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Ugland House, 335 South Church St, George Town, KY1-1104, Cayman Islands, British West Indies. Registered office address for 19,000+ companies.

Top 60 Offshore Company Formation Service Providers

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OFFSHORE outsourcing is the practice of hiring an external organization to perform some business functions ("Outsourcing") in a country other than the one where the products or services are actually developed or manufactured ("Offshore"). It can be contrasted with offshoring, in which a company moves itself entirely to another country, or where functions are performed in a foreign country by a foreign subsidiary.

    Top 60 Offshore Company Formation Service Providers
  • A.C.T. Offshore in Seychelles - "We specialize in the formation and administrative support of Seychelles international business companies (IBCs). We have been assisting clients particularly via their professional advisors, planners, wealth managers and other intermediaries since 1995 and we are known for being one of the fastest, friendliest and easiest agents in Seychelles to work with."
  • Alter Domus - founded in Luxembourg in 2003, Alter Domus has continually expanded its global service offer and today counts 28 offices and desks across four continents. "We are a leading European provider of Fund and Corporate Services, dedicated to international private equity & infrastructure houses, real estate firms, multinationals, private clients and private debt managers. Our vertically integrated approach offers tailor-made administration solutions across the entire value chain of investment structures, from fund level down to local Special Purpose Vehicles."
  • ATU | Allgemeines Treuunternehmen - "Trust business experience since 1929." Allgemeines Treuunternehmen (ATU) is an internationally active trust and advisory company that has its headquarters in the Principality of Liechtenstein, with subsidiaries and offices in various major financial centres. For 90 years, we have been offering private clients and companies advice and support in the field of regional and international asset structuring. We are your contact partner for all financial matters. We offer comprehensive advice and services from a single source. We provide support in the structuring, protection and investment of assets, and in succession planning.
  • BELIZE OFFSHORE COMPANY FORMATION - "Belize is a classic among the offshore tax havens. Few other offshore jurisdictions offer the range of benefits and features that Belize does. If a simple and efficient offshore solution is what You need, Belize is hard to beat."
  • BYE BYE BIG BROTHER - "The Bible of "Perpetual Traveler" theory and practice, backed by decades of experience." Only 500 copies of Bye Bye Big Brother were printed. When the remaining copies are gone, they are gone for ever as BBBB will not be reprinted.
  • Commonwealth Trust Limited - The regulatory authority for all financial services business operating in and from within the BVI.
  • DICÈNT S.A. - since 2006. "Trust Solution for Your Business." Affordable offshore company formation in Switzerland, with Swiss bank account.
  • EMBASSY WorldWide - since 2014. "Absolutely all of the world's embassies in a searchable database." Embassies & consulates of the world.
  • EOFFICE - since 2000. "Access 250+ offices and coworking spaces." 60+ countries 120+ cities 250+ workspaces & communities.
  • ESCAPE ARTIST - since 1995. "Live, work, play, retire and invest anywhere in the world with Escape Artist."
  • EXPAT INTERVIEWS - interviews with people (expats) living overseas and abroad.
  • EXPAT NETWORK - "25 Years of Excellence Serving the Expatriate Community."
  • EXPATIFY.COM - "Travel & Expat Blog, Community & Lifestyle Magazine."
  • Expatra - "The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Offshore Banking." Expats can benefit greatly from offshore banking under certain circumstances. Learn more about the real advantages and disadvantages of offshore banking.
  • Fidelity Overseas - professional provider of offshore company registrations in Belize.
  • FIDEX GROUP S.A. - since 1982. "Company Formations and Corporate Services from Panama."
  • Find out who’s behind almost 320,000 offshore companies & trusts from the Panama Papers - Offshore Leaks Database.
  • FRANK M. AHEARN - the leader in teaching people how to disappear. For over twenty years Frank M. Ahearn has been considered one of the leading skip tracers in the world.
  • GSL | Global Solutions in Law - since 1993. GSL Offshore Solutions - Offshore companies and International Law. GSL International Tax Planning - International Taxation and Audit of foreign companies.
  • GLOBAL MONEY CONSULTANTS - "The Offshore Specialists since 1985."
  • HAWALA BANKING - definition & explanation.
  • Hill Consulting Ltd. - Moscow, Russia.
  • How Donald Trump Turned the Tax Code Into a Giant Tax Shelter - The New York Times.
  • How to Hide $400 Million - "When a wealthy businessman set out to divorce his wife, their fortune vanished. The quest to find it would reveal the depths of an offshore financial system bigger than the U.S. economy." The New York Times.
