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How To Spend It - 'The FT's award-winning luxury lifestyle magazine'.

Top 50 Best Luxury Lifestyle Magazines In The World

Butlers & Pro Staff (Top 25) Catering (Top 40) Champagne Brands: A-Z (Top 100)
Concierge Services (Top 60) COUNTRY & SOCIAL CLUBS (Top 350) Event Planners (Top 50)
First Class Airline Cabins (Top 10) Limousine & Luxury Car Hire (20) Luxury Hotel Suites (Top 50)
Luxury Lifestyle Magazines (50) Luxury Lifestyle Websites (75) Luxury Mobile Phones (Top 15)
Luxury Must-Have Package Luxury News & Resources (Top 100) Luxury Package of the Month
Luxury Webshop (35 Louis Vuitton bags) Private Jet & Heli Charters (50)
  • AFFLUENT BRIDE - "Luxe Wedding Showcase. World's Finest Purveyors of Panache." Find the top luxury wedding planning resources for luxury weddings Worldwide within our luxury wedding magazine.
  • BASK MAGAZINE - "Luxury in Balance." With every change of season, this stunning quarterly affluent lifestyle magazine enthralls readers with ways to celebrate the finer things in life - from fashion and food to home and travel, galas and golf, things eco and luxe - delivered with a sense of balance, wit, and timeless style.
  • Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine.
  • BEVERLY HILLS LIFESTYLE - since 2007. "Your Guide to Luxury." Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine is the premier luxury magazine on the market, celebrating all that is elegant, opulent, and chic. We travel across the country and around the world, profiling the most interesting people and most amazing places on the planet.
  • Clientele Luxury Magazine - "Where Luxury & Affluent Meet." All magazines - current & past editions.
  • Country Life magazine.
  • Country Life - since 1897. "The Home of Premium Property". British weekly magazine. Much of its success has historically been built on its coverage of country houses, architecture and gardening. The first several dozen pages of each issue are devoted to colour advertisements for upmarket residential property, which are one of the best known attractions of the magazine, and popular with everyone from the super rich looking for a country house or estate to those who can only aspire to own such a property.
  • Curator - "Navigating Global Luxury."
  • DuJour - since 2012. "Where Luxury Lives. Celebrity and Lifestyle News."
  • DUPONT REGISTRY - "The World's Premier Luxury Marketplace."
  • Editorialist - since 2013. Luxury Fashion Accessories Magazine & Online Store." According to the Council of Fashion Designers of America, "It is the only online or brick-and-mortar destination focused exclusively on the luxury accessories market." The website aimed to fill a void in the high-end online-retail market with an online marketplace, concierge service, news, interviews, videos and trend reports.
  • ELITE TRAVELER - "The Private Jet Lifestyle Magazine." Features: 101 best suites in the world. High Life. High Style.
  • Escapement - "Time for The Finer Things in Life." Celebrates craftsmanship, tradition and delightful design. "The finer things in life" will focus on goods and services which demonstrate excellence in a world where mass market, perfunctory manufacturing prevails. Fine wine, Champagne, Jewellery, Writing Instruments, Prestige Cars, and Bespoke Tailoring will be just some of the exquisite examples we will be featuring.
  • FANTASTIC MAN - the gentleman's style journal online.
  • FINEST - The World's Finist Clubs' magazine.
  • FOUR Magazine - "Award Winning Lifestyle Magazine." The World’s Best Food Magazine, offers a lifestyle twist that is a must-read for the high net worth individual. World's best chefs, restaurants, recipes, wine and luxury lifestyle.
  • Gentleman's Gazette.
  • GENTLEMAN'S GAZETTE - since 2010. "The Gentleman's Gazette is an award winning online magazine for men who are interested in elegant classic clothing, culture, accessories, style & savoir vivre in general and all the finer things in life, with a strategic focus on high quality, rare and unique goods or services."
  • GLOW MAGAZINE International - "The target audience of Glow Magazine is cultured, refined, expects the best."
  • GOTHAM MAGAZINE - since 2001. "Bringing the best of New York to the best of New York. Events, Style, Fine Dining & Culture." Embodies the sophisticated New York City lifestyle by chronicling and celebrating the most influential power players and tastemakers in the Big Apple.
