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Stockinger Rosewood Watch Winder.

Top 30 Best High-End Luxury Watch Winders Brands

WATCH WINDERS are available to store automatic watches and keep them wound for people who do not wear their automatic watches every day. This is particularly advantageous where a watch has complications, such as perpetual calendars or moon phases. A watch winder can hold one or more watches and move them in circular patterns to approximate to the human movement which otherwise keeps the self-winding mechanism working. Older mechanical watches should be wound and running as much as possible to prevent their lubricants from congealing over time, diminishing accuracy. Modern mechanical watches generally use synthetic oil; whether or not synthetic oils congeal is a point of contention among watch experts. A full service (which involves disassembly, cleaning and re-lubrication) should be performed at least every five years to keep the watch as accurate as possible.

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    Top 30 Best High-End Watch Winders Brands
  • Agresti Watch Winder Chest Counter size armoire in polished Ebony with safe. Bullet proof glass (6 Jauls out of 8), emergency opening, leds lighted.
  • Agresti - "Firenze 1949." "Italian craftsmanship and Swiss mechanical perfection: all our winders for automatic watches are entirely made in Switzerland, the same models used by the major international luxury watch brands. Secret compartments and bulletproof glass complete the offer for the most demanding collector."
  • Barrington Single Winder - Racing Green: US$225.
  • Barrington - "The Barrington Watch Winder Company was founded in 2009. The original design has since been modified and improved upon, with the addition of ultra-quiet Japanese Mabuchi motors as well as a number of extra features designed to conserve battery life. In 2012 we expanded our range to include new products that also offered exceptional value – the Double, Quad, Six and Twelve Watch Winders." All models.
  • Beco Boxy Castle watchwinder for four watches: €439.
  • BECO - since 1953. "Lifestyle for jewllery and watches." All models.
  • Belocia Double Watch Winder With Japanese Mabuchi Motors.
  • BELOCIA - since 2007. All models.
  • Buben & Zörweg Vantage 12 watch winder.
  • BUBEN & ZÖRWEG - since 1995. "The treasures of passionate watch lovers, impressively presented and preserved with the market-leading TIME MOVER technology. For a watch life at its best." All models.
  • DaVinci Collection Scatola DaVinci Watch Winder WW4+6Ci Batterie: €:259,90.
  • DAVINCI COLLECTION - since 1978. All models.
  • Diplomat Burl Wood Double Watch Winder with Leather Interior & Multi-Setting Smart IC Timer: US$60.99.
  • Döttling touch & move precision watch winders.
  • DÖTTLING - "Finest German Handcraft Since 1919." Touch & move precision watch winders.
  • Döttling the Fortress is the safest luxury safe in the world, available in the certified security classes VdS/EN 3 to – and this is absolutely unique – VdS/EN 5
  • DÖttling - The Fortress - "Around the world, Döttling safes find homes among select connoisseurs and enthusiasts of the finest locksmith artisanry since 1919." We designed the interior of the high end safe, of which only a limited edition of ten per security class exist, with the objective of “maximum versatility.” Among its features the Fortress includes eight watch winders. Using specially designed software, each watch winder is individually controlled. In addition to an infinitely adjustable number of rotations, it is also possible to set the direction of rotation - left, right, or oscillating.
  • Elie Bleu Watchwinder cabinet 50 watches: €148,800.
  • Elie Bleu 6 watches cabinet: €7,661.
  • ELIE BLEU - since 1976. "Combining elegance and functionality, the Watch winders toElie Bleu stage the most beautiful automatic watches, while keeping them in working order thanks to its rotating modules."
  • Elma Cyclomotion
  • Elma Cyclomotion - since 1948. "The artificial wrist." The Cyclomotion is the professional machine of the watch winding machines and the perfect further development of the proven Cyclomat with a modern design.
  • Elma Motion Corona 2, 4 & 8.
  • ELMA MOTION - since 1948. "Watchmakers and watch manufacturers all over the world have been using the Elma watch winders for more than 50 years."
  • Hermès H Deco 3 watch winder box: US$13,100.
  • HermÈs - since 1837. Hermès rotating box for 3 watches in sycamore and printed Swift calfskin, velvet goatskin interior.
  • Kunstwinder Oil Baron (gold) Watch Winder.
  • Kunstwinder - since 2007. "The Art of Winding Time." All Kunstwinder automatic watch winders are handcrafted in limited production series of three hundred units or less. We maintain the highest quality standards for design and manufacture with very special attention to detail and finish. Custom watch winders, including different color combinations for mechanisms and bases, as well as personalized color anodized images, can be made upon request.
  • Linley Henley Watch Winder: £1,400.
  • LINLEY - since 1985.
  • Lucrin double watch winder: US$2,700.
  • Lucrin - founded in Switzerland in 1994. "Time for a luxury upgrade." The leather watchwinding boxes that we propose come from a partnership between the Swiss leader of watch winders, SwissKubik, and of leather goods, Lucrin.
  • Luzzo Development Watch Winder.