  • IBCC - "Forming Companies Worldwide Since 1994." From Dublin to Moscow, IBCC is your global company formation partner.
  • INTERNATIONAL LIVING - since 1979. "Live, Retire and Invest Overseas."
  • international man - since 2001. "Making the Most of Your Personal Freedom and Financial Opportunity Around the World." Doug Casey's International Man is dedicated to bringing you highly actionable solutions to protect yourself — and even profit — from destructive government actions.
  • INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND - since 1944. "The International Monetary Fund (IMF) works to achieve sustainable growth and prosperity for all of its 190 member countries."
  • JCONNECT - since 2009. "Fax and Voicemail by Email."
  • KATHLEEN PEDDICORD - founder and publisher: "Live and Invest Overseas." Frankly, Kathleen is better qualified to cover the Live and Invest Overseas beat than anyone else you’ll find. She has been researching, writing, speaking, and presenting on these topics for more than three decades.
  • Le Freeport, 2315 Sennengerbierg, Luxembourg.
  • Le Freeport - "A high-end, ultra safe facility for the storage of valuable goods." LE FREEPORT sets new standards, demanded by investors and collectors alike: a purpose built facility combining cutting edge technology, efficient logistics, and an exhaustive range of expert services. LE FREEPORT is the ideal platform for securing, servicing and selling works of art and other valuables. Luxembourg & Singapore.
  • Liberland - sovereign state located between Croatia and Serbia on the west bank of the Danube river.
  • Mossack Fonseca: inside the firm that helps the super-rich hide their money - The Guardian.
  • NESTMANN - since 1984. "The best way go offshore in 2022." Going offshore has never been more important. It gives you a layer of protection and level of freedom you can’t get inside the US. Not to mention a way out if you need it.
  • Nomad Capitalist - since 2012. "Offshore Tax and Lifestyle Strategies." Nomad Capitalist helps successful entrepreneurs legally reduce taxes, grow their wealth, and build a freedom lifestyle free from any one government.
  • OCRA Worldwide.
  • OCRA WORLDWIDE | OFFSHORE COMPANY FORMATION - since 1975. "As a leading global corporate and trust service provider established in 1975, we offer our clients more than 40 years’ experience and employ more than 130 multilingual staff across our network of 7 offices worldwide. We have established in excess of 200,000 companies and trusts and provide ongoing administration for many of these entities on behalf of our clients."
  • OFFSHORE COMPANY, INC. - "Confidential Offshore Services since 1977." Establishes Offshore Corporations, LLCs, Trusts, and Bank Accounts. The strongest privacy laws and offshore banking jurisdictions allow for financial privacy as well as asset protection from divorce, creditors, judgments and lawsuits.
  • OFFSHORE CORPORATION - "World´s Largest Offshore Incorporator." Confidential offshore services since 1977.
  • PAY PAL - since 1998. "Send Money, Pay Online or Set Up a Merchant Account with PayPal."
  • Portcullis TrustNet - Asia's biggest independent group of trust companies for comprehensive wealth administration. "We are a one-stop shop employing: lawyers and accountants; trust, foundation and company administrators and fiduciaries that offer corporate, trustee and fund administration services to high net worth individuals, family offices, philanthropies, private banks, investment managers and advisers."
  • Privacy Management Group - "UAE (United Arab Emirates) & RAK (Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah) Offshore Company Formation & Registration." We combine European core values and efficiency with Arabian economic strength, accompanied by the governmental approach of the UAE to encourage the growth of the private sector.
  • PRIVACY SOLUTIONS - since 1997. "Companies formation and bank accounts opening. Business registration in EU. Immigration, residence permit and work permit in Montenegro, Panama, Costa Rica - these are the things we do."
  • Q WEALTH REPORT - "Financial Freedom, Global Insights & Offshore Solutions."
  • REGUS - since 1989. "Our global network of workspaces enable you to work wherever you need to be, in a productive, professional environment. Create a workplace that’s right for your business today - and tomorrow - and thrive among a global business community." 2,300 locations 750 cities 100 countries. Executive suite, virtual offices & conference room space. Our global network of workspaces enable you to work wherever you need to be, in a productive, professional environment. Create a workplace that’s right for your business today - and tomorrow - and thrive among a global business community.
  • Roche & Duffay - Moscow, Russia.
  • SCF GROUP | OFFSHORE COMPANY FORMATION WORLDWIDE - since 1989. "Licensed Company & Trust Managers." Offshore banking, tax planning, asset protection and offshore overseas property investments.