  • GOURMET - (1941-2009). Focuses on good living, travel, entertaining, and culture.
  • Gulf Connoisseur - "The Gulf's Leading Luxury Magazine." Bi-monthly magazine from the UAE that epitomizes luxury, is one of the Gulf’s premier lifestyle magazines for the affluent.
  • habitually chic - "Glamorous Lives & Stylish Places."
  • Hamptons magazine.
  • HAMPTONS - since 1978. "Events, Style, Fine Dining, Real Estate & Culture." Founded in 1978 and published thirteen times throughout the year focused on real estate, interior design, fashion, art, culture, dining, entertainment, fitness, and philanthropy.
  • Haute Living luxury lifestyle magazine.
  • HAUTE LIVING - since 2004. "Readers of Haute Living don't dream of the good life, they live it." Haute Living covers interviews on entrepreneurs of great influence, business magnates, celebrities, and people of important standing in society. The magazine also covers reviews on luxury products such as private jets, mega yachts, supercars, jewelry, and timepieces.
  • How To Spend It magazine.
  • HOW TO SPEND IT - since 1994. "A website of worldly pleasures from the FINANCIAL TIMES." Weekly magazine published with the Financial Times Weekend Edition. Its articles concern yachts, mansions, apartments, designs, horlogerie, haute couture, automobiles, as well as fashion and columns by individuals in the arts, gardening, food, and hotel and travel industries.
  • HYPEBEAST - since 2005. "A premiere online magazine for lifestyle encompassing fashion, arts, design, culture and lifestyle."
  • international opulence magazine - since 2010. "Designed especially for connoisseurs of the luxury lifestyle. Our publication highlights fine arts & design, entertainment, finance, fashion, business, haute cuisine, fine wine and spirits, as well as architecture, interior design, real estate, travel, and technology."
  • JETSET MAGAZINE - since 1997. "The Affluent Lifestyle Magazine."
  • Lifegooroo - lifestyle website with general interest articles ranging from relationship advice to travel tips to information on the latest and trendiest of diets and exercise programs. We supply you with all the tips and tricks you need in order to improve your life one step at a time in any area you wish.
  • LUX WORLDWIDE - since 2012. "The definitive guide to luxury." Lux Worldwide brings luxury brands and affluent consumers together online.
  • LUXE BEAT Magazine - since 2013. "Where Quality Meets Luxury."
  • LUXEMAG - since 2007. "Luxury magazine."
  • LUXOS - since 2001. "Your exclusive guide to luxury." Multi-platform luxury news outlet. Provides a comprehensive travel guide to best cities, detailing restaurants, spas, hotels and store guides, Organised by subject for quick access wherever you are in the world.
  • Luxurious Magazine.
  • LUXURIOUS MAGAZINE - "For those that know what they want from life." We are specialists in Luxury and Lifestyle. Our global team of experienced journalists, travel the world, testing, reviewing, sampling and writing about everything that is good and great. We publish on average over 300 articles per month on our channels.
  • LUXURY INSIDER - "Asia's leading online luxury magazine." Featuring only the products and services of the very highest order available in the world today, is the essential guide for the modern connoisseur. Our content rests on two pillars: Expert Editorial, packaged with the Highest Production Quality.
  • LUXURY MAGAZINE - "Luxury News & Luxury Reviews." Jewelry and watches, high-life fashion, expensive cuisine, luxury estate, deluxe cars and limousines, planes and personal jets, refined home decors, exotic travelling, just about everything that says "expensive and unique".
  • LUXURYES - "Luxury Lifestyle Blog." Art, Gastronomy, Gadgets, Travel, Fashion, Yachts, Timepieces & Vehicles. "True Luxury requires genuine materials and the craftman’s sincerity. It is only meaningful when it respects tradition". Christian Dior.
  • MANNER OF MAN MAGAZINE - "Addressing not just the clothes but also the conduct behaviour."
  • MONOCLE - since 2007. A 10-times-a-year printed magazine. The magazine provides a globalist perspective on international affairs, business, culture, design and fashion. Described as a "meeting between Foreign Policy and Vanity Fair" and as "a lifestyle magazine for young, stylish, business-oriented jetsetters who receive free subscriptions".
