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A $2.5million safe room designed by Brown Safe Manufacturing features the latest in high-tech security; offering storage for cash, jewelry, watches and wines.

Top 20 Manufacturers of Biz, Home and Jewelry Safes

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A SAFE (also called a strongbox or coffer) is a secure lockable box used for securing valuable objects against theft or damage from fire. A safe is usually a hollow cuboid or cylinder, with one face being removable or hinged to form a door. The body and door may be cast from metal (such as steel) or formed out of plastic through blow molding. Bank teller safes typically are secured to the counter, have a slit opening for dropping valuables into the safe without opening it, and a time-delay combination lock to foil robbers. One significant distinction between types of safes is whether the safe is secured to a wall or structure or if it can be moved around. A less secure version (only suitable for petty cash) is usually called a cash-box.

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    Safes News, Reviews & Resources
  • Agresti Non Plus Ultra Safe.
  • Agresti - Firenze 1949. All models.
  • Boca do Lobo Millionaire Safe.
  • boca do lobo - since 2005. "Luxury Safes."
  • Brown luxury jewelry safe.
  • Brown Safe - since 1980. "Luxury Home Safes." From military-grade vault doors to ballistic & fireproof jewelry safes, Brown Safe Manufacturing has been the leading premium safe manufacturer for over 35 years.
  • Buben & Zörweg Orion safe.
  • BUBEN & ZÖRWEG - since 1995. Luxury safes. Prestigious protection for precious items.
  • Small pink Casoro jewelry Topaz safe with drawers.
  • Casoro Jewelry Safes - since 2012. "Casoro jewelry safes provide customized security for your most prized possessions." Unique designer styling with maximum security. Variety of customizable features and security options.
  • Chubbsafes ProGuard safe.
  • CHUBBSAFES - founded in 1818. "Trusted the world over."
  • Döttling the Fortress is the safest luxury safe in the world, available in the certified security classes VdS/EN 3 to – and this is absolutely unique – VdS/EN 5
  • DÖttling - "Around the world, Döttling safes find homes among select connoisseurs and enthusiasts of the finest locksmith artisanry since 1919."
  • ELECTRONIC SAFE MANUFACTURERS & SUPPLIERS - at As of May 8, 2019: 111,242 products found for electronic safe.
  • First Security Safe Co. Kingdom USA TL15/TL30 High Security Safes.
  • FIRST SECURITY SAFE CO. - since 1922. For Home or Business.
  • Gardex Electronic Media Fire Rated Safes.
  • GARDEX - since 1978. "Fire-Resistant Filing Cabinets and Safes." Electronic Media Fire Rated Safes.
  • John Tann vault.
  • John Tann - founded in 1795. "Our Products and service covers the range of technical equipping of safes, vault doors, and strong rooms, day and night safes, deposit boxes, and maintenance."
  • Mosler Safe Company - (1867-2001). Was a manufacturer of security equipment, most notably safes and bank vaults.
  • Rosengrens European safes Grade 6 Size 120.
  • Rosengrens - founded in Sweden in 1847. "We stand by you." Brand of safes and vaults with its origins in Sweden. It specialises in products which offer certified burglary protection and/or fire protection.
  • Safe Security Services DT 5P Wall Safe: £606.
  • SAFE SECURITY SERVICES LTD. - since 2005. "We provide a National delivery and installation service for any sized safe or cabinet. We have strong relationships with the leading safe manufacturers in Europe enabling us to offer an unrivalled UK service at very competitive prices."
  • Secret Storage Books Vintage Book Safes.
  • SECRET STORAGE BOOKS - since 1997. "Hollow Books and Book Safes from real books." Book safes crafted by hand from real books are a One of a Kind gift for book lovers. We offer a large selection of titles and custom work too!
  • Sentry Safe XX Large Digital Security Safe.
  • SENTRY SAFE - since 1930. "Home Safes. Business Safes. Gun Safes. Data Safes. Auto Safes." Uses extremely rigorous, UL and ETL testing standards to ensure that your irreplaceables are protected from fire, water and theft.
  • Stockinger Phoenix safe.
  • STOCKINGER - "Safety First Class." Bespoke and handcrafted in Germany since 1978.
  • Stockinger for Bentley.
  • Stockinger for Bentley - "Highest quality for collectors with highest demands."
  • Sun Welding Safe Company safes.
  • Sun Welding Safe Company - "Hand Crafted in the USA Since 1980." Affordable American Made Safes. Real Safes. Real Security.
  • Underwood Safe Fifty Module Watch Winders.
  • UNDERWOOD LONDON - since 1945. "The safest way to protect your watches both automatic and non-automatic and all of your jewellery items as well."
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