straps. "An authentic crocodile skin strap, bred in Louisiana and stitched in Tuscany, is exactly what you'd expect it to be – the perfect complement to your most opulent, formal watch."
  • JEAN ROUSSEAU PARIS - since 1954. "Manufacture Jean Rousseau marries the excellence of its expertise with the sensuality of the rarest skins to produce unique creations." All Jean Rousseau articles are exclusively hand made in France. Also made-to-measure.
  • Jorg Gray - since 1998. Italian leather straps.
  • J.Press - since 1902. Watch bands.
  • Kennett Great Britain - since 2009. Watch replacement straps.
  • Klokers - since 2014. Swiss Made. "klokers watchbands are five models of interchangeable straps which differ in terms of colors and materials, to bring a unique style to your watch. You can then easily clip on and off the watch-heads and create the mix you want."
  • LABB - by Noomoon. Since 2016. 100% Swiss Made. "Clever Watch Strap Inspired by Lego Bricks." LABB: short for The Loopless And Buckleless Band. The LABB’s strength lies in its apparent simplicity. No buckle, no loop, but a secure, hard-wearing, easy-to-use fastener.
  • LifeProof - since 2009. "The best Apple Watch bands are made by LifeProof." LifeProof offers the best Apple Watch bands for eco-friendly comfort.
  • Lucrin Geneva - founded in Switzerland in 1994. "Upgrade to elegance." Men's & women's classic leather straps. Also Apple watch bands.
  • LUXURY WATCH STRAPS - "Luxury masterpieces to complement your watch." We are the UK's premier supplier of superb watch straps, bracelets and parts. Our straps are perfect for your Breitling, Omega, Rolex, IWC, Cartier, Seiko, Citizen watches.
  • Marloe Watch Company - since 2015. Leather watch straps. Independent designer and producer of wrist watches based in Oxfordshire, England.
  • MEISTERSINGER - since 2001. Leather straps, Steel bracelet (Milanese strap finely meshed) & Textile straps.
  • MICHELE - since 2000. "Luxury Women's Watch Straps."
  • Monochrome - since 2006. "A shop by and for watch lovers." Our Monochrome alligator watch straps make the perfect replacement for your old, damaged and worn strap. Monochrome straps are made by hand in North Italy, and crafted from the most supple alligator leather we have ever had on our wrist. Also: calfskin & rubber watch straps.
  • Nike Sport Bands for Apple Watch Nike+ - The "Day to Night" collection by NikeLab.
  • Nivada Grenchen - since 1926. Leather straps and stainless steel bracelets.
  • Nomad - since 2012. "Active Straps for Apple Watch | Waterproof Leather." Built with hydrophobic leather and ventilation channels, Active Strap is designed for heavy everyday use. We took our Modern Strap design and recreated it with waterproof Heinen leather from Germany. Active Strap offers a full leather construction, in a design formal enough for any night out.
  • Nomad - "Titanium Apple Watch Band, Black & Silver Hardware."
  • OMEGA - founded in 1848. Leather straps & VELCRO straps. All watch straps.
  • OW Watches Zurich - since 1956. "OW’s watch straps are made from the finest leathers, selected, cut and hand-sewn by a renowned Italian tannery."
  • Rubber B Watch Bands & Straps - since 2010. "The Ultimate Rubber Strap. Made In Switzerland." Rubber B is a luxury company based solely in innovation, that develops integrated products, which are always the very first of their kind. Rubber B is the only alternative rubber strap brand who's straps feature the legal mold marking "swiss made" in their rubber. Rubber B products open the door for athletes, divers, outdoor enthusuiasts, and individual luxury watch owners such as ROLEX and Panerai, who are looking for a unique, comfortable alternative to their metal bracelets, leather bands and Nato straps.
  • Sabel - since 2008. "Bespoke Watch Straps." English craftsmanship.
  • Shinola - since 2012. "American Leather By American Hands." Shop straps that fit your watch.
  • STRAPCODE.COM - since 2004. "Leather Replacement Bands for Watches."
  • SWAROVSKI - founded in 1895.
  • TC STRAPS - Hand made in Castelfiorentino, Italy. "TC Straps has the LARGEST Selection of Straps for Panerai Watches in the World!" Over 2000 straps for Panerai Watches in stock at all times... In all sizes for every model.
  • The Strap Smith - since 2005. "Handcrafted Custom Watch Straps." The StrapSmith works with the finest leathers from around the world for your custom watch band. Each strap is hand built and hand stitched with every attention to detail. You'll find a great selection to choose from and if you don't see what you are looking for, The StrapSmith can build your unique watch strap. Straps available for Panerai, Bell&Ross, Rolex, IWC, Lum-Tec, U-BOAT, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Kobold, Helson, and many others.
  • Triwa - since 2007. "All our watch leather bands are made of Swedish organic leather from Tärnsjö."
  • TruWood - since 2016. "All Wooden Apple Watch Bands | 100% Natural Wood."
  • Uniform Wares - since 2009. "The atelier is the only place to buy limited edition watch straps and one-off prototypes developed and made in our in-house prototyping lab." Select and order bespoke watch straps, view the collection in its entirety, customise the design of a watch from countless possible combinations of specifications and purchase one-off prototypes - all available only through the Made to Measure service.
  • Visconti Milano - since 1878. "Bespoke & Made to Measure watch straps maker. Made in Italy." In alternative to the standard production, Visconti Milano allows the possibility of customizing the strap according to one’s own tastes, thus creating an original strap.
  • WATCH STRAPS at - as of May 24, 2021: 9,000+ results.
  • WATCHBANDCENTER.COM - since 1931. "Deluxe Watch Straps." Huge range of watch straps from basic to premium quality, made of leather, stainless steel, titanium, caoutchouc, silicone, textile, nylon, perlon, synthetic materials, PU etc. from lots of European manufacturers and brands.
  • Weiss Watch Company - since 2013. "American made watch straps."
  • Worn & Wound - since 2011. "Watch straps designed and manufactured in the USA."
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