  • No Tofu Magazine - since 2007. Luxury independent American print magazine on fashion, film, music, art and culture. No Tofu is published in the US as a large-format, glossy quarterly.
  • PRESTIGE - "Society's Luxury Authority." The lifestyle magazine of choice for the affluent and influential, Prestige, is packed full of useful, relevant material that enriches, informs and entertains.
  • PRIVATE ISLANDS MAGAZINE - "Private Island real estate demands a showcase that is as luxurious and visually inspiring as the market. Produced biannually, Private Islands Magazine contains more than 112 pages dedicated to the most beautiful, unique islands in the world. Explore the possibilities."
  • Robb Report.
  • ROBB REPORT - since 1976. "The global voice in real luxury." For over 30 years, Robb Report magazine has served as the definitive authority on connoisseurship for ultra-affluent consumers. Robb Report not only showcases the products and services available from the most prestigious luxury brands around the globe.
  • SOCIAL LIFE MAGAZINE - "The premier luxury publication for the Hamptons." Our content - which covers the luxury lifestyle on the local, national, and international levels - targets the captive audience of high-net worth and high-income individuals that summer on the East End of Long Island.
  • Spear's Magazine - since 2006. "Multi-award-winning wealth management and luxury lifestyle media brand whose flagship magazine has become a must-read for the ultra-high-net- worth (UHNW) community. It is also required reading for the affluent financial services community, including the bankers, lawyers and family offices who advise the wealthy."
  • Sphere - since 2007. "Quarterly, luxury lifestyle publication for affluent travellers travelling across Europe. Curates the world’s finest experiences and products for its well-travelled readers."
  • Tatler magazine.
  • TATLER - since 1901. "Latest Party Pictures | Luxury Guides." Primary focus is on social trends of the upper class. Parties and society events are also portrayed. It also reports on luxury fashions and high-jewellery.
  • THE LUXURY CHANNEL - since 2007. "The Luxury Channel is an exciting multimedia platform that brings you high-quality TV programming, trendsetting online editorial and an outstanding range of retail products. Our programmes take you on a voyage of discovery, uncovering the world’s finest luxuries. We have exclusive access to the world’s most exceptional places, events and brand leaders, international editors and writers, covering areas such as world events, travel, fashion, lifestyle and sustainable luxury."
  • The Rake magazine.
  • The Rake - since 2008. "The modern voice of classic elegance." The modern voice of classic elegance and the champion of discreet luxury. The world's leading luxury men's style and lifestyle magazine for men with taste. Mission: Championing the bespoke, the unique, promoting artisanal craftsmanship, detail in product, legitimate luxury, heritage and timeless elegance.
  • TREND HUNTER MAGAZINE - since 2006. "#1 in Trends, Trend Reports, Fashion Trends, Tech, Design." The largest community for Trends, Trend Spotting, Cool Hunting, Innovation, Fashion Trends, Style, Luxury Trends, Gadgets, Celebs, Technology, Pop Culture, Art and Design.
  • UPSCALE HYPE - "Founded in 2008, UpscaleHype is an online magazine focusing on the hype that surrounds celebrity fashion and the high-end lifestyle."
  • UPSCALE LIVING MAGAZINE - since 2004. "Glossy quarterly luxury publication recognized as the world's luxury portal magazine in today's market offering our discerning readers a wealth of unsurpassed luxury goods, services and travel solutions from the finest of exclusive advertisers." It is recognized as the world’s luxury portal offering a wealth of unsurpassed luxury; from the coast of Capri to fashion week in NYC.
  • VeryFirstTo 'KNOW, HAVE & DO': The Magazine.
  • VERY FIRST TO - "KNOW, HAVE & DO." Be the very first to know about and have newly launching luxury products & experiences. Enables individuals to be the first to know about, and have, newly launching luxury products and experiences.
  • WALLPAPER - "The Stuff That Refines You." The international lifestyle magazine. Since 1996, Wallpaper* has set the design agenda by constantly pushing into new creative territories and ensuring that its coverage of everything from architecture to motoring, fashion to travel, interiors to jewellery remains unrivalled.
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