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Top 10 best password managers.

Top 10 Best Secure Password Managers & Generators

Password Manager News, Reviews & Resources (40+) Top 10 Best Password Managers & Generators

A PASSWORD MANAGER is a software that helps a user organize passwords and PIN codes. The software typically has a local database or a file that holds the encrypted password data for secure logon onto computers, networks, web sites and application data files. Many password managers also work as a form filler, thus they fill the user and password data automatically into forms. These are implemented using a browser extension, smart card application or USB stick application that communicates to the browser or other application.

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    Password Manager News, Reviews & Resources
  • 1Password - "Password Manager and Secure Wallet." 1Password remembers all your passwords and other sensitive information so you don’t have to. Keep your digital life secure, always available, and safe behind the one password that only you know.
  • Dashlane - since 2009. "Never forget another password." Live your best life online with Dashlane - the safe, simple way to store and fill passwords & personal information.
  • iVault - "Online password manager - and electronic safe."
  • Kaspersky Password Manager - "Password Protection."
  • KeePass - free, open source, cross-platform and light-weight password management utility for Microsoft Windows, with unofficial ports for Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android. KeePass stores all usernames, passwords, other fields, including free-form Notes, in a securely encrypted database, protected by a single master password and/or key file. Unlike many other password management tools, by default KeePass encrypted database is strictly local, not in the cloud for added security.
  • Keeper - "Password & Data Vault." Secure, simple way to store and access your passwords and private information. Anywhere. Anytime.
  • Last Pass Password Manager - freemium password management service developed by LastPass. It is available as a plugin for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari.
  • mSecure Password Manager - "Security everywhere made simple."
  • Norton Identity Safe Password Generator - "Create Safe & Secure Passwords." Norton Identity Safe is an easier and more secure way to remember your user names, passwords and more.
  • Password Genie - "Safely store passwords and personal information like: pin numbers, credit card information, garage codes, frequent flyer numbers, prescriptions, insurance information, passport number, hotel cards, notes, and much more."
  • RoboForm - "World's Most Downloaded Password Manager. Easy to Use. Very Secure!" Password manager, form filler & password management.
  • Trend Micro Direct Pass - "Password management and login convenience."
  • True Key - "Sign in without passwords." Sign in to True Key with your face or fingerprint. True Key logs you in everywhere else.
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