  • SHINJIRU - "Your No.1 Offshore Web Hosting Provider Since 2000." Shinjiru's mission is to protect privacy, a fundamental human right. We have been providing offshore web hosting services since year 2000. We are one of the most experienced offshore web hosting companies in the world, with 8 offshore locations, our own Anti-DDoS Attack network, dedicated servers and IP addresses, an ICANN accredited domain Registrar, in addition to an in-house technical support team operating 24/7 to monitor and attend to all of your web services.
  • Shorex Capital - "Citizenship by Investment Solutions." Shorex Capital is a provider of global economic citizenship programmes and residency solutions for wealthy individuals and their families.
  • sovereign man - since 2009. "You might not recognize or like the world around you. But those rational enough to face the facts can still protect their liberty, prosperity… and dignity. Packed with news, analysis and step-by-step intelligence, Sovereign Man empowers our readers and members with everything they need to craft their own solid Plan B."
  • STABIQ Treasure House, Wirtschaftspark 27, 9492 Eschen, Liechtenstein.
  • STABIQ TREASURE HOUSE - "Your Safest Place." In times of swift political and social change and increased uncertainty on the financial markets, there is a growing desire for safety and consistency. Our Asset Protection Solutions offer our customers sustainable and reliable solutions as well as a safe haven. In collaboration with our attorney and trust company, we offer the opportunity of storing your valuable items such as gold and precious metals, works of art, jewellery, watches and coin collections in exclusive surroundings within an area of over 6000 m². At the same time, valuables can be presented, viewed and evaluated in our exclusive showrooms. The STABIQ Treasure House is also an Open Customs Warehouse (OCW) managed in accordance with the strict guidelines of the Swiss Customs Authority. Wirtschaftspark 27, 9492 Eschen, Liechtenstein.
  • - online information and company foundation platform since October 2005. Over 8,000 Swiss companies have been successfully founded. STARTUPS.CH is represented in 20 different locations all over Switzerland, where STARTUPS.CH customers get advised and supported in the national languages as well as English.
  • Swiss Bankers Travel Cash Card.
  • Swiss Bankers Travel Cash Card - no-name prepaid MasterCard is available to everyone; not tied to a bank account; no credit check; no forms to fill out; the card can only be charged when funds have been loaded n euros, US dollars and Swiss francs; safe and affordable withdrawals of funds at over 2 million ATMs worldwide; accepted by more than 33 million merchant locations and online shops worldwide; no annual fee.
  • TAX HAVEN MANUAL - since 1975.
  • THE COMPANY CORPORATION - since 1899. Incorporate for as little as US$99 in the U.S.
  • The Offshore Game of Online Sports Betting - The New York Times.
  • Trident Trust - since 1978. "Trust and Fund Administration Services." Trident Trust is a leading independent provider of corporate, trust and fund administration services to the financial services sector worldwide.
  • Über-warehouses for the ultra-rich - "Ever more wealth is being parked in fancy storage facilities. For some customers, they are an attractive new breed of tax haven."
  • Ugland House, 335 South Church St, George Town, KY1-1104, Cayman Islands, British West Indies.
  • Ugland House - George Town, Cayman Islands. Located on South Church Street, the building is the registered office address for 19,000+ companies and has for years been linked to tax avoidance strategies.
  • Ultra high net worth individuals look to Monaco for post ‘non-dom’ era living - "Earlier in April this year, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced that the United Kingdom’s government will scrap the ‘non-dom’ tax status, prompting many ultra high net worth individuals to leave London in favour of more financially preferable destinations, such as Dubai and Monaco."
  • USA CORPORATE SERVICES - since 1983. "With 35+ years of company formation experience, USA Corporate Services is uniquely positioned to help you get your new business started in the US, whether you live here already, or are a non-resident."
  • U.S. PROGRAM OF GREEN CARD LOTTERY - "Participate in the Official US Government D.V. Visa Lottery program now."
  • Utopia (cruise ship).
  • UTOPIA - capacity: 190 spacious and luxurious hotel suites on board offer guests a truly unsurpassed experience on the seas. Planned luxury residential cruise ship project Utopia Residences with construction to be completed by 2014. Completion of the ship is expected in late 2014 at a cost of US$1.1 billion. Permanent luxury residences ranging from about $3.9 million to $26 million.
  • WORLD SERVICE AUTHORITY - "Founded in 1953, the World Citizen Government (WCG) is the political embodiment of world citizenship linked to world law. The WCG promotes respect for universal rights. The WCG affirms everyone’s right to identify as world citizens and issues documents of global identification and travel."
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