  • LUZZO bespoke - since 2010. "Authentic Creations." Polished aluminium chassis with carbon fibre inserts and suede leather interior.
  • MTE Royal Navy-Edition Watch Winder.
  • MTE | MOTION TECH ENGEERING - since 1975. "Development, CAD design and production of all watch winders, display motors and drives is almost exclusively in our own production in Germany." All models.
  • Omega Watch Box: US$820.
  • OMEGA - since 1848. Watch winder boxes.
  • Orbita Siena - Three Executive Burl - PROGRAMMABLE watch winder: US$2,195.
  • ORBITA - since 1996. "The international leader in watch winding technology!" Provide the best quality made in the USA watchwinder and back it up with customer service that is second to none. All models.
  • Origintimes combination of a BUGATTI 'Veyron' motor block with 16 winder modules.
  • Origintimes - MTE's premium brand since 2009 - "The most sophisticated watch winders with unusual design, high quality materials & manufactured with perfect craftsman ship."
  • Pianki Underwood Briarwood Single Watch Winder with Two Trays: US$3,775.
  • PIANKI - since 2001. "Pianki offers an exclusive range of watch winders handcrafted in Italy in collaboration with Underwood Italia. These exclusive Pianki watch winders are realized using the renowned Underwood handmade manufacturing powered by the quite and reliable Swiss Maxon motors. Personalization with name, initials, and logo may be available."
  • Piguet & Son Astronomia X1.
  • Piguet & Son - since 1989. "A Unique Gyro Watch Winder." Every Astronomia X1 winders are handcrafted in Switzerland and mesmerizing to watch. A revolutionary and unique design. Quality and precision are our priorities since 1989. Made in Switzerland. Free Worldwide Shipping. Launching Offer.
  • Pinel & Pinel Twin Sub watchwinder: €1,765.
  • Pinel & Pinel Paris - since 1998. "Fred Pinel, the founder of Maison Pinel & Pinel, presents Twin, the first rotating case which mirrors your automatic movement watches. A true precision work, made in the Parisian workshops of the House to the exclusive destination of collectors passionate about watchmaking perfection, Twin is the first winder one can indeed exhibit. Controllable through a simple Bluetooth connection, each Twin winder is a decorative object in itself, designed to decorate libraries, coffee tables or even desks."
  • Rapport (London) Turbine Watch Winder: £4,750.
  • RAPPORT LONDON - established 1898. "All of our watch winders have a highly engineered mechanism with a number of settings to suit the needs of each watch. With beautiful attention to detail and quality construction, whatever colour or style you choose, we’re sure you will be pleased with our expertly crafted watch winder cases."
  • Scatola del Tempo Briar root case to wind up 3 automatic oversize watches with one drawer for 2 leather or bracelet strap watches.
  • SCATOLA DEL TEMPO - since 1989. "The watch winder dates back to 1990 and the concept was designed to maintain the working of the movements in automatic models, including the time and date functions, which is particularly critical for perpetual calendar models. Until this innovation, there was nothing available in the market for collectors to comfortably place their watches on winders in a safe, nor compact enough to take on a trip." Watch winders made in briar root & wood, leather and metal.
  • Steinhausen Heritage Double Watch Winder with Storage/Cherrywood: US$595.
  • STEINHAUSEN - since 1923. "Leather Desktop Winder Luxe Collection Our most popular watch winder style now in leather AND with optional battery operated."
  • Stockinger Rotalis 3 watch winder.
  • Stockinger - Handcrafted in Germany since 1978. "Highest precision for your Haute Horlogerie." The watch winder cabinets are available in five versions – providing 3, 10, 15, 30 or 60 winders. Equipped with the patented Sattler-Beluwo movement technology, your automatic watches will be moved optimally and at the same time presented elegantly and in high quality.
  • Swiss Kubik Masterbox Carbon Fiber Black Watch Winder: €1,120.
  • SWISS KUBIK - since 1998. "Swiss Watch Winding Technology." The swiss watch winding technology selected and recommended by the Leading Swiss Watch Brands.
  • Underwood The Twenty-Module Cabinet: US$19,750.
  • Underwood (London) - since 1926. "Watch winder cases covered in leather with Underwood Rotobox Modules. This system allows you to remove one or more modules for travel or for storage in a safe; a system that was built from only the finest combination of high-tech materials and natural, vegetable-tanned fine grain leathers."
  • Safewinder 18 DeLuxe Tan watch winder & safe: €3121.70.
  • watch-tool - since 2010. "Watch winder shop - over 250 models - most with German or Swiss technology. Watch winding boxes are available from Origintimes, Beco Technic, MTE, Official Geneva, Swiss Kubik, Elma Motion, Underwood, S1 Life Style, Orbita, Seiko, Avante, Rapport, Boxy by Beco or S1."
  • Wolf British Racing Triple Watch Winder With Storage: £2,165.
  • Wolf - established 1834. "A WOLF watch winder is a handmade precision instrument that focuses on the health of your watch with patented innovation. Only a WOLF counts rotations - all others simply use time to estimate the counts per day. Placing your watch on a WOLF is the convenient solution and best practice for your watch's health. With 185 years of innovation, WOLF knows that relying on time is simply never enough."
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