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Panama Canal 1914-2014.

Central America Top Museums & World Heritage Sites

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    Costa Rica
  • Museo Nacional de Costa Rica, Calle 17, between Central and Second Avenue, San José, Costa Rica.
  • LIST OF MUSEUMS IN costa rica - Wikipedia.
    • Museo Nacional de Costa Rica - since 1887. The museum is organized thematically in a counter clockwise direction from the entrance with artifacts related to Costa Rica's geological, colonial, archaeological, religious and modern history.
    • Pre-Columbian Gold Museum - the museum has a substantial collection of over 1600 artifacts of Pre-Columbian gold dating back to AD 500.
  • Ruins of León Viejo, Puerto Momotombo, La Paz Centro.
  • List of museums in Nicaragua - Wikipedia.
    • LeÓn Viejo - World Heritage Site. One of the oldest Spanish colonial settlements in the Americas. Founded on June 15, 1524 by the Spanish conquistador, Francisco Hernández de Córdoba.
  • Calzada de Amador, Biomuseo, 0843-02931 Panamá, Panama.
    • BioMuseo - designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry. "Eight galleries tell us about the origin of the Panamanian isthmus and its gigantic impact on the planetís biodiversity."
    • Panama Canal Museum - since 1997. Devoted to the history of the construction of the Panama Canal in its various stages